Why Are You Still Smoking Pot?

Here, a guide to Butane Hash Oil, the hottest new form of weed.

Stuff a bunch of ground-up weed into a metal tube, run some clean butane gas through, evaporate the solution from the resulting mixture, and what’s left? A marijuana concentrate known as hash oil, and if the Internet is any indicator of where we’re going with drugs (it is), then this is what my children will be hiding from me in their sock drawers come parenthood.

Making BHO is science-meets-stoner alchemy, and the resulting concentrated oil offers a clean, strong high that lasts for hours. And that high is off just a “dab” of hash oil, a mere pinhead-sized amount of what appears in consistency and color to be some kind of caramel.

There’s no plant material to add in impurities, and users are vaporizing, not smoking, so that whole “getting cancer” thing isn’t much of a worry. Tommy Chong even used hash oil to help alleviate his prostate cancer last year. Producing BHO can be somewhat dangerous, with media reports of explosions rolling in from around the country, but that hasn’t deterred “oilheads” from trying. It is, in effect, the strongest, geekiest, and sexiest form of marijuana that exists today.

Hash oil is relatively new to the East Coast, so I asked online video producer and resident pot fanatic “Philly Glass Connect” (his social media pseudonym) to lay down some knowledge on Philly’s budding hash oil trend.

How long have you been involved with the marijuana culture?
I’ve been involved with marijuana since high school and smoked my first reefer during band practice with my close friends. Philly Glass Connect was created because I wanted to fuse my passion for filmmaking with my appreciation for glass artwork. I started collecting glass [pipes] in 2009, and made friends with a few local glassblowers that invited me to their studios.

Have your videos played a role in the marijuana culture?
My “Glass Showcase” for the “Fritted Disc” is one of the most viewed “milkshot” videos on the Internet and really brought the glassblower, David Goldstein, into the mainstream market.

When did you first come across hash oil? How did you find BHO around Philly?
I first came across BHO at a friend’s house who had it shipped in from California. You’d be surprised how many hundreds of packages are mailed everyday across the United States containing contraband.

Besides cost, what’s more attractive about making BHO for you? Are there many manufacturers in Philly?
In my experience, I find it extremely fun to make my own BHO. It’s science for stoners, and if you do it in a safe environment, do research, and take the proper precautionary measures, you’ll be able to come out with fantastic results. I wouldn’t say that there are “manufacturers” in Philadelphia, rather people just trying to test and exploit the market. Since BHO is more profitable and easy to conceal, dealers are now shifting to strictly selling concentrates … I’m sure a decent bit gets shipped in from legal states, considering I’ve seen prices slowly dropping within the last year.

How have you seen interest in and popularity of BHO take off in recent years? Is Philly’s MJ culture on board with BHO generally speaking?
The BHO scene has really grown in the Philadelphia area. Only a year or two ago, it was unheard of by my friends, but now I see tons of people purchasing “oil rigs” and making BHO in their backyards. I do not think the majority of Philadelphia smokers are on board with BHO. At legalization events and protests, many members are opposed to BHO as it has a negative stigma that is worse than flowers [pot]. Butane torches … tend to look like pistols in the eyes of the public.

Has BHO’s popularity and interest increased proportionally in Philly as it grew nationally, or was there a disproportionate rise in oil talk around here?
When I’ve spoken to people that live in legal states, BHO and marijuana concentrates sound like they have been around forever, so I do think that the rise of oil talk is disproportionate around the country. I’m sure if you ask someone in the middle of Kansas, “Wanna smoke some BHO?” they’d look at you like you’re crazy and could possibly think the concentrate resembles something like heroin.

How does the relatively unknown status (in Philly and non-medical states) of BHO affect its users in the city by your estimation?
If police officers find a decent amount of BHO, it could easily be mistaken for heroin or a harder drug. When smoked responsibly or through a vaporizer pen on the streets, it can be easily overlooked. The pens resemble an e-cig, and I’ve been able to take mine into bars, events, shows, even the movies, without a problem. If someone ever asks, the response that it’s an e-cig doesn’t make them think twice.

Most places are latching onto the “BHO explosion” thing to “expose” oil’s “dangers.” Can you speak about that?
What else would you expect to happen if you drained an entire can of butane inside your home? There are so many dangers in doing this. Educate yourself and extract outdoors, or leave it to people that take the proper precautions. In legal states, concentrates are manufactured in closed extract systems that don’t allow any gas to escape. Some manufacturers even use non-flammable solvents like CO2 that are less dangerous and make a product with even less impurities.

