No Doubt: Mitt Romney Is Going to Win

Why I’m feeling very confident about Tuesday’s presidential election.

Am I cocky? No. Dancing in the end zone yet? Not me. Can I say with certainty this will be a landslide blowout? I want to, but can’t right now. Though I think it’s possible. Am I feeling very confident about Tuesday’s outcome? You bet. And why shouldn’t I? The evidence is all around us. Mitt Romney’s going to be the next President of the United States.Lots of nervous Romney supporters still allow a desperate mainstream media to convince them Obama’s the inevitable candidate. That’s just holdover concern from four years ago. I’ll admit, I felt the same way then. There was no stopping Obama. C’mon, he was going to “slow the rise of the ocean!” How do you beat that?

But that was then. He has a resume now. His performance review is due.

I’m still getting family and friends sincerely asking me, “Chris, can Romney really win?” My answer has been the very same since the beginning of this year. “What evidence is there to suggest Obama can win?”

Look, you know the sad stats just as I do. We know them cold. We can say them in our sleep. Forty-seven million Americans are on food stamps. The unemployed and underemployed hover between 15 percent and 20 percent. Millions of us have just stopped looking for work and dropped out. Minority unemployment and poverty sit at devastating highs.

Student debt has now topped a record $1 trillion. Forty-three percent of Americans under 25 are still living with their parents. And why shouldn’t they? Obamacare now says they qualify as “kids” who must be covered by their parents’ health insurance until age 26.

Oh, then there’s all that pesky government spending and debt. We’re a nation $16 trillion in debt and counting—$6 trillion attributed to President Obama’ s spending in the last three-plus years. Health insurance premiums are higher, not lower. Gas prices are on average over double the $1.86 per gallon they were when Obama took office. Try getting a home loan for the first time. Try selling your house or refinancing your mortgage loan since Obama and his pals “regulated” lending standards.

I’m sure you have more. That’s just some of the fiscally devastating news. We haven’t even touched Obama’s lack of leadership or unwillingness to lead on Medicare and Social Security insolvency. He hasn’t even offered a general operating budget for our government that’s secured a single vote in Congress.

In short, I’ll ask again. “What evidence is there to suggest Obama should win?”

I know, I know. You’re saying, “But Chris, the media won’t cover this stuff! You know it, I know it, but the average voter doesn’t understand what you’ve just shared.”

Listen, I’m not trying to romance this or seem too “Pollyanna” about things. I’d simply ask you to have some faith in the American people—even those who don’t pay the kind of attention you do still feel the effects. Folks are hurting, and they don’t need a column full of poor economic statistics to know something’s terribly wrong.

Let’s also discuss another basic barometer I still believe the American people can read: character.

October’s debate performances were devastating for President Obama and Vice President Biden. The most highly watched debate was the first. Obama looked weak, meandering and indifferent. Romney was confident, informed, appropriately aggressive and positive. He left a first impression with millions of voters that couldn’t be undone.

The following three debates found Romney and Ryan continuing their display of competence, calm, discipline and, once again, positivity. They looked like adults. They looked like leaders. They offered ideas. Most importantly, they baited a trap. And the Obama/Biden campaign took that bait.

As Romney continued to talk about big ideas like economic recovery and job creation with a calm smile, his crowds grew. The undecided and independent voters began to flock. Romney’s campaign rallies in states like Colorado, where he’s not supposed to be competitive, continued to swell.

What’s happened to the once lofty “we are the one’s we’ve been waiting for” campaign of Obama? It’s been reduced to silly conversations about Big Bird, birth control and “binders full of women.”

It’s just so … small.

The snarky, hateful, petulant stump speeches making fun of Romney’s name as a health condition (“romnesia”). The constant TV appearances on the likes of The Daily Show, the Tonight Show, The View. He’s recently been quoted in Rolling Stone calling Romney a “bullshitter,” and appeared on MTV to talk about his iPod playlists. It’s empty, it’s hollow, it’s unserious, it’s just—small.

