Trayvon Martin Supporters Want You to Boycott Florida Oranges

No justice, no Tropicana.

Many are upset over Saturday night’s not guilty verdict in the controversial case of George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin in February 2012. But will their furor trickle down to the breakfast table?

Efforts are being made by Trayvon Martin supporters for an all-out boycott of Florida oranges and products derived from them. On Sunday, at a rally in Philadelphia’s Love Park that drew at least several hundred protesters, the call was clear: Don’t eat Florida oranges, and don’t drink Florida orange juice. Similar messages have been going out around the country via social media and online petitions.

This is not the first time that Florida oranges have been the subject of a boycott. As far back as 1977, there was a national boycott of Florida oranges due to anti-gay statements made by singer, former Miss Oklahoma and Florida oranges celebrity spokesperson Anita Bryant. In addition to the boycott, gay activists threw a pie in her face.

In 1994, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the National Organization for Women both led a boycott of Florida oranges after the Florida Citrus Commission paid radio host Rush Limbaugh $1 million to shill for them. The National Education Association also joined in on that fight.

And more recently, in 2011, openly gay GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger called for a Florida oranges boycott when the state announced it would move its Primary election back by two months.

A Florida Citrus Commission spokesperson could not be reached for comment about this latest boycott.

Some of the Florida oranges boycotters are also calling for a boycott of Orlando theme park Disney World, noting that California’s Disneyland would be an acceptable alternative. After all, California is without its racial controversies.

[PHOTO: Mannwell Glenn]


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  • Ella Tootie Brown

    Text the word justice to… 6222 7…..Help Trayvon Martin receive justice and stop buying Tropicana products email and write them and let them know you’re feeling

    • Josie Densas-Brown

      This is fucking stupid.

  • Stephanie PhDiva Miller

    Just watch us work!

    • Ella Tootie Brown


  • argggghhhhhhh

    Sign the petition: NO Justice, No Juice!

  • Stella


  • Stella

    Wonderful…..boycott Florida orange fields so hard working people lose their jobs! This is such a stupid idea it is beyond reasoning.

  • Ella Tootie Brown

    no its not stupid the only thing the white man understands is when you hit him in the pocket unfortunately… racist and prejudice people are going to die and go straight to hell…. it is God’s word that you cannot inherit the kingdom of God… with hatred and wrongdoing toe it’s another because of race be blessed

    • Lisa

      It is absolutely stupid! Why would anyone boycott hard working folks. Corporate CEO’s will not feel this, only hard working people will. They will cut hours and raise prices to cover this. America needs to move forward, in peace. Trayvon should not be used a a symbol of HATE or racism or as a pawn of who inherits the kingdom of God. We need to UNITE, to join hands, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Native American etc. Together as ONE NATION.

    • TL

      The only thing the white man understands… you are the one who sounds racist. Hard working people should not be punished. Trayvon was killed BECAUSE he violently attacked someone. He loved to fight, but I guess he picked the wrong guy this time. If you boycott Florida and anything made in Florida, what is the reasoning? The SYG law was NOT used in the Zimmerman trial, and Florida is one of 22 states who have that law! Did you know that? Time to expand your boycott, geniuses!

      • Ty RahSun Blaz

        Actually Trayvon didn’t pick the fight, it was Zimmerman; when he started following a teenager who thought he was endanger so he fought for his life in turn losing his. Even thouhg SYD wasn’t used in court it was what the defense started out with. How was Trayvon supposed to know that a resident of his dads community was doing neighborhood watch. Maybe if they would’ve put out a memo saying that he would’ve knew about the a**hole he would’ve still been alive. He should’ve listened to the dispatcher when they told him not to follow him. NOOOOO! he had to play Mr.Hero and ended up killing someone innocent. Trayvon may have liked to fight but I don’t believe he was a trouble maker.

  • peter shultz

    i live in florida and i understand that boycotting florida will probably hurt me economically but i encourage everyone to boycott all that is florida…it is well worth the sacrifice.

  • Jon Deaux

    Please let us all know when you will boycott Disney….I want to make my vacations plans now!!! Can you imagine the massive influx of visitors to Florida when these hood rats promise NOT to show up?

  • TIM

    what a stupid idea. how racist against good people. black people need to stop doing everything they can to start trouble and promote racism. i think i will pick up a few gallons of florida orange juice and drink it at the beach .

  • Carolyn Williams

    I would not spend a dime on anything that is associated with Florida. Those that are making really horrible racists remarks better pray that Karma don’t knock on your door and destroy a love one. Always remember that God doesn’t like ugly. Plus the hard working people are immigrants or foreigners that are taking you and your family jobs. How stupid do you sound. Their children will be going to college free with financial aide. You are hating on the wrong people. No need to respond, because I won’t be reading my comments.Trayvon B.Martin RIP