Jersey Accent Fifth Sexiest in North America?

So sayeth the experts at

A dating site called has released the results of a poll designed to answer the burning question: Which North American accent is sexiest.

The results:

1) Southern

2) New York

3) Western

4) New England

5) New Jersey

6) Canadian

7) Midwestern

8) Mid-Atlantic

The poll surved more than 2,000 men and women on the site. New Jersey's fifth-place showing represented just 7 percent of respondents, about the same as Canada. Of course, the blurb for the last-place "Mid-Atlantic" region–which the site defines as "residents of Mid-Atlantic States from Nebraska to Pennsylvania" suggests that perhaps isn't exactly employing a team of highly trained ethno-linguistic scientists in its data laboratories.

  • Southern Expatriate

    I worked so hard to water down my southern accent over these many years. Business was lost and opportunities missed because people heard it and immediately deducted IQ points. It figures that now that its gone it provides some value.