Trust the American public to know what they’re seeing and feeling even if they don’t follow it with the passion you and I do.

They know this is not behavior befitting the office of president. They see the trouble our nation faces and the flailing leadership of this unaccountable, petty, finger-pointing, name-calling, small president.

Then, there’s just something I’m “feeling” about the Romney/Ryan ticket.

At a recent rally of more than 10,000 supporters in Red Rocks, Colorado, Romney was caught backstage after the remarkable turnout in a moment of reflection. The barely audible moment of solitude was reported online by The Ulsterman Report.

… the governor lowers his head, eyes shut tight and you could see him take a slow deep breath and then he lets it out and says quietly, “Lord, if this is your will, please help to make me worthy. Please give me the strength Lord.”

Do I know President Obama isn’t that quietly humble, reflective and human in private? No, I don’t. Just a feeling I have.

Romney’s going to win.

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  • Amy
  • I so pray you are right.

  • Steve

    “On day-one, I will flip the bird to the middle class.” – Mitt Romney

    • SnapDragon

      If by “flip the bird” you mean “turn this mess around, give your bosses some tax relief so they can hire more people and create jobs” then I would agree with you…but I may be misunderstanding your point.

    • Rickey

      Hey idiot, so your saying Obama said that instead?

  • Ed

    use your brain and not your conservative heart. oh, and google nate silver, idiot.

    • dave

      Nate is great… or try Sam at Princeton election consortium

  • $1.86 in 2008??? I remember the summer of 2008. Gas prices were creeping above $4.00 a gallon. I was there, wondering how much higher they would go. Anyone else remember this? Given my memory of the gas prices that summer, I am not going to put a lot of faith in any other of your statistics.

    • 1phillychick

      Thanks Joe. I am not touting any candidate here but I will say that I HATE for people to create stats for the sake of argument like we didn LIVE through 2008. I have a very good memory and have owned a car for many moons now. In NONE of the states that I drove through in 08′ did I find gas at $1.86. As you alluded, one inconsistency in the ‘facts’ usually mean there are more.

      • SnapDragon

        Check it, you’ll see. While the majority of the year was spent much higher, they plummeted during the fourth quarter…

        • 1phillychick

          Thanks for your encouragement, but I don’t have to check manipulated stats on man-created websites. I was there, remember? What I didn’t see with my own eyes, will not be changed nor challenge by some number creating machines.I drove to and from work every day, not mention trips to NJ, DE. PA, MD and DC throughout 08′ and in NO MONTH and in NO STATE (that I drove through, anyway) did is see/buy gas at 1.86. This is why, this election, I am making a choice based on what I saw/lived/experienced vs what the rhetoric/pundits tell me was/is true. Have a great day!

          • Michael

            I was there too,gas prices in Philadelphia fell to under $2.00 before the end of the year.

          • 1phillychick

            Thanks Michael, its a good thing that I’m arguing with you about what I PAID for for my gas. 2.30 at the least is what I remember. Not the 1.86 that the author states nor the ‘under 2’ that you. Claim. But then again, I also lost my job that year after a 10 year career ( so I was very mindful of my money) and couldn’t BUY a job inspire of having a degree and over 10 years of experience. However, in the last year, I’ve been offered 3 newly created positions in 3 different industries. Each of our perceptions are our realities. Vote yours and I’ll be sure to vote mine. Have a great night.

          • MooreFud

            1phillychick, maybe it’s because you are a terrible comparison shopper and blindly went to the most convenient gas stations which always have gas prices higher than stations more out of the way.

            Maybe, also, the US doesn’t revolve around you and your location within the expansive US of A. Gas prices are often much higher is large cities than in the US as a whole.

            Regarding these “man-created” websites (as you call them); maybe it’s your woman-created perception that is at odds with reality?

