Here’s Your “Black Panther at Philadelphia Polling Place” Photo

This morning, after voting in my own neighborhood, I stopped by the polling place on the 1200 block of Fairmount Avenue, the same location where the New Black Panther Party stirred up controversy during the 2008 election. Sure enough, a uniformed member of the New Black Panther Party stood in the entrance area of the building. I identified myself and told him that I was going to take his picture. “No pictures, please,” he replied. I then asked him if he was there to provide security. “No comment,” was all he had to say.

Would you care if a uniformed Black Panther seemed to be standing guard in front of your polling place?

[PHOTO: Victor Fiorillo for The Philly Post]

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  • Kanon Kulpa

    Want to really get him off guard? As you walk by, point and laugh at him. Cause that’s what they are … a joke.

    • Jose Dirceu Farias

      What came to my mind is to have some Romney supporters come up and stay somewhere around. Intimidation is unacceptable.
      I have voted ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!
      Did you or will vote ROMNEY/RYAN 2012?

      Press ^ for YES!

      • Kevin Pearson

        NO. I voted for the ELECTORS who will vote for Romney and Ryan

        • Buddy Rogers

          everybody likes a little a$$. nobody likes a smarta$$, jackturd.
          DON’T forget it.

          • Kevin Pearson

            And everyone likes people that are ignorant of the process and the Constitution, right?

          • 2inthehat

            Good lord. What a stooge. You need to see a doctor.

          • Kevin Pearson

            You need to read the Constitution.

          • 2inthehat

            I dont think so. Ive read it, several times. But just in case I do carry one with my laptop. You should stick to comic books.

          • Buddy Rogers

            You can stop posting now sonny, You have proved my point.

          • Kevin Pearson

            Your point? That you are ignorant of the Constitution?

        • Rotorwash


      • RufusChoate

        Or even better have a smiling and jubilant crowd of Romney voters swarm around him with Romney/Ryan signs, offer him a hot coffee, cigar and snap pictures like Japanese Tourists.

        • John Dodge

          Where I live, the Sheriff couldn’t get there in time. That’s why we never see this!

          • Herron Farms

            I can relate, no one would stop him from voting, but he would have to act and look Civilized.

          • Jason Wonnell

            Lynching! wonderful. you must live so deep in the south that nothing you do or say will ever matter…..kill yourself

      • Diego

        My ballot didn’t have an option to vote for the ELECTORS who will vote for Romney/Ryan so I just voted straight up Romney/Ryan – We don’t need superior smugness here. We’ve had enough of that for the last 4 years.

        • Kevin Pearson

          You are obviously ignorant of the process. That is the problem that we have that people don’t understand the process – or the Constitution.

          That’s why we get all the crap from the PaulRats that say they want to write in because they are ignorant of the process.

          • Diego

            You are mistaken. I am not ignorant of the process. My point was simply no need to split hairs over syntax. If someone asks who you are voting for do you always reply ‘I am voting for the electors who will then in turn vote for Romney’? If you do, then you are a tool. So your statement ‘You are obviously ignorant of the process’ has no merit here. Run along now. Go. Go on.

          • Kevin Pearson

            it is ignorance of the process that compels the PaulRats to pledge that they will be writing in their Messiah – which is unconstituitonal

            If we would be precise in our communications then such nonsense would not enter into what they try to pass off as a brain.

          • Diego

            Do you get an erection when some says we are a democracy and you can correct them and tell them “No sir, we are a republic’? If only everyone else was as smart as you. Grow up. You clearly have an issue with Ron Paul supporters. Go bother them with your pseudo intelligence.

        • Adrian Porter


      • none

        We’d love to, except we have jobs!

    • Ben

      Call the police and let them know he intimidated you.

      • 17_woods

        Sure that’ll bring results. Not.

      • Saved Forever

        The police were called yesterday on the NAACP for intimidating voters while illegaly being inside a voting office in Houston. NOTHING WAS EVER DONE. The NAACP is STILL there today doing the same thing. WROL is here and now.

        • BigBoa

          Then the PEOPLE need to arm up and GO REMOVE them!!! All these big mouths who claim they’re gonna take on O’Bozo if he steals the election, or stop him if he confiscates guns, yet they do NOT have the spine to stop this stuff going on IN THEIR FaCE!!!

        • Jeremy Rice

          Actually not true, they were finally asked to leave, but again, this was in Sheila Jackson Lee’s gerimandered district anyway, just like criminals, they only pull this stuff off in areas they feel safe.

        • myGodmyGod

          Thank God! NAACP does not intimidate voters – unless you are intimidated by black skin. The NAACP and your storyline don’t belong in the same post. Unbelievable what some bigots are willing to buy into when it comes to black skin.

    • Sharyl Cobb

      Have your pepper spray handy, in case he comes unglued! Some of those boys are mean and nasty.

      • Herron Farms

        that could work, 4 or more people pepper spray the hell out of him, and say they thought he had a gun and was tring to rob them…..

    • nedarc

      Just like their Leaders !!!

    • shawn cake

      Take off his hat and throw it in the trash where he belongs!!!!

    • William G Murphy

      No, give him a quarter. 😉

    • Kevin Pearson

      Carry a watermelon and eat it in front of him.

    • Richard Banderas

      Hey Romney Supporters in Philly! All you have to do is call the head of the Elections of that city to report him as well as the Police….it is Illegal for him to do this….I banned a person who was intimidating voters in Florida….that Democrat Obama Operative was Banned!

      Again. 1- Call Head of election authority in Philly
      2- Call Police!

      • Jeremy Rice

        in Texas he could not be with in 100 feet of the polling center, not sure what the laws are in Pennsylvania.

        • Arcturus

          How is that law worded in Texas? “No black people wearing berets within 100 feet of the polling locations”?

    • Dicky Spader

      Ya right! Whites are much to spineless. White men are pussies, maybe they can have thier wife do it for them!

    • earjamr

      Great idea!!!

    • nobleagl

      Somethings aren’t funny. Just do like the German people did when Hitler and the SS were rising to power…….Ignore them.

  • Aaron Albert

    I thought Halloween was over.

  • Thomas McDonald

    I would have taken his picture anyway…if you’re in a public place, you have EVERY RIGHT to do so, especially if you are capturing a newsworthy event (which this is!)

    • Willh33

      yeah right!!

    • Jake Mansfield

      no job just hanging at a poll area on election day…amazing obama normal

      • JackP32

        Don’t need a job. I’m collecting a free Gooberment check that you stupid taxpayers are paying for. Whatever you do Americans, do not wake up from your deep sleep.

      • Jason Wonnell

        maybe, he works nights or weekends and has Tuesdays off. Maybe he took a vacation day because protecting democracy is important to him.

    • Sharyl Cobb

      Not unless you have a way to protect yourself against his attack! Don’t take this garbage lying down!

  • James A. Weathers

    He must have his billy-club in his pants!

    • AB7

      Well, it is where the sun don’t shine, if that is what you mean.

  • John Barnett

    People should go to the fish and game department and get their panther tags, turn in one set of ears and get $5.00.

  • David English



  • Rujj

    What else should we expect from the black communities?

  • Jim Hampton

    I bet every White BOY walks past them with their heads down like little girls.

    • Terry Furlough

      I walked by and tried to figure out why your mother was on her knees in front of him, then I saw your dad was doing the same thing to another one.. must run in your family..

    • bfavre71

      Why? Is he scary? He looks like a pussy to me.

    • ounceoflogic

      That’s the entire point here, you racist bastard. Your Panther BOYS are there to INTIMIDATE voters… and you’re ok with that.

    • AB7

      And most black boys can’t even be a father to the children they father with girls who end up taking the goobermint as their father. No wonder the black community is so screwed up. No wonder they will vote in racist lockstep for Democrats. White people merely avoid dealing with blacks because they are sick of being called a racist, and even if some whites did confront this clown at the election place, it is the whites who would be arrested. Whites can’t win, and won’t be able to win until they learn to say no to blacks.

    • Kevin Pearson

      Now if a white boy walks past him carrying a watermelon……

  • DarlaS

    I don’t care who you go to vote for, this country does NOT need this type of thug intimidation at polling places! REMOVE him and his pseudo-group of thugs from our cities!

    • matthewkmiller

      That’s not a pseudo-group of thugs. That’s a real group of thugs.

      • shawn cake

        That guy needs a real job!!! What a geek

        • Polina Maire

          Why does he need a job- Obama made sure he is well provided for…especially since he is into voter intimidation business..

          • Jose Dirceu Farias

            I think this kind of action may have reverse result, that is, people will be further motivated to vote against Obama because of the intimidation.

            Obama has got to go people

            I have already voted ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!

            Did you or will you vote ROMNEY/RYAN 2012?

            Press ^ for YES!

          • myGodmyGod

            People like you are the reason that brother spent his day looking out for decent law abiding Americans going to vote. Your bias is obvious how do you know the brother wasn’t there representing Romney?

          • Joshex Dirad

            we know he wasn’t because the polls were rigged for obama and that district turned out over 100% voting 99% for obama and he was just happily standing there.

          • john

            Did you hear about the 45 000 Somalis that were bused to the polls in Ohio, I’m sure they were all citizen.

        • Kevin O

          He doesn’t need a job, he’s got Obama money, free Obama petrol and an Obama phone.

          • Jane Yavis

            Kevin, at some point you will understand that the Stepford comments we hear all day every day are what give Obama Votes. Who wants to vote like a Stepford.

        • Jane Yavis

          Victor needs a job,,,,,that’s from four years ago.

      • plebian3

        Without question, clear and present, there’s no pseudo to it.

      • Jesse Dale Burns

        well compared to hells angels hes just a wee little kid playing like a big boy

      • AaronGStock

        You pluralized a singular. I think you meant to say, “That’s a real group of thug.”

      • myGodmyGod

        Most African American men are not thugs at all perhaps you are just a typical bigot. He stood there and minded his business and no doubt his presence made some voters feel safe from bigots.

    • borninmombasa


      • nedarc

        Yes, I agree with you Obama is a Racist just like the New Black Panthers…VOTE ROMNEY TODAY !!!

    • 1Shadow

      This is so third world dictatorship. Why anyone wants this (what you get when you vote Obama) I’ll never get. So sad where our country is. This is our chance today to change course. Please vote for Romney!

      • Polina Maire

        I hope America wins today and then our ailing country after 4 years of intense demolition is in dare need of chemotherapy and intensive treatment..not to say to FUMIGATE our White HOUSE

        • myGodmyGod

          You sound like a typical bigot, saying exactly what a bigot is expected to say.

      • Leo Pusateri

        Is this Obama’s version of the Brownshirts?

      • myGodmyGod

        You sound very UN–AMERICAN! Thank Bushy for the state our economy is in and thank goodness Obama is digging us out.

