Blatstein Plans Lavish Party to Unveil $1 Billion Casino Proposal

Bart Blatstein—the developer who completely re-imagined Norther Liberties—plans to have 150 of Philly’s “movers and shakers” over to his catering hall, Tendenza to stay up all night playing video games and drinking Mountain Dew unveil his proposal for an “unprecedented, $1 billion resort and casino complex” at the former home of the Inquirer and Daily News. You know the shindig is going to be legen… wait for it… dary because Blatstein is calling it a “lavish launch party” and says it will be invitation-only. We’re only going if there will be robot butlers and a champagne fountain. Oh, and some of those hand-held masquerade masks so we can cover our faces when things get weird. (There’s a champagne fountain, so things are gonna get weird.) Feel free to insert your own Eyes Wide Shut joke wherever you deem necessary.

Does Philly need another casino, when local venues in Chester, Valley Forge, Fishtown and Bensalem are wrestling for customers, and Atlantic City’s gambling halls are foundering?

Sure, says Bart in his statement: “The sheer size, scope and multi-faceted amenities of this unique resort and casino complex will make it a regional tourism attraction that will ignite other area development and push the prosperity and boundaries of Center City north on Broad Street.” And we’re betting contractors, union workers, hotel and parking operators, and local government agencies that will benefit from more betting will line up on Bart’s side.  [Inquirer]

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  • The Answer

    And then he wasn’t good

  • Dutch

    Football allowed Danny Watkins to earn a college education in America and afforded him a lucrative income for a few years that probably will set him for life. He’s more than satisfied with the outcome. He obviously never had an intensity to do much more on a football field. Now he walks away being owed a cool $1 Million in guaranteed money.

    Not a bad haul

    • ACViking

      Not Watkins’ fault the Eagles were willing to throw money at him.

      The fault lay elsewhere.

  • ACViking

    You can’t measure a guy’s heart. The NFL is business. College . . . not so much.

    Who on the Eagles was responsible for digging into this kid’s psyche to find out if he ate, breathed and died football?

    Also, I love how Mayock linked Moffitt and Watkins.

    They’re both gone now from their first teams.

    • laeagle

      I think we’re a little careless with how we throw around the term “heart”, as in “Watkins lacks heart”. No, he lacks passion for football. The two are not one and the same, and I can guarantee you the kid has more “heart” than most people writing in these comment sections. Toughness, intensity, strength of character: these are not all synonymous with success in the game of football. They have many other expressions in life.

      The guy just didn’t have a love of the game. He made out OK. Good for him. I’m just disappointed that we wasted such a high draft pick. But I’m not going to act like he’s a weak piece of S because of that.

      • ACViking

        Yes. I’d have no doubt Watkins would run into a burning house.

        But “passion” for American football . . . .

  • Justin

    This raises an important question: How do so many people get something like this so wrong?

    • UKEagle99

      Look if you are after a job for life you need to either a) predict the weather or b) work in the media evaluating talent. Hard gigs to get, easy to hang on to.

    • DLRJ

      Simple answer: college football is so different from pro football that it is really difficult to accurately predict performance in the latter based on the previous. Someone can be much better at it than someone else and yet still be badly wrong sometimes. To be honest, it has always baffled me that so many people struggle to understand why it is such a difficult task.

  • Media Mike

    See, this really irks me. This guy was universally loved by the “experts” and should have been a GREAT draft pick. Now I read today all over twitter about how much of a non-football lover Watkins was.
    Where were the stories over the past two years about Watkins not cutting it because of heart? The talent was there and obvious, but this dude didn’t care to work at it……….but I never saw word one about Watkins being disinterested in football until today.

  • TheTurk

    He now becomes the wealthiest fireman in Canada.

  • BrickSquadMonopoly

    Sometimes with the fat kids they don’t have the dedication…too physically exhausting. A 29 year old mid lifer

  • TheGhostofNormVanBrocklin

    Further proof that most of these “experts” don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

  • TXEaglesFan

    So the moral of the story is, don’t select a LT out of Baylor.

  • dislikedisqus

    Ouch! These quotes would have been hilarious – if the Cowboys had drafted him. Now they’re just painful.

  • Dubiy

    Crazy how most of the experts loved him..

    • Media Mike

      Hence why I won’t kill management for the pick because it wasn’t the typical against conventional wisdom pick that turns into a bust. Gocong for example.

      • Dubiy

        Right he wasn’t the pick that Andy tried to outsmart everybody at, just a huge failure.

        • Media Mike

          Yeah, and a personal failure by Watkins by everything that I’m seeing by reporters on Twitter today. They’re all universally slamming his lack of heart. I can’t blame that on Andy.

  • Myke Lowery

    were those quotes made right AFTER AR drafted him or before the draft? seems media didn’t want to second guess AR.

