Rob Guarino Defeats Cecily Tynan In Meteorologist Poll

The former FOX 29 personality is the subject of a massive write-in campaign.

robguarinoOn Friday, we decided to have a little fun with a poll asking you to vote for Philadelphia’s most reliable meteorologist. Well, it appears that many of you weren’t happy with our list of candidates, which included representatives of all of the major television stations in the city, as well as an honorary slot for John Bolaris, who is planning a major comeback. In the end, we received far more write-in votes than we did votes for any one individual listed on the poll.

The big winner is Rob Guarino. If that name rings a bell here in the Philadelphia area, it is because Guarino was once the lead meteorologist on Fox 29 before he was let go in 2008 to make way for the Second Coming of John Bolaris. Guarino was most recently on television in Arizona but left that job earlier this year after he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. But he’s back in the Philadelphia area and still predicting the weather via his (apparently popular) site,, where he posted a banner ad encouraging readers to vote for him in our poll.

“I want to be back on TV in Philly,” says Guarino, who runs Storm Surge LLC, his 6-year-old local company that provides customized forecasts to everyone from plow companies to brides (ask for the My Wedding Weatherman package). Guarino adds that he’s fighting the DUI charge. “I only blew a .081, and it was a hundred feet from my house,” he says. “It was a random stop, and I had no prior record. This is just a misdemeanor in Arizona.” (Upon hearing that Guarino spoke with Philadelphia magazine, his New York-based agent, who also represents Alycia Lane, called and asked that Guarino be removed from the polling altogether.)

Whatever his future in television or in the Arizona courts, Guarino received 31.8 percent of the 6,455 votes cast. Cecily Tynan placed a strong second, absolutely trouncing NBC 10’s Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz and Sheena Parveen. But Tynan was quick to note (via Twitter) that any comparison between her and newcomer Parveen is unfair: “Thanks, but not really a fair comparison. I’ve been at #ActionNews for 18 years now.” Tynan also commented on the overall poll, writing, “The only poll I count: nightly ratings #ActionNews viewers r the best.”

Some novel write-in candidates:

• Captain Kangaroo
• my dog
• Don Tollfeson’s nose predicts snow
• me looking out the window
• I should go back to Minnesota where real weather exists
• God
• dartboard (more reliable and doesn’t know it’s a quasi-celebrity)
• Obama
• Peter Jackmeoff
• Rick James
• a fortune cookie
• Honestly do you have anything else better to do than trash these people? The science of Meterology is ever changing to the point that perhaps no one can really keep up with it except for Jesus Christ who dictates the weather in the first place!

And, yes, beloved weatherman Jim O’Brien, who died in a skydiving accident in 1983, received four write-in votes.

Below, the official results. An asterisk denotes a write-in candidate.

% of Vote
Rob Guarino*31.8
Cecily Tynan (ABC 6)26.8
Glenn Schwartz (NBC 10)10.4
Kate Bilo* (CBS 3)9.0
None of Them Have a Clue8.2*4.0
Kathy Orr (CBS 3)2.3
Sheena Parveen (NBC 10)2.0
Caitlin Roth* (FOX 29)1.9
John Bolaris (TBD)1.4
Adam Joseph* (ABC 6)0.7
Scott Williams (FOX 29)0.4
Sue Serio* (FOX 29)0.3
Bill Henley* (NBC 10)0.06

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  • Weatherwatcher

    the guy that has a DUI and a womanizing scandal and has been out of the
    area for years beats an 18 year tenured, well respected meteorologist
    like Cecily by 5 full points as a write in and nobody finds that the least bit suspicious? And where are all of the “loyal fans” commenting to congratulate Rob on his huge victory? Thanksgiving is a few weeks away. The turkeys are safe today, but this ballot box was stuffed.

    • jjem

      Rob’s site has and is forecasting for Philadelphia, the “womanizing scandal,” was supposedly some girl that broke up with some guy that was jealous when she got with Rob and that part may even have been made up by the guy, the DUI was a .081, .001 over the limit…are you seriously saying that Rob shouldn’t have won because of two things in his personal life, only one of which, (the dui) is bad, and even that was only bad by .001…As far as well respected, here are some Rob Guarino stats for you…1993–AP award for blizzard coverage…1996–Emmy award…2002–AP award for “winter weather coverage”…2004–National forecaster of the year, (from the National Weather Association)…2005, 2006 and 2007–“Best snowfall accuracy award, (from the Inquirer/TV and radio)…2008–Meteorology accuracy award, (from “Ski New Mexico”)…2012–Literacy award, (from “The Council of the Federation”)…..yeah that’s 4 consecutive years of awards for accuracy, 5 consecutive years of awards over-all, 6 out of 7 years of awards, (02/04/05/06/07/08), 9 awards that I know of over-all, and I’m sure I’m probably even missing some Emmys and AP awards other then the ones I’ve mentioned. So if you want to talk about “well respected”…Rob Guarino is “well respected” personified, not mention Cecily is not even a meteorologist, she is a “weathercaster,” whom earned a degree in “journalism and politics.” And you saying “And where are all of the “loyal fans” commenting to congratulate Rob on his huge victory?”…did you ever stop to think that his loyal fans are members of his website and congratulated him with a pm? And you saying that she is “18 year tenured” is also dumb, Rob has over 20 years of tenure and actually knows how a sudden stratospheric warming works, she does not, per her video, (which was not the only error in her short video). Lastly you saying “nobody finds that the least bit suspicious?” and ” this ballot box was stuffed.” is absolutely laughable, let me guess, you’re a 9/11 “truther” and an Obama “birther” too right? hahaha

    • bill in hatboro

      Why is the myth of Rob winning three awards in a row for best snow forecast when he didn’t continuing?