        • 1Shadow

          What a laugh. With his crazy spending and green energy fantasies, we are getting into a deeper and deeper hole. He is the worst president of all time.

    • Joe Campbell

      Most of these folks should be deported to Africa, where life is really “good”

    • Richard Banderas

      Hey Philly! YOU NEED TO GET INTO THIS GUYS FACE and tell him to stop intimidating voters!!! or else you are just a bunch of cowards! I had an Obama Supporter banned from a polling place in Florida last week, by reporting him to the Electoral authority of that city and called police! YOU DO THE SAME!!

      • myGodmyGod

        You are a bully and a trouble maker the only people who care this man was there will be Fox No New. Thank God he was not KKK or he would have been lynching voters.

        • Richard Banderas

          You are too Ignorant to know when the Democrats want to keep you in a welfare (Plantation) state…Sad

    • WhateverInWherever

      If these guys are so bad to the bone why do they show up only in areas they know they will not get messed with and are actually welcomed(ala Philly Ghetto?). Oh no the Pink Panthers are at it again. Also I think the real Black Panthers telling these little BIAs that they will not affiliate themselves with there weaklame “way” is too funny. Now they are the New(Improved and even shinier with 22″ Rims and a thumpin stereo) Black Panthers? What a joke, you are a loser Queen Sabib Knobslobber Punkarse WeakBOY Ignant BiaBia. Just sayin! Sick of you and your feeble minded “kind”… Take that how you will, I really dont care anymore.

      • eztalk

        Some Marine reservists showed up at one polling place where this kind of crap was going on……..the group was gone by the time they got there. About the bottom of the this time.
        Steve_in_Fla called some of his buds……
        Great story.

        • myGodmyGod

          Breitbart = Bah ha ha ha! Oh puh lease! Probably some made of photo shopped bs.

    • Adrian Porter


    • dewooded

      Obama thugs

    • Richard Banderas

      PEOPLE OF Philly! YOU NEED TO GET INTO THIS GUYS FACE and tell him to stop
      intimidating voters!!! or else you are just a bunch of cowards! I
      had an Obama Supporter banned from a polling place in Florida last week,
      by reporting him to the Electoral authority of that city and called
      police! YOU DO THE SAME!

      • Jason Wonnell

        yeah, get in his face and tell HIM to stop intimidating. good plan

        • Richard Banderas

          Well than if he doesn’t get that…THEN HEAD BUTT HIM DOWN MAN! MAN UP!

    • Jason Wonnell

      this has been the top comment for 7 hours? why are we not allowed to comment anymore? All new comments are being instantly deleted. Yea Free Speech!

    • Melissa Dunphy


      • myGodmyGod

        He doesn’t look anything like a thug!

      • Leon Foonman

        He voted for Romney! Get real, nobody would vote for Obama.

  • Bill Smith

    It looks like he is wearing biggie smalls members only jacket. Also, france called, they want their hat back. Loser

    • Roscoe Bohannan

      Marines wear hats like that. Why do you hate America?

  • UnPCdAmerican

    NO LOITERING and NO SOLICITATIONS should be enforced at EVERY Polling place… Also, Gentlemen used to get the door for others…not just stand in or near the way…

  • stopthe

    Is this Urkel lookalike the best that the NBP can do? lol!!!

  • Marbran

    I don’t think this is so much about intimidation as it is an opportunity for the NBPP to get some publicity. It is widely known that the NBPP is the black version of the KKK. What would be the outcry if a pointy-hooded bigot were standing there? Maybe someone should volunteer to balance his presence by donning the sheet.

  • Juvenal2

    Even the KKK, pre-civil rights, weren’t bold enough to wear their stupid get-ups to polling places on election day.

  • Andrew Smith

    Did you ask him if they’re still planning to blow up nurseries and murder white babies?

    • nobleagl

      Why? We already know the answer is yes. They still spout that nonsense like they’re living in the 60’s

  • stopthe

    Hey… Lincoln called, he wants his Members Only jacket back. Get your sleeves hemmed, you fop.

  • Landon Ouzts

    The only question is, what is his purpose? Threatening the vote? demagoguing it in? wooing independents? This is ridiculous, as usual

    • brodave

      I think the correct phraseology is “stupid as usual”.

  • Dencal26

    New Orleans is back to being the crime capital of America Last GOP mayor? 1890. Detroit 1957, Chicago 1933.Philly in the 60s. St Louis, Camden, Cleveland etc etc all the same. No GOP Control for 50 plus yrs. So why do African Americans continue to vote for failure? High Crime, Bad schools, Poverty and Despair. Wake up.

    • stopthe

      Because they’re brainwashed. Black racism and separatism is what keeps blacks in the gutter.

      Eventually you’re going to have to integrate (which means, “act white”) if you want to succeed. You know, do your homework, stay married to the mother of your children, lay off the misogyny, lay off the crack, lay off the skittles ‘n’ rap, etc.

      • NickGranite

        Actually, no they don’t have to integrate with us to succeed. They can keep making their bet on slopping from a 16 trillion indebted trough. It’s time for an alliance with hardworking hispanics who share the same work ethic and religeous values as many conservatives. That alliance would include immigration reform. Apparently 95% of the black population wants nothing to do with white conservatives, it’s time to move on.

        • Sharyl Cobb

          It’s really about acting like God is real and Judgment Day is coming. If people really believed that, regardless of the color of their skin, we would have a safe, happy, prosperous society. Jesus is the “Prince of Peace” for a reason. His teachings and values completely transform every culture where His Gospel has gone. The latest example? South Sudan. A miracle of peace, harmony, and nation building is happening to this impoverished, newest nation. It’s all because of Jesus, folks!

          • NickGranite

            Sharyl, we have half the population voting for an atheist party. We have to deal with what we have here on earth. Though I am not a Christian, i support Christianity as a central core belief of Westerners and a bulwark against the Islamists. I have totally changed my mind over the last 4 years on both the illegal immigration problem and conservative outreach to African Americans. It is apparent African Americans simply hate us and outreach is a waste of time. It will be a generation at least before we can make any inroads with them as a group after the Obama years are over. it’s also apparent to me with another Mexican restaurant opening down the street from me (great place) that they are hardworking entrepreneurs at heart and it’s time to help them become American citizens and….conservatives. I don’t care what the demographics of America end up being, as long as we can live in a conservative and free country.

          • Arthur Campbell

            You tell em Granite! Now that’s real democracy for ya. (LMAO)

      • elic gonzales1

        If acting white means- not intimidating, not rioting or threatening to riot or assassinate anyone, not stealing, etc, then yes….the blacks must start acting white

      • Adrian Porter


    • borninmombasa

      Because they are stupid.

    • elihu

      Maybe because they’re not real smart?

    • Kevin Pearson

      They’re the ones committing the crimes. Why would they want law and order?

    • Jim Peters

      I agree that the New Black Panther Party is a joke (and that no loitering policies should be enforced at all polling stations).

      HOWEVER…My understanding is that crime was really low under Saddam Hussein, Ghadaffi, and the Taliban too. Your point?

      • Dencal26

        So that’s your silly logic? Low crime means you must have a totalitarian regime otherwise its not possible?

    • myGodmyGod

      You are a typical racist with nothing but race baiting rants to post. Dah, young educated whites voted Obama into office!

      • Dencal26

        What is racist? Noting that African Americans continue to accept failure and keep voting for Dems?

        • Arthur Campbell

          When blacks did vote for conservative, what gains

          • Arthur Campbell

            As I was in the middle of that last reply, what did blacks gain under conservative rule? Black men went to wars we never should have been involved in in the first place, the same joblessness and the same poverty level. What I say is neither party has done merica any favors lately. And that goes for blacks or whites.

          • Dencal26

            When was that? After the Civil War? First Black Congressmen former Slave Joseph Rainey. Republican.

  • gaudygirl

    Throw some coins at his feet.

    • Kevin Pearson

      Get a bucket of Church’s Chicken and walk past.

      • Gary Donohoe

        Nahh… Gotta be Popeye’s

  • stopthe

    I think this is what is known in sociology as “cheap signaling.”

    NBPP has no real power, which is why they need costumes.

  • Kevin Dougherty

    Some people still use intimidation I guess…

  • AB7

    Throw water balloons at him.

  • denny64

    you republicans are a joke–its ok whats going on in ohio and florida but 1 guy has you scared–you tried to keep people from voting with your voter id but even the courts know you are racist.

    • Ian Twolan

      He doesn’t “scare” anyone, least of all a White man!

    • Terika

      over 72% of Americans AGREE that they DO WANT VOTER ID. Only the “win by any means” guys don’t.

      Nice to meet ya, “win by any means” guy!

    • George Johnson

      Just what’s going on in florida and ohio?? People standing there in front of polling places?? Or are you talking about the voting republican part??
      Good grief….

  • AgentToad

    Civil manner of speaking, no nasty look in his eyes, no weapon in his hand. They have made some progress, at least. If Romney wins, their claim to promote and protect democracy will be put to the final test. Will they riot?

    • danbury

      A court order says “No clubs!” That’s why.

      • AgentToad

        Voter intimidation was illegal last election, as well, but that didn’t stop them last time. Everyone deserves a fair trial. So let it be acknowledged that they are behaving appropriately this time around. But as I said, the final and much more difficult test is yet to come.

  • Jim

    So how is he intimidating anyone, besides just being a black man? Did he threaten anyone? Did he look menacingly at passersby? What’s the problem?

    • stopthe

      Pretend he’s wearing a KKK hood, and answer your own question.

      Anyway it’s pretty clear that while he’s not intimidating because he’s a joke, his aim was intimidation. A man is not excused of a crime just because in committing it he failed to achieve his aims.

      • Jim

        I’d hardly call what he’s wearing a “uniform”, but I guess if you look real hard at him, you could figure out he was a new black panther. Personally, if I needed to go through those doors behind him, I wouldn’t have even noticed anything about the guy except that he was really tall, and kept on going on my way. I guess it depends on if you’re looking to be scared or intimidated. A person just standing there in front of a building doing nothing does not intimidate me. Perhaps that means that intimidation was not his intent? Because surely a big dude like him could easily intimidate someone if he really wanted to. Just sayin’.

        • stopthe

          He’s wearing a black beret and standing in front of the door like a guard at the U.N. He is dressed in (bad) paramilitary garb. He could walk on the set of “Mugabe and the White African.” I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that he intends to intimidate.

          Now as I said, he’s probably failing to intimidate anyone, because the NBPP and black separatists groups in general are a joke. But that doesn’t mean he’s innocent. He’s just a failure.

