Here’s Video of a BMW Driving Down the Art Museum Steps

“Holy crap,” indeed.

HughE Dillon

HughE Dillon

We’ve seen people sledding, snowboarding and otherwise flinging themselves down the Art Museum steps, but this is the first time that we’ve ever seen someone driving down the Art Museum steps. Here, some guy (we can safely assume that only a guy would do this, right?) pilots his BMW down the Art Museum steps while onlookers and video-takers stand by in utter disbelief. “Holy crap,” says one. Give it a watch. It’s less than two minutes, and it’s totally worth it.

  • GE

    Way to go…didn’t even use a turn signal when exiting the museum. Hope he gets a ticket

  • Yo


  • Dutch

    Alcohol impairs decision making.


    Jersey plates. Total A$$hole.

  • The Line

    He/She won’t keep it a secret for long – bragging rights – will get him/her in trouble.