Dick Yuengling Reminds Us He’s Still Kind of a Dick

Earlier this year, it came out that Dick Yuengling, brewer of Yuengling, was accused of skimping on his city taxes and defending it. Now, he’s at it again, lobbying for Pennsylvania to become a right-to-work state. (Look, whatever you think of organized labor, that would be pretty extreme move for a rustbelt state like PA. And if pro-PLCB Republicans are any indication, having your entire state controlled by the GOP does not mean right-to-work is at all imminent.) He’s also calling for the state to reduce the capital stock and franchise tax. And he’s crying poor: “Yuengling says he’s not worth a billion dollars, despite his inclusion earlier this year on a Forbes magazine list of billionaires.” Also, if my anti-Yuengling bias weren’t clear enough: Yuengling is a terrible beer. [WITF]


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    Your title is both offensive and immature. The wild assertion
    that Dick Yuengling is a tax cheat is without proof and is slanderous. It more likely that the
    city is attempting to over charge Yuengling than he is tax cheat. Philadelphia official have
    a long history of stealing and corruption. As far as I know Mr. Yuengling has
    never been convicted of a crime.

  • J.Oz

    Simon…leave it to Yuengling’s family, employees, customers, and suppliers to measure the man. The city of Philadelphia’s business and personal taxes are draconian and laughable in their self-defeating effect. To “stick-up” for the city’s tax policies is ignorant lunacy.

  • Graydon

    “Yuengling is a terrible beer” – Slander!!

  • Ed


  • Ed

    Simon…..YOU….an you alone, are the ONLY DICK-head here. Report on something worthwhile.

  • Don Talenti

    What the hell is wrong with libs? They have a pathological hatred of success. Not to mention their potty mouthed grade school crudeness when they’re angry. I can just see Mr. Zuylen-Wood giggling to himself over what I’m sure he considers a brilliant headline.

    The thing libs should giggle about is that they have no insight into the fact that their progressive liberal ideas have destroyed every community, from city to nation, in which they’ve been tried. Destroyed them socially and economically. Philadelphia is following progressive ideology like a lemming right over the cliff.

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Typical lefty drivel from a typical lefty source. Ask the employees how they feel about a union. Do they want one? Do they need one? I know lots of folks who are pretty happy with their life working for Dick.

    Curious to know what you drink. Probably Zima or a Bacardi breezer.

  • Jane Yavis

    Maybe not the kindest headline, Richie Yuengling spends a good deal of his time in Tampa, Florida where most of his beer is brewed. He receives lots of tax abatements from the City of Pottsville, and has been in a 13 year running battle with the EPA regarding water run-off treatment family has been threatening to leave PA for greener pastures since I was thin. It’s generational.

    • J.Oz

      Yeah…what Pottsville needs is a BUSINESS PRIVILEGE TAX. Yeah…that will “fix” things..

    • Guest

      You are categorically wrong and should not write stuff you know nothing about….. Dick Yuengling spends NO MORE than 2-3 days a YEAR at the Tampa Brewery and takes no more than 3 weeks vacation a year. At the age of 70, he still works 49 weeks a year and over 70 hours a week….. the vast vast majority of which are at the Breweries in PA

  • rottonralph

    Quite a hack job, probably from someone who knows nothing of how difficult it is to run any business in PA. He runs a successful brewery and the tax dispute is because the greedy Philly wants to double tax the distributor and Yuengling — unlike other brewerys. As to Deadspin’s opinion — they make a living on making fun of others. High tech geeks who NEVER report positive stuff. Anything not cool and hip is trashed. Pennsylvania would be much better place to live if we had more Dick Y’s and fewer snarky Philadelphia mag writers.

    • Jane Yavis

      Are you saying Pennsylvania would be a better place to live if it was just like Pottsville???

      • J.Oz

        Totally dumb question…in what way is life in Pottsville different and/or worse than the City of Philadelphia, or any other municipality in the FREE WORLD? Do you really think that Mr. Yuengling is asking for more proportionally than any other business and corporation asks of local/state government? Take a &@$?(); economics class. Then, start a business and make it profitable enough that you’re able to donate to local charities and have a real positive impact by avoiding the overhead and waste of government drones and ineffective institutions.

  • DailyPlunge

    The guy that wrote that Deadspin article took a lot of heat for his ranking. Yuengling is a great beer. The author sounds like a child. It’s perfectly reasonable to disagree with Mr. Yuengling on right to work, but 2/3rds of Americans support right to work.