West Chester Apparently Too “Prissy” for Sex Shop

Frustrated “sexologist” skipping town.

feminine boutique

Feminine Boutique’s “Fellatio 101” class. Photo via Yelp.

Jill McDevitt–sorry, Dr. Jill McDevitt–a sexologist who runs Feminine Boutique in West Chester, says she’s closing up shop, and is going down guns blazing.

She told Philly.com “she could no longer operate in a ‘prissy, uptight one-horse town.'” (You may recognize Dr. McDevitt as one of Philly.com’s celebrated “New Voices.”) Uptight? Prissy? This is the town where college kids lace their candy with pot!

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  • Hans Gruber

    Pot hasn’t been a big deal since the 1950s, don’t treat it like it’s got crystal meth street cred. West Chester is real prissy.

  • AJ / Mixah

    Dear writer – grow up? I mean… This is really immature journalism.

    • Jack Savage

      Jill McDevitt needs to grow up. She uses constant profanity on her blog, posts naked pictures of herself online, and publicly brags about things like having sex inside the bathroom of a gay nightclub. Then she wonders why people don’t take her seriously as a professional. Duhhhh!!!!

      • AJ / Mixah

        Not everyone needs to be such a priss.
        Oh wait, see what I did there?
        “Cool story bro”. But her actions don’t mean this article is any less immature.

  • Eva

    This is extremely immature and blatantly disrespectful.

    • Nicetwoseayou

      “Prissy, immature, uptight town.” That’s extremely immature and disrespectful to the business and government leaders of West Chester. Don’t expect to be treated with respect when you make comments like that.

  • Jake Sobo

    Jill McDevitt is NOT a real doctor. She got her PhD from a non-accreditted, for-profit “university” which is no better than a diploma mill. She dropped out of the Widener University PhD program because she couldn’t handle the academic rigor of a real PhD program. There is nothing that “Dr.” Jill McDevitt does that requires a doctoral degree…she only got the degree because she just wants to be able to call herself a “doctor”. The reality is that Jill McDevitt is nothing more than a run-of-the-mill smut-peddler. Good riddance to her bestiality-loving freak-show of a store!!!


  • Nicetwoseayou

    Any chance she gets to be controversial, she takes. In my opinion she acts largely not to forward her sex positive ideals, which I support fully, but for attention and media headlines. Her fevrent online supporters get stirred up when she generalizes WC’s business and government leaders as being prudes or being erotophobic. In reality, there are about a half dozen people who do not appreciate Jill’s messages or her work, and she is able to use them as fuel for her media fire. Looks like the media machine she had created, the Dr. Jill soap opera pity party if you will, is about to end.

    I for one am not particularly sad to see that her shop failed. She probably makes a lot more money doing classes and speaking engagements then her store has made, and decided she was tired of paying the overhead.

    She’s decided to take a few final jabs at West Chester on her way down, a loud mouth stirring up trouble to the very end. She doesn’t realize that she needs to make her message more accessible to those who don’t understand it, not alienate them by firing up her largely uneducated supporters. Good luck to you Jill, in all future efforts, but thanks for closing your shop and good riddance.

  • Jack Savage

    It is ironic that Jill McDevitt is portraying herself as the victim of censorship. She thinks that is just SO TERRIBLE that West Chester township does not want her putting vibrators and obscene T-shirts (with the phrase “The Clit is the Shit” written on them) in the display window of her store, but God help anybody who dares to write anything to Jill with a criticism. She will publish full names and e-mail addresses of those who dare to express dissenting opinions and then encourage her idiotic fans to harass the dissenters by e-mail. Jill McDevitt even tried to organize a boycott of a local flower shop because the owner had the guts to write her a message to tell her that her window displays were inappropriate.

    If you run an organization that needs a speaker, please hire ANYBODY but Jill McDevitt. She has absolutely no tolerance for anybody who thinks that she is anything less than totally awesome, and she bullies anybody who disagrees with her. Her “PhD degree” is nothing more than a worthless piece of paper that was given out by a fake university, and even her job title is phony. There is NO SUCH THING as a “sexologist” just like there is no such thing as a hamburger-ologist or a golf-ologist or a dog-ologist. There are so many people with REAL credentials that are available for speaking engagements that there is no reason to hire a fraud like Jill McDevitt.

    • oh deanna

      Dearest Jack,

      Why does it upset you SO much that Jill uses “profanity” and DEFENDS herself and her profession. Its totally okay that you don’t agree with what she does, but if you get to have that opinion, then she gets to have hers too. I would also love for you to explain how her education, PhD, and college is “fake.” (Hence the proper use of quotes, since I am QUOTING you and not being demeaning like the morons who wrote this article). Last time I checked, Waterloo AND Widener were both REAL colleges. Maybe not up to parr with you, smarty pants.. But still a lot more “real” than “fake”.

