The Ori Feibush/Point Breeze Situation Just Got Incredibly Stupid

We’ve talked to both parties about allegations of faked Facebook messages.

The latest in the case of Ori Feibush vs. The World is an accusation that OCF Realty’s Feibush fabricated violent, threatening, and grammatically poor text messages under the name of OCF critic Gary Broderick in a play to undermine him. After interviewing both parties and inspecting Feibush’s phone, we hold that the Point Breeze situation has become incredibly stupid.

The incident is super-confusing even by the standards of OCF drama, so sit back, relax and enjoy the oncoming tension headache:

Yesterday, the Point Breeze Organizing Committee, one of an ever-expanding mosaic of community groups in Point Breeze, issued a public “cease and desist” letter and video to Feibush. It’s a somewhat satirical take on Feibush’s own cease and desist letter that he sent to PBOC member Haley Dervinis after she protested a prospective OCF development in the neighborhood as the project was headed to the Zoning Board of Adjustments.

The PBOC, as per its letter and video, wants Feibush to “cease and desist” from allegedly manufacturing text messages that, according to Broderick, Feibush showed to resident Shaun Miller via Facebook. This is the same Broderick who engaged in a small tete-á-tete with Feibush over Broderick’s own OCF-built house and sparred with Feibush briefly in the comments section of City Paper’s website.

The messages, which Broderick shared with The Philly Post, begin with, Broderick allegedly saying, “I hope you know where you are, shit can get real dark in Philly especially for a HATED man like yourself…And unlike your kind out [sic] people South Philly natives (Italian, African, and Irish) ,don’t believe in calling the law we get our own justice. #SPNAG.”

“Thank you. You know nothing about me and yet are so hateful. what is SPNAG?” Feibush allegedly replied.

“South Philadelphia Natives Against Gentrification,” Broderick replied, possibly.

The messages go on for some time with more poorly worded anger. (See the images at the bottom of the post.)

I asked Feibush if he had indeed had this conversation with Broderick. “I had a conversation with…well, I can’t say him, but someone named Gary,” he said in one of what turned out to be a series of maddeningly equivocal statements.

Here’s where it gets so granular that I’m pretty sure only Point Breeze residents and Jan Ransom are still paying attention: The messages Broderick sent to The Philly Post were — to anyone familiar with Facebook’s messaging system — clearly copied and pasted from another message chain. Feibush showed me the original messages on his iPhone, but rather than being “from,” say, Broderick, the sender is a pictureless “Facebook User” — ostensibly a deleted account. Feibush did not provide copies of the messages to The Philly Post. “I don’t want to be the person who sends you the conversation,” he said.

Broderick says that Miller showed screen shots of his exchange to Dervinis, and Dervinis showed them to Broderick, and then the PBOC wrote its at-large grievance.

“I feel like I’m fighting with a little child and anything I put in that domain will be counterproductive,” Feibush said. “It’s a child having a temper tantrum with himself.”

Broderick, for his part, says, “There’s no one as interested as [Feibush is] to put out a text message conversation of me to make me look like a savage.”

Feibush says that after he received the messages, he called the 17th Police District. “They asked me if I wanted to put in a police report,” he says. “And I said I thought it would just elevate things more but that I wanted them to have a conversation with him, which I believe they did.” Spokespersons from 17th District and the press office said they couldn’t confirm or deny this.

Is it possible Feibush created a fake Facebook account and enacted a fictitious conversation with a critic with just the right amount of bad typing and meandering to make it look authentic, which he then sent to a friend who showed it to a friend of his opponent all in order to do… something?

Probably not. Maybe. Whatever.

Below are screen captures of the messages that Broderick says Feibush sent to Miller.

Andrew Thompson is a freelance writer and a contributor to The Philly Post. Reach him at or on Twitter at@asthompson.

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  • phlhui


    This is what happens when outsiders come in and don’t respect locals. He can naively claim capitalism and the law should technically on his side, but there’s been no money or law in neighborhoods like this for 50 years and people had no choice but to adapt to live without it. And now he shows up and starts saying “Well now that I’m here it’s time to start bowing to capitalism and the law.” It’s naive and disrespectful.