          • 1phillychick

            Maybe you should read for understanding. Your ‘maybes’ also do not determine MY reality. I was in agreement with Joe in saying that I did not pay 1.86 for gas- so 1, I am clearly not alone in that and 2, I do believe that Joe is a man. So your argument against my woman-created perception is idiotic. Not surprised though. For the last time, just because an article on a website tells me what I should have paid for gas (or any other statistic that doesn’t apply to me and a vast number of other folks) doesn’t make it true. Your reality (or what passes for it in your mind) can keep it moving. Have a nice day.

          • My family moved from California to Alabama during this administration. Gas has gone up considerably over this time. EVERYTHING has gone up. My husband lost his job in 2008..took a job paying considerably less, has been promoted 4 times and STILL isn’t making what he was prior to his layoff. You are right! Your perception is your own reality UNTIL you see half the country struggling like you are! Then you start to wonder….hum…..

          • Steve

            So you choose to go through life ignorant of actual facts. Good luck with that. You represent Philly at it’s finest.


          • 1phillychick

            Ignorant of the facts? Whose facts, yours? Regarding what I PAID for my gas? You sound like a fool! Just because you pull up some random website doesn’t make YOUR info a fact in my life. So you, Steve represent a fool at ITS finest.

          • Your comment makes no sense. WHy don’t you do a simple google of “How much have prices gone up since Obama”? You will find pages upon pages of information that all coincide with the other. Now, let me add, I am a mother of 3 kids under the age of 9. I have had a child during this administration. I shop weekly. Any woman (OR MAN) who does the grocery shopping can tell you that YES…prices have gone up substantially in the last 4 years. I don’t need anyone to tell me that.

          • 1phillychick

            And yet someone else who refuses to read for understanding. Smh My original point was that gas WAS higher in 08 than folks would have us to believe. (Read the original post that implies that gas had gone down to under 2.00 BEFORE Obama took office. My original post stated that I had not payed less than 2.00 in the year before Obama took office.) Sheesh! Some of you sheeple will spout anger and hate without even reading! If you READ you will see that I never even mentioned Obama but made the same point that you have made- that gas has been consistenly rising since before he took office.

        • Daniel McKee

          Right, just after Saint Obama was elected. Wow, that man sure has charisma. Even gas prices bow to him.

        • Steve

          ^^^ THIS COMMENT ^^^ +1

        • wonder why? Isn’t that weird how gas dropped so dramatically in the last few weeks…hum??

      • LJ

        PhillyChick: the gas prices cited are the National Averages.. not the prices you paid at the gas stations you happened to visit. In some places, like many cities in California, gas prices have risen much higher than $4.00.

        • 1phillychick

          Thank you, LJ. You have certainly made my (original) point. We act and react to what we experience personally. There are many national averages that have not impacted me personally and that was what I meant when I said that I personally didn’t pay 1.86 for gas in 08 AND that each of us will act/react/vote according to our own experiences and those closest to us.

    • SnapDragon

      There are plenty of places online where you can verify this. Shortly after the $4 and up gas prices hit, they plummeted towards the end of the year.

      • Daniel McKee

        Oh, yes, and by the logic with which Obama is blamed for everythign that happens his getting elected must have halved the price of gas. Gee, the man is a saint!
        Actually, we all know that the price of gas plummeted from $4 to $2 b/c the economy collapsed on Bush’s watch and everything lost value, including oil commodities.
        The price of gas has almost nothing to do with Obama. He has increased drilling in the US even more than Bush did! Not that I’m for that, but a fact is a fact (and your screaming “Lie!” makes it no less so, sorry!)

    • Steve

      Sorry, Joe. Perhaps this 4 year chart of gas prices will jog your memory. Chris is right.

