Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey Support the Coming War in Syria

As the coming war with Syria approaches and cooler heads try their hardest to prevail, Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey are throwing their support behind the war effort. With the Obama Administration officially confirming the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons on its own citizens earlier this week, both Toomey and Casey have released statements in support of the US killing people the right way for killing people the wrong way.

“Assad has crossed more than a red line and the United States must act in the interest of our national and global security,” went Casey’s statement.

“[Chemical] weapons and [Assad’s] behavior pose a national security risk to the US. This calls for an American response,” read Toomey’s.

That response seems likely, given that the Obama Administration is not expected to seek authorization for military action from Congress, despite whatever consultation the two groups have had. However, as House member Rep. Tom Marino noted, “the Constitution clearly separates war powers between the executive and legislative branches,” and House members are circulating a petition asking President Obama to receive Congress’ permission before going off to war.

But, then, we all know how important the Constitution has been to this Administration. Besides,I hear Syria is nice this time of year, anyway. [PoliticsPA]

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  • PPABootSquadVinnie

    Well, this is the One Thing you can always count on with America. We NEVER learn from our history, and we citizens are like Charlie Brown when Lucy tees up the football for him to kick. There’s been problems of our making for How Long in the Middle East? And yet No Administration [Dem or Repub] has any sort of ‘playbook’ for the constantly changing regimes [many of which we supported at one time or another] in the Middle East. We just go on committing the same stupid mistakes in the foreign policy arena. Let some other country carry the load for a change. NO to Toomey and Casey!
    Why do we, the American citizens/voters allow this sort of stupidity to continue decade after decade? We got bamboozled into two wars under the Bush administration, see them continue under this administration, and yet a gutless Congress won’t step up and actually declare a war.
    Out of the box thinking would say If we went back to a military draft, then Every American would have a dog in this fight and We The People would never allow our children to go to war for the Militaty Industrial Complex.
    Should your family member die for Iraq, Afghanistan,Iran or other foreign unstable countries?
    There’s your answer. Happy Labor Day.

    • Jane Yavis

      This is about Gassing people. Oh, Forgot when the Get Off My Lawners who hated FDR in 1939 they simply called what’s happening “Europe’s War” – How’d that work out??

  • Jane Yavis

    Toomey and Casey make Pennsylvania Proud. Dare I call them Moderates with backbones. So let’s see, Tom Mariano, who has been exploring criminal charges against the President is the “Constitutional Expert” of the Day.

    In the span of less than 24 hours, I heard Left Leaning Chris Hayes, who calls for a US Olympic boycott because of Gay Rights, have s “Stay out of it” attitude toward people gassed in Syria. – AND I heard Chris Stigall from 1210 Talk Radio Interview their new Savior, Rand Paul regarding Syria. He pretty much said “Syria didn’t invade another Country”, so we should just stay out of it. This is all that’s left when we don’t demand more from our Representatives.

    History anyone??? In 1939, the same Get Off My Lawn Mentality against another hated Democratic President prevailed. They called it “Europe’s War”.
    How’d that work out???

    • riiiight

      The job of the military is to protect AMERICA. Not to be the “world police” you seem to want them to be. Spend a few years in the military like I did and you will be against the POINTLESS wars this country has engaged in. You are a fool if you want to spend American dollars and American lives on another middle eastern country.