Sarah Palin for President?

A 2016 comeback that shouldn’t happen.

One good thing about President Obama’s re-election: It seems to have prompted some sober thinking by Republican Party leaders and allies. Oh sure, there’s been some loose talk of secession, but mostly what you’ve found is top GOP leaders trying to figure out how to broaden the GOP’s appeal and shed its reputation for anti-intellectualism while staying true to their conservative values. This is a good thing.

One sure way for Republicans to blow it: If Sarah Palin runs for president.

You might’ve thought Palin’s political career pretty much ended when she decided not to run for president against a week GOP primary field in 2012. Her supporters were certainly eager to see her run, and the other candidates were clearly terrified that she’d jump in. But she stayed out, made frequent appearances on Fox News, and that seemed that.

Until Sunday, that is, when conservative writer Charlotte Allen took to the pages of the Los Angeles Times and urged Palin to run in 2016.

Why? Well, because unlike boring old Mitt Romney, apparently, Sarah Palin won’t try to appeal to voters on the basis of issues. She’s a good old-fashioned demagogue. She’ll appeal to their hearts, and their penises.

No really:

Romney failed to take into account the fact that large segments of the electorate neither know nor care much about serious economic and political issues. What they — a group sometimes euphemistically called ‘uninformed voters’ — do know and care about are the tugs on their emotions, fears, revulsions and heart strings provided by hours and hours of uninterrupted television watching.

Obama basically twisted voters’ emotions against Romney, Allen writes, and Palin can play that game as well as anyone.

Palin can more than keep up with the Democrats in appealing to voters’ emotions. Hardly anyone could be more blue collar than Palin, out on the fishing boat with her hunky blue-collar husband, Todd. Palin is “View”-ready, she’s “Ellen”-ready, she’s Kelly-and-Michael-ready.

Oh, yeah, and the penises:

Furthermore, looks count in politics, and Palin at age 48, has it all over her possible competition, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, who will be 69 by election day 2016 and who let someone talk her into adopting the flowing blond locks of a college student, making her look like Brunnhilde in a small-town Wagner production. Men love Sarah Palin, and she loves men.

Forget Allen’s tired, sexist “Hillary’s a hag!” routine. Otherwise, the comparison between Sarah Palin Hillary Clinton is instructive, because Hillary has one thing that Palin hasn’t bothered with, even after more than four years in the national spotlight: A resumé.

Yes, Palin was elected governor of Alaska. She also resigned before completing a single term, because A) she couldn’t handle the heat or B) wanted to start making money from TV reality shows and Fox News appearances. She offers almost zero evidence she’s spent the last four years overcoming a shallowness on the issues that was so fatal to her candidacy in 2008.

Clinton rose to prominence thanks to her husband, yes, but she’s built her own impressive stream of accomplishments. She was elected to the Senate, twice, and by all accounts refused to coast on her fame, but instead put her head down, did her homework, formed alliances, and got stuff done. And when she left the Senate, it wasn’t in order to cash in—but rather to take a job as President Obama’s Secretary of State. You can argue that Clinton has been imperfect in those roles (or as a failed 2008 candidate for president) but you can’t argue that she’s unprepared.

Comparing the two women, in fact, is really a huge disservice to Clinton. In fact, when you get down to it, the Democrat that Sarah Palin most resembles is … John Edwards. Good looking, bit of a dilettante, able to produce emotional reactions, and never quite good enough to win.

Allen’s right about one thing, though: Palin does stir voters’ emotions. Lots of them really don’t like her.

Republicans appear ready to use their 2012 loss to do a little housecleaning in their party. It’s a healthy process, and even if it comes to full fruition there’s still plenty of things they stand for that liberals will oppose. But they can’t get very far by parading Sarah Palin—who represents much of what is ugly, bad, and even occasionally stupid about the GOP—as a potential standard bearer. It’s time for Republicans, and America, to move on.