  • Some people continue to have the heads in the sand. Dem’s took control of Congress in 2007 and refused to rein in Fannie and Freddie. Obama inherited what he voted for, the financial crisis. lol. The article gives indisputable facts which is always problematic to the incompetent and the list could go on and on. Libya lies and the media coverup for example.
    The liberal media ignored their “journalistic oath” and only fools believed them. The coming book “The Next American Civil War – We Know Where You Live”.
    “The “Journalist’s Creed,” as written by Walter Williams when he founded the Missouri School of Journalism more than a century ago.
    It states: “That journalists must be public trustees with the
    full measure of responsibility to the public. That accuracy and fairness are fundamental to good journalism. That a single standard of truth must prevail for all.”
    Pointedly, he noted the credo states “that suppression of the news is indefensible.” ”

    The journalist of Philadelphia have failed in living up to this creed. Chris Stigill HAS.

  • Sous — clearly shows job creation under Obama

    • SnapDragon

      Private sector has created jobs, however, the private sector is exactly that, private sector with little attribution to the government. Secondly, there have been more jobs lost than created. Overall he is the only president to ever have negative job growth during his presidency. (verifiable too…)

      • Daniel McKee

        Um, go verify that. You’re flat-out wrong. Not that it’s not close, but now Obama HAS created more jobs than lost on his watch.
        Not that the job loss lies at his feet anyway, btw. We were bleeding jobs when he took office, and continued to bleed for a year. Then he turned it around, and it’s been largely steady growth since then, with a few months of slippage in 2010.
        These are not Obama’s facts, they are statistical facts. Get your head out of your partisan shell and try to understand that some things are objective truth (whether you like them or not.)
        I won’t say Obama’s been great for the economy. There hasn’t been a miracle. But do I think Romney could have done better? NO WAY!

    • Guest

      LOL just noticed the link is m of course it would say job creation there…probably also says he cured cancer, ended world hunger, and when the SEALs killed Bin Laden world peace ensued…

  • Waldo Hammersmith

    Mitt Romney is first and foremost a liar, and not a very convincing one. he has no firm and well-rooted convictions other than that he believes he should be President. While I am not overly pleased with the state of the economy today, I think that President Obama has reversed the downward spiral that he inherited and things would have been much much worse under a McCain administration. I have always been an Independent, but the choice here is clear to me, and it certainly does not include Mr. Romney.

    • SnapDragon

      It shouldn’t include Obama either. Things are worse today than when he took office. You’re either uninformed or ignorant.

    • waldo…..were you born this stupid or is it something that you learned?

    • you haven’t convinced me. your a liar.

    • ConcernedRepublican

      If you want to go into liars lets jump right into Obama’s record. Obama is a liar just a convincing one, so I guess that lets you sleep at night. Obama promised to cut the deficit, he has increased it more in one term than any other president. Obama said he would reform social security and medicare, never even attempted. Obama also said if he didn’t fix the economy he would be a one term President. This so called recovery is the slowest one in American history. I think I know who the liar is here.

  • SnapDragon

    I do agree with you that Romney will win. I don’t know of one single person who voted for McCain in 08 who is now voting for Obama, however, I know boatloads of people who voted for Obama in 08 who are voting for anyone except him…

  • Rickey

    You are so right!! Hopefully everyone in america can see this. Even the Las Vegas odds makers are predicting a landslide here! Mitt Romney is going to be the best president since Reagan.
    And also, good statistic with the 150% debt increase under Obama…I want to see an Obama supporter come up with an excuse for that one!

  • Heller

    This article, as with most right leaning propaganda, is really devoid of any factual evidence that Mitt Romney will succeed in winning the election. Polling is done for a reason and the current polling, in aggregate, simply does not imply that the Mitt Romney is going to win. Your gut feeling is not exactly a statistically proven entity.

  • Pam

    I hope with everything I have and hold dear that Romney wins. I am not a republican – I am an Independent. Obama has already thrown America into utter chaos and despair & caused such division among people. He simply cannot be voted in again.

