Zillow’s Very Racist Reason for You to Move to Philly

The dumbest top-ten list you’ll see today.

Update (2:15 p.m.) A Zillow representative has called to inform me the website has taken the photo down. Better late than never!

Original post

Real estate blog Zillow recently published a list called “Ten Reasons to Move to Philadelphia.” Rocky Balboa, cheesesteaks: The list has all the hallmarks of a usual gloss over Philly. Plus a little casual racism tossed in.

Here’s reason number two.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 11.46.18 AM

Let’s parse this out, shall we? Next to a comprehensive two-sentence summary of white flight and gentrification in the last 50 years, is a photo of four black dudes hanging out in North Philly in the ’70s. That was then, scared white people! Riots! Crime! Can’t you see the it? Those hoods are about to smash a window and sell drugs to an infant!

Besides the offensiveness of the photo/text juxtaposition (and make no mistake, the photo isn’t randomly placed; the cheesesteak photo is next to the cheesesteak blurb), there’s the complete silliness of the words themselves. Crime and bad schools are still a big part of the city; it’s not because those things have disappeared that population is growing in Philadelphia. Oh, and that first sentence makes no grammatical sense. All in all: There’s probably a good reason that Bloomberg, which republished the list today, omitted that picture.


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  • RightsTough

    Is this racist? YES! Is this accurate? Probably. Listen, black Philadelphians and Black Americans coast-to-coast have absolutely taken advantage of social programs and the forced minority/work programs that have been presented to them. African Americans are an important part of every facet of American culture. HOWEVER, it astonishes me that 50 years after the “Civil Rights Act” was fully implemented that far too many african americans are still generational welfare cases the DIRECT RESULT of poor family planning decisions.

    Listen, I am Catholic and no group made more poor family planning decisions that the Irish Catholics after WWII. My relatives have 6y kids, 9 kids, 14 kids. It’s a joke. But the fathers killed themselves to avoid the shame of welfare programs and the kids all lived under one roof. The blacks continue to spread their seed and leave far too often which leads to another generation of taxpayer funded, inner city educated kids that begin life – like me – 30 yards from the average starting line. And when they get old enough to procreate themselves they either “get it” and avoid having kids until there 30’s (like me and most of my friends) or they do the same thing their baby daddy’s did.

    Black are a disproportionate burden on the tax payers in EVERY metro area. This is not an assumption, it’s a fact. When you factor in all the cradle to grave costs associated with an inner city kid being born out of wedlock (from free Lipil to free schooling to court fees to jails etc) the successful inner city blacks NEED to embrace educating the next generation of there friends and relatives to the BURDEN they are on all of us who pay taxes. It has to end somewhere and we need to pressure ghetto blacks into making better choices. It starts in the family.

    By the way, I come from a family of 11 kids. TOGETHER we have 17 children. 5 of my siblings have no kids as a direct result of the painful and shameful childhood we endured. No matter your color or religion we can all agree that POVERTY STINKS!!

    Perpetuating to another generation is just pure ignorance. Shameful ignorance!

    • Mark DeLoatch

      Really? How about all of the WHITE TRASH sucking all of the welfare resources in this country? Remember there are more WHITE people on welfare than blacks in this country. That is a statistical fact.

      • RightsTough

        Mark, you are absolutely correct. But PROPORTIONATELY Blacks are the primary residents of the inner cities and inner cities burn through state resources in an effort to help the maintain a population of folks that simply will not help themselves. In fact, many inner city blacks are a generational burden on our social programs.

        Let’s agree on one thing: Whites have fallen as fast as blacks have risen over the past 25 years. It’s a crime and I blame this on lazy whites who simply give up *QUIT) on themselves and their country.

        Luckily for all of us, MOST Americans still have pride. But I’ll take care of shaming the lazy whites into being accountable if you take care of the blacks because God knows the lowest levels in our society all blames THE OTHER GUY for their personal issues. Because they are all losers!

  • CJ

    RightsTough is correct. Quit putting your head in the sand, and denying the facts. There IS correlation.. look at the CRIME statistics. Its obviously not ALL Black ppl.. many are trying to raise educated kids and not take advantage of the system.. but they are the minority. They are outnumbered by blacks who over-procreate.. have no DESIRE to get an education or a job.. and take advantage of Democratic PRograms who keep them addicted to Welfare and Food Stamps. There should be penalties for having kids you cannot support, not a reward.

    • Saidel

      There is a penalty: you burden your progeny with poverty and cultural depravity.

  • ErShava

    The list is wrong. Most of Philadelphia neighborhoods are still pretty shitty places to live