Ann Curry Could Save Matt Lauer From Getting Fired From the Today Show

But why would she?

Television hosts and anchors have an unusual relationship with their viewers. It is a relationship that is constantly analyzed, measured and dissected by researchers, focus groups and telephone surveys to find our if there is a “connection.”

Television news is a lucrative and competitive business and finding that news personality who connects can be worth millions. It is why TV anchors and hosts can make so much money, especially at the network level.

Matt Lauer is reportedly the highest-paid person in network news. The Today Show host is paid $25 million a year and has been worth it, as the show he hosts has brought in more money in advertising than any other news show on TV—until recently. For the past two years, Good Morning America has passed the Today Show in the ratings. Much of the reason for this slip is Lauer’s tarnished connection with the viewers due to one uncomfortable moment.

It was June 28th. Ann Curry had been Matt Lauer’s co-host for only a year, and the ratings were on shaky ground. On her last day, Curry was not given the big sendoff that her predecessor Meredith Vieira got—just a few minutes at the end of the show. It was more a good riddance than a good-bye, but Curry made the most of it. Fighting back tears she spoke to her viewers and then to the Asian community. “For all of you who saw me as a groundbreaker, I’m sorry I couldn’t carry the ball over the finish line, but, man, I did try.” It was real. It was powerful. And Matt Lauer didn’t know what to do. He fumbled through some accolades as Ann Curry refused to look at him. There was no hug. It left Lauer looking like a lout.

In the days that followed, story after story came out about Lauer and Curry not getting along. In the months that followed, Lauer became a tabloid villain. This week, the press reports hit a tipping point when the New York Times ran a story on Lauer’s demise on the front page, right under the announcement of the new Pope.

The Times obtained details of a recent focus group leaked by someone at NBC. Members of the group complained over and over again about the lack of a connection between the anchors and the audience. Although Lauer’s name isn’t mentioned, an NBC senior staff member said everyone knew who they were talking about. “What they meant was Matt, but no one would say it.” The article then went on to name possible replacements—David Gregory from Meet the Press and Willie Geist, who was recently added as host of the Today’s third hour.

Viewers are complaining about Lauer, NBC insiders are turning on him, and replacements are being groomed all because of one bad moment preserved forever on the Internet. Lauer is considered one of the best interviewers in the business. He has helped keep Today on top for more than a decade. But all of his successes and experience are no match for Google, YouTube and gossip blogs that are already assuming his departure. The New York Post is even reporting that Lauer may replace Alex Trebek as the new host of Jeopardy.

Ironically, the one person who could make this all go away and save Lauer from getting the boot is Ann Curry. If she were to come out publicly and show support for Lauer and say that she was not giving the cold shoulder to Lauer during her tearful good-bye, maybe viewers will forgive and forget. But somehow I think that’s not going to happen.

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  • hdc77494

    It’s not about one bad moment. The general consensus is, Matt was very vocal about wanting Ann off the show, got his way, and then sat there next to her acting like he was sad she was leaving. If that story is true, why is anyone surprised the public no longer trusts him?

  • Stephen A. Weiss

    The last time I looked at the Today show was the infamous 9/11.

    Never cared for Matt Lauer, always got a “bad vibe” from him that I can best explain as “he’s not like anyone I know, or want to get to know, phony as a three dollar bill.”

    I moved on, had better ways to spend my time while getting ready for work in the morning than listening to a boorish phony.

  • Lkweirgal

    If Lauer moves to Jepardy, that’ll Be the end of it. He’s a whiney,elitist, snarky blow hard and I never could stomach him or fakey, phones Couric.

  • Turk502

    Don’t you people have anything better to do in the morning than watch TV?

  • PinkLion

    Is it really true? Matt is getting the boot? You mean I can go back to watching NBC?? Wait no Savannah is still there — NBC just keeps stepping in it! Bring Katie and Ann back!!

  • Anthony Domino

    great he deserves what he gets i saw the great ann curry crying on her last day and that image still is in my mind and nbc still treats her bad a good example is the olympics they did not even let her do any reporting dont watch nbc any more except for 1 or 2 shows and will not buy anything they sponsor because of this bad decision nbc ann is a talented lady.

  • Guest

    Matt is an idiot. Plain and simple.

  • Guest

    Matt is an idiot – plain and simple. I hope he gets fired.

  • Patrick

    Willie Geist is easy on the eyes. I could look at him all day, so he’d be a welcome replacement for Matt’s rodent face.

  • George Murrey

    I have no sympathy for Matt, he pushes people’s buttons to the point of exasperation. He is one of many reasons why I don’t watch the Today Show.

  • Sean Cummings

    so apparently larry recycles his TV commentaries, turning them into blog posts.