How Does One Ask to See the Whips-and-Handcuffs Room at Coeur?

A New York Times story today discusses how the naughty masterpiece Fifty Shades of Grey has been very, very good to the lingerie industry, with a greater variety of options now available in high-end and “traditional” stores than before. That’s even true here in Philadelphia:

Coeur, a lingerie shop off Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia’s Center City district, now stocks not only high-end underwear from European brands like La Perla and PrimaDonna but (in a designated room) Ben Wa balls, handcuffs and whips.

Which raises the question: How does one gain access to the “handcuffs and whips” room at Coeur? Do you just walk in? Is there a code? Is there any way to do all of this without blushing? And is it possible for me to walk into the shop and ask these questions without looking like a skeevy perv? (Sigh.) Probably not. You’ll have to research Coeur’s naughtiest room by yourselves, folks, and report back.