In what way have you generally seen hash oil treated in the press? Any great attempts at accuracy?
Like most forms of press, drugs are always portrayed in a negative way; it’s what sells. From what I’ve seen, the press focuses on the few incidents where BHO production has gone wrong, such as accidental fires, impurities that can cause harm to your body, and explosions due to extracting indoors. If BHO is produced in the right environment, with proper equipment and knowledge, it is just as harmless as smoking MJ.

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  • Hash oil has been around for at least 40 years. Believe me, I remember.

    • Nick Vadala

      Well, yea in some form but with this resurgence in interest and development of technology and technique we’ve seen in the last few years kind of puts this apart from the hash oils of the 70s in my mind (also different solvents). There’s entire technologies dedicated to its production and use alone today because we’re focused on creating strong, clean essential oils that are intended to be used regularly on their own. Not to mention the huge array of stronger plants/strains that are available today kind of puts today’s BHO on another level than 40 years ago.

      • qwer ty

        Doesnt really matter. Hash oil is hash oil regardless of solvents used.

        • It’s incredible how wrong you are…

          • qwer ty

            Really? So if you were to make oil with ether it wouldnt be oil? what about ethanol? hexane? none of that would be hash oil? okay sir, you must be correct then

      • IheardphillyglassconnectisDEA

        blacklisted status just stop while you are behind

    • scofield

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  • everything in this article is ignorant as fuck. THERES SO MUCH PLANT MATTER in most bho, paraffin waxes anyone? the butane you by over the counter, even x5 refined like colibri and vector are full of iso-butane(dirty dirty butane), propane, waxes, etc. Most bho is a toxic sludged and when made improperly with multiple low heat tremeants to “purge” the butane, you molecularly reform it in a way that turns it into a neurotoxin when combusted. Only winterized BHO made from medical grade n-butane is as good as people say it is and nobody on the street(or in most dispensaries) can get ahold of that. Stick to flowers and old school has unless you want to puff on toxic waxes. Please do proper research into the chemicals that end up in BHO before posting any more ignorant articles

    • Nick Vadala

      I’m not arguing that it’s “safer” to use than pot necessarily, just that BHO exists in Philadelphia enough to play a role on the marijuana culture around here. But, yes, if you don’t use the proper equipment and technique, you’re going to produce unusable oil–which is why I included PGC mentioning to do proper research.

      I am aware of the info you typed out (except the neurotoxin part), but due to space it had to be cut. This isn’t really the kind of publication where I could delve into it as detailed as all that. Seriously, do you expect me to explain the winterization process, etc. in addition to all this other info for a general audience? They don’t care. This was not written for potheads. I’m just trying to let people know it exists, which is why I didn’t do a “How to Make BHO” post instead.

      • Joe Batman

        when dealing with BHO in any form, especially when you are trying to explain it in text and then publish it, it is wise to care. it starts with the people in the know, and if you dont care then the people you are trying to inform won’t care. making BHO is a very dangerous process. there is absolutely a “Pothead Guild” and we absolutely do care what is published about our scene for exactly that reason. just letting people know it exists is not helping or educating anyone. PGC credibility has possibly increased in your world but clearly that world is a little behind.. this is a dumb and pointless article

        • Nick Vadala

          I didn’t say I didn’t care, I said my readers weren’t interested in that level of detail relative to the info that’s already presented. I’d lose them on detailed discussion of solvents, winterization, etc. so it was cut due to that and space. Plenty of links to get more info. Most people don’t even know this exists, so to blindside them with that type of discussion wouldn’t accomplish anything in my mind. Note that I had to clarify what “flowers” and “glass” even meant in brackets. It’d be like teaching college calc to a 5th grader.

          There’s no Pothead Guild, dude. There’s just a bunch of angry stoners that think they have the right to control what gets published about the drugs they enjoy. I’ve run into that attitude countless times with my MJ posts, and it’s fucking stupid. You want proper info, perception and materials out there for eventual legal use, then this is part of the game. Shutting up about it and not reporting just make it seem more cloak and dagger. Open (as open as possible), honest discussion of what people are already doing is a better option to me.

          The bottom line here is that BHO must be discussed in order for the issue to advance at all. That starts with a discussion of what it is in the first place. if it makes you uncomfortable that I’ve reported (and will continue to) on that phenomena, then that’s just a shame I guess.

          As far as PGC goes, his credibility in “your world” vs. “mine” is irrelevant. That you see a valid difference between the two is telling—what you perceive as “my world” is what keeps people in “your world” criminals. Wouldn’t it be smarter to speak to people from “my world” about BHO/MJ/any drug in a rational tone rather than not at all? Then maybe something would change.

          • IheardphillyglassconnectisDEA

            You are the only person down voting posts against your article, stop its making you look sad. Welcome to the glass blacklist, hope you enjoy some chinese sweatshop glass as you just fucked yourself in the “guild” of which you speak. You are so disconnected you have no idea just how much you screwed the pooch. Also on your facebook with prominent glass artists on there? You are a sketchball.