          • Jim

            Ok. But whenever I see a man in a uniform acting like a guard at an entrance, I feel safer, not intimidated. But I realize that’s just me. Especially when this so-called “guard” is smiling and opening the door for little old ladies…

        • Steve Lindsey

          Again Jim.. Would you be so tolerant if a Klansmen wore a hood and stood there? And don’t give me “there’s a difference” no there is not. Both are haters both thin they are superior and both want to kill those that don’t look like them.

          • Jim

            Well, if someone is aware (or made aware, as I was) that he is wearing a new black panther uniform, then I suppose I can understand where you’re coming from. But honestly, I wouldn’t have even noticed it. He looks like a regular guy on the street to me. Now, a big pointy white hood and robes, you don’t see many people dressed sort-of like that EVER. So where this guy can go unnoticed (by me and certainly many others – I wouldn’t have known he was a new black panther), a guy dressed as a Klansman would find it impossible to blend in on the street. So, yeah, there’s a difference to me, in the level of intimidation. A guy who’s mostly dressed like any other guy (pants, jacket, stylish beret, etc.) doesn’t evoke any fear from me, whereas a guy dressed in a big pointy hood and white robes most definitely does. And I am a white guy. But that’s just me. I suppose if you go looking for things to be intimidated by, you would notice this guy. I wouldn’t have. Have a nice day.

        • George Johnson

          This is the exact same thing he wore last time, when he had the billy club telling people to vote for obama (the lawless) or else.
          So, that makes it a uniform, and makes it intimidating.
          If you can’t see that, you’re blind or stupid. Go ahead, dress up in a KKK white robe and pointy little hat and stand in front of a polling place and see where that gets you.
          Well, it’s the EXACT SAME THING. So the question is, why is it OK for this cretin to stand there like that, if you get your head busted and thrown in jail for dressing in a KKK robe??

      • Mike Wilsin

        Don’t ask the mindless sycophant to think..

  • Bill

    I know someone lives near this polling place…. go and whoop this guy’s azz, and I will make a website to collect donations for your legal fees. I’m not joking.

  • jnh45

    Not a joke – serious racist people showing their distain for our rights, country, and beliefs.

    • George Johnson

      Where have you been? These people HATE this country, hate it’s founding, hate it’s principles…. everything about it.
      And since radical liberals (like those in charge, politicians), absolutely feel they have the RIGHT to control everybody, this two party system is the bane of their existence.
      They will NOT STOP until they have destroyed America and are trying to rebuild it in their liberal image (liberal utopia, that doesn’t exist, so think “old soviet russia”)
      Trust me, they will not stop. They feel it’s their birthright to run things.

  • Jd Crow

    No loitering within 100 feet. Move along

  • ThoseOfUs

    The possibilities of a race war are festering in America. It would be sadly short though. On the one side, you have a group of entitled people who have no reason to work and have even lost the natural desire to care for their own family. On the other side is the rest of us. We who want no trouble, who keep to ourselves, but who will stand up to a fight and end it even at the cost of our own lives. It would almost be better to let this conflict happen so we could get past it and seriously start thinking about really eliminating racism.

    • stopthe

      Don’t fall into the trap that is being set for you. The people that would like to disarm and disenfranchise white America are the ones that are trying to start the race war, because as soon as it breaks out, you can bet your lily white 2ss that you will have martial law and 100% confiscation of all firearms. No joke. And anyone that thinks they can resist is a fool. You will be painted as a racist bigot and shot on sight. The white liberals in the big cities, quaking in their $3 million apartments, will be 100% behind the disarmament.

      Far better to keep your mouth shut and be prepared. Stop stirring the pot. Things won’t necessarily go well for you just because you have guns and ammo.

      • ThoseOfUs

        Confiscation of arms and munitions was attempted once before in America. It didn’t end well for America’s enemies. I suppose you would have been there telling Joseph Warren not to ‘stir the pot’. We are well past the time of sitting idle hoping that they won’t come for us. I agree, let them make the first move, but we must be ready so that their first move is not our last.

      • George Johnson

        Be prepared for what exactly? You just said don’t fall for it, you’ll be disarmed. So, prepared for what? You don’t make sense.

        • Sharyl Cobb

          Watch “Fall of the Republic” and “Fema Camps” on youtube. Then you will have a pretty good clue what is really going on.

    • Dicky Spader

      A race war???? It would be a fucking slaughter! There are going to be alot of really shocked people if whites finally respond to the bullshit. Whitey makes up over 70 percent of this country while blacks make up roughly 12.5%. IT WOULD BE A FUCKING slaughter! Just wait til the white beast roars its head. This apes will need the fucking UN to come in and save them! Thats a fact jack! The south has been waiting for revenge for roughly 160 years and they been preparing. A race war ROFLMAO. It would not last long thats for sure!

  • Dan Higgins

    If I see a black panther I will immediately attack….

  • Question Authority

    Come to Austin MoFo

  • borninmombasa

    It’s the “Chicago Way’!

    • George Johnson

      Nope, this is the filthidelphia way.

  • ELefevre

    Might as well hang out at the polling place…they sure ashell aren’t missing work.

  • Ivory_Tower

    I wonder if they are like the guards at Buckingham Palace? Can you taunt them incessantly? I wonder, I’m 6’6″ 250, I think it would be funny to stand in front of him. Then he stands in front of me, I stand in front of him, and so on until we’re like 250 feet from the polling station.

    • stopthe

      Do that and get pictures. Love to see it. lol

  • danbury

    You can take photos and/or videos all day long in a public place. Heard some Navy Seals were going to stand right there in front of these apes.

  • Russ Brownie

    We ain’t leavin’ till da streets run red wid da white man’s blood!!!!!!!

    • Dicky Spader

      You dont see this anywhere else! You are looking at a negro standing at a polling site in NIGGERVILLE! YA i use the word nigger, negro, coon, spade, tyrone. SO FUCKING What??? I learned it all from rap songs. Its not music its someone talking words! I know what a nigger is. And i also know what a person is. I know what a good person is and I know what a bad person is.

  • Larry Lauger Jr

    Freak him out have brownshirt stand next to him and say “good morning, nice day huh?”

  • Canary

    Reichsmarshall holders “SA”

  • KickPuncher2

    The NBBP is nothing short of a hate group akin to the KKK and neo-Nazis. The only difference is if you see a KKK robe or a skin-head trying to intimidate at polling locations, the police would be there within 5 minutes to arrest those SOBs. For some reason, the liberal left has embraced groups like ACORN and the NBBP as one of their own, because it does what they aren’t officially allowed to do, suppress the rights of those that dare disagree with them.

    • George Johnson

      The black party, obama the lawless etc…. all use the screams of RACISM! like a billy club to beat white people suffering from guilt into submission.
      All they have to do is scream RACISM! And most white people will wither away and submit to what ever task their new black leaders want done.
      Sorry, but *I* do not suffer white guilt. I don’t even try to get along with them any longer. They have proven to me, over and over again, that they don’t want to get along. If I meet some black folks that show me they DO want to get along, that’s fine, they’re treated with as much respect as anybody else. But the rest of them? Screw THEM!

  • kent estep

    Gee, a black guy standing in front of a polling place is intimidating ? And it’s a black part of town.

    News flash, there was a white NRA guy standing in front of my polling place in rural Oregon. I’ll take a photo of him too. Obviously he’s trying to steal the election for the gun nuts!

    • Kevin Pearson

      He is intimidating the poll watchers that would be trying to prevent ballot stuffing.

      It is said that Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh and Philadelphia with Alabama in between. He has to stuff the ballots in Phillie to counteract the “bitter clingers” in the rest of the state.

      If Pennsylvania would break down electoral votes by district like Maine and Nebraska, it would mitigate and limit the effect of this behavior.

  • Rafael J Godinez

    Black jokes is what they are. You sure don’t see that crap in Texas. They wouldn’t dare and they don’t have the guts. Morons.

  • Smokeygrl

    The NBPP should make themselves useful and go patrol nieghborhoods where young black men are killing eachother (and innocent bystanders) regularly in gang related violence.

    • Chuhyona

      They do patrol their neighborhoods killing their brothers and innocent bystanders.

  • George Johnson

    They should put a robed KKK member (or somebody that just looks like one) out side of a polling station. What’s good for the goose…… Let them whine about it, and then say “If our guy has got to go, so does yours”

  • cheshire_cat25


  • Willh33

    They are not thugs, they are punks!

  • Janice Grandfield

    thank eric holder and the doj for dropping case against this in the last election…

  • Cherry G. Host

    Imagine a Ku Klux Klan member showing up in full white garb outside a polling place.

    Would the MSM suppress that story as well?

    Racism should not be tolerated in any form, nor should voter intimidation.

    Eric Holder’s DOJ’s refusal to enforce voter intimidation crimes committed by the Black Panthers is abhorrent.

    The Black Panthers are nothing more than violent, racist thugs.

    Does Obama really want to win re-election through these thuggish, illegal tactics?

    Might does should not equal Right in America.

    Welcome to the Obamanation – the most divisive we have ever been as a nation.

  • entrepeneur

    These fools should move to South Africa they are having a field day with whites over there. Murder, rape, robbery yea.

  • WilliamPosey

    If it wasn’t such a serious matter this clown would be funny! Group should be outlawed. A bunch of thugs

  • entrepeneur

  • BigDaddyDK

    Take his picture anyway. There’s nothing that prevents you from taking a picture of anyone in public. He has no expectation of privacy while in public.

  • Yaboo

    Elvis sang about Philly one time. I loved that song.

    As the city dies,
    on a cold and gray South Philly morn.
    a poor little fatherless child is born
    in the ghetto.
    And his mama smiles
    ’cause with each new puppy that she squirts out
    there’s gonna be more dollars in the welfare account
    and her check grows, (and her check grows).

    Suburbs, don’t you understand
    Takisha needs a helping hand
    Her mama and grandmama taught her how to live this way.
    It’s not a big pay day,
    But she lives in section eight.
    And she does hair and nails on the side
    Grandma watches baby when she’s clubbin’ Friday night.
    Well the world turns
    and the little boy’s chances of learning to read
    go up in smoke while mama smokes weed
    In the ghetto, (in the ghetto)
    And he learns that life.
    No male role models ’round, to teach him respect.
    He learns to be a gangsta, what d’you expect.
    From the ghetto. (from the ghetto)
    Then when on a north side corner, late at night,
    a young man holds up Abdul’s Convenience Store.
    But Abdul was faster on the trigger
    He put 6 bullets in that poor young sinner.
    And his mama cries
    ‘Cause if he’d been killed by the Police instead,
    she could call a lawyer, an’ file for wrongful death.
    and get the big dough. (and move to Richboro)

  • Kevin Provance

    I would stand opposite him in a white sheet and say “If one hate group can do it, then so can I”

  • Sean_Alexander

    I would love it. Any loser that is part of a racist organization is not to be feared.

