Eagles Fans No Longer NFL’s Worst

The national media has found a new fan base to vilify. Enjoy the views from the moral high ground, Philly.

Lincoln Financial Field


Eagles fans rejoice! We are no longer the national media’s go-to example of drunken, knuckle-scraping, mentally deficient football fans. Thank you, thank you, Houston Texan fans. The City of Brotherly Love is no longer a tragically ironic moniker because of your over-the-top idiocy.

The national media was certain that Eagles fans were going to boo Donovan McNabb when he returned to Lincoln Financial Field for the ceremony to retire his number. Instead, Eagles fans gave him a long, standing ovation. The national media was confused, its 50-year-old narrative challenged.

The media desperately needed a new gang of villains. Enter the Houston Texan fans, who cheered when underperforming quarterback Matt Schaub was injured on Sunday. This happened just days after an irate Texans’ fan showed up at Schaub’s home to berate him.

After the game, Texan players blasted their own fans, using words like “barbaric,” “tasteless” and “no class.” One player suggested the fans just stay home.

The LA Times called the fans “knuckleheads.” Houston Chronicle sports writer tweeted that Texan fans are “the lowest of the low.”

The lowest of the low! That used to be us! Is it possible that we finally have been out-low-classed in the eyes of the national media? Now that they have a new villain, will they stop telling the half-century-old story of Santa and snowballs? We can only hope.

In fairness to Texan fans, Matt Schaub, who played his high school football at West Chester East, has been awful, throwing interceptions that were run back for touchdowns in three consecutive games. He has been nicknamed “Pick 6 Schaub,” and the team, who some had favored to go to the Super Bowl, now has a losing record.

In fairness to Schaub, it is because of the Pro Bowl quarterback’s play in past four seasons that Houston entered the season with high expectations. The team was 12-4 last year and lost to New England in the playoffs.

In fairness to simple decency, there is no excuse for the actions of the Houston Texan fans who showed up at Schaub’s home or cheered while he writhed in pain. Man, it feels good to have the moral high ground over another team’s fan base.

Houston Texan fans deserve their new horns and pitchfork as much as we deserve to lose them. Schaub has every passing record in the team’s short history. He has given the fans Super Bowl dreams, only to disappoint. In short, he is their Donovan McNabb.

We never cheered when our McNabb was injured. We never showed up at his home to harass his family. In fact, even when there were expectations of a hailstorm of boos, when he arrived in a Washington Redskins uniform, when he showed up at training camp, when he had his number retired, we opted to cheer.

Eagles fans have shown nothing but class for a decade.

The Houston Texan fans have earned their newfound repugnant reputation. More than any other fan base, we in Philadelphia understand it isn’t all Texans who act this way; in fact it is a small minority. It doesn’t matter. The national media paints with broad strokes.

And here is the worst part, Texan fans, now that you have been given the title of “worst fans in the NFL,” it may take a half a century to lose it.

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  • Robert

    and we do not care..

  • dboi

    Smdh…thats rediculous and emberrassing to be considered the worst fan base of the nfl over philly….smh

    • B

      It’s a shame dboi can’t spell.

      That’s how to represent!

  • Mydogsbyte

    No Houstonian cares what a Philly magazine says.

    • GotohellHouston

      I do..mainly because I live here and I despise this God awful city…texans fans are trash. They always have been…I’ve seen if for the last 10 years! Its sad when ppl hate the texans only because their fan base is shit, classless, and low. Texans fans..you deserve this slump you are in! If only JJ tWatt and Brooks Reed could have torn a combo MCL/ACL that same game..I would have cheered. To hell with this shit ass of a city!!!

      • Mydogsbyte

        Then get the hell out of our city!

        • John

          Do not feed the trolls. But you are correct, sir.

  • Cellestina Garcia

    We’ll see if Philly can stay on their high horse. And the story about Schaub’s house is overblown, he said it himself. But whatever makes you feel better.

    • Robone

      The magazine isn’t putting Philly on a “high horse.” If anything, it states that we understand that a small minority of fans shouldn’t attract the national medias attention as it always did here. You’re a moron if you can’t understand this article.

      • Cellestina Garcia

        The author’s title is “Eagles fans no longer nfl’s worst” and the body of the article justifies putting the “worst fans” label on another city. The rest of the article is just attempt to seem balanced. The fact that it was written, says alot about how he really feels. And since we are getting personal, get a life.

  • ed

    Don’t forget the idiot fans burning their Texan jerseys…


    Can’t judge all for a few people that yes acted out of whatever it was at the moment …we have a lot of negative talk because we are that GOOD…WE WILL PREVAIL…we are only ten years in to the NFL unlike other teams who have 50+ years on us…WE ARE HOUSTON TEXANS….TEXANS NATIONS SO LEAVE IT ALONE ALREADY …and the incident at Schaub’s home did not happen it was collaborated by the media …#STOP HATING ON TEXANS FAN#WE’RE NO. 1 TEXANS NATION#GO TEXANS

    • Golpher

      You are not #1, you’re #3. Only the lowly Jags are preventing you from being #4. So stop your all-caps rant and be quiet.

  • Philly24/7

    hahahahaha……….their fan’s are so bad they can’t even handle a tongue in cheek article…………Don’t worry Texan fans…….we got you covered here in Philly!

  • Jordan

    Ah, the actions of the few ruining the reputation of the many.

  • Drew

    Houston fans are shit heads. This guy is a good QB. He is no Aaron Rogers but still good enough. I don’t remember hearing anything last year about him being so bad. Matter of fact Houston media/fans praised him last year. So what happened? The NFL happened dumb asses. This is a pro league and these are professional teams and players. Look at SF 49ers, they don’t looks as great but they keep pushing. This is why Houston can’t have a team. The last team they had moved out because of you stupid ass fans. Don’t mess with Texas right? Why? Because we are ignorant and shameless.

  • Robert

    Houston’s biggest problem is they don’t know how to win, or more accurately, they don’t know how to act when they are winning. Maybe you can’t blame them. They don’t know what a championship looks like.

  • Melina Grasso

    We may not be the worst fans but we (Philly) are the best fans!! Fly Eagles Fly!!!

  • sharona

    Lol!! according to who?? Philly?? Nice try though!!

  • txdantheman

    Houstonians are some of the best people in the world. Houston is a beautiful diverse, and clean place to live. Houstonians have the most compassion and friendliest personalities. We have a few knuckleheads like most cities do, but we will always be HOUSTON PROUD! #dontmesswithtexas

  • SamuraiKrft

    You’re both hot garbage . Go cowboys

    • None

      LOL A Cowboys fan calling anyone garbage is funny.

  • NiqqersHaveLowIQS

    eagles suck