Hall & Oates Desperately Need Your Help

They’re losing ground in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Vote.


You may remember that Philly-bred songmeisters Hall & Oates are finalists for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What you may not know? They need your help.

See, one component of the selection process is the fan vote. The top five vote-getters in an online poll comprise a “fan’s ballot” that is tallied along with other ballots to select the 2014 inductees. Right now: Hall & Oates are … sixth. Oh dear.

They’re behind Nirvana (sure), KISS (we understand), Yes (ummm…), Deep Purple (WTF??), and … Peter Gabriel. Really? If anybody’s actually listened to an entire Deep Purple album in one sitting, please step forward so we can award you this 1979 Ford Econoline van that has surely been your home for the last 20 years.

Anyway, you don’t have to hate Deep Purple. You just have to love Hall & Oates. And who doesn’t love Hall & Oates? Go vote, dammit.

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  • PhilaDecker

    The link doesn’t allow you to vote online.

    • krissy

      I was able to vote from my phone.

    • Michelle Thompson Crawford

      mine did, you have to click the fan vote in red letters it gives you all the groups up for vote… then at the bottom is a button that says VOTE!

    • luvbeachandpolo

      Hit the words in red Go vote, dammit lol

    • Lydia Lilli

      Yes it does.

  • luvbeachandpolo

    Voted for Hall and Oates listened to them 30 plus years and counting. Also, I am a Peter Gabriel fan all of the nominees are well deserving. Dave Grohl was Nirvana see what rose from those ashes? Linda great as well. Music is their gift to us all. I danced last night with my 9 year old Well well well You ooh ooh oh you You make my dreams come true!!!! She’s Gone H&O is probably one of my favorite songs ever and In Your Eyes Peter Gabriel.

  • dixie normuss

    I wasn’t a big fan of their’s, back in the day. But, I’ve been watching Daryl’s House on Paladia Channel lately. I definitely have a new found respect for their music. Daryl Hall is such a talented musician, John Oates also! If you get a chance to watch the program, I highly recommend it!!! I liked Deep Purple, Peter Gabriel (Sledgehammer) and Yes. Everyone of them a true genius!
    And yes, I voted for Hall and Oates, damnit!! LOL!

  • Lydia Lilli

    These guys should have been in the Hall of Fame years ago. LL COOL J? Are you kidding me? Hall & Oates wrote some great music, have performed terrific live shows and continue to tour as well as write and record great music.

  • Brian J. Lovas

    I’ll vote for Hall & Oates because they should be in the HoF, but your ranking of the other nominees is kinda backwards and shows the continuous bad taste and form of the institution….also, if they do get in, as former touring partners of Chicago they should make it their mission to see that they are rightfully inducted as well…since shitty bands like nirvana are nominated their first year of eligibility while Chicago has been passed over since like 1994…

    • https://twitter.com/MetroIssuesLou Metro Issues :: Louisville

      Chicago and the Moody Blues for that matter. Two crimes.

      • Jemal Wade Hines

        THIS IS TRUE!

  • V. Sreedaran Nair

    Hall and Oates are real legend real icon. I love them for over 30 years listening to them on the radio in Malaysia.
    Please vote them in.

  • Holly Groach

    Hands down, it should be Hall and Oates!!! That’s how I voted!

  • https://twitter.com/MetroIssuesLou Metro Issues :: Louisville

    It’s a crime that the extremely brilliant Yes isn’t in the Hall of Fame already. Your ummms prove you don’t have much of an understanding of rock’s influential and geniuses. On the other hand, while KISS has been very influential with their original stagecraft, their music is largely derivative (sorry KISS fans – just being honest).

    But you’re right about Hall & Oates. They belong there. Their take on soulful rock was clearly original and influential to many.

    • Jemal Wade Hines

      AGREED….What planet does this writer live on? KISS deserves to be in even if they aren’t the best musicians in the world. That never stopped rock.
      This guys’ ‘ummm’ and ‘wtf?’ around YES and DP just shows how uninformed he is

      • https://twitter.com/MetroIssuesLou Metro Issues :: Louisville

        You’re right about Deep Purple too, of course. What about “Smoke on the Water” (and other DP work) does this writer not get?

        I may have been too harsh about KISS, come to think of it. I do believe they should eventually get into the Hall of Fame, just not based on the music. Their stagecraft was incredible and of course, their marketing was second-to-none. :)

        • GWhale

          Then they should be in the marketing HOF. They are easily the most overrated band of all time, followed closely by the Eagles.

          • https://twitter.com/MetroIssuesLou Metro Issues :: Louisville

            I think stagecraft is the key factor and KISS has certainly been heavily influential to hard rock and heavy metal in that regard. I mentioned “marketing” as a snark. At any rate, I think KISS is getting in this year whether anyone likes it or not.

  • Jack

    You CAN vote more than once, and they are at 77,000 as of this morning(11/4). That puts them way behind many other bands.

