Chris Christie Still Blames Atlantic City Mayor, Thanks President Obama

Plus: Updates on travel, the absentee ballot deadline gets pushed back, DeSean Jackson stocks up on snacks, and more of what Philly is buzzing about today.

Governor Christie Thanks Obama, Still Blames A.C. Mayor. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was on a number of morning shows to relay his analysis of Sandy’s effect on the Garden State. He says he’ll go up in a helicopter to survey the damage at the Shore as soon as the winds die down and it’s safe enough to go up. President Obama called him at midnight after seeing the extent of the damage in Jersey. Governor Christie says that President Obama deserves credit for streamlining the process to declare Jersey a major disaster area. Christie also says he still blames Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford for telling people they could stay put.

Sandy Wrecks the East Coast. More than six million people are without power and 16 people have been reported dead, including three in Pennsylvania and three in Jersey, thanks to Sandy. President Obama declared New Jersey, New York and Long Island federal disaster areas. [USA Today]

No Flights. Nearly all flights in and out of Philadelphia International Airport are canceled for Tuesday. [Inquirer]

SEPTA Still Down. Mayor Nutter isn’t optimistic that SEPTA service will resume on Tuesday. He expects service to be down at least through the afternoon. [CBS 3]

Major Roads, Bridges Re-Open. Major highways in the Philadelphia area reopened to traffic at 4 a.m. The Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross, Walt Whitman and Commodore Barry Bridges also reopened for cars at 4 a.m., but truck, bus and motorcycle traffic is still off limits. []

#OpeninPHL. Businesses in Philly tweet to let you know if they’re open. Good news: Federal Donuts is open. Bad News: No fancies. [Twitter]

Governor Romney Cancels Events. Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney canceled campaign events on Monday night and Tuesday. He also urged people to donate to organizations like the Red Cross to help deal with the problems related to Sandy. [Washington Post]

Absentee Ballot Deadline Moved Back. The deadline to request an absentee ballot in Pennsylvania was supposed to be Tuesday at 5 p.m. In the wake of the storm, Governor Corbett has moved that deadline back two days. [Inquirer]

DeSean Jackson Stocked Up for Sandy. The Eagles wideout made sure he wasn’t going to be stuck inside without plenty of snacks.

Picture via @deseanjackson10

  • Kenneth Wayne

    I don’t know why I read these. I inevitably get annoyed. God, I hope we win.

    • Birdbrain77

      I feel the same way! I don’t even want to get into it, but these guys act like Chip came out and said, “I’M CHANGING THE NFL!! WATCH OUT!” LOL I started this week thinking it would be a high scoring game with the Birds ultimately losing. But now, it’s just a hunch, maybe a hunch wrapped in wishful thinking, but I think they’re going to win it.

  • Cyrus Robinson

    It’s silly comparing a coach to a player. One guy is in charge of Xs and Os, the other guys is actually on the field executing plays.
    That’s like saying bGreg Popovich was supposed to change the game, but Kobe Bryant is doing it better!” Apples and oranges.

  • Slb

    Unimaginative national pundits “know” everything. At the end of the day they’ll either be making excuses for Peyton or further tearing down the effectiveness of the league’s number two offense. By the way, when did Kelly ever mention reinventing anything. He has a style that has brought his teams success and after one bad game on offense, the tongue in cheek, sarcastic tone has become the overwhelmingly popular thing to do among the national media when referring to the Eagles … I hope we kick their @$$3$ today! It’s a long shot, but I hope Peyton does his best and that it’s simply not enough to keep up with the Eagles, offensively. I want him to walk off the field defeated and with a grass-green jersey courtesy of 58, 59, 95 and (most importantly) 75. I hope Djax burns DRC every time they line up. Our line has to hold; our qb needs to play lights out; t’s crossed; i’s dotted. We need to take them out!

  • Ender1241

    Find it funny that they are already ripping Kelly for not reinventing football after three games. The Eagles are 2nd in the league in yards, without a HoF QB at the helm, with many of the same players from last year! The offense works, people!

  • AnotherUKEagle

    I hope we win after this. I have no problem with people saying we’ll lose, but not when they’re snooty about it (Read: Harrison, Florio). Drives me nuts.