  • William

    I don’t understand why people are dogging Watkins. The Eagles chose him , he didnt choose them . It appears that because of his size, people have been trying to get him to play football all along. He wanted or wants to be a fireman . What was he supposed to do when he was drafted, say” oh no that’s alright , I don’t want the money or the opportunity” Hell no. He tried to play in the NFL and maybe didnt have the pure drive as so many others that wish they had his natural ability. It happens, the Eagles are trying to rectify it, they are cutting their losses and moving on . Why do we keep referencing A. Reid as well, to every problem this football team has. He won many years here…..the last two we sucked and he never won a Superbowl, so what. Many teams are in the same boat. New regime, new players and we are rebuilding without being totally decimated. Let’s stop crying about every little detail. Let Watkins take his money that he earned and hopefully the Eagles can regain the tradition of nothing less than NFC championship games and maybe this time a Superbowl victory.

    • #7

      Well said

    • UKEagle99

      From a fans point of view I 100% agree, but read it back from Jeff Luries point of view. Whether he is running this purely as a business or as a passionate owner that wants to win “so what” doesn’t cut it.

      People need to be accountable. I don’t begrudge DW a cent of what he has been paid. I agree the Eagles chose him, they coached and ultimately his failure to play on the line is the managements failure.

      That said, you cannot say yeah so what, sorry it didn’t work out lets move on. You need to learn. Why didn’t it work out? What failed? What can we do to ensure this doesn’t happen again? Jeff would tell us, not having Reid & Banner drafting and letting Howie call the shots is the answer.

      • Adam

        If you could ever manage to get that information or accountability out of a football front office, you’ll by vying for Peter Kings job. Fact is, no matter what organization, you’re always going to have guys taking credit for what works and passing the buck for what doesn’t. It’s not a Lurie/Eagles/Howie dynamic.

        • UKEagle99

          In the grander scheme you are absolutely right, but within the Eagles organisation of the last few years, it was very much a Lurie, Reid, Banner, Roseman dynamic. As I said in another post, we won’t know the truth until one of them releases a biography, even then, would you trust it :-D

    • Jernst

      From a sociology point of view, yes…of course, I or any other person on these boards would take the same money and opportunity that Danny took. However, if I took a couple million dollars from any businessman without fully being committed to the job I was being payed to do and then failed to perform as I was being payed…not because of a lack of skill, but simply because of a lack of desire…I’d expect full well to be called a piece of shit by everyone that had a vested interest in my performance.

      • William

        The eagles are valued at over a billion dollars as a corporation and will make 100’s of millions this year. Corporations fire chairmans and high level employees all the time, giving them millions to walk away. That is all it was. I guarantee you Laurie is not worried about it the in the least. A lot of your core players are found in later rounds anyway. Watkins being a bust is not really a big deal, financially or strategically. I won’t call him a piece of S because he didnt have the fire in his belly. It doesn’t mean he didn’t try but just not hard enough. He is just a first round bust , like the 100’s or so before him

    • Jernst

      Also if he wanted to be a fireman than he should have applied for a fireman job, but he applied for the NFL draft….and that’s where your argument fails miserably

      • William

        He didnt apply for the NFL, as you can apply for the NFL, you are chosen. However he did chose to be a fireman and maybe that is what he does well. My statement is that Watkins was a bust. In all sports their are bust. It could be worst( JaMarcus Russel, Ryan Leaf, K cárter who had injury problems.) Mistakes happen, I admire the Eagles for swallowing the 1 miliion, first round pick and moving on. How many times do NFL teams cut a guy in his prime because they don’t want to pay him. Good for Watkins, the Eagles will survive, but they need to get over it and move on. Question , what was worse, drafting Watkins or signing Nnamdi, Babin, Vince young and all those other disastrous Free Agents. Bigger problems to worry about than a over drafted lineman with lack of passion for the game.

  • Shark

    “In terms of pure guard talent, goll-ee, he’s awfully exciting,” another scout said.- Jerry Jones
    Another reason why he is deteriorating, his scouting blows

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    It just goes to show you that nobody knows for sure how most of these guys will turn out.

    • #7

      Including QBs

  • Adam

    The biggest problem with the Watkins pick was always his age. Let’s say in an alternate universe he played well. He’s 30 when his rookie contract is up. What do you do then? Give him a fat contract when you’re not sure if he’s only got a few more years left?

    • Dubiy

      That was my problem with the Weeden pick, besides the fact that he wasn’t highly touted. Even if the dude was a beast in college I would still never have drafted him.

  • Dubiy

    People on eaglesnews are pretty mad about all the oregon players being on the roster instead of some people like Mike mccoy, everette brown, salas, and shepard. It really does look like chip is playing ‘favorites’, hell even matthews is still on the roster.

    • Adam

      Am I missing something here? Matthews has been in this organization for longer than Chip, so not cutting a guy that the other FO has kept for 2 years is Chip’s fault? Which inside linebacker should the Eagles have kept that was better than Matthews?

      Mike McCoy looked great in 4th preseason game but he hasn’t stood out other than that.
      Everette Brown never stood out.
      Salas is a JAG and didn’t contribute on special teams.
      Shephard isn’t NFL ready yet, PS