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  • idesign2

    Sarah Palin sure gets you lefty writers all wee weed up..:)

    • Eh. I care about my country. Palin’s demonstrated no capacity for leading it, only for demagoguery. I know some on the right think that means she’s made “all the right enemies,” but seriously: She’d be awful.

      • idesign2

        Demagoguery like “vote for revenge”, or “if they bring a knife…” You lefty writers are sure selective in your talking points.

        • What’s the case for a Sarah Palin presidency, idesign?

          • idesign2

            Let’s start with economics..:)

             Sarah Palin as Governor didn’t just cut spending; she saved, reformed, and prioritized like a good fiscal manager. She invested $5 billion in state savings, overhauled education funding, paid down debt, invested $2.6 billion in an education fund for the future, and funded a Senior Benefits Program to provide support for low-income Alaskan seniors.

            In stark contrast to President Obama and other governors whose fiscal records are dogged by credit downgrades, Palin left Alaska with an improved credit rating during and following her tenure as governor. Standard & Poor’s raised Alaska’s credit rating from AA to AA+ in April 2008.

            Then in 2010, both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s upgraded Alaska to AAA for the first time in the state’s history due to policies enacted by Palin that made the state’s finances more than solvent. “

          • The Dog

            Wow, Palin’s a financial genius! Oh wait, the US Congress gave Alaska $442 million to built the famous “Bridge -to-Nowhere.” And then Palin cancelled the bridge, BUT KEPT THE MONEY! Isn’t that considered a government handout?

            Let’s not forget Palin quit the governorship before her term expired. Let’s hear it for all the quitters out there!

          • narciso

            You mean the monies, Biden and Obama voted for, instead of funding for New Orleans

          • Founders1791

            Another low information obama voter?

            Palin was not in office dummy when it was written, submitted, and passed in 2005 for $320 million


          • The Dog

            I love it when the right wingers footnote their revisionist history by quoting right wing websites bought and paid for by Grover Norquist and his band of idiots. “The smart people aren’t with us.”- Rick Santorum. Indeed.

          • Founders1791

            I love it when left wingers can’t handle a simple calendar! George Soros and his band of idiots

            “..Shovel ready was not as ..uh.. shovel ready as we expected..”-Obumbles

          • The Dog

            Four More Years! Four More Years! Hahahahhahha! Looooossssseeerr!

          • Caribou “QUIT” Barbie™

            I, too, want sarah palin to be the republican nominee for President in 2016.

          • Jean_A

            Hi Caribou!

          • Caribou “QUIT” Barbie™

            Hi Jean!
            You’re cool.

          • alaskan1st

            Sounds like a moderate to me. She picked the wrong party.

          • Since you say that Mrs. Palin did such a great job as governor of Alaska, perhaps that is where she needs be.

          • idesign2

            She’s already world renowned, why would she want to settle for Governor?

          • Caribou “QUIT” Barbie™

            Yeah! Just like Sarah Palin! West is gone from the political stage along with a lot of other baggers.

        • Caribou “QUIT” Barbie™

          Congratulations Congressman Murphy

      • Jean_A

        You are a little man.

      • DeeDEEthree

        Joel, really, maybe you should check this out READ AND LEARN.

    • Caribou “QUIT” Barbie™

      And you say the same quote every time.
      Try thinking for yourself.

  • Jon Kelly

    4 years later and you go hyper with just the mention of her name.

    • And that’s pretty much why Republicans love her: She drives Dems crazy. It’s no indication she’d be a good president. Unless pissing off libs is a higher calling than responsible governance—and for many conservatives, it seems to be.

  • Nilan25

    This is a good thing. Between this and the Benghazi “scandal” they have most assuredly not learned any lessons. The funniest thing is they think the spanish lessons might help.

