Sarah Palin Headlines Terri Schiavo Fundraiser in Philly Tonight

This time she probably won’t get booed.

The first time Sarah Palin came to Philadelphia as a national figure, back in 2008, she went to a Flyers game and got booed. Loudly, magnificently booed. In retrospect, it’s difficult to believe anybody expected a different reaction: Philly sports fans had a national reputation to uphold—booing is what we do!—and in any case, this city in 2008 was always going to be Barack Obama’s town. Palin, then John McCain’s vice-presidential candidate, never had much of a chance for a warm welcome, did she?

Well, Palin is coming back to town. And this time she’s sticking to safer confines.

Specifically, she’ll be at a fundraiser at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, a $150-a-head dinner that follows a special mass by Archbishop Chaput to celebrate the life of Terri Schiavo, the poor, unfortunate Florida woman who became the center of a family battle—and ultimately, a national debate—over whether she should be allowed to die after collapsing into a vegetative state.

Which makes sense. If you’ve listened to Palin lately, the notable thing about her is that she has absolutely nothing new to say about the issues facing the nation. Did you see her speech to a conservative political conference last month? It was the world’s angriest Jay Leno monologue, full of tired one-liners against the president that were tired the last time she used them.

So of course she’s latched onto Terri Schiavo. Next up, we can probably expect her to weigh in against the Panama Canal Treaty.

What’s interesting is that Palin would so closely re-embrace the Schiavo issue—one that really was a turning point for the modern GOP. You’ll recall what happened back in 2005: Even though courts ruled again and again that Schiavo’s husband was acting within her wishes to cease life support after she became vegetative, Republicans at the state and national levels kept jumping into the case with new laws—written specifically for the Schiavo case—meant to preserve her life. President George W. Bush even interrupted his vacation and flew back to Washington to sign one of those bills.

It was a transparent pander to the party’s pro-life base. And when combined with the disasters that were Hurricane Katrina and the Iraq War, the GOP’s aura of competence as the “daddy” party was shattered, replaced by a reputation for rage and fecklessness. It still hasn’t entirely recovered.

The good news for the rest of us: If this is the cause Sarah Palin is associating herself with these days, it means she’s not a serious candidate for president any more. Her fan base, it appears, has been reduced to that small rump of the Republican base so iron-deficient that it can only survive with a steady diet of bloody red meat.

That’s not enough to win elections. Unfortunately, though, it’s apparently enough to keep Palin on the road in perpetuity, a sideshow distratcion outside the rooms where the grown-ups are talking, forever. Maybe she’ll at least have time to take in a hockey game.

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  • Shawns_MOM

    Sarah Palin really has never been pro-life, she is pro-money and pro-power. You can read about this on Shawn Christy Political Prisoner to learn more:
    Read Sarah Palin Pro-Life in a Pro-Choice Way and learn the real truth about Sarah Palin and why she announced she was leaving the Governor’s Office on July 3, 2009. Come see the real truth.

    • Not interested in your truth, get over your obsessive hatred for Palin. It ain’t pretty.

      • Shawns_MOM

        Barbara Ann: I just state the facts based upon her actions. It’s not my fault you don’t have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. My hatred for Palin may not be pretty but it isn’t nearly as bad as a woman in her late 40’s having a sexting affair with a minor!

  • The irony is that Sarah Palin who has an eating disorder is a speaker at this fund raiser. During the campaign she drank diet Dr. Pepper and ate protein bars trying to lose weight. If you watched “Game Change” Steve Schmidt thought it was her lack of healthy eating that was causing her to go catatonic but he knows better now…she’s an idiot!

    Regarding Terry Schiavo:

    “It is a cruel twist lost on no one close to the case: A woman who is said to have struggled with an eating disorder is now in the middle of a court battle over whether her feeding tube should be removed so that she can starve to death.”

    • 01_Explorer_01

      How the Hopey changeyt thing going for the Prick in the WH?

      • disqusux

        You have a real penis fixation, don’t you? No wonder you’re such a big Palin fan.

        NB: I don’t get Disqus notifications so you’re wasting your time responding with your usual abuse, but by all means go right ahead if you can’t help yourself.

      • sweetreat

        Really? Palinbot alert. Calling the president nasty name, part and parcel of the teabaggers. Bush sent us into a near freefall towards a depression. Yikes, the likes of you uneducated idiots scare me for the future of this country.

      • jcinco

        proudly ignorant alert!!

      • nolaredhead

        Well, he’s the POTUS and Sarah Palin got fired from Fox News. I’d say he’s doing pretty well…

      • It is sad that Palin spoke at this event. It was a shoddy way to honor Terri’s memory.

      • Caribou “FIRED” Barbie™

        Still bitter, eh?

    • Idiotic statements that quote a movie as the basis for your comments just shows that Americans really do have 78 IQ level and the attention span of a chicken.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    What is the difference between the Dicktator in the White House and the Dictator in North Korea?

    • jcinco

      go pick up your tinker toys, little mister. :)

    • nolaredhead

      People that call the dictator in North Korea a “dictator” are jailed..people that call President Obama a “dictator” are given shows on Fox News..

  • I guess Joel was lacking attention so he figured he would go back years and rewind a bunch of liberal crap just to take a shot at Sarah Palin. What a douche bag waste of time Joel is.

    • Joel is 100% correct. It is sad that Palin was speaking at an event for Terri. Terri’s memory deserves much better than that.

  • Colleen Barry

    This was a great Event….Very glad I attended…..Gov Palin covered quite a bit and did a great job of touching on this very serious topic (personally for the Schindler’s with possibility of everyone in this country) . Not Part of Palin’s comments but some facts form last nights program….Most people do not realize that food and water is now defined as “medical treatment” and therefore can be denied or removed from people with cognitive disabilities.

    Terri Schiavo experienced a premature end to her life by court ordered starvation and dehydration. What many do not recall is that this took place under enforcement by armed guards.

  • What a poor way to tarnish the memory of Terri by having Palin speak.


    Does anyone know how much money the Terry Schiavo Foundation LOST to this event? My rough estimate, based on 350 tix sold ($350 x 150 tix = $52,500), $90,000 to Palin’s speaking fee, rent paid for ballroom, dinner cost for the event, and travel, hotel, and meal expenses for Palin and her crew, is that the Foundation incurred a LOSS of about $100,000, if not more. That’s not fund raising, that’s fund wasting.
    They overvalued, or overestimated Palin, thinking she has people adore to the point of paying $25,000 for the opportunity to meet and greet her. They must have hopped to score some big chunk of revenue through that. Even at $2,500, I guarantee there would still be no takers. That 25 grand there is beyond delusional.
    Who with the caliber (education, intellect, financial) that could afford them to pay $25,000 like nothing would be Palin’s fan? Besides, with that caliber, do you think they see the worthiness or justification?
    Palin’s fans are like the frogs in the well. They thought they see the whole sky, not knowing that the sky they see is just what they could view from the edge of the well. Translation: they think Palin represents the whole country, she speaks for all americans, not knowing that her fan base is very limited, a couple million people is not
    the entire country, and not all americans, and thus she only speaks for fan base.