Evan Turner Has Negative $48 in His Bank Account

He thinks we’re losers for writing that.

Evan Turner posted this on his Instagram this afternoon, writing: “Bank account look like im ready for early retirement…”

"Bank account look like im ready for early retirement..."

His next Instagram, with the caption “Lame bloggers should get a life. #writeaboutthat” is even better. If that’s possible.

Lame bloggers should get a life. #writeaboutthat

I’m going to assume Evan Turner is preemptively addressing me with that one, simply for writing about his bank account.

Look, Evan, if you’re reading this: I know you make $6,679,866, and next year you’ll make $8,717,225. But after that, your contract expires, and I’m worried about you. If you’re running low, move out of your swank apartment, get yourself to West Philly, and rehab an old house in a gentrifying neighborhood. Get rid of your car and buy a bike. Cancel your basketball camp and feed yourself dammit!


A fan.

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  • duh

    Yeah cause i am sure he only have one checking account. Who pays you to write this crap ? I mean seriously.

    • Iamaustincg

      however many checking accounts he has, still going negative on a bank account in GENERAL shows a lack of responsibility. I dont care if he has 10 million liquid in another bank account and uses this one as his play money, your obviously at some point spending more than you have.

      • Nest

        while true, I doubt hes worried about any over charge fees so really a non issue. He just forgot to re-up his play money account and was having fun with that post. They should all take notes from Mayweather and just put most of their money in a savings account. Safer than the stock market haha. Oh and I really doubt hes reading this article, more like responding to tweets or posts

  • Ray

    It doesn’t matter how many accounts you have. How could this a hole have a negative account making millions a year? I make $35,000 a year and have a few accounts and they all have a sufficient amount of cash. U R an a hole like him

  • Frank

    Evan turner is a jackass I hope sixers trade him soon

  • ET

    Get a fucking life

  • Briz

    I fux with ET. Doug Collins nut ass held my boy back now he’s balling. My boy gone be a all star this year. Mark my words.

    • Rhett Bogan

      Yep……U got that right. What kills me is, now that he got his game together some of these fake Sixer fans and bullshit reporters wanna talk about trading the man. I don’t understand the the thinking on that one…..

  • Rhett Bogan

    Get a damn life PLEASE!!!! It’s pitiful that you actually call your self a writer. Somebody please tell me where I can sign up for a job with Yahoo Sports….And you actually got some idiots who’ll read this and start hating Turner because they’re brainless just like you……

  • tim dawg

    Tim of Philly up G-town says:

    yo!! like really this is his life, his business and his bank acct. Find some real news. Furthermore, for those who don’t have a clue. He has likely more than one bank acct. I do and I don’t make nearly the cheese Evan does. Attention to these young Sixers now playing, when you are not making shots, just take them from a closer distance until confidence builds to move further away. Basketball 101 pure and simple. I wish the lay-up king Doug Collins would have coached with that in mind he would still be here.
    Also, someone tell me why T.Owens is not playing in the NFL. there are some many bums on teams with far less talent and work ethic. And don’t give me that bullshit about his attitude. Not one player in the NFL got there for being like or disliked. Its about can you play. And based on that he should have a job. “Point blank” signed: a real “Athlete”.