    • #7

      Florio sucks

      • AnotherUKEagle

        He really does, just irritates me

  • Robert Perri

    What amazes me is when they discussed this “Changing football” nonsense he was the first person to say he hasn’t reinvented anything… Now they are ripping him for not reinventing football. However, they do have the #2 offense in the NFL, and a horrible inherited defense with very little talent.

    This rebuilding will take some time, people need to relax.

  • Byter

    Like Michael Corleone says in GF2, “we are all part of the same hypocrisy”. Because, we as readers are eager for NFL content, media have to write things 24 x 7 as opposed to a columnist taking a few days between thoughts. Forget about perspective. You notice all the anti-Chip sentiment comes from “older” journalists where Peyton is now a God and Chip is a blasphemer, even though the Broncos use many of the same concepts and plays as the Eagles (at least Tim and Sheil noticed). I just hope Chip has a long-term view…

  • Token

    start drinking early guys. This is probably going to be a rough one. But you never know with the Eagles. They like to win games they should lose and lose games they should win.

    • Loke1988

      I think you referring to Eagle teams of long ago. There are very few if any holdovers that I can think of. I will take your advice either way.

      • Token

        What are you talking about? Did you just start following this team? Its basically the same team as last year.

  • Johnny Domino

    My advice is to bet the over and pee every commercial break whether you think you have to or not.

  • Explorer51

    “If you want to make enemies, try to change something.”
    President Woodrow Wilson

  • Adam

    It’s great how the media has perpetuated this “changing football” narrative, even though Chip has said on numerous occasions that nothing he does is revolutionary, but now they will use it as a point against the Eagles. Pretty hilarious.

    • #7

      Media. That’s what they do.

  • AZ_Eaglesfan

    So abosolutely no one is giving us a shot to win this game… Sounds like its time for an upset!

  • #7

    At the Braves Phillies game. Leaving early so I can watch my EAGLES. Ef Peyton Manning. We gonna hit his ass today. Vinny Curry about to lay that wood on’em

    • Richard Colton

      Braves fan + Cowboys fan + “Whomever Mike Vick plays for” fan = not Eagles fan. Beat it you. Take a walk in Atlanta, it’s still summer there.

      • #7

        Jdjjskjlcl c llllllllldbsvdjsj k fpjfiehbsjsi787777ndnwpejdjh


  • UKEagle99

    What I’m saying about what they’re saying…

    Peter King – thanks for pointing put the obvious.
    Greg A Bedard – don’t drink and write.
    Elliot Harrison – you may be right but you are still an idiot.
    Peter Schrager – Really? Will we? Who now is pointing out 2008 headlines?
    Pat Kirwan – Go and do one! Yes Chip vowed by game 4 he would change the way the NFL is played.
    Pete Prisco – the rest of these goons make you look like a prophet.
    Evan Silva – I cannot disagree with your brief analysis.
    Mike Florio – The only person that will feel like they have been trampled by Buffaloes (did you mean wild horses?) is you when we meet.

    Catch you later guys. I love this underdog stuff. I’m hoping at the very least that the O can execute cleanly and the D gets physical. Get BDawk firing them up!

  • Loke1988

    This is gonna ruffle some feathers around here.

  • ojdiddoit

    In Chip I Trust….Patience this will take time

  • Sig

    I like how only the media said that the eagles could change the way football is played. Now everyone is saying that their offense does not work. Leading the league in rushing and being ranked number 2 in total offense is damn good. Some of these morons need to actually put some work in before they just spew BULLS#*@!!!!!!


  • Daniel Vining

    It’s almost like Sheil wants us to get the pitchforks out.
    I’m hoping for a big in-your-face upset while appreciating the foundation-laying this year. Vengeance will be ours.

  • Max Lightfoot

    Peyton: whiny-ass, colossal-headed baby who thinks the NFL spins around him. Granted, he’s playing better than Tom Brady on benzedrine right now, but I hope the stars align enough for this clown to lose today. It’s a real long shot but – Go Eags!

  • Richard Colton

    Watching KC’s defensive live carve up the Giant’s O-line makes me feel a little better about how our O-line played last week. Vick should have more time today – birds score 30+

  • Justin

    And once again, “experts” show why they shouldn’t have a job.