Does Tumblr Darling Loki Steal Thor’s Thunder in The Dark World?

Latest entry outshines Branagh’s brooding original, and sets Marvel’s most beloved villain up for his own star turn.

Thor: The Dark World Philadelphia showtimes.

Bold moves, big hammer, pretty straw-colored Aryan hair that’s totally begging to be twisted into Bo Derek braids (just me?) — we all understand why Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, feebly introduced in 2011 before being spit-polished in The Avengers, is so popular. (Shoutout to Vinny D’Onofrio, though.) But is it Thor’s bro Loki, played for every surly beat by English actor Tom Hiddleston, that’s made him such a furrowed-brow phenomenon?

Draping the world-weary glowering of Jordan Catalano in My So-Called Life in a cloak of snide superhero wisecracks and  amoral double-dealing, Hiddleston’s God of Mischief has grown to be the most beloved villain in the Marvel universe — at least according to blogging site/bone-chilling youth-culture barometer Tumblr, where “Hiddlestoners” post elaborate fan art and share their sexually charged Loki thoughts in meme format. The actor has been a remarkably good sport about his popularity, razzing kids in character, tossing Comic-Con audiences into unfettered hysterics and doing stuff like this:

In Thor: The Dark World, Alan Taylor’s unexpectedly lithe followup to Kenneth Branagh’s miserable original, Loki is worked for all he’s worth, fully recovered from being pulverized into Scandinavian sesame paste by The Hulk. But it’s the overall mood of the sequel, which suggests that marquee comic-book movies are finally ready to stop taking themselves so damn seriously, that’s the most encouraging.

Picking up after the events of The Avengers, The Dark World finds the God of Thunder welcomed back to his home realm of Asgard as a hero, but the piss and vinegar that’s long made him so unpredictable seems to be missing. Resisting the urges of his one-eyed dad Odin (Anthony Hopkins) to settle down with ruthless killing machine/very nice girl Sif (Jaimie Alexander), Thor is very clearly hung up on another dame — namely mortal astrophysicist Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), with whom he shacked up during his last stint as a planet-saver.

After some near-inexplicable scientific phenomena involving the rare alignment of alternate universes ends up with Jane infected with a mystical energy known as “the Aether,” Thor is forced to run point on her protection, as Malekith (Christopher Eccleston), an unflinching baddie with a weird Michael Myers face, hunts her down to claim the power source as his own.

The biggest failure of Branagh’s Thor was its idiotic disregard for the very basic needs of its audience. We want to see him hammer-smashing everything in sight while laughing heartily, not cooing into NatPo’s ear and gently sketching space diagrams in a Moleskine notebook, dammit! This dearth of self-awareness has been remedied in The Dark World, where the action sequences are obese and overstated and the time spent shuttling between them is filled with dialogue that might actually sound at home in the panels of a golden-era comic book.

While they’re not exactly Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, Hemsworth and Portman inject a weird, appealing brand of screwball chemistry into their interactions, complete with glib non-sequiturs and well-timed slaps across the face. It’s custard-light stuff that pairs nicely with a junk-food plot centered around shifting gravitational fields, evil space elves, a hamming-it-up Kat Dennings and Idris Elba in a horned helmet.

As for Loki — Hiddlestoners of all fanaticism levels will approve of his every move in The Dark World, and it’s not a stretch to think he might earn his own starring vehicle in the future. And hey, if it doesn’t work out, there’s always deeply disturbing Tumblr fan porn to fall back on.

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  • Lokisucks!

    Loki and Tom Hiddleston are both way over rated and only tumblr crazy teenage girls love him and they will forgot about him once they pass puberty and realize what a real man is!

    • S.C.

      Someone’s jealous that Hiddleston has all the attention!


    Why is it okay for boys/men to be sexually excited about a female
    character like say, Black Widow, and it’s okay for them to draw and
    write things about her, but when girls/women do it about a character
    they are sexually attracted to then it’s an issue? Comic Books just
    aren’t for boys anymore and people need to accept that. If guys are
    allowed to dream about Megan Fox from Transformers, then we ladies are
    allowed to dream about Tom Hiddleston. GET OVER IT!


    This is for the comment below me. Bitch shut the fuck up, people are mad because you cunt bags haven’t read a single comic book in your life, and you horny ass bitches suddenly see Loki and start making assumptions about shit. FUCK YOU. No one needs you dumb ass fan girls fawning over comic book characters in which you know nothing about. You probably only knew about who Tom was because of Thor, so SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    • Jowee

      So un-gentleman-like. Guess that’s why girls go for Tom, not you. Try to be more eloquent and articulate. Also, expand your vocabulary. How many times did you use the f-word? Synonyms, my dear, synonyms.

      • STFU CUNT

        First of all, dumb hoe, I (and probably every other male above the age of 14) don’t want annoying ass girls going for me. I want WOMEN to, and I guarantee you Tom would prefer that too. Second of all, bitch, using the word FUCK three times in a single paragraph doesn’t mean i have to “expand my vocabulary”. And what are you 8 years old? Is the word FUCK too incomprehensible for your mind. Last of all, twat skank, what the FUCK is wrong with you? This is the internet., being “eloquent and articulate” and the use of “synonyms” don’t apply here horseface. Oh and also, FUCK yourself.

        • NotThatCasper

          Look not to be rude but automatically assuming that the female audience hasn’t read the comics because they have a vagina is the most idiotic thing I have heard today. Does our lack of a dick cause a force field to appear around comics so we can’t touch them? Last time I checked it doesn’t , so kindly take your sexist assumptions and shove them up your ass, m’kay?
          Also on the point of Loki. The comic and movie-verse Loki’s are different. Hell comic verse Loki’s are different! Just look at Loki verse Kid!Loki (so don’t bitch how he wasn’t true to character). So what if people like him and notice in the movie he isn’t as much of a diabolical fuck twat as he is in the comics, and rather a man (who by Asgardian standards would be about 21) who found out he was adopted and belonged to a race of creatures he hates with his entire being, was the unfavorite as a kid and received extensive bullying for essentially being different, BECAUSE HE FUCKING LIKED BOOKS AND MAGIC OVER SWORDS, the point is the motherfucker had issues and his reaction was horrible, I’m not making excuses for him, however I recognize that it was a very human reaction. Also did you ever think the Loki appeals to girls because he’s oh I don’t know A FUCKING OUTCAST LIKE MANY ‘GEEK GIRLS’?!?! Like seriously bro grow the fuck up and stop bitching because fans connect with a character and the actor who plays him because he’s a A FUCKING NICE PERSON. Oopps, I said I was going to be polite didn’t I? Oh well, maybe if you weren’t such an asshat I could have been. <3 Casper


    Also please, kill yourself.