    He’s nothing but a carpetbagger.

    Someone with a sense of community or civic duty would’ve seen a proud neighborhood of locals who’ve been neglected and cast aside by this city while held hostage by violent criminals who exploited the situation.

    He saw opportunity.

    “All I have to do is buy these poor people out and I’ll be the kingpin of a neighborhood that’s right near Center City. It’s a potential goldmine.”

    This country requires nothing of this kid except taxes. No military service, no civil service, nothing. Lots of people have served him. Transit workers, nurses, mechanics, teachers, cops, etc. What has he ever provided back to Philadelphia (or America for that matter)? He majored in finance or accounting or whatever and decided he was going to buy poor people out of their neighborhoods. That’s the life he chose.

    He had his chance to prove his worth and duty to the neighborhood, city, and humanity with Point Breeze. Playgrounds, rec centers, pools, tutoring centers, neighborhood gardens or grocery services…stuff that would’ve proven he’s a man of integrity and duty (not to mention public relations savvy) rather than some Donald Trump wannabe with zero self awareness or PR acumen…but he decided to build exclusive SoHo coffee shops and yuppie townhouses while telling the locals “tough luck” instead. And the only lots he cleaned were the ones next to his shop because he didn’t want anything icky near his business turning off his customers.

    These people have have adapted to a certain lifestyle for generations and he expects them to roll out the red carpet for him when he shows up and starts chanting “money talks?”

    There’s other neighborhoods throughout the world where this guy would’ve been scared off. There’s insular, locals-only neighborhoods in Italy and Hawaii who’ve literally beaten people arrogant outsiders like Ori Feibush into taking their game back home. I think he’s had it easy thus far, but it’s too late for him to win over the locals. He’s revealed who he is by now, and any olive branch he extends will rightfully be seen as disingenuous.

    • Danny Philly

      what the shit are you talking about?

  • Um. That looks fake but I don’t care.

  • cementbrunette

    I’d like to know where all this vehement passion has been for the past 30 years. If people spent this much time and energy keeping their neighborhood clean and safe. It took a couple of whiney white kids to whip these folks into a frenzy? Lame. There is so much they could be doing. If all 120 or so people that showed up to that march had picked up a broom today I would have been impressed.

  • Christopher Sawyer

    Philadelinquency Owner Intends To Sue PBOC, Mindy J. Isser and Gary Broderick For Defamation

  • Karl Schappell

    Seriously is becoming one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in a long long time. The name calling? The accusations? I have to agree with cement brunette, if these people who showed up for the march had picked up a broom an cleaned the neighborhood as opposed to whining about a developer, a Developer people!!!!, then PB would be a better place.
    As for Philhui, really?? Carpetbagger????? (Just an aside, I don’t know Feibush and don’t have anything to do with his company-lest I get accused of anything) But this guy is of course trying to make money. That’s what developers do. And of course PB is going to be targeted, as Graduate is pretty finished except for small pockets. In PB there is huge amounts of vacant lots and boarded up houses ripe for development. It’s a no brainer that someone is going to come in a try to make money.
    Civic Duty??? What the heck are you talking about? Civic Duty?? Where does it ever say that a developer has a civic duty to do squat?? The developers of Graduate haven’t done squat for the neighbors that already lived here nor Fishtown nor Northern Liberties residents. Where is GH’s grocery store?? Our pool?Our playground. BS. It would be nice to be sure, but it doesn’t happen very often.
    Lastly one of things that come across is the lame bullying that is coming out of PB right now. The “it’s too late for him to win us over”. Really?? Why does he need to win anyone over? Yes he sounds like an arrogant douche. Absolutely. As do the neighbors that are having a march, A MARCH!!, against him. All idiots. You want to fix PB, you are going to need money people. And the city is broke. Why not look to the private sector?

  • Adarrel Omar Fisher

    South Philly stand up and clean up.