WATCH: “F— Cancer” Hats Banned at King of Prussia Mall

6ABC reports that women wearing hats emblazoned with “Fuck Cancer”—a pink ribbon strategically placed where the “C” would be in the “F” word—were kicked out of the King of Prussia Mall on Sunday.

While they were buying funeral dresses.

For the funeral of their mother, who died last week … of cancer.

“The logo, the saying, is the only expression that I feel is strong enough to defeat the word, defeat the disease,” said Zakia Clark, whose 51-year-old mother, Jackie Underwood, died last week.

Where the story turns slightly absurd when you realize—as the sisters pointed out—that stores in the mall carry a variety of profane clothing objects. King of Prussia Mall is fine selling you such apparel, apparently, as long as you keep it in a (metaphorical) brown paper bag until it leaves their campus. “To say they don’t want that in their mall, but they sell it… it just wasn’t right,” said Makia Underwood. “It wasn’t right to kick us out, and you sell things with curse words on them.”

Mall officials defended their decision to keep the patrons—or their hats, at least—curse free. But they also expressed condolences and offered to donate to the anti-cancer charity of the sisters’ choice.

Oh, and: Fuck cancer. Right?

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  • RightsTough

    Are you kidding me? Is anyone surprised that people in NORTH PHILLY are misguided about how the language on their hats could potentially be offensive to the OTHER PEOPLE in the Mall. You know, the people who may not want there 7 year old to ask what “F&^K” means? And the Mall staff actually apologized to this morons. Why? Because they are ghetto gals. They don’t get it. And our society has been conditioned to treat ghetto folk like 2 year olds. NO OTHER REASON!! If these were white girls they would have never received an apology. Zero tolerance as there is a CLEAR assumption that whites know better. In fact, if these were white girls, there Dad’s would had ripped these obnoxious hats off their heads before these kids left the house and embarrassed the entire family further.

    This is only a story because it’s inconceivable to most educated people that people this dumb still walk among us. MOST ghetto folk have worked too hard to get lumped into this “notice me, notice me” bull crap.

    if you ever question whether we live in two different societies in the USA, WATCH THIS and countless other YouTube (Obama Phone) videos. And look at the election results of 2012. President Obama is a classy guy who is forced to tolerate uneducated, self entitled people such as these idiots all day. Unfortunately, these women are probably too stupid to even understand that they are complete trash!

    These “women” are yet more proof that dumb and classless never take a day.

    What a great way to honor the memory of their Moms. By wearing hats with profanity on them. Mom is probably so proud that this is her legacy!

    Lord, SAVE US ALL!

    • the real deal

      u sound like a moron. there are all types of profane t-shirts in that mall and these “white girls” you speak of constantly wear them in that mall. who are YOU to say how anyone can express their pain when they aren’t hurting anyone else. suburban teens can wear shirts in that same mall that reads “suck on my nuts” with a picture of a squirrel and nuts under the caption but “fuck cancer” (with the ribbon NATIONALLY known as a cancer awareness logo) is offensive? the mall’s actions were contradicting and you sound like an educated fool. I’m quite sure NO person suffering from the disease is offended by the saying “fuck cancer”. and those same kids you speak of in the mall see all types of profane shirts in that SAME mall. by the way I am a college educated individual and not “a ghetto person” as you speak of telling you my friend, you are the MORON..

      • RightsTough

        I’m just keepin’ it real yo! Wazzup? You got cho opinions and I gots mines. Peace!

        I am just hopeful that more people will adopt the “Please infringe on my private space with your whacked out political statements” philosophy so we can all be exposed to profanity all day everywhere we go. Scumbag tattoos that scream to the world “I am confused and I have no idea how to fit into society” are not a clear enough signal to the people who choose not to join generation HOPELESS!

        Oh, I am sure that Susan G. Koman is just THRILLED that these ghetto chicks decided to make and wear these hats with her ribbon them. We’re all so proud!.

    • tiq

      You sound stupid that my family that was kicked out of the mall and my aunt mom that died from cancer was fighting cancer for many years.

      • RightsTough

        Tiq, I got mad sympathy for yo aunt. My mom died from breast cancer and it scares me that my sisters are carriers but yo can’t be walking around a Mall where they kidz and have the “F” word on yo clothing or hats. if you d=feel any love for yo aunt then honor her by working with Susan G. Koman like I do. I welcome you to work with us. Take action to cure cancer. Don’t walk around trying to get YOURSELF attention when yo aunt is the one who died.

        You better than that girl!

        • tiq

          first of all im not a girl second my aunt didnt die my aunt mom did.

          • RightsTough

            Tiq, why yo up in my grill girl. Is “Tiq” short for Lunatiq?? You be wearin’ the stupid lid to da mall not me. Why don’t you relate to me civil? Wazzup?

            Oh, and since I have never heard the term before, what is an “Aunt Mom”? I know it gets confusing sometimes so if you are not sure it’s no big deal. I’m all about positivity. Yo-Yo!
            Keep it real!

            By the way, you have inspired me. Me and three friends are going to steal a car and take a microphone to the mall and we are going to say the F-Word as many times as possible as loud as we can. That’s FREE SPEECH! Then we are all going to take poops right in front of Macy’s. No toilet paper just lots of poop! You have showed us the way! This will be your legacy! Hopefully I can inspire other dumb people to set themselves on fire or something stupider. Pay it forward right baby!

            I’m out!

  • tiq

    best thts my cuzents and my aunts they wore that cause my aunt my died from cancer so shut the f*ck up. they are not ghetto.they did it cause my aunt mom had cancer for many years and been fighting it for a long time.

    • RightsTough

      I feel ya . . . My Dad broke his leg so I am going to wear a “F^ck Brokin’ Legs” hat the Mall. Maybe this hat will help my Dad’s leg heal . . . or may be I just want attention because I’m a moron!