    If I could find the clothing, I would dress up as a Nazi Officer and stand next to him.
    Now that would be a photo worth taking.

    • stopthe

      I bid $50 for this photo. No sh1t. Ready with my PayPal.

      I live in a red state, otherwise I’d do it myself.

    • nobleagl

      You shouldn’t have a problem finding a uniform, They probably sell them at Walmart in Philly.

  • Joe Dutra

    He looks to be loitering in front of a polling place. I thought there was a law against that type of behavior.

    • stopthe

      Voting laws are not enforced against members of protected groups. Don’t you know that? As Eric Holder said, these are “my people!”

  • Kirk Lazarus

    A little doe scent on the sidewalk right there will get rid of him. I triple dog dare you. That would be fly!

  • Jake Mansfield

    I wish he’d try something w me…just once

  • DeJuanathon

    Thanks to Eric Holder for establishing 2 sets of laws. One for white people and one for black people. My poor black brothers don’t have to abide by the laws of the land because we were discriminated against. We just traded one plantation for another.

    • Sharyl Cobb

      There was slavery and all kinds of racism going on in the Roman Empire during the time of Christ. Yet, to every heart who accepted His teachings, there was true freedom, the kind that starts INSIDE and is free, even when behind bars. John 8:31,32. Jesus is the only answer to our modern problems. He really does heal hearts and bring real peace, freedom, and true justice. Our nation was founded on that. We will NOT HAVE PEACE AND FREEDOM until we return to our roots!

      • Dicky Spader

        There is slavery going on all over the world. There is even a big problem with child SEX slaves. But no big deal right? The only ones who need to be treated like children because there type were enslaved over 160 years ago here in the USA. GROW THE FUCK UP NIGGERS!

    • Montford greenwood

      Yep. I guess ol holder loves his racist little panthers. Buncha nothings wandering around acting tough.

  • Mary H. Dubinsky

    It truly needs to be on the news even Fox News, but mostly all news channels to see how the democrats get away with such Kaos! if republicans did this it would be all over the news. God will judge them in the end for being so dishonest and untrust worthy, taking only those votes for Obama. Its not okay!!!

  • Soflodoug

    Just another stinking bum on the street. I wouldnt even look at him and ignore him.
    If he says a word to you call the cops and file charges!
    What a joke.

    • stopthe

      Use the pepper spray first. Then call the cops. And please post the pic of him crying so we can all have a good laugh.

  • James Frank

    What is a panther doing loose in the city? Somebody call the zoo.

  • Bill Smith

    Check out foxnews website, it shows this guys boyfriend who apparently didn’t discuss what they were going to wear, because they are wearing the same thing. Before trying to intimidate people, stop being so gay; you can go fight in the military now if you want to.

  • Leonard Webber

    That’s a picture of the same Buckwheat who was there holding a night stick 4-years ago. I watched him on TV earlier. He only opens doors for blacks. Screw the white people. He is loitering on public property. He should be removed.



  • Wolve Rine

    His sleeves are extra long because he is hiding/holding
    a weapon(left hand my guess), most likely a
    collapsible/telescoping baton(club), so as not to be
    photographed holding it as his(missing) comrade-
    in-arms was in 2008.
    For those who have not noticed, he was one
    of the two photographed and filmed outside
    that same polling place in 2008.
    In 2008, he was the one wearing the sunglasses
    and standing to the left of the clud wielding
    The photo can be seen at

  • michael s

    If black panthers are not endangered, are they in season?

  • imdavidguerra

    He better have manners and open the door for white people as well.



  • decmocratsrcommunits

    it’ll be cool to see the reports after they get shot and thrown in dumpsters, wish they had them at my polling place

  • elihu

    People like this make it very difficult to not be a racist.

    • Alex242

      I just need to take a moment to say that I love this comment.

  • Sharyl Cobb

    Just go vote and take your BEAR SPRAY with you. What stops a bear will stop a “Black Panther” tough guy!! >;-]

  • Jim Nasium

    Don’t you feel that every vote counts now that the thugs are out?

    • Kevin Pearson

      Some count more than others.

  • Alan Beasley-LegacyofSuccess

    Dress up as a fragile senior citizen w/Romney Button on and try to vote there – and you will see why he is there. In Legacy of Success(Amazon) we detail how Holder reversed a conviction for the same intimidation in 2008. BUUUUUUt we also show the over 60 things that Holder as also done that didn’t make the MSM – and (surprise) 90% of them occured recently in OH, PA, FL, VA, and CO.
    Face it folks – Obama is stealing this election….so sad…

  • Forrest Sargente

    More democrat thuggery and vote fraud.

  • hwobstj

    Personally I would not care if they showed up. I’m not the least bit intimidated by this pi$$ants. Their cause is pathetic and childish at best. What a crock. Hey Black Pantyhosers, trying to get your neighborhoods to vote for the Oppressor in Chief again?

  • Americaall

    By hook or by crook, the idiot will steal the election The Dems even ejected repub poll officials, any person who votes for POTUS (no disrespect, but change the P to mean Pr*ck) has sold their children/grandchildren, this country down the river

  • decmocratsrcommunits

    doesn’t lok like he’s sporting any body armor, nor exactly is it intimidating – just another obama hick target

  • SavingtheRepublicdotcom

    Cmon folks get out there today and if you see these punks put them on cam watch their every move. Be nice if some former Marines or Army would keep them company today!!!!

  • shawn cake

    They better not show up at my polling place!!! They are a bunch of racist thugs! The guy looks like an idiot.

  • WendellWillkie

    Seriously, what is the point. Does he really think he is accomplishing anything by standing there? Wouldn’t going to the library and researching how to finish his GED be much more profitable? It’s not intimidating dude. It’s stupid.

  • brandon467

    These degenerates were only encouraged by AG Holder’s refusal to prosecute them after 2008 although they OBVIOUSLY violated numerous laws. The only difference is that in this election, he isn’t openly wielding a weapon. Holder’s slight hesitation over non-prosecution taught this goon a lesson – when intimidating voters, don’t do it with an openly visible weapon because Holder might have to prosecute because even he can’t continually cover up this type of naughtiness.

  • jjca

    Someone should split that dudes head in two.

  • Kevin Pearson

    Get some watermelon and fried chicken and use it to lure him away….

  • opining

    Some really fair skinned guy dressed in all white paramilitary garb including the beret needs to go stand next to him. The white panther, Maybe a pink panther.

    • Yaboo

      The PINK Panther should be wearing some Owens Corning Fiberglass Insulation.

    • libwithIQ

      yes…ebony and ivory…

  • 17_woods

    No worries. Eric Holder will take care of him. They’re buds afterall.

  • John Michael

    I guess he doesn’t realize that Halloween isn’t typically celebrated much after October 31st. Time to take off the costume.

  • TMAC

    I wouldn’t care. And I would let him know as I walked out that I voted for Romney/Ryan. Ain’t JACK he can do without going to jail. Oh yeah…..the uniform? Way to gay dude.

  • Baron von Darrin

    Intimidation is great. Hopefully less people will waste their time voting. HER DUR, Choosing a new master once every 4 years makes me freeeee! DERP!

  • chevyll

    Wana be thugs. Just pos slime

  • BluMeany

    I think GOPers should take pictures with him in it – kind of like people do with the guards outside Buckingham Palace. 😀

  • obammy

    Would I care? Hell yes I’d care, and I do care. This behavior was emboldened by obama’s boy Eric Holder. This is nothing short of thug tactics. I’d call the police and I’d call the news. I’d take his picture and I wouldn’t care what he said. No pictures, please… get real.

    The amazing thing here… our very own president supports this absurd, abhorrent behavior just so he can remain in power. This shows that he could care less about what America stands for. Our country was founded on principles that, among other things, fought against the intimidation of voters. Our soldiers fight and die for this very thing. But our president… he’ll do whatever it takes.

    You know what is actually funny here… that’s probably that guy’s only “job”, ever.

  • MrGoodKat

    Most of these wannabe tough guys and gals are just fat illiterates in military gear. This dude looks like Urkel in a beret. Arrest him — i’m sure it won’t be his first time.

  • Michael Kimsey

    I would not care who was standing there, I will not be intimidated by classless, ignorant, apes.

  • Mary Palmer

    Renig the vote – Romney 2012! Are they just a bunch of sissies in Philly ? I would take a bat to the thugs head.

  • libwithIQ

    Hitler had his brown shirts. Obama has his New Black Panthers. Same purpose. Fear and intimidation.

    • Wolve Rine

      Agreed, while talking heads waste their time debating what level of intimidation
      he is successfully(or not) achieving.

  • DeBaliviere

    Bomb the ghettos forward to the Stone Age.

  • lsbwd

    There is the picture of your TRUE racist douche bag in this country now. See racism isn’t about skin color it’s about an attitude and that dude is a racist pig……

  • Froddoislost

    I would vote as per normal. If he threatened me or another voter in my presence, it is very likely I would kill him.

    I go armed.

  • Organ_Donor

    “Black Panties” hahahahahahahha

  • BluMeany

    I think a white guy in a suit should stand across from him, just for balance.

  • nancym14

    Complete and utter thugs…they need a good butt whipping. They should have stood on trial four years ago, but thanks to the corrupt Fauxbama regime they got away with breaking the law!!!

  • borgcube

    Who would even know what they are? I would just laugh at his stupid outfit and go about my business.

  • James Bruno

    I for one am not afraid of him, nor an i intimidated…His presents only reinforces my dis like for the Thug race…If you want to get along and blend in..stop standing will get NO WHERE…

  • chrisdj614

    I think we need a former Navy SEAL or two to just go hang out beside him.

  • JackP32

    Is he armed with a machine gun this time? Now that he knows that Uncle Holder will not prosecute him why not carry heavy artillery.

  • John Robert Patrick Kenny

    Punk. I wish I lived in Philly. Mr. Panther would NOT have a nice day, rest assured.

  • Canary

    Wonder if president Urkel will say “did I do that?”

  • AZSchumi

    A black panther at my polling place would be tarred and feathered…

    after the living sh!t was kicked out of his worthless body.

  • Mike Smth

    How exactly would this affect my vote? Does he look scary to you? Is
    that it? If so, realize he hasn’t hurt a soul and that you have a
    subconscious skepticism toward black people that is unwarranted and then
    walk past him and vote. He’s just a regular guy that wants to feel important and empowered, it’s silly, yes, but so what. He is no different than the millions of overweight white guys walking the aisles of Walmart with their weapons holstered at their side, most concealed but many open carry. It makes ’em feel empowered and cool. Same thing here…harmless.

  • Joe Campbell

    Why arn’t these ragheads arrested for intimidation????