      • Weatherwatcher

        One of many “myths of Rob” LOL

      • jjem

        If that’s the case, then what do you have to say about all his other awards?

  • DrewShervin

    I don’t know much about Rob’s personal life but I guarantee he is a more knowledgable Meteorologist than anyone working in Philadelphia. Go to his website and look at the detailed work he does on snowstorms. TV is more about personality than your skill set as a weatherman.

    • jjem

      Plus look at some of the talent he’s recruited, he’s good enough to have an eye for talent, mets that are better then most on TV right now, (think Paul Dorian, John Manetta…)

  • PSU4life

    Obvious tampering with this poll… if you go to their Facebook page hardly a peep from the fans that supposedly voted for him. Yet you go to the Facebook page of EPAWA and they had an outpouring of support on their post. Some shady counting going on here.

    • jjem

      His fans mostly stay on his website, they don’t comment much on the facebook page, that’s why the lack of activity, that fb page is more for recruiting new fans I think.

    • Razzy

      Sorry but what is EPAWA? Why are they even being brought up? They got 4% and NO where near Cecily, Glen or Rob. In defense of Rob he was always a respected met on TV here in Philly area and his website has been growing since he left FOX. I believe he’s had other TV jobs since leaving FOX and still worked on the website. That my friends is someone who loves the weather business. Ok… he screwed up with the DUI by .01 and he was in the public eye. He’s human and doesn’t mean he’s not a good Met. Sounds like jealousy. How would he tamper with the poll? laughable

  • Easy Cheese

    Rob has a HUGE following on his website. Just because they don’t comment on Social media doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a following. Rob tells it like it is. He doesn’t hide information and gives ALL of the weather scenarios that could happen. I’m surprised 6ABC doesn’t still use smiley faces, happy suns, and mean frowny clouds. Guarino’s site is for true weather nuts.

    That said, I respect Adam Joseph. I think the guy knows his stuff. Top 3 mets in the area are Guarino, Joseph, and Hurricane.

    • Weatherwatcher

      Enough of a following to get one third the total vote as a write in? Laughable. Even his agent wanted his name removed from the polling.

      • jjem

        Why is it laughable that he has enough fans that are members of his site, that when the poll was announced on it we voted?
        Plus you act like voting as a write in was so hard, all you had to do was click the empty field and type Rob G., it’s not like you had to fed ex it to the magazine.

  • BroadStreetbound

    Personally I find it a bit awkward that a person with a degree in climatology or maybe broadcast meteorology wins over many well respected meteorologists who actually got their actual degrees in meteorology…

    • jjem

      See, my post above citing all of his awards for accuracy….enough said.

  • bill in hatboro

    Given how much Rob pimped social media for votes for this, it’s no wonder he won. I didn’t see any of the tv outlets do that. Hell, even Bolaris didn’t pimp for votes.

    • Rick C

      bill in hatboro…

      What do you call this by EPAWA ? At least Rob didn’t bribe his followers to vote or beg to share.

      “Winner will be announced Monday! If we win we will raffle off 3 all feature
      subscriptions for My Pocket Meteorologist. To get into the drawing all
      you need to do is share this post (we will count the other post also).
      Thanks for your support and vote EPAWA!”

      Guarino won fair and square. Jeesh… stop the ridiculing.

      • bill in hatboro

        I don’t even know who or what EPAWA is. Apparently most voters don’t either.

  • djack10

    O’Brien was awesome. Didn’t think of that.

  • iagozdi212

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  • bill k

    Cecily Tynan can predict my weather any day. Her or Madam Marie.

  • Guest

    Congrats Rob! We want you back in Philly.

  • Hurricanephilip

    .o81 is legally drunk and many states are moving it to .05 sorry guys — and a stop is a stop no matter where you were stopped , hmm what goes around comes around

    • Hurricanephilip

      please calling all stations in the del val please do a criminal record search on him before hiring him,, and all the trouble he caused back in philly with girls the writing continues — these problems should have been nipped in the bud back yrs ago but rob is a hot head and thinks his charm will win the philly people over — Don’t let him back in philly

  • Hurricanephilip

    HE IS NOT A PHILADELPHIA TV METEOROLOGIST and should have been removed from the list,, as he told almost a thousand people on his site to vote for him, again a cheater continues to cheat

  • M Rose

    We only watch you because of your boobs Cecily!!!