    • I’m right there with you Pam. I have voted DEM for every election but one in my lifetime and I am 42. I just read this to my husband. How is it I am only seeing this type of article in a major city publication the night before the election? I don’t care if you believe in God or not…I would rather my President pray then not….I am not sure if Mr. Obama does. The way I was taught and NO I do not go to church now and haven’t for many years but the way a preacher is supposed to be is not the way Mr. Obama’s preacher was for the 20+ years he went to Jeremiah Wright’s church. That has concerned me since before the 2008 election. I feel even more uneasy about it now. They can’t get anything on Mr. Romney’s character that’s why they have been trying to instill fear against the big,bad,rich,white guy! I pray…yes I do…that Mr. Romney wins tomorrow. FOR THE SAKE OF US ALL!!!!!!!

  • Turk502

    1. Gas did drop under $2.00 a gallon prior to Obama’s presidency…know why? Because the economy tanked and there was no demand. See, that’s what happens in a supply and demand economy. In July of 2008, average gas prices were .50 per gallon more than they are now. Gas was cheap because people were huddled in their basements, hugging pillows and praying that the world wasn’t going to end.

    2. If any of you honestly think we were better off four years ago than we are now…well, if all you care about is the Phillies, you’re right. If you care about anythng else, you’re insane. The DJIA was under 8,000 when Obama took office, it’s over 13,000 today. My 401K is up 25% in the last year (funny, those “suffering” corporations seem to be making out OK). The unemployment rate went up 80% in the 10 months before he took office and continued up over 10% nationwide. It’s now back down to the level it was when he took office, and has been trending downward. Manufacturing is up, house prices are up, new construction is up. Seriously, go back and check the headlines from four years ago…maybe you’ve forgotten that we were about a month away from Thunderdome.

    3. For you Socialist conspiracy nuts, gun rights under Obama have expanded. And I’m an employer, and both my my business and personal taxes have actually gone down over the past few years, due to things such as the payroll tax holiday, the HIRE act, etc.

    4. If anyone who supports Romney can tell me ANYTHING he actually believes in, other than lowering taxes for the wealthy, please let me know. Because he has literally contradicted his own supposed stances IN THE SAME DAY, depending on what group of people he’s speaking to. He’s vows to repeal “Obamacare”, despite the fact that it is modeled after his greatest (some would say only) legislative accomplishment.

    5. Funny, after having a Republican Governor from 1991-2007, immediately after Romney served, the state of Massachusetts went Democrat. Say, who would know Romney best? Maybe the people he governed? Let’s see, the latest polls have Romney down 32 points in his home state to Obama…the same Obama who lost the 2008 primary in Massachusetts to Hillary Clinton by 20 points. That should tell you something…

    • Daniel McKee

      Funny that no one responded to this thoughtful post. I guess it’s not so fulfilling to have to deal with facts and rational arguments as to scream “OBAMER TOOK OUR JOBS!”

    • ConcernedRepublican

      Well, I wish I saw those rising home values. I bought my house in August 2008 and each year since then my house has dropped in value. I just today got my 2013 assessment and it dropped its worth another $4,000.00.

      Romney believes in having a strong America and has the know-how to do it, unlike our current President. His past experiences have proven that he is the man for the job time and time again. What track record did Obama have prior to becoming President to fix a failing economy? Oh, that’s right just his word and that sucks and his word isn’t worth much since he is a lawyer and we know how trustworthy those guys are.

      Oh and can you give me a time when Massachusetts ever gave their electoral vote to a republican? Not surprising to see Romney down there. Only a small fraction of the states voters vote in the governor race compared to the presidential race.

      Romney also believes in having a strong military. I know Obama says we are find the way it is, but I am a recent involuntarily separated service member and I can say first hand that this is not true. Our deployments have gotten longer, and our manpower smaller. We are doing more with less and since Obama has been President he has kicked out 1000’s of service members against their wishes, which I believe only adds to the number of unemployed people this country has.