  • BluMeany

    Honestly, I think people that are intimidated by this guy are just as stupid as he is for standing out there to try and intimidate people. IT’S YOUR VOTE PEOPLE! Walk in like you own the place, BECAUSE YOU DO!

  • John Icard

    Are there no people in Philly with the nerve to drag this guy away from the polling place?

  • Clark Isaacs

    Get a Veterans Organization to come by with uniforms and flags and get in his face! Then throw annon bucket of iced water on him, he will leave!!!

  • sandiego1969

    We have laws to prevent people from intimidating voters. Even the UN observers are required to stay 100 feet away from the polling places. That says this guy and his friends need to be somewhere else, like the local crack house, and leave guarding the polls to people whose job it is to police what happens there.

  • Edward Nelson

    If Nobama had a son…….

  • AZSchumi

    Tell that frickin’ raccoon that Halloween was last week….

  • Peter Kirk

    that’s alright,,the pink panthers will also have some retired special forces troop’s there keeping them company!

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Black Panther be late for his dirt nap.

  • GregCz

    I’d be very concerned – the police should forcebly remove that trash.

  • drvannostrum

    I would feel entirely comfortable with a Black Panther member at my polling place…because for every Black Panther member standing at my polling place, there would be ten assorted guns pointed at each one.

  • F.R. Duplantier

    The worst of it is, he’s giving berets a bad name.

  • brodave

    We don’t have a “black panther” problem here in concealed-carry Texas.

    We also don’t have a “union-thug” problem here in right-to-work, concealed-carry Texas.

    Our economy is also booming.

    Makes one wonder why people live in those Liberal “blue” States.

    • Dicky Spader

      Pensylvania is also a concealed carry state. Actually one of the best. Its a shall issue state. And our permit is accepted in over 25 other states!

  • JJStryder

    This asshole just wants his 15 min. from 4 years ago back. He doesn’t belong there, he knows it and doesn’t care.

  • grevyturty

    Wow how would you like to see that retarded ape staring at you as you go in to vote? What is the point of having him there? He can’t vote, obviously a convicted felon…

  • BigInMemphis

    Ah, no big deal. He won’t do a thing. It’s a political statement and like it or not part of the freedoms we have as Americans.

  • SheaK

    “How you doing?” *walk by him*
    Of course, I’m a strong, able bodied male and not easily intimidated. I suppose some people might be as much. Maybe I’ll stand there too for a while. If he can stand there, so can I, right?

  • Lisa Nancollas

    remove the thug

  • judy knapp

    I would tell this idiot to to get a job and contribute to his family and extended family, but under OBAMA he can’t find a job. This voter intimidation and he should be made to vacate the premises.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    I would have told him I’m taking his picture, him trying to stop me would have been the last failure in a lifetime of failures on his part. This type of scum needs to be scraped from that location by extreme prejudice.

    • Kevin Pearson

      Should get five different people with an auto wind camera and act like it is a modeling shoot. He can’t chase all five of them away.

      Act like a bunch of tourists “Wow, a real life Phillie thug!! Can I take a picture with you?”

  • Jamal Jenkums

    I would just tell him ” WHITE POWER!” and laugh at the toothless ape.

  • JR

    No worries the NAVY SEALS have arrived!!!

    • WendellWillkie

      I think that was “Seal Team November 6.” Not actually Seal Team 6.???? I don’t know. Didn’t read it.

  • Fedupbigtime

    Well arent you going to open the door for me? And here’s your dollar…What? I thought you were the doorman…

  • Bryan Toma

    Wish he was here at my polling place! He would be arrested and quick!!

  • Gomer Pyle

    beat that ni66er out of there !

  • WendellWillkie

    There was an old scruffy white guy standing outside my kid’s school this morning which is also our polling place. I’m quite sure he was there to make sure nothing like this happened. Yet and still, he was just as odd and out of place looking as the doofus above. He shouldn’t have been there either. Maybe a law should be passed that requires at least one police officer or security in uniform in just about every polling place on election day.

  • Newshound24

    I need to do an ad. Commercial talker says: ‘Hey, let’s face it – being a Black Panther is hard work! It’s not easy being a racist thug. You have to bus from town to town, threatening white people. Wrecking the Constitution and destroying democracy can really wear a Panther down. So when you go out to threaten whiteys – be sure to bring a box of yummy, crunchy ‘Night-Stix’! Just one bite and you’ll have the energy to block polling stations and attack Republicans all day! Eric Holder loves them! He says: ‘I don’t have to shred the Constitution and murder Latinos to enjoy this tasty treat! But I will anyway!’ So run down to your local store and loot some Night-Stix! Thump some into YOUR hand today!

  • Sacha Butrbeired

    isn’t his presence, being in uniform like that within the “non-campaigning zone” a violation of law? They just forced a women to change her shirt because is said someting about voting for God or the bible? Him standing there in uniform is a direct effort to influence (intimidate) voters, right? Someone should call the cops.

  • Stephen Sapp


  • Wolve Rine

    He is one of the “panthers” that laid
    uncontested siege outside that same
    polling place in 2008.
    A photo of from that can be seen
    Moreover, his sleeves are extra long because he is likely hiding/holding
    a collapsible club(left hand my guess), so as not to be photographed
    holding it, like his missing panther-in-arms was in 2008.
    In the 2008 photo, he is the one wearing dark glasses, similar to those
    he is wearing this morning.
    Hmmm, what do you think would happen if I went down to a local
    polling place to protect it from the collectivists, communists and hired criminals (voters)
    defrauding our Constitutional Republic today?

  • Doug Cooper

    LMAO!!!!! Has anyone every noticed how these BPP s****-bags always look like they just stepped out of the rescue mission cafeteria?

  • Pat Megroin

    this is why Africa is in such bad shape

  • randy brown


  • Mr Dave

    Reading some blogs, they say Retired Navy Seals are on there way to this location. I wonder how true that is and what will happen when they get there?

    • Dicky Spader

      I would love to see it!

  • Dennis M

    Either arrest them or shoot them, whichever is easier.

  • LMG

    These “pretender” Dark Panthers will need to find new places to hang out when Romney wins this election. They are so “60’s!” When Romney is President they can get a job, pay taxes, and be responsible citizens instead of a bunch of bums.

    • brodave

      You tell’em Lmg. Romney-Ryan by a Landslide!

  • Montford greenwood

    Why are these A$$ hats not being removed?

  • Shawn Cameron

    Just stand in front of him. Or better yet. wear a white hood and stand next to him. lol you want to act like this .. piss off.

    • WendellWillkie

      Now that would be comical. Late Halloween. Awesome.

  • dixiedog

    I’d be whistling dixie!

  • LLuthor

    Ha! Talk about Racism. Vote Mitt.

    • VHornsby

      I KNOW. Did you see that black guy standing there like that??!?!?! SO RACIST.

  • Moose Airborne

    Personally, I always carry a .44 magnum in the polling place in a shoulder holster just for thugs like this.

  • Jim Turley

    If whites did the same thing the Obama administration would be hauling their asses off to jail for a terrorist act.

  • TruthDetector

    Da’s how ChicagObama dun roll…

  • DJH78745

    What I find so sad is they don’t see themselves as the ridiculous, half witted racists they are. Typical cowards, they’re stupid enough to think fear and respect mean the same thing.

  • Meh Hem

    Why doesn’t an inactive or off duty Military man just stand by the same entrance in thier camo dress and welcome voters? I believe the citizens would feel quite comfortable seeing them there. Knowing they would kick this turkeys mouths shut if need be. And please show me pictures. OOOOH Sweet Justice!!

  • Moose Airborne

    Believe me it will put down a “Black Panther” and any other thug Communist.

  • Imcominforyews

    why don’t you come to the panhandle of FL, MS, AL to pull your voter intimidation Shenanigans.

  • Rick Mossop

    Holder won’t be around to save him this time.

  • Rickey Horwitz

    I wouldn’t care, I pack heat.

  • Phil Kammer

    The guy is so slavenly – looks like he got his uniform from the thrift store..all these black panther people are just weak examples of human advancement.

  • Blue Mann

    Isn’t there a ‘100 feet from the polling place’ law?

  • Buddy Rogers

    The new Attorney General, Rudolph Guliani, will deal with these jack booted whitey hating clowns in a way unlike the outgoing whitey hating, Stalinist AG did.

  • John Dodge

    This is play acting! This guy isn’t about to intimidate anyone. We keep begging for them to come here, but they don’t. Our Sheriff knows that he would not be able to get there in time. We would enjoy the opportunity to show these folks what real “hospitality” is.

    • Alan Beasley-LegacyofSuccess

      tell that to a white 80 or 90 yr old in Phil – they are already petrified to come out of the house after 5 PM

  • 2inthehat

    hmm. he looks like hes just standing out in the open. Just standing there. Out in the open. What a pos. Someone should ask him why he isnt at work.

    • Rotorwash

      He IS at work.
      His job is to hate Whitey. It is a full time job and he never takes vacation.

      • 2inthehat


  • Emjay Graykat

    This is easily solved. Just give them each a map to the closes Popeye’s.

  • elevenhundred

    I would have just taken him for a homeless person and given a bit of money for food or booze.

  • WBC

    It is perfectly legal for this guy to stand there so long as he does not carry any sort of weapon and so long as he does not harass or attempt to intimidate anyone. But for sheer chuckles, the Tea Party should station half a dozen middle aged ladies in sneakers to stand there as well.

  • Rosemarie Pinon

    This man is not legal Authority and needs to be removed from the polling site he is more off of an intimidator to scare off anyone who is not voting for Obama, the Authority’s need to have him removed, but I think that they may feel a lil intimidated by this man as well and backlash from the people in that Community and the Media

  • BigBoa

    If the people in the area do not go, armed if need be, and remove these thugs, they deserve whatever happens. Same thing in Houston where the naacp took over a polling location. Now reports of GOP observers being removed and replaced with marxists and black pansies….

    People either need to put a stop to this or face the consequences…

  • TheBruce

    The Black Panthers, like the KKK, are a perfect example of what’s wrong with this country.

    • Dicky Spader

      You mean the democrat KKK. Robert byrd, was a KKK member and guess what party he belonged to? Thats right the demorat party!


    Sorry they ones who would love to remove this monkey are too old or dead and the rest are all gutless white dick suckers….

    • WendellWillkie

      Wow. You can find a counselor in any phone book dude.


    That guy would look good with a bullet hole in his head

  • sebassh

    Take a good look folks. What you are seeing is today’s Nazi blocking a doorway. This is being done to try and throw a fair election and reellect a Nazi regime with communists.

  • Jim Olson

    The White Polar Bear Party will be leaving their den soon to monitor the Black Panther Party activities!

  • Herron Farms

    where is chuck when you need him.LOL

  • gmann

    needs his ass kicked in

  • Doug W

    Need some people to go and physically remove the rascist thug. Dump the body in a landfill.

  • Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi

    Figures…scumbags. If Obama really meant to do the right thing, he would have discouraged this thuggery.

  • hermcainalwest

    Dr. Martin Luther King Junior was a Christian Republican.

    • AB7

      Wasn’t he a democratic socialist? It may be an incorrect belief on the part of many that he was Republican.

  • The dead boy in Drudges closet

    Oh boy the Drudgebots are here.

  • Millertime1

    will someone please go kick his arse?

  • Alan Beasley-LegacyofSuccess

    If you think this doesn’t intimidate white seniors… I have a bridge for you
    This was very successful in 2008. And Obama knows if he can snuff out just 20% of Republicans in PA he wins four more years!
    Boxes full of preprinted and filtered boxes just appeared at several PA polling places – (just as Rep observers were thrown out!
    Obama nad his thugs are stealing it IN PLAIN SIGHT! and you can’t do a thing about it! so sad

  • Montford greenwood

    Arrest him and his boys Eric holder and Mr. Hussein obama.

  • Bob Crawford

    He needs to go home and wait for his welfare check POS

  • Polina Maire

    Eric Holder gave those thugs a green light and permission to do as they please-that is the sick destructive Obama administration and Obama run media….

  • David Parrish Sly

    I really dont care if hes standing there or not Im going in to vote…hoprfully party officials … Republican party… will send the proper authorities over there to intimidate the intimidaters…. or is the Philly police dept. complicate in the corruption???

  • suckmahdick

    Looks like the Down-Low type that took Joe Biden’s WHOLE LOAD, and SWALLOWED IT!

  • ascpgh

    Halloween was last week. These doofuses have to play dress up to garner what they think is “respect”. A Cub Scout selling popcorn door to door has more authority in uniform. These goons are as reputable as any blue light rapist.

    There are plenty of government positions that will provide you with full-on Paul Blart kit, although maybe not the Liberian commando look. This is intentional menacing and ought to stand as proof of intent.

  • Kalibr

    It’s hard to believe that this kind of intimidation is allowed to take place in our country. I’m surprised Holder isn’t out there too wielding his baton. It’s disgusting! This is a perfect example why the socialist, Obama and his thugs need to be voted out!

  • EnoughAlready911

    Will some fairminded republicans be standing there watching? how anyone could claim that blacks are being discriminated against at the polling location are simply out of their mind

  • BluMeany

    If I lived in Philly, I would get a group of friends together, take the day off, and each of us would dress up like a different character: Santa Claus, Ronald McDonald, Captain Jack Sparrow, etc. Gradually, each of us would show up outside the polling place and stand near the door. Eventually, they would have to kick all of us out – including the Black Panther. :)

  • Constipated

    DO WE REALLY EVEN NEED PHILLY? I wonder what Mexico would give us for Philly?

    • Jeff

      Even Mexico doesn’t want Philly.

  • revdrdark

    You know it’s strange, but we haven’t had this problem here in Alabama.

  • ragnarb

    And they are being protected by AG holder.

  • Karl Magnus

    I wish those woofers and cowards would try that around here. “Whooooops, there goes another one!” *grin*

  • David Worley

    Uniform….what uniform. All is see is a black thug in a black jacket with black pants on with a black beret. He pisses just like I do, and puts his clothes on just like I do. He don’t intimidate me one bit with his black panther suit.

  • Xanadu2

    If Obama had a son, he’d look like..and act like this racist thug.

  • Sterling Headset

    I guess all the whites in Phillly are cowards.

  • I_phantom

    This individual represents all those beneficiaries of Obama’s equity redistribution scheme. How would you like to “divy up” your 401K with this guy? When he runs out of “rich folk” (after a couple of months) Obama will show us all how….if given the chance……

  • TaxpayerX

    This pathetic loser look more like a doorman than a scary revolutionary.

  • Mikey1109

    I see the democrats are living up to their reputation. I wonder if anything is being done about this.

  • Montford greenwood

    And if this were white town USA and the KKK were standing guard on the polling booths?
    Eric holder would have have the KKK’s rear in a sling.

  • GARY

    Thank AG Eric Holder for this! He said back in 2010 that his justice department “wasn’t going to have any ‘black defendants’ in election violations!” Even with video evidence, he put “race” ahead of “law”! Thanks bunches! End the error 11/6!

  • Jeff

    If these Black Panthers are so proud to be from Africa why don’t they go back? That’s right. They wouldn’t be able to collect their welfare checks and get section 8 housing. Bunch of losers!

  • Cheryl Causey

    No, I would not care as long as they don’t physically accost me they can stand there and feel intimidating all day long if they want…

  • SOG1077

    Democrats are EVIL and are ruining the Land of the Free.

    The Four S’s of the Democrat Party:
    1. Slavery
    2. Secession
    3. Segregation
    4. Socialism <— what American Patriots are fighting against now.

    NOW is the time to free yourself from the DemonRat plantation. Vote out the evil slavemasters – users of people who enrich themselves/their party/families and keeps complete power over their poor, miserable, bitter subjects for whom life never changes for the better.

    ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 <—Freedom and Prosperity for ALL.

    • Ethan Chittenden

      And what’s wrong with Secession?

    • Montford greenwood

      What on earth would white obama do that black obama didn’t?

  • John K

    I am no longer a man of violence but something about that smug face sitting there trying to intimidate voters makes me want to get back in to that practice. How can he be allowed to stand there l like that? Can you imagine if the Klan showed up at a voting place? There’d be hell to pay yet this guy can show up on behalf of Obama and its peachy keen.

    It isn’t “our side” trying to start the race war. Our side is trying to rebuild an American where ALL people can be successful and counted. If they want it though it will definitely not go the way they had hoped.

  • Millicent

    Wow! That dude looks like Samuel L Jackson!

    • Paladin

      Not as greasy, though

  • Cary C Hahn

    Who is he protecting? And from what?


    If the bloods or crypts were standing there would it be allowed???

  • Arlen Cooper

    2 ‘tweenst da’ brown eye, 1 tweenst da’ brown eyes.

  • David

    Wouldn’t bother me. I’d just flash my concealed-carry permit, and then he could decide if he wanted to carry it any further.

    • mariah10

      I’ve had mine for 12 years, but if you have it, you also know there are limitations, like polling, courthouses, bars, schools and churches. Of course if it’s concealed and they don’t have the ‘detecter’ thingy no one knows you have it. I’m a trained (as in just like the Sheriffs dept – they did our training) security officer, so I wear mine just about anywhere. I don’t if I’m not in uniform just cause it’s easier to just conceal it and then I don’t have to deal with panicky people or answering to the police when they are called. In Missouri we can legally open carry on our hips. Why don’t I do it? For the reason just stated. It’s my right, but why start trouble just because it’s my right? By the time I calmed down panicky parents or explained to the police who most certainly would be called – that I’m just exercising my constitutional right, any plans I might have had afterwards would be gone! Not worth the trouble.

  • Baiambo

    Today’s Black Panthers are a front for the FBI, just like they took over the KKK years ago. This is all a scam.

  • mexxet

    Meh, give him a red bucket and a bell and he’ll be fine.

  • Cole Paschall

    Just a reminder that the present admin wishes this to be a
    socialist country with militant control, he can’t rely on our present military to back him. They will not rise against the American people, but take a group that has its roots in hatred and give them recognition of doing a community service.
    What do you have? The makings of an army that is racially motivated, identical to any other hate group. Whether their color, race, religion a hater going to

  • cuchobear

    Obama-like thuggery all over again.

  • Thomas Donahue

    So are these the same goons Bill Maher said were coming after me if Obama loses?

  • Avery Windcastle

    Who do they think they’re going to intimidate, anyway?

  • Press

    DEAR ALL: Call TRUE THE VOTE AT: 855-444-6100 If you Have Witnessed an Incident at a Polling Location.

  • Montford greenwood

    Statistically he’s probably a crack baby all grown up.
    Someone probably just placed him there and told him to stand.
    After the election maybe the panthers will use him as a door stop.

  • Hank

    Shoot Them…In the Face….

  • Ivan Warner

    Somebody get them the hell out of there!

  • Dave Smith

    Need a kkk member or two to sadle up on either side of him. bet they would remove him then.

  • Nicole Butler

    huh….what if it was kkk members in their full uniform standing outside a polling place? I don’t agree with either group, but why is ok for one and not the other? Maybe I should go protest European elections because I’m descended from peasants and those lords of the land treated them so badly that they fled the country, came to America, and started a new life. Am I entitled to something because some people of my ancestry that I don’t know had it rough?

  • Alex242

    UN “observers”, whatever the hell that means (oh and it’s a completely retarded mess that they’re even allowed to look over our elections), are supposed to stay 100 feet away but these guys can stalk right next to the front door. Unbelievable. It’s a shame that the people in your polling place aren’t telling them to get the hell away, but then it is a public place, isn’t it? This is such a f***ing disgrace. Obama and his buddy Holder and all the rest have completely allowed thugs and low-lifers to rise up to a station thinking they have power, even propping them up by telling them so. People like this are have-been, would-be, and are criminals – criminals of past or present violence and criminals of present intimidation. Assholes.

  • Jay Rock

    How is this intimidation you punks!? Grab a pair and vote stop acting like pussies.

    • George

      Is that a Black Panther costume he is wearing? Would you see it differently if the guy was white and wearing a KKK costume? Otherwise take your politics 100 ft. from the door of the polling place. The only people that need to grow balls here are the Phila. Police Dept. and the Mayors office.

  • Steve Burns

    I bet this nit wit owns a Obamafone!!!

  • Ken Breaux

    How brave of them to do this in philly..they should come down to jasper,tx and try something like this.

  • Lex Terry

    Welcome to Obama’s new America. Where Gov’t gives you everything and makes everything fair.

    As long as you do as your TOLD.

  • David

    Not all comments get posted. Mine from a few minutes ago have not posted yet.

  • rbolles

    I can’t wait for the negro cats to come to my state. Elephants LOOOVE to throw negro cats around and when we become board with them we steps on thier heads. Game Over.
    So where are you negro cats?

    • Ryan Underdown

      democrat plant.

  • James Anders

    No surprise.

  • VHornsby

    You guys are really flipping out about this.

    • Alex242

      Yes because there were several voter-intimidation and even assault reports last election, in 2008, when the Black Panthers were out at the polling places. We’re rightfully concerned.

    • seanster5977

      So you have no problem with the New Black Panther Party being at polling locations? I say they should be replaced with TEA party members. Wouldn’t that be just as biased and unfair?

      • Steven DePriest

        Actually, no it wouldn’t. Just follow the law and there aren’t any problems. There have been several instances TODAY in Philly where GOP observers have been denied access to the polling sites even though they have been appointed to those positions by a judge.

