Michael Vick Gets Flat Tire, Gives Speech to Maryland Gymnastics Class

Philadelphia’s starting(?) quarterback was on his way home to Virginia with his family when he got a flat tire in Maryland. Luckily, he was right across the street from an auto body shop. As the owner and workers at the shop tried to get Vick’s Lexus off the highway and into their lot, a woman came out from the adjacent Twisters Gymnastics to see who was blocking the driveway to her gym. When she was told it was Vick, she invited the whole family inside and the QB spoke to about 100 youngsters about working hard to succeed while the woman gave his daughters a tour of the gymnastics facility. Just another day in the life of Michael Vick. [Crossing Broad]

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  • Justin

    I’m glad at least Salas will still be around. Really thought he’d make the 53-man roster though.

  • Eaglehaslanded

    I like Travis Long. Spending a year to get stronger and familiar with the system will be good for him. I think he can be a player. With that being said I still would like the Eagles to draft Anthony Barr. That would give us a strong OLB corps.

    • Media Mike

      Can Barr play strong side like Barwin?

      • Eaglehaslanded

        Yes, he is your prototypical 3-4 OLB. He is the guy who knocked Matt Barkley out the game last year. Very aggressive at the point of attack and physical. If you get a chance to watch UCLA key in on him.

        • Media Mike

          Good deal!

    • GEagle

      I’m not ready for the Barr hype yet….impressive Kid, but spend another year at OLB before I annoint the guy

  • Dominik

    I’m happy we got Bamiro clear waivers. At least we still have him (and Kruger with his “injury”), after we lost Shepard.

    • Media Mike

      If Kruger’s body will accept the extra weight, it’ll be awesome to see if we can roll out a 6’6″ 300lb 3-4 DE. We currently lack any of those beyond Cox.

      • GEagle

        Thorton is like 6’4 and up to 310

      • poetx99

        lol. ie, send him back to the dealership, and drop a new engine and transmission in there while we’re at it.

  • PaoliBulldog

    Hate to lose Shepard.

    • Run Eagles Run

      I think he even knew he wasn’t going to make it through waivers. surprised Kelly let him go, but I’m guessing he knows exactly what he’s getting with Maehl. I know its garbage time in preseason, but 8 catches at least shows the guy can get open and catch the football. Those are good things.

      • KobraKai7474

        More importantly, Maehl is better on kick coverage. 5th WRs don’t make NFL rosters without being able to cover kicks.

        • Dutch

          Where and when has Maehl covered kicks in the NFL? I’m going to assume all that is said Maehl can accomplish is evidenced by what he has done while at Oregon before last year.

          Maehl didn’t cover kicks or catch a pass for the Texans. For the two years he was in Houston he was on their practice squad. In 2011 and 2012 in both seasons near the final game he was activated but the has no stats. An indication he never got into the game either year.

          • Tyler Comp

            At Oregon, Dutch, where Chip saw him do it. He also did it as part of the Texans practice squad…ya know, in practice. He also did it in the preseason. I saw him make some nice plays myself and he caught the ball when it was thrown in his direction.

    • Richaud Jeaffreson

      Hard to make the team when you are a wide receiver with bad hands.

  • glenn

    I am still puzzled by cutting McCoy. He really played well in camp and preseason, and actually could cover at the OLB position, better than Cole or Graham. He truly showed he was a good pass rusher and playmaker against the Jets. I don’t see how Matthews made the roster over McCoy. Now, the Eagles are dangerously thin at the OLB position.

    • Media Mike

      3rd string “predator” behind Cole and Graham wasn’t worth keeping anybody on the roster. McCoy would be an excellent backup for Graham opposite Barwin if the Eagles would have bitten the bullet on Cole and eaten the $1.1 in additional cap charge cutting / trading him would have cost.
      Don’t look at it as Matthews vs. McCoy, think of it as not having a competent backup for Barwin and keeping the best special teams guys for the final roster spots. If McCoy had been killing people on special teams or in run support, he’d be here.

      • ridusofreid

        Agree with above. Still need to add back end help. Very thin. I see lots of blitzing and 6-7 wins

        • Media Mike

          Part of the reason they went to a 3-4 (or 4-3 under) was to be able to be more exotic in pass rush without having to send more than 4 or 5 guys when needed. We’ll see if it works, but I do know that there (except for Nate Allen) WAY less missed tackles in the back 7.