  • Solarvoltaic

    You blame the economy on Obama and pretend the Bush years and the Great
    Recession that came then didn’t exist.
    Obama has prevented a Depression and brought GDP back up ABOVE the zero
    line again, and GDP has increased for 14 straight months since he’s been in
    office. We have added more than 5 million private sector jobs since he took office.

    • Solar– your evidence that a depression was averted? What’s that you say? You don’t have any? Then shut the F up!!!!! I’m so fed uyp with libtards telling us what would have happend Obama hadn’t won. How about this– what happened when he did win? We all have the answer for that one. I voted for Obama. I bought the line of crap the first time. Carter said the same things when he sought re-election. Thank God he lost. This is the longest lasting recession in U.S. history, and it’s high time it ended!!!! We’ve all lived through recessions. The horrible ones last(ed) about 1 or 2 years (ref Jimmy Carter– ultimately ended by Ronald Reagan).
      We need more Ronald Reagan (Romney) and less Jimmy Carter (Obama). Obama is in waaaaaaay over his head Now, let’s head to the polls and right our country!!!!

    • How could five million jobs been created with national unemployment rate being above 7.8%, 105 in the Latino community and 14+% in the black community. You have been drinking the Obama Kool Aide it appears with all due respect.

  • Solarvoltaic

    Both Bloomberg and the Economist have endorsed Obama.

  • Solarvoltaic

    Today’s jobs report was better than expected.

    • fooledmeagain

      Unemployment was supposed to go up more than it did? ..BTW

      Did CA report this month?

  • Solarvoltaic

    Anyone who has an honest plan would not hide the number the way Romney and Ryan have.

    Fortunately most economists have already projected that their numbers don’t add up and would only raise the deficit and debt to astronomical levels, even if they CUT ALL DISCRETIONARY SPENDING, including Education, the EPA, aid to veterans, the elderly, science, research and development. How is that going to be good for JOBS and the standards of living for the average American?It could only benefit the superwealthy, including the oil companies that are bankrolling him.

    • ConcernedRepublican


      Hmmmm, well let’s see here. These are probably the same economists that said the stimulus plan was going to work so well. A lot of good that did huh? An increased deficit with extremely slow growth!

      What I do know is that when Romney was governor he had a surplus in the budget and he is a successful business man who knows how to spark growth and he has a proven track record of fixing other people’s mistakes and that is exactly what this country needs right now. I know Romney has what it takes to get this country on track to a balanced budget and a booming economy.

      Obama’s track record of fixing anything is a joke and I am completely baffled that he has such strong supporters like you. It really blows my mind that this election is even close. I was recently involuntarily separated from active duty service and I can tell you what I have seen since he has been President. That is longer deployments, manpower cuts, many losses in programs that were once available to active duty service members. Since Obama has been President 1000’s of service members like myself have been separated from the service involuntarily; some just a couple years away from retirement. It is sickening that he could do this to the people that defend our freedom’s. Great job creation there! Let’s screw over people that are already being under paid and sent in harms way to defend our freedom’s. If Obama gets reelected I am sure that 1000’s more will be separated involuntarily due to the $500 billion cut to the DOD.

      All I have to say is that I hope the American people are smart enough to realize how important this election is and how important it is that Obama doesn’t serve another term.

    • Sir, sound like your incumbent president. What is all this fear about Romney being wealthy? He did it in the private sector. Unlike Mr. Obama who became a multi millionaire while being a public servant. REALLY?

  • i sure hope your right. I’m not much of a prayer person but i’ve been praying on this one.

  • Daniel McKee

    I hope with everything I have and hold dear that Obama wins. I am not a Demoocrat. I am an independent. The Bush years thew America into utter chaos and despair & caused such division among people. We simply cannot vote another friend of corporate greed and irresponsible spending into the White House again.

