VIDEO: Kermit Gosnell Documentary 3801 Lancaster

As the gruesome trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell plays out in a Philadelphia courtroom, a documentary about the case is making the rounds on the internet.

In 3801 Lancaster (the name is taken from the address of Gosnell’s abortion clinic), District Attorney Seth Williams is seen talking about “severed feet in jars” and a former patient describes the “care” she received in Gosnell’s office and talks of “bloody recliner chairs,” while Inquirer crime reporter Joseph Slobodzian provides much of the narrative. Some of the images are truly horrific.

Philadelphia Weekly reporter Tara Murtha has labeled 3801 Lancaster “a propaganda film that promotes views espoused by the National Black Pro-Life Coalition, a radical anti-choice fringe group who advocate, in short, that abortion is black genocide concocted by ‘the abortion industry.’” The website for the film provides links to pro-life groups.

  • Diana Horton

    this video, broke my heart. when i saw the baby with his neck snipped i about lost it. i think, girls in schools that are being taught sex education should have to see a video on abortion.the boys also. if for some reason a women finds herself with child, then i hope she will think of adoption. there are so many people who would love to take and love your child. please, think about this. give your baby a chance. may god bless all of the women who have to make a choice.

  • John Allman

    This story has inspired me to write another blog post, published only a few minutes ago, called “Thinking Outside the Botch”.

    I think both sides of the pro-lfe v pro-choice debate will enjoy it. Out of this tragic story of a “house of horrors” (as it has been called), comes hope for a different future.

  • MaryEJ

    I am afraid to watch this. I am already 100 percent pro-life. I have read some of the horror of this trial. I can not understand why it is not covered more by the media. I can only assume that it is the left being afraid that they will have to admit that we were correct in saying that late term abortion is murder and that live birth is not as rare as they want everyone to think. I hope that more can be done to bring this horror to the front ape in America. There is no way of knowing how many babies met this fate and as such is mass murder worthy of more media attention than beyonce in Cuba, the latest weight change for Kim Cardashian (spelling?) or any other current topic that is being publicized. To me, it is up there with immigration, North Korea and the current gun control debates.

  • geoffrobinson

    Margaret Sanger thought it was a part of black genocide. Ruth Bader Ginsberg thought abortion was about eliminating the wrong type of people (Google it for full context).