        • seanster5977

          I am in agreement with you Steven. What I was meaning to express was that it is against polling laws to have anyone biased party support within X number of feet from the polling precinct entrance. And yes the bias of the polling officials is incredible. To expel the republican watchers so that you can put your favored party in to watch is an incredible overeach.

          • Steven DePriest

            Thanks for the clarification!!!

  • Dunnyveg

    White people don’t count anymore. Anybody who wants to prove it should go stand out in front of a polling place in a Klan robe and see how long it takes before they are removed.

  • Kelly Rice

    I would not care, as long as they did not care if I brought my 500 magnum pistol with me when I voted.

  • notfondoflibs

    If any member of a group whether it’s the Black Panthers, Hell’s Angels, etc. stands in front of a door with a wooden club or pipe, that’s inflammatory and he should be removed by law enforcement.

    • kbiddy

      He doesn’t have a club or pipe.

  • Ct Sherwin

    I’d put that mr’r in da graybar hotel wif a member of da new Aryan Brotherhood wif dem racist tats and dem big mf’n arms and watch da fun, ya nos wht ’em sayin’? I be carin’ nobody be standin’ front dat polling place ‘sept udder peoples be votin’…not need dat gorilla be hangin’ der, ya no’s wht ’em sayin’? BHO ‘n Joe–dem cats gots to GO!!!

  • decmocratsrcommunits

    are these commie thugs still standing or has an America taken them out yet?

  • Alexandra Lytle Eytchison

    are you kidding?? Philly actually stands by and lets this happen?? Where is your Mayor, or Chief of Police?? what is wrong with you guys??

    • kbiddy

      What is he doing that is wrong?

  • Paul Revere

    Who the heck is intimidated by these pansies? I would give anything to have one of these guys smart off to my wife just to give me an excuse to break his jaw. I’m sure he would figure out some way of getting federal freebies while he recuped.

  • Mark Rosen

    The only thugs trying to effect the election are the Billionaires like the Koch Brothers and the Corporations that are sending out jobs overseas so they can stuff money in thier pockets.

    • Obsidiandog

      You are a mess. You’d better figure things out fast or you will have a very unhappy life.

  • Patrick

    I’d walk right passed his ass and place my ROMNEY VOTE…….

    • Dicky Spader

      WOW you are a real badass! Dont want to mess with you!

      • Patrick

        Damn right, DONT FORGET IT…. Not all of us are little cowards… But its ok, its your right to be one, lmfao….

  • mrsharfer

    The black panthers are a vicious, uneducated, useless gang just like any other gang in America. They accomplish nothing but violence and further show the low character of blacks. I noticed there was no baton this time. Maybe they heard not to bring a baton to a gun fight.

  • Skutatoi

    This is what I hate about Republicans.
    We’re so reluctant to take action where it’s needed.

    Why is this guy still breathing?

    • kbiddy

      Because he is a human being and murder is illegal?

  • SOG1077

    Why do black people keep falling lockstep with the white Democrat racists? Do they really enjoy being used decade after decade? Via the Democrat’s Planned Parenthood killers, they are committing genocide against the black race. Your population levels in America are beyond replacement levels. WHY do you gravitate to the people who have ALWAYS harmed you?

    “I’ll have those ni##ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years” - DEMOCRAT President Lyndon B Johnson <— Pissed off after having to sign the REPUBLICAN's Bill, The Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  • angelav

    haha! I thought it said “uninformed”! wouldn’t be too far off, i’m afraid.

  • WendellWillkie

    Someone should give him their leftover halloween candy. He fits the bill.

  • Richard Adams

    Arrest him and haul him away. Nobody is allowed to loiter at the entrance of a polling area.

  • Political Dookie

    Doesn’t Sam Jackson have a movie to make?

  • dwr

    But we white folk dare not start something like a “White Tiger” group to protect Caucasians from thugs like this.

  • bobonnit

    Please, please Black Panthers, come to my voting place.
    You may get away with it in Philly but you’ll go home on a stretcher if I see any of you in my neighborhood

  • mrsharfer

    Since this fool is there for protection, I wonder if he would protect me, a 63 year old white woman, from any harm or voting irregularties?

  • Dicky Spader

    I guess its ok now for a known group of militant negros to “Try” to intimidate voters! This is ok??? This is the same group who put at a wanted dead or alive, and encouraged people to go after george zimmerman and his family!
    This country is a f’ng joke. Its time whitey grows a fvcking backbone!

  • CoupeDeBill

    This is no worse than the Republican psycho’s “True the vote”, 1 million of these creeps have been sent to polls to intimidate voters.

  • Fedupbigtime

    He is a doorman trying to earn a few bucks…dont forget to give him a dollar…

  • WendellWillkie

    So the tables have turned almost completely since the 60’s. Whites prevented the blacks from voting. Now some blacks who have always claimed racial inequality are doing the same, or applauding the same, towards whites.

    • kbiddy

      No, that is not what is happening at all, actually.

      • mariah10

        Reverse racism certainly is. Just look at the news. Any blacks killed for whatever reason, and it’s racism. Blacks kill white kids, kill with the knockout game, etc. VERY LITTLE if any coverage…and you certainly don’t hear the president saying, ‘if I had a son, that would be mine’. I’m not sure your age, but I have lived through many decades, and the reverse is happening. Right now there is a black left wing racist piece of crap college group THREATENING their own college with violence if they don’t get FREE HOUSING, FREE TUIITION and boatload of other demands. Are you ok with this because they are black? I’m guessing you do.

  • po1orw

    Darla, I agree. What I don’t understand is where are the police and why are these thugs being arrested and thrown under the jail?

  • po1orw

    that should be why are these thugs not being arrested and thrown under the jail?

  • Eric

    This shows a desire for dictatorship…Where is the police?? “White guilt” has to disappear for good. We can see how Obama’s justice works.

  • SOG1077

    “I’ll have those ni##ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years” - DEMOCRAT President Lyndon B Johnson <— Pissed off after having to sign the REPUBLICAN's Bill, The Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  • Roscoe Bohannan

    The dude does not look intimidating to me. He’s just standing there.

  • Arcturus

    The real thugs are in Racine County in Wisconsin. They are white Republicans shipped in from out of state. They are actually inside “observing” (interfering) with the election process. What is this guy doing that bothers anyone?

    • WendellWillkie

      How are they interfering oh wise one with a crystal ball?

      • mariah10

        YEs, show me the proof. And really, how stupid is the comment ‘shipped in’….like livestock, lol? Are there no white people in Racine? why would you need to ship anyone in? This sounds so stupid it’s beyond belief.

  • SOG1077


    “Our nation’s top historians reveal that the Democratic Party gave us the Ku Klux Klan, Black Codes, Jim Crow Laws and other repressive legislation which resulted in the multitude of murders, lynchings, mutilations, and intimidations (of thousands of black and white Republicans). On the issue of slavery: historians say the Democrats gave their lives to expand it, the Republicans gave their lives to ban it.”

  • Garry Carlson

    Absolutely! What if it were a Knight of the Klu Klux Klan? Same thing, intimidation is still intimidation, whether it is done by blacks or whites.

  • SOG1077

    New Black Panther Party
    Feds Investigate Dropping of Panther Case (2009)
    The New Black Panther Party is Unlike its Namesake of the 1960s (2000)
    Founded: 1989
    Location: Washington, D.C.
    Ideology: Black Separatist

    “The New Black Panther Party is a virulently racist and anti-Semitic organization whose leaders have encouraged violence against whites, Jews and law enforcement officers. Founded in Dallas, the group today is especially active on the East Coast, from Boston to Jacksonville, Fla. The group portrays itself as a militant, modern-day expression of the black power movement (it frequently engages in armed protests of alleged police brutality and the like), but principals of the original Black Panther Party of the 1960s and 1970s— a militant, but non-racist, left-wing organization — have rejected the new Panthers as a “black racist hate group” and contested their hijacking of the Panther name and symbol.”


  • SOG1077

    The NEGRO PROJECT: DEMOCRAT Margaret Sanger’s EUGENIC Plan for Black America

  • SOG1077

    “The KKK was the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party.

    Our nation’s top historians reveal that the Democratic Party gave us the Ku Klux Klan, Black Codes, Jim Crow Laws and other repressive legislation which resulted in the multitude of murders, lynchings, mutilations, and intimidations (of thousands of black and white Republicans). On the issue of slavery: historians say the Democrats gave their lives to expand it, the Republicans gave their lives to ban it.”


  • Sidney Elyea

    § 10-603. Loitering. 104

    (1) Definitions.

    (a) Loitering.
    Idling or lounging in or about any place or facility described in (2),
    so as to prevent others from passage, ingress or egress, or to idle or
    lounge in or about any place or facility described in (2) in violation
    of any existing statutes or ordinances.

    (b) Private Property Used to Accommodate the Public.
    Any building, structure, equipment or other thing, including the land
    upon which it is situate, abutting premises that are used incidentally
    for the accommodation of the public, including the sidewalks and streets
    adjacent thereto.

    (2) Prohibited Conduct. No person shall loiter in, on
    or about any underground platform or concourse, or any elevated
    platform serving public transportation facilities, or any underground or
    elevated passageway used by the public, or any railroad or railway
    passenger station or platform, or on the steps leading to any of them.
    No person shall loiter in, on or about private property used to
    accommodate the public. 105

    (3) Duties of Persons Controlling Private Property Used to Accommodate the Public.
    The owner, lessee, manager or other person in control of any real
    estate which is used to accommodate the public shall ask any person
    violating this Section to voluntarily correct the violation and if the
    violator neglects or refuses to correct his violation shall make a
    report immediately to the Police Department and cooperate with the
    police in removing any violator from the private property used to
    accommodate the public.

    (4) This Section shall not apply to any picketing or other
    incidental activities of a labor union in a labor dispute governed by:

    (a) The Pennsylvania Labor Relations Act of 1937 as amended.

    (b) The Labor Anti-Injunction Act of 1937 as amended.

    (c) The Public Employees Relations Act (1970).

    (d) The Labor Management Relations Act of 1947 as amended.$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:philadelphia_pa

  • Walter Bellhaven

    he’s actually just the bathroom attendant on his 15 minute break.

    • WendellWillkie


  • John Svengali

    Police come, ask him to move away from the polling station, he refuses, he is arrested and prosecuted. The polling area is inviolable. That means no Black Panthers, KKK, U.N., “Brown Shirts” of any kind, or anyone too close so as to intimidate or hinder voters. Eric Holder’s politicized Justice Department is responsible for this. There has to be a price to be paid for this or we are done as a country.

  • GuidoFL

    Where is the DOJ ??? Oh I forgot, they got away with this 4 years ago !