          • Will

            The experiment gets tested on MNF hope they are ready for the Bright Lights.

          • Media Mike

            I doubt it’ll be ’91-esque, but they’ll tackle at least.

          • GEagle

            NO worries, this defense will surprise people…just watch how much better it looks in Washington when we play 4-3U and guys like Soap and Meco are no longer just going thru the motions preserving themselves..
            just watch how much better we look when Billy Davis Disguises our defense something that he wasn’t going to waste in the preseason….Cary and Chung NEED to play 16 games….the lack of depth in the secondary is FREIGHTENING, but hopefully the can hold up, with this nasty front 7 pressuring Qbs and making life easier for the secondary,,,,an injury to Barwin, Chung, or Cary would be catastrophic!!! Injury to Nate would be a blessing in disguise lol

          • Will

            God I am so hoping it was all a vanilla show and your right. Curry and Thornton were penetrating, they can’t double team everyone that was before the LB’s blitzes, throw in some line stunts, the young group up front flashed beast mode….Nate Allen is in “it’s a Business decision mode” do not wish him or any other player no harm.

          • OregonDucker

            Agree. 4-3U suits the personnel. Throw in a little 3-3-5 on obvious pass plays and watch the fun.

            Folks are not giving this DL enough credit. They are going to impress.

      • Warhound

        McCoy beat 3rd stringers but wasn’t strong enuff at the point of attack. I think he’d struggle setting the edge.

    • KobraKai7474

      Repeat after me: He couldn’t play special teams… at least not as well as the other guys at the bottom of the roster. Even crappy NFL teams (and that is what the Eagles are right now) simply can’t afford to keep 3rd stringers who are not also great special teams players.

  • Eagles4Life

    49ers just signed Chris Harper off Seattle’s practice squad. Wonder why we didn’t make a move.

    • Media Mike

      Because a guy has to agree to join your team if you offer to sign him off of the practice squad of another team. I don’t think we’re a choice destination if we’re up against San Fran for poaching a practice squad guy.

      • jon h

        but we could have signed him BEFORE he was put on the PS, correct?

        • Media Mike

          We could have claimed him, but chose not to. Once he was a free agent after not being claimed anybody could offer him a spot on their team. And I don’t believe he’s better than any of our 5 WRs as is.

  • Eric

    I was upset also that Matthews made the team over Mccoy. But then I read somewhere that Matthews was second on team in Special teams tackles last year and is considered one of the Eagles best special teams players. If you don’t think David Fipp had a huge say on who gets those final roster spots your mistaken. And why did Jeff Maehl make team over Salas and Shepherd. Special teams and he’s familar with Chippers offense and WR routes. Evidenced by his breakout last preseason game he caught 8 passes for 61 yards. I am higher on Maehl than most I can see him as a Danny Amendola type of receiver in this offense.He also played Safety at Oregon before he was switched to Wr and is also known to be very good on Kick Coverage units.

  • Bob A

    Also on 53 man roster, Najee Goode from the Bucs in, Emmaneul Acho out.

  • Mford

    Looks like this was planned out! Very interesting!

    Devils Digest: Prior to draft day were there any specific teams you felt confident were going to draft you?
    Keelan Johnson: “I was confident I was going to play for the Philadelphia Eagles. I spoke with Chip Kelly and he told me he felt like there was a need on the team that really needed to be addressed. But I guess they decided that wasn’t me. I guess I just got a call for the Dolphins and that’s where I want to play at now.”

    See for yourself

  • craigcollier

    Emmanuel Acho needs to be added to the practice squad before he get’s picked up. Casey Matthews must have tapes on someone because–let’s be real–his game is garbage.

  • Eric

    Here we ago again Steve Spurrier 2 brings back another Oregon player Isaac Remington to practice squad over players that were more deserving. Chip Kelly doesn’t play favorites towards Oregon players that’s why Casey Matthews is still on team and the Preseason MVP and Emanuel Acho was cut right?

  • UKEagle99

    I see the Colts have waived John Boyett. What are the chances Chip brings him in? Sounds like the kid had a knucklehead moment but apparently showed no signs of behavioural issues whilst with the Ducks.

    • bentheimmigrant

      I hope not, just so I don’t have to hear people screeching about Chip bringing in Ducks.

  • RIP illa


  • jd

    Colts let the maniac Boyett go – grab him chip!