    • ConcernedRepublican

      How can you say that Romney would be a irresponsible spender when he left as Massachusetts with a surplus? Obama sure fits that ticket though since he has increased a deficit more in one term than any other President. Bush had to pay for a war that the American people wanted at the time. I know you will probably deny this now, but after 9/11 everyone wanted blood for what happened to our countrymen. Sure, Iraq was a dumb move, but it is what the people wanted at the time. He also had to beef up domestic security after 9/11 and that wasn’t exactly cheap so their were definitely reasons for his spending.

      Obama has his reasons for spending, but the failed miserably. The stimulus plan wasn’t monitored an billion’s of tax payer dollars were pissed away through corruption and companies that went bankrupt anyway. The plan was a joke.

  • Everyone like you keep up the thought, this country needs to be run by a businessman. But isn’t it businessmen who tanked this country in the 1st place?? I think so. I have real problems with a guy (Romney) who wants to be President as bad as he does

  • ben harvey

    I see your other posts: You applaud the work of Donald “Mr. Evil” Trumps and his huge Obama scandal announcement. Once I read you are a supporter of this clown’s antics, I hung up on ya…You want better commentary: go to Harveys Global Politics for better insight.


    MITT ROMNEY EXPOSED: Romney’s secrecy in business is detailed, and revealed; as well as his role as a drug money launderer for GHW Bush; his connection, through Bush, to CIA death squads in Central America; his role in 9-11; in the murder of US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens; and the significance of his endorsement of and by Cheney. Please watch the video at

  • Glenn

    The Pathological liar with foreign bank accounts will be beaten badly. That is Mr. Romnesia.

    • Obama lies he is destroying our country and if you want socialism vote for him. Romney is a good man who has been misrepresented and he can and will turn our country in the right direction!

  • Glenn

    Anyone who votes for Romnesia is extremely naive and uninformed. This creep is an empty suite with no character. That’s why He and his Vampire side kick lyan Ry ann lost 3 of 4 debates and will lose on Tuesday.

    • ConcernedRepublican

      No, I would say he lost 3 out of the 4 debates because he has more morals and respect to not lower himself to the the standards Obama has. He is a religious man that was brought up better than that.

      • Glenn

        Anyone who has been following the campain knows that almost everything that comes out of Romnesia’s mouth contradicts what he said the day before. He hides his money in foreign bank accounts so He can evade income taxes. (for at least 10 yrs.) He and lian Ry ann are serial liars who have special places in Hell reserved for them..It is obvious to Me that you have no conception of what is going on. The Repiglicans now positioning themselves on who to blame for Romnesia’s defeat. Right now it looks like Chris Christie.
        The President is projected to win on Tuesday with an 81% probability and well over 300 electoral votes. Per Nate Silver’s computer model. Google it !

  • peacebunny.

    Stigall, thank you for being so ignorant and out of touch. Really, its jiz-socks like your self that allow me to feel superior to at least one other human. On Tuesday night, when I pee, I will think of you.

  • Reggie

    U better make sure you delete your shitty post Tuesday night.

  • Well this must be embarrassing….

  • Laughing-At-You

    How did this partisan, and blatantly “faux news” charged “prediction” work out?

  • Jane Yavis

    Maybe that confidence was because you spend too much time only around those who agree with you???

  • Didn’t turn out terribly well for you, did it?

  • dsads

    Oh my, this is pretty embarassing now lmao. How could someone even have so much confidence and be so wrong?

  • mistermark123

    LOL. Was this column intended to be a joke? I cannot believe how embarrassingly wrong the right wing media was.

  • Too bad Obama won by an electoral landslide.

    • Jane Yavis

      Let’s give credit where credit is due. Talk Radio in Philly GAVE the election ot Obama – No matter how leery we were of another Obama Term,,,,,,,does anyone in their right mind want to vote like the nevver-ending racially charged, less than accurate and more than ignorant all day long seven days a week 1210 Stepford Talk Show Hosts????