  • J.r. Steffen

    That crap would never happen in a state that allows people to carry guns for protection. How are we allowing this as a country! Where the hell are the cops and why are we not doing something about it if they won’t why doesn’t the people. This is the reason he won last time between them and Acorn stopping people from voting and having dead people vote. Philly take matters into your own hands and stop this crap now before we have no country left in four years.

  • GoddesFashionista

    just kkk is all over the united states,but soon as “the black panthers” show up somewhere it a problem.
    i’ll never forget what happened during the civil rights movement,the killing of emmit till,nd the killing of mlk.
    white people are the biggest hypocrites and the most racists people known to mankind.

    • RufusChoate

      Do you seriously believe 11% of the general population of any racial group would be free of its own power if the 89% of the Majority didn’t want them to be free? Blacks didn’t free themselves from Slavery or Segregation either here or in Africa. It was European Christians who did it for them.

      I don’t understand people who join as the most loyal followers of the Party (the democrat party) of Slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation, Miscegenation Laws, and institutionalized Scientific Racism then whine about everyone else being Racist for the slightest complaint of thuggery.

    • mariah10

      Stupidity rampant.

  • Brian Neissl

    I am proud to say that I voted ROMNEY/RYAN,and I will never be afraid to vote for who I want,to hell with the black penis party!!! I will shove my 45 pistol down his throat,this is our country,and we have the right to vote for who ever the best canidate is,and who ever will straighten out our country!! LETS TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY TODAY!!!!!

  • Andrew Moyer

    OMG…. just walk the fuck in, vote, then walk the fuck out. If you’re intimidated by some shmuck near the door, that’s your own damn fault. Simply standing there is not a crime.

  • Kurt Cook

    wouldn’t bother me…I carry pepper spray!

  • Millicent

    That’s the crappiest excuse for a “uniform” I’ve ever seen! But, then again, I DO come from a family of United Stated Marines!

  • justfedupwithstupidity

    don’t bitch if you accept it… this is intimidation at its best especially with their leader wanting to kill those several shades lighter than himself…and nothing out of Obama’s mouth to condemn it… and with Holder at the helm… don’t expect the laws to be upheld for everyone… just for some…

  • B. Brown

    This is because Eric Holder threw out the complaint the last time they did this. They have to stick together.

  • Rose Hackney

    If he is within the 100 foot boundary, remove him or have him arrested. He is carrying a political message.

  • Susan F

    Philly Post editors: You NEED to go through these comments NOW and remove the disgusting racist KKK comments. I’m very disturbed by them, as I’m sure other people will be — regardless of their race! — when they are seen. They are very dangerous.

    • mariah10

      If you are referring to me, I have not made ANY racist comments. My only reference to them is that the PANTHERS are the SAME THING, and they are, and I will not retract that statement, and it is NOT racist. Both groups are trash.

  • TruthinSF

    he should be forceably removed by police.

  • Melissa Powell

    perhaps you should quit your day job and go back to school for learning. Its not the Black panthers its the NEW Black Panther party. 2 completely different groups.

  • Jason Wonnell

    Wow. That guy looks like a friendly citizen doing his part to make sure the polls are safe and watched over. If you think that smiling older gentleman wearing glasses is intimidating you are probably just afraid of black people. He can’t help that. To all of you that are saying you want to confront this man with aggression and violence are funny and ironic. And all the blatant racism in these comments isn’t helping your argument either. Why would anyone assume this man doesn’t have a job, or that he is on welfare? Did I see something about watermelon in there? Yeah, this guy is the problem, I’m sure.

    • mariah10

      I said nothing like that. But he is a panther, and they have nothing but evil, racism, and hatefulness in their venue. They ARE the flipside of the KKK. Both wretched pieces of crap organizations.

  • Jason Wonnell

    Mitt Romney should come kick that dudes ass himself!

  • keynova

    so a black man in a hat scares you sheeetless, that is intimidation? … no wonder you hate obama you are afraid of a little color. There was about 10 grey panthers at my polling place.

  • Jason Wonnell

    I Love Mitt!

  • Jason Wonnell

    Every time I reload this page there are less comments than before. This is the free speech republicans believe in.

  • Guest


  • Z’mak Jones


  • Joyce Rachum

    Threatening, intimidation and abusive behavior like this at a polling place? I feel like I am living in a third world country and will be punished if I vote the “wrong” way.

  • Lyssander79

    I find it funny that everyone who is up in arms about ‘free Obama gas and free Obama phones” (really, where are they?) and voter intimidation have been perfectly fine with Republican supports throwing away voter registration ballots, Republican state lawmakers trying to pass laws that discriminate against the infamous ‘47%’ which includes the few remaining veterans of WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam war. These people are of every color, religion, creed, income status, family status, and employment status and the Republicans tried, and failed in many places, to tell them “F**k you! If you ain’t gonna vote for R-Money, you ain’t gonna vote at all!” It’s one black panther. Maybe he’s not there for voter intimidation, but he’s there to help make sure the elderly and infirm can get into the building to vote. But noooo, it’s an angry black man keeping the god fearing white man from voting. Grow up.

    • Jason Wonnell

      I agree. It’s too bad your comment will be instantly deleted because this just a big republican circle jerk. even as I write this I know that no one will see it because these assholes don’t want to preach to anyone but the choir.

      • mariah10

        I see it didn’t get deleted. And I read all your 3 word responses above. Could it be your language that got you deleted? I’m guessing so.

    • mariah10

      I’m laughing my head off. Help the infirmed? Please show me where the panthers have been anything other than a militant evil killing machine?

  • Chuck Lavazzi

    As long as he’s at the legal distance from the polling place and not acting threatening, I’d just ignore him. If he was acting threatening, I’d call the cops—just as I would if some white militia guy were doing the same.

  • John Hadden

    This must stop, first of al,l who do not know, these scum bags have killed many people in the past. (all White) They are low – life garbage. The Navy Seals promised to be in this area today, I wonder what happened?? Also the painting of Obama inside the voting area is illegal. what low life garbage!!

    • Jennifer Starr

      I think the Navy Seals have more important jobs to do than watching a polling place in Phliadelphia. Maybe you’re thinking of the National Guard, but one black man does not constitute a need to call out the guard.

  • Jason Wonnell

    fuck you

  • Jason Wonnell

    fuck you assholes

  • Jason Wonnell

    stop deleting posts

  • Jason Wonnell

    Debates not allowed?

  • Jason Wonnell

    Must be a republican, racist asshole to post here?

  • Jason Wonnell

    agree or be deleted

  • Jason Wonnell

    Whats the point?

  • Jason Wonnell

    why post this if we can’t have an honest discussion on it?

  • Jason Wonnell

    delete this bitch

  • Jason Wonnell

    fuck you people

  • Jason Wonnell

    kill yourself

  • Jason Wonnell

    suck my shit pipe you racist assfucks

  • jsmithcsa

    They have no business being there. The Black Panthers (new or old) are a bunch of criminal thugs with no authority to “supervise” a polling place than one of Hitler’s storm troopers.

  • Frederick Mac Whitley


  • Frederick Mac Whitley


  • Richard Hertzwiner Jr.

    All I see in this photo is a man in a beret standing on the sidewalk. How is this “intimidation”? If a white man stands on the sidewalk, is that “intimidation”?

    • mariah10

      It’s because he’s a black panther. Do you now know their history? If so, you need to look it up. Next year the KKK is gonna’ think they can do the same thing. Would that not be called intimidation? I’m white (and Indian but it’s way back), and they intimidate ME! Both groups are trash.

  • bojosatchmo

    Here’s a song to lighten up those thugs,

  • AaronGStock

    Oh Victor, you’re the best. The best, you scoundrel.

  • Roberta Murray

    A recent survey was don on members of The Black Panthers. It was concerning their sexual preferences. What it revealed is that 95% of The New Black Panthers preferred sex in the shower.The other 5% hadn’t been to prison yet.Get these sub-human piles of sub-human scum out of our voting places! But,more importantly,get that hideous Obama and Mammy Obamy out of our White House!!!

  • myGodmyGod

    Thank God he is a civic minded citizen and was willing to stand at the polling station to ensure there was no voter intimidation. I am going to recommend him for a Nobel Peace Prize.

  • myGodmyGod

    Now that is one well dressed handsome looking black man! Who is bothered by him being there?

  • Tony

    What are you scared of?

  • dane

    Let a klan member stand next to that waste of air. Hopefully they’d kill each other. Probably the same guy who put a bounty on Zimmerman. That kind of stuff shouldn’t be tolerated and if a white person put out a bounty it would have been handled very differently myGodmyGod. Double standards stem from ignorance so quit calling people bigots you hypocrite.

    • mariah10

      Absoluely. All the panthers are is a BLACK version of the KKK. Both scumbag groups.

  • Paul Torsiello

    One place for Black Panthers,6ft under

  • Jessie Tondreau

    Who the hell cares who stands at your polling place? You big, whiny, crybabies. Is he following you into the booth? No? Is he watching what button you push? No…? Oh…he’s a guy standing outside? THEN WHAT ARE YOU CRYING ABOUT!?


    If you are going to let that guy intimidate you and prevent you from voting, it’s your own dumb fault for being SO prejudiced that the sight of a black man terrifies you.

  • Ego

    Oh my God, there’s a black man standing at the polling station!!!! Sound the alarm!!!! Help!!!! It’s the end of the world!!!!

  • ICDogg

    I don’t condone it but the fact is that people have been intimidating black voters against voting for many years and still attempt to do so in every election, but one black guy stands outside one polling place where mostly all black people vote and you guys have an aneuryism.

    • mariah10

      It wasn’t one place. Look it up.

  • Jennifer Starr

    He doesn’t look all that threatening to me–in fact he looks quite friendly.

    • mariah10

      Try pissing him off – by words I mean, and see just how ‘friendly’ he will be. Do your research, Jennifer. The Panthers are NOT FRIENDLY! They are the exact same thing as the KKK in another color. Neither worth shooting.


    pp the new kkk

  • sampson

    everyone on this site is ridiculous. One Obama has no ties to the Black Panthers. Two whatever political party you identify with, that is your belief so instead of putting others down for their beliefs try worrying about yourself. the government is corrupt and backwards all of you and what has happened to our country since its establishment makes me sick.

    • mariah10

      Are you kidding me? You’re saying Black Panthers are ok? Really? What rock did you crawl out from under? Would you say the same if it was the KKK? I doubt it. Both ‘parties’ are disgusting, should be disbanded, or taken care of in some way. They do not represent America – and for you to defend their presence, and it’s a FEAR presence, if you think otherwise, you are delusional, is reprehensiible!

  • Leon Foonman


    • Facebuooksucks Guitarz

      Neighbor neighbor neighbor Neighbor Neighbor !!!! You sure are neighborly, at least not like those ignorant conservative red necks