  • mzencey

    idesign2 – Palin built up that strong financial base for Alaska by passing the largest tax increase in state history (on the oil industry – about $2 billion a year worth, which her Republican successor is now pushing to repeal). She used some of the proceeds to hand out $1200 to every man, woman and child for “energy relief.” How is that any different from Obama, who is supposedly being guilty of “tax and redistribute,” as Republicans often claim? Further, Palin tried a government bailout that failed ($600,000 for the state-owned Matanuska Maid dairy) – and a government investment of $500 million (yes million) in a natural gas pipeline that looks more and more like it will never get off the drawing board. How is that different from Obama’s support for the auto bailout and the federal government’s failed investment in Solyndra? I followed Palin’s work as a journalist at the Anchorage Daily News. I wrote editorials SUPPORTING her oil tax increase and her innovative approach to promoting a natural gas pipeline … but I am NOT a conservative and those were not conservative policies. She did many things that were quite liberal – so many that I wrote a book about them, “Unlikely Liberal: Sarah Palin’s Curious Record as Alaska’s Governor.” I don’t get how conservatives like yourself give her a pass on these aspects of her record in Alaska.

    • Jean_A

      What the fk are you taking about you stupid person? The people of AK own that oil and Palin got them their fair share. As far as the Dairy milk you forgot to mention that the government owned it way before their was a Governor Palin. Palin got rid of it like she said she would. I bet you just love Obama owning the car companies?

      Do you live off of stupid? Did you mother drop you on your head?

      • mzencey

        Typical Palin supporter; can’t handle the truth and resorts to name-calling and profanity. Class act all the way, that Jean A.

        • You lie sir and you see a lie as truth, your a dupe. Just like in the old USSR, and under Germany in 1939, and that’s what you want to see.

  • She is clearly a clueless bimbo with a white trash family that is her main “Claim to Fame”, and her fifteen minutes are well past. Can’t we find something meaningful to discuss for a change?

    • Caribou “QUIT” Barbie™

      I agree

    • I’m no Palin fan, obviously, but I’m pretty sure we can critique and dismiss her without resorting to the old sexist “bimbo” language. Seriously.

  • alaskan1st

    Queen of the Iquitarod. Her approval from Alaskans went from 90% to almost zero.

  • Turk502

    Going from the editor of the Harvard Law Review to a woman who attended 5 colleges, the most prestigious of which was the University of Idaho, before graduating in 6 years. Well, considering the intellect of the average American, that could be a good strategy for the GOP.

    • acidulous

      What’s YOUR curriculum vitae?

      • Turk502

        Were I a candidate for the highest elected office in the world, I’d tell you. As that’s not the case, my credentials are irrelevant…but if you disagree that the leader of the free world should have a better academic background than the average Starbucks barrista, then I think that speaks volumes about your opinion on education.

        • acidulous

          If your credentials are so irrelevant, then logically you are no position to judge anyone. As far as the average Starbucks barrista, you may be surprised to discover than many are highly educated but can’t find a job in the economy that the moron you no doubt voted for has created. But you sure took your time with your response. Trouble forming sentences or formulating a response? Typical leftie. Ready to condemn everyone with your arrogance and condescension but you have a ready excuse for your own situation. You are a fraud. Take a look in the mirror. If you can’t stand what you see.

          • Turk502

            Why don’t you read what I wrote, genius? That’s my point. That the person you you’re positing could lead the free world has the same BA as most Starbucks employees (and myself). I’m not qualified to lead the free world, and neither is she. It took me a while to formulate a response because we just hosted two dozen family members for Thanksgiving, and I own a business, and I have a life. Maybe you should look into getting something like that instead of wasting your time posting dozens of trolling responses defending a media creation. Tool.

          • acidulous

            Harry Truman had no college. He was a haberdasher. Know what that is? In fact, take a look at the mess created today by all the wonder kids from Harvard. Princeton, etc. Name Robert McNamara ring a bell? The over educated (you can educate a man beyond his capability – know that quote?) have destroyed this country. We are ruled by the educated elite. You like it? You think that someone’s education credentials is an indicator of intelligence? Sarah Palin is more qualified to lead the free world than the monkey we have in there now. In fact, when he gets done with us, we won’t be so free anymore. What did you do for Thanksgiving? Play the turkey?

