Get Ready to Boo: Sucky John Mayer Playing Parkway Concert July 4th

This July 4th will mark the 20th anniversary of the city’s Welcome America festivities on the Parkway, which culminate in what is billed as the “largest free concert in America.” We’ve had plenty of sucky headliners over the years. (Remember the Goo Goo Dolls?) But this year’s featured act really takes the cake.

6 ABC, a Welcome America “partner”, is reporting that John Mayer will headline. Yes, this is the same John Mayer who was accused not so long ago of making racist and homophobic comments in a Playboy interview. (Here’s a taste: “My dick is sort of like a white supremacist. I’ve got a Benetton heart and a fuckin’ David Duke cock. I’m going to start dating separately from my dick.” He also managed to throw in the N-word.) And yes, this is the same John Mayer who generally sucks the life out of every song he sings.

What the hell is the city thinking? Sure, the Roots will still be in attendance. But not even Questlove and his pals can take the foul John Mayer stench out of this 4th of July in Philadelphia. Oh, and rumor has it that Disney girl Demi Lovato is performing as well. Jersey Shore, here I come.

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  • Dana

    Are you in your period?

  • Logan

    He sucks the life out of every song he sings!? Give your head a shake. Mayer is one of the most talented musicians of our generations. So he made a few mistakes, who cares? His music still beats all the other crap that is being released today by other artist. Victor your opinion is dated and irrelevant, get with the times and open your eyes/ears.

  • Oh please. He may be a narcissist with a big mouth, somewhat o f a misogynist, but not a racist. Read the interview again.
    Not a big fan of the voice, but love the guitar and songwriting.

    • vfiorillo

      “Somewhat of a misogynist” – Ha, that’s awesome

  • Ash

    Who the hell wrote this? Extremely poor musical knowledge. And those quotes are from 3 years ago, out of context and have absolutely no relevance to Mayer’s level as a musician.

  • pinklaydee28

    Yo Victor whatever your name is that wrote this article, you have absolutely no musical knowledge at all it seems. Mayer is one of the most talented musicians of our generation, regardless of what you think of him as a person. To deny him his talent is ludicrous! You suck!

    • Jennifer Jensen

      Thanks for posting this.

  • Tyler

    If you ever see John Mayer play guitar live, you will surely change your mind–greatest of the last 20 years. Not to mention, he’s an absurdly talented songwriter and lyricist. It isn’t wise to speak on things of which you have no idea–but, that is why we have bloggers. Objectivity is for the journalists.

  • Rachael

    Come on Victor, John Mayer is one of the most (if not the most) talented guitarist of our generation. You can hate his personality all you want, but no one can deny that he’s a gifted musician. I, for one, am excited.

  • Kate

    Wow…do yourself a favor and learn a little more about Mayer before calling up an old quote to suit your view. You could have referenced the work he does for NCIRE and veterans which is current news. Jersey shore awaits you…..

  • Frenchie Honeytoast

    John Mayer is an incredibly underrated musician, and this article is entirely too opinionated to be part of “The Scoop”. Also, why would you attempt to discourage attendance to an event that takes place in the very CITY of the publication that you WRITE for? You’re a moron.

  • John Mayer is one of the few modern-day artists that appreciates jazz, funk, blues, and knows how to kick it out in any jam session. Maybe you don’t appreciate this style of music – but don’t ruin it for those who love some seriously talented guitar-playing. Oh right, you wouldn’t know – you’ve only heard “body is your wonderland” and made your opinion. Go ahead to the Jersey Shore, where you can listen to KeSha all day long.

  • anditern

    Has anyone made internet headlines of your every misspoken word in the 14 years that Mayer has been in the unrelenting glare of the spotlight? Ask his friends and employees of color if Mayer is racist? And is a single man dating consenting adult women misogyny now?Check out the long list of charity work Mayer has done like with the Isaac foundation and war vets. Did you donate half a million dollars to Haiti relief directly out of your pocket? Oh that’s right, you didn’t. This person is a brilliant musician and a generous philanthropist. Go find a punching bag if you so need an outlet.

    • sparkyboy1

      Great response. Also, mostly in quoting him in that interview, writers often neglect to mention the “Benetton heart” part. He grew up in Whitebread, CT and most people want to be with someone they identify with. Also, in looking at the people he has in his live, he doesn’t seem like a racist to me. He has relationships with one woman at a time, then breaks up and moves on. How is this different than what most of us do?

  • LOL U mad, another white folks’ feinted outrage at Mayer’s comment. ugh, here is the statitics, 0.4% of all Whites were married to a Black partner. LOL 0.4%!!!!!! yep, Victor, what’s the % of your self-righteous clan date/marry blacks. Mayer is stupid to say that in public, but let’s get real here, 99.6% white folks are no better than he. Action speaks louder than words, said public or not.

  • Burgers

    i 100% support your anti-mayer sentiments, wictor.

  • amber

    you’ll find plenty of short piers on the jersey shore to take long walks on while you’re there!