          • Joe Batman

            im not sure i understand what you are trying to accomplish. no one is asking you to go into any detail of the manufacturing process. there are plenty of people who are leaps and bounds ahead of you who are citing proper information and actually making a difference.

            you are right there is no “Pothead Guild” notice how i quoted it, dude. but there are a lot of well informed people who have put in the time and effort to learn proper technique and procedure. these people get easily offended when potentially hazardous information is speculated. the making of and the use of BHO is very dangerous and criminal activity no matter what world you are living in. open honest discussion of shipping packages full of contraband etc is totally stupid and irrelevant.

            bottom line is BHO must be discussed and presented PROPERLY for any type of legalization to be considered, which you have utterly failed to do. it makes me very uncomfortable you will keep reporting on this and it is definitely a shame because we don’t need another guy jumping on the band wagon to ruin it all for us. this article if anything will deter the legalization of its use.
            your lax attitude about it is a sure tale of your experience. people are blowing themselves up after reading silly articles like this. im trying to prevent this, not writing about how many packages get shipped across states. and you are trying to promote legalization and you are telling me people “in my world” are criminals… for what smoking pot LOL. get your head out of your ass, sounds like you need to get some facts and do some research and try again.

  • Screw PGC

    Phillyglassconnect can fuck himself, this is low man i will boycott your videos from this day forward.

    • Nick Vadala

      Do you really think the DEA needs the Philly Post to tell them people ship drugs through the mail?

      • Screw PGC

        No but it is pretty low to talk to a reporter schmuck like you about this stuff. BHO is a taboo subject enough for serious smokers, its not something we are trying to publicize and make mainstream. I dont think you realize the damage you have done, or he has done to his credibility and respect in the community by allowing himself and you to quote him like that. This whole article is fucking dumb honestly.

        • Nick Vadala

          So, what, you’re pissed because I invaded your clubhouse? Sorry I guess. Wasn’t aware there’s a Pothead Guild that decides what they want published about their scene and what they don’t.

          Look, the bottom line is that this shit exists and that it’s popular around here. If anything, PGC’s credibility has increased because he’s willing to talk about it as openly as possible in this state without going to prison. Dudes like you think it’s gone down because “he told the man” or whatever. Forgive me if I don’t take that attitude seriously in any way.

          As for me, I didn’t do anything but my job, which is to present fact. And the fact is that people ship drugs though the mail and that BHO exists. If that makes me a schmuck or my article dumb in the eyes of some guy that doesn’t even have the sac to be open about his drug use on the fucking internet, then so be it.

          • Screw PGC

            lol wow man you really dont realize the repercussions this article is going to have on a guy like PGC. Welcome to the blacklist you pieces of shit. I hope you have a good piece of glass now because you will never get another one again.

        • qwer ty

          You gotta give props to philly though! THis is the first news piece I’ve seen that actually educates people to do this outside! Every news article/video I see never once states how dangerous it is to do inside and that it should ALWAYS be done outside.

          • Screw PGC

            No i dont have to give props to such a poorly written and sourced article. This is just as bad as a story about a BHO explosion. No good is going to come from this article, not for PGC, not for the author, not for the community and culture, anyone.

  • Wowsers!

  • The Guild is coming for you.

  • Snitches get stitches.

  • youreallabunchofidiots

    have any of the butthurt “Guild” members on this post ever heard of a magazine called high times? a magazine that published an article back in October, called To Dab or Not to Dab? did you cry your rivers on that message board too? seriously… the author is right. it wasn’t a secret then, and it isn’t now.

  • Marcus Obie


  • mike mckenzie

    I’ll be monitoring the situation here in WA

  • Eric Trixx

    hey nick… thanks buddy. was cool running into you at the beer store!

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  • Brooker Wood
  • whitestag

    good! Now all the jersey forks that flew into Cal to make their big bucks off of pot can go back to Jersey! They did a great job of badly influencing with corruption and abuse of Pro 215 in the Golden State.

  • jermichael f.

    im in the middle of Kansas and get some of the sweetest nectar there is. albeit there’s not that many people that have the fortune i do..but don’t go thinkin’ the great plains people don’t smoke fire wax!

  • A Real Stoner

    You guys are fucking morons……
    Blacklist me i will still buy glass from whoever the hell i want
    there is not “Pothead Guild” and anyone who thinks that needs to put down the fucking crack pipe

    Seriously education is the best way to handle the situation
    before we have more 12-13 year old kids blowing themselves up because they were uninformed

    all you butthurt fucking pansies bring shame to REAL STONERS all over the world

    • scofield

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