          • Turk502

            Oh, McNamara? Our longest serving Secretary of Defense? You mean the one with the BA from Cal and the MBA from Harvard? And while Truman did not graduate, he did attend law school for two years…and his presidency pre-dates the polio vaccine and the civil rights movement. Things are a little different now. And the fact that you’re calling our President a monkey tells me all I need to know about you. Feel free to respond however you like, because my guess is that it’s important to someone like you to have the last word, but just know that I’m done with your nonsense and won’t be engaging your idiocy anymore. I’ve wasted enough time on the likes of a troglodyte such as yourself. Know what that is?

          • acidulous

            McNamara – the man of whom it was said was a member of the “best and the
            brightest”. Recall that phrase? And then many years later, the irony
            of its usage to describe someone who totally fucked up a generation and a
            war. Yeah. That guy. Because it was soooo important to have someone
            with an elite education and elite connections in charge, Yeah. He did
            such a good job. If Harry Truman ran today, the likes of you would be
            calling him a drop out. I used the phrase MONKEY specifically to
            describe the Moron Obama because it was used to such great lengths
            against George Bush. Offended when it’s used against the moron in the
            WH but not when your side depicted Bush as “curious George”, the
            MONKEY? At least we knew what Bush’s grades were. You are a racist.
            You have two standards. One for a (white) black man and one for a white
            man. Soft bigotry of low expectations? Or do you feel all shivery
            thinking about how righteous and sanctimonious you are. You, after all,
            took issue with the monkey comment. I used the same word your side
            used to describe his predecessor. Your guy can’t take it? Poor
            momma’s boy that he is? And yes I do know what a troglodyte is. I have
            taken the trouble to respond to one on several occasions. And you are
            just as ignorant at the last as you were at the first.

  • acidulous

    The only thing Hillary has going for her is that she (for opportunistic purposes ONLY) married a man and then, like a good Victorian wife, hung on for dear life, dear support, and dear influence. She was a carpetbagger Senator in New York, and has made an exceptionally LOUSY Secretary of State. She has a resume all right. And it stinks on stilts. I guess it’s not culturally Marxist to say that she is a hag with little or no talent and it’s evidence of how much further we have sunk as a people and nation that she would even be a contender. Her husband lowered the standards, Obama is a thug, and now the left wants a fat hag whose husband was a success to be the next president. She IS some “little woman standing by her man”. – That’s the only reason she is where she is. A MAJOR NO TALENT who fornicated with and married the right man.

    • The fact that acidulous can’t criticize Hillary Clinton except in the most retrograde and sexist terms tells you everything you need to know about his critique. It’s worthless.

      • acidulous

        The fact that you had to resort to Marxist retrograde name calling and can’t understand what was written just shows all one needs to know about your comment.

        • “Marxist.” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

          • acidulous

            You used the word “sexist”. Surprised you didn’t throw in “racist”, “homophobic”, Islamophobic, “reactionary”, “nativist,” “anti-immigrant” and the rest of the time tested, stale dog whistle words of the left, selected and honed as weapons to be wielded by the Gramscian left to effectuate a Marxist cultural revolution. You really think that your calling me “sexist” because I think Clinton is a colossal wind bag with nothing to her credit will cause me to cease and desist? That’s what all you lefties do. Name call. It’s stale and doesn’t work anymore. Not with this proud right winger. You are either a useful idiot or a sadist. You choose. My advice for you next time is to stop after you wrote the words: “I do not think”. That would be the most honest remark you would have made in your compendium of asinine comments.

          • Dude: You called Hillary Clinton a “fat hag.” Those words have meaning—sexist meaning. You’re prattling on now, wanting to own your words but not the import of them.