  • First of all, those comments were made 3-4 years ago. Definitely not “recently”. And secondly, have you heard his new album or listened to any of his music? Yeah, he’s kind of a dick, but so are most musicians and famous people. He’s talented. Stop being so bitter.

  • If you don’t have nothin’ nice to say, don’t say nothin’ at all. Now, shut the F up and get your arse Jersey. I’m coming to Phily to listen to one of the best musicians on this planet Yahoo!

  • LittleMissHoop .

    Wow- I wanted to forward this to a friend who likes John Mayer to inform him Mayer is coming to Philly, but how can I with this crappy announcement?

  • Jennifer Jensen

    This is absolutely opinion. The fact is
    JOHN MAYER ROCKS the stage EVERTIME!!!!!
    Who cares about his personal life. Its about the music you ass of a reporter. You should be fired for this article!!

  • Holy smokes. I get it that some of you like Mayer’s music, but “one of the greatest…of our generation”? You’ve got to be kidding. Pack up your Mayer and Dave Matthews tracks and sail off to the Island of Cultural Insignificance. Bon voyage.

  • I just hope you don’t cross my path July 4th on the Parkway Victor….Because I gonna take your Big Fat Head and jam it in a piss and shit filled port-a-potty! # I♥Mayer

  • hello

    haters gonna hate. it’s is so sad how you probably don’t know anything about him, quoting him from a mistake he made a while ago. you don’t even know him personally, how can you assess who he really is and what he thinks? one slip up should not make you biased towards John Mayer. you have no soul. John Mayer works with NCIRE not to mention that he helps disabled children. lets see how far you’ll get in life.

  • hello

    haters gonna hate. you know NOTHING about John Mayer if you are talking like this about him. not to mention that you probably have not even met him, how can you make such presumptions? this is a quote from a while ago. one slip up should not make up this article for it is irrelevant. focus on the good John Mayer does maybe, such as NCIRE, Crossroads, and helping disabled children.

  • Christine

    I am disgusted by the blatant subjectivity in this article and the absolute pettiness of your complaints. In what universe is “not so long ago” 3 years ago? In what world does a 7-time Grammy winner “suck the life out of every song he sings?” Maybe you should talk to Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Tony Bennett, Frank Ocean, or Jay-Z, just some of Mayer’s musical supporters. John has apologized for what he said, but honestly it’s irrelevant to whether or not he can put on a great show. Do some fact-checking before you publish, and show some respect for an amazing musician.

  • Jon Hecox

    How are you getting published? Even the internet has standards when it comes to facts v. trolled opinion. I don’t mind reading BS like your article when I see that I’ve stumbled onto TMZ or PerezHilton (John is in my Google news feed, so, many times I see titles like,
    “Get Ready to Boo: Sucky John Mayer Playing Parkway Concert July 4th”

    …. Ooooh right. That’s your title. On The Philly Post. What the hell was your editor thinking when he/she allowed this misguided announcement to be published? Like I said, I know it’s just the internet… but you really should be “writing” for a tabloid. Get your head out of your ass and create some art yourself. Have it judged by a massive crowd of your peers. Maybe, just maybe, then you’ll respect John Mayer (’cause you don’t have to LIKE him – hell I’ve only started to like him again recently).

    And just to be clear, I agree that those things he said in the Playboy article were very pompous and arrogant. The thing is, after that happened he completely recognized what an asshat he was being and had become – hell, I was pretty much hating him at this point. Also, he wasn’t making great music anymore (Battle Studies… cool riffs, but a pretty crappy album comparative to JM’s previous set standards like Continuum) Have you even looked into what he’s been doing lately? As in, the last 6-8 months? Hands-on charity work, recovery from a career stopping throat condition, and a new album that’s one of his most humble and grounded since Room For Squares and Continuum. Or did you just Wiki>John Mayer and go for the low-ball?

    So, along with all the other comments expressing how misinformed your “article” is, what do you have to say in rebuttal? I personally think you should be writing for TMZ, because this type of misinformed, over the top nonsense could definitely land you a gig there. Just do it Victor. You’ll be much happier on the other side of the fence. Greener grass with less articulate readers to comment on your writing. Just go for it dude. All the best.

  • Tom

    its okay guys, this arrogant prick probably listens to justin bieber and nickelback.

  • frontman

    Google Jill Scott’s article on inter racial dating.

    I look for your next blot post this weekend, where you call her out.

  • sparkyboy1

    One of the best musicians on the planet and a voice like dark whiskey-laced chocolate. Not a racist, or a womanizer, just a screwed up, sensitive, lovely guy, looking for love, like many of us are.

  • ‘Get ready to boo: Sucky John Mayer…’??? What are you, eight? Grow the f*ck up.

  • Jennifer George

    I didn’t know you wrote for the funnies. You’re article is as skewed as you are narrow minded. You are entitled to your personal opinion but it’s clear you don’t know a thing about good music.