  • Jemal Wade Hines

    Naturally I’d vote for Hall & Oates, but that’s no reason to diss Deep Purple. They obviously deserve it too as does YES. Nirvana on the other hand…..no one would care if he hadn’t died. Both YES & Deep Purple truly rock. And while they’re at it, it’s a crime the Moody Blues and Chicago aren’t in!!!

    • https://twitter.com/MetroIssuesLou Metro Issues :: Louisville

      I agree except that I do believe Nirvana should get in, just not this year. Their music was industry-changing, believe it or not.

  • Kevin Walker Sr.

    screw that put them in dummies they were the eighties rock n roll what 2 wait for

  • Glenys. From Liverpool UK

    Have been a fan of hall and Oates for years. Seen them live around five times and I can’t understand why they aren’t already in the hall of fame. They are fantastic song writers, and they are as good as ever.

  • Vick Mackey

    Hall and Oates don’t belong in the R&R hall of fame.There music was like adding sugar to Kellogs Frosted Flakes. It lacked any real heart or passion.there was mention of hall and oates with Diane Sawyer on World News and it boiled down to do we need to hear hall and oates anymore. There on every lite rock station ,so that tells you what crap they were. Yes, Nirvana, and Deep Purple definetly belong there. They all had brilliant one of a kind music. They played with passion and heart,something sorely missing from haulinoates vapid crap ass music they churned out.

    • James Mario

      Yes for Hall and Oates. They earned it.

    • Doug Turner

      I love Kellogs Frosted Flakes. There great like Hall & Oates!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Patrick Burns

      “There on every lite rock station ,so that tells you what crap they were.”

      And the BeeGee’s are already in. ‘Nuff said.

      And you obviously never listened to any of Hall and Oates early work, such as War Babies produced by Todd Rundren, or Along the Red Ledge. Hall and Oates indeed played plenty of rock, but since your exposure to them amounts only to what was commercially successful, yea – you don’t really know what the eff you’re talking about.

      BTW it’s THEY’RE, not THERE. Either learn proper grammar, or get someone to proofread for you before you post in a public forum.

  • jimmeh

    Uhhh, how about Link Wray? Anyone? Or if you can’t bring yourself to vote for someone pre-1980, at least go the Replacements.

    • JD

      I thought about the Replacements for a second…but them kicking out Bob Stinson?! In the words of H&O: I can’t go for that!

  • Jan

    If you’re a true blue HALL AND OATES fan be sure a vote many times for them. You know the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME voting page will let you do that!

  • JD

    OK, “ummm…” for Yes. Are you kidding me?! I understand that people can’t really dig on them because they’re so abstract but they are INCREDIBLE musicians and have been way influential on technical rockers of years after. And Deep Purple…dude, screw you! “In Rock” and “Fireball” are MASTERPIECES (sit down and listen to those in full and have a religious experience…or if not, check your pulse), and those are before “Machine Head”. You know, the album that has that one song that every 12 year old who’s ever picked up a guitar after hearing classic rock radio STILL tries to play (and granted, does so with ease, but that’s besides the point)?! I’m only 31 but the first vehicle I ever went on tour in was an 85 Econoline. It only made it 2/3 of the tour though, so…screw you, again! But anyways, DP are at least nearly as important to the heavy rock movement of the early 70s as Zep and Sabbath. OK, maybe these arguments hold more weight in England (I’m from the states for the record) but that’s also part of the problem. If this damned RNR Hall Of Fame thing wasn’t so bogus don’t you think Slade would be in there? They had more #1 hits than ANYONE in the UK in the first half of the 70s. But they’ll never get in…because it’s in Cleveland and no one in the states would ever know who they were if Quiet Riot didn’t turn covers of their songs into hits here. Regardless, I love H&O and all…a lot even, but every other band I mentioned in this rant thus far (sans Quiet Riot, screw them too) deserves to be in there more. Though why bother caring so much at the same time, it’s a farce of an institution by definition if nothing else. I just felt like I needed to defend some things here. Also, I would never vote for Peter Gabriel. He was fine in Genesis…but yeah, whatever.

  • Marcelo I.

    “You are Out of touch” if you think that H&O deserves it more than Deep Purple… (I would love that van!!).
    Besides it is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, not POP Charts top 40…

  • Me

    Also support Hall & Oates winning the Radio 104.5 Halloween Costume Contest!

  • Janis

    Hall n Oates – so talented! 30 years of passionate music and amazing song writing! Just being nominated is amazing!!!! Always have my ‘vote’….

  • Patrick Burns

    Can we PLEASE keep RAP artists out of the ROCK AND ROLL Hall of Fame? Seriously – most of them can’t sing, and don’t even play real musical instruments. Hell, the MONKEES deserve to be in there before any filpping rap group!

  • Patricia A. Green

    This is NOT a decision which should be left to the general public because they are stupid!!

    LL Cool J is NOT Rock & Roll! See I hate that mess just because an artist says they like Elvis and the Beatles or were influenced by them they get in. Chic was DISCO, I love Disco but they do NOT belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Linda Ronstadt should have been admitted before Nirvana!

    NWA?? are you kidding me?!? Why don’t just admit ODB too. SMH!!