            Then again, maybe you really DON’T know what “sexist” or “Marxist” mean. Maybe you just think they’re all random insults that kind of mean the same bad thing. But you seem smarter than that. You just want to use sexist words without being called to account for them. I’ll let you have the last word, acidulous, because I don’t care to play the game any more. Just understand that everybody who sees the words understands how you’re using them. You’re not fooling anybody, and you’re not nearly as clever as you think you are.

          • acidulous

            She is a fat hag. Your “sexist” meaning is a Marxist cultural definition meant to shut up and change minds. Like all things Marxist, it’s about MIND CONTROL. Control yours first. You have no control over mine. Your left wing counter attack is risible. There is reality and then there is Marxism. I choose the former rather than the latter. I own everything I said and stand by it. You have been so inculcated into thinking WHAT OTHER PEOPLE want you to think, that you have no idea you no longer think for yourself. Again: Hillary Clinton is a cipher whose only accomplishment was to hang on to the one man who could assure her greater things than if she had had to rely on her own talent(s). And since there are so many fat hags out there, she would never be a stand out.

  • Feel the sheer power of the Palin. No one else comes close…

    Run Sarah Run!!!

    • The Dog

      yeah, run into the ocean and don’t come back.

  • Don

    A former Mayor and Govenor is much more qualified to be President than a Constituitionally unqualified community organizer. Palin for President!!

  • Jean_A

    The only think that is ugly, bad and stupid is your ugly azz face your disgusting little man.

  • narciso

    We’ll take it under advisement, Mr, Mathis, now when the President blamed a terrorist attack on a video that no one had seen, and put the filmmaker in prison, while ignoring the streaming video from the compound, what was your view

  • Are you a beauty king? I think not, as I am here looking at your picture posted above the article. Worry about your own appearace and leave Hillary Clinton alone. After all, who are you to refer to Mrs. Clinton as a hag? Get a life and start writing articles based on facts, rather than your opinion.

  • narciso

    You don’t know how she challenged her boss, who was also the party boss, Ruedrich, and that was her first resignation from the oil commission, how she challenged the corrupt deal with the oil companies with the incumbent Republican governor, which caused the entire Natural Resources dept
    to resign, who she defeated as well as the wellheeled Democrat oilman Knowles, that same staff she rehired, how
    she pushed for ethics reform, in the aftermath of a political corruption scandal, how that same law was abused so she incurred half a million dollars in legal fees, in defending against bogus charges,

  • Steve_Flesher

    “One sure way for Republicans to blow it: If Sarah Palin runs for president.”

    LOL….this is why we don’t take opinion writers seriously anymore.

    This is exactly what they said with regard to 2012.

    Romney avoided Palin. He avoided the Tea party.

    How did that turn out?

  • Steve_Flesher

    “Yes, Palin was elected governor of Alaska. She also resigned before
    completing a single term, because A) she couldn’t handle the heat or B)
    wanted to start making money from TV reality shows and Fox News

    A.) The author apparently has no idea how easy it is to sit in government and do nothing but write books and go on media tours — check Obama’s Senate service from 2006-2008.

    B.) Check Palin’s net worth against Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid…lifetime career politicians who have much more worth than Palin does.

    The facts surrounding Governor Palin’s resignation are well known but of course the author doesn’t mention them.

    But consider the fact folks that we are 16T in debt right now and apparently the author’s argument is that we simply need more lifetime career politicians in Washington to fix it? Oh, brother!

    Palin accomplished everything she set out to do in half the time….this is also verifiable by public record.

    Maybe if we could get folks like this to focus more on what one does in office as opposed to how many cob webs they collect sitting there, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in today.

  • The Great mistake of this Nation happened in 2008, and again in 20012. Obama will go down in history as the greatest mistake of a deceived society. The greatest cure and correction would be a Sarah Palin.

  • Ava Bellissario

    “…she decided not to run for president against a week GOP primary field in 2012.” This is off-topic, but I believe you mean “weak.” In other news, there was an article posted here recently about how half of Philadelphia’s adults are illiterate…and I think your editor is included.