      The fact of the matter is, Jill knows that she is opinionated, but she doesn’t take any shit. Yep, that’s right.. I said SHIT. Wash my mouth out with soap. And Jill has helped MANY people. Maybe if you went and spoke with her instead of just accusing her of all of this, you would see for yourself how awesome she is. Just because a woman stands up for what she believes in, doesn’t mean that she has no tolerance. But on the other hand, if someone as posting all over the place saying “Don’t hire Jill McDevitt”.. I’d be pretty fucking pissed too. Not only are you bashing her, but you’re now trying to have a negative affect on her work life. She knows what she is talking about, and has helped SO many people. She is one of the strongest people and most inspirational people I know.

      This world needs more respect and understanding of other people. You don’t have to agree, but what you are saying and doing is ignorant and immature.

      Thank you kindly,

      PS. If you received emails like those of the ones’ she put up for her readers to view, you’d be extremely upset as well. I wonder if you were one of those emails?

      • Jack Savage


        Jill McDevitt’s PhD does not come from Waterloo or Widener. It comes from a for-profit, non-accredited “university”. That is no better than a diploma mill, but Jill McDevitt LOVES to brag about how she is a DOCTOR. She is a total fraud, and no organization should hire her for a speaking engagement.

        I am not the victim of one her unprofessional triads, but how dare she harm the chances of others to find employment or professional success? So only she gets to criticize others? That’s not very mature or professional, qualities that Jill boasts of having.

        Jill McDevitt has made public statements on her blog about her desire to be a professor of gender studies or human sexuality. She can keep dreaming. With her obscene blog, bogus PhD, and fake job title (“sexologist”…really???); there is no way in hell that it will ever happen. Karma is a bitch and Jill McDevitt should remember that.


        Jack Savage

        • oh deanna

          So what you’re saying is that Jill is wrong to defend herself? When she has received NASTY emails and even death threats? Its WRONG of her to expose the people who are saying these things? I think not. Jill doesn’t just target people and make them a puppet in her play. She will expose people for the nasty, crude things they say. That seems perfectly fine to me. If their profession is lawyer, teacher, or anything of that matter.. Then WHY would someone belittle someone whose professional is SEXUAL EDUCATION. Mutual respect..

          There are ways to speak to people, and ways not to. (For example, we are having a healthy argument).. BUT when she isn’t given respect, why would she return it?

          Whether you think Jill is “real” or not… She sure has helped me and thousands of others.

          You may think that its obscene, which is okay. But she is going to be the one to make a difference.

          • Jack Savage


            What I am saying is that it is an outrageous violation of journalistic ethics for a blogger to publicly shame people who provide feedback. The only exception to this is for people who send threatening messages, in which case, the police should be called. Any blogger who writes about controversial issues such as abortion should expect some people to disagree and occasionally respond with messages that are impolite and angry (or “nasty” as you call it). It is fine for Jill to defend herself, however, it is HIGHLY unprofessional of her to reveal full names and contact information of people who send her private e-mails.

            You talk about “mutual respect”, but Jill had absolutely no respect for anybody in the community where her store was located. Her neighbors begged her to tone down her window displays which contained sex toys, vibrators, and shirts with the message “the clit is the shit”; however she absolutely refused to abide by community standards. West Chester is NOT South Street in Philadelphia where anything goes, and she should have tried to be more discreet. The fact is that Jill McDevitt is a BULLY who takes pleasure in offending others.

            I have no doubt that Jill has helped you and thousands of other people, and it is a tragedy that she spends so much of her energy on offending others. Her need for attention borders on pathological. My family and I will pray that Jill gets the psychological help she needs so that she can focus on doing good instead of causing misery.


  • The Velvet Lily

    I recall visiting the shop once when I had to go to my lawyer’s office. The toys were not in the front room so I didn’t get that “In your face feeling.” But it is important to make friends with the neighborhood and local businesses to survive. Philadelphia and its suburbs is still very conservative and as a sex positive business, it is important to make it easy and helpful for our customers; to show that we aren’t peddling deviance but promoting relationships and self confidence. We had a little outburst before we opened our first store in Northern Liberties, but the neighborhood recognized that we weren’t here to devalue the neighborhood nor the community. When we moved to Midtown Village, both the Civic Association and the Business Association welcomed us even stating they would have supported us in zoning when we were negotiating with a landlord 2 years ago. I never thought we would get that support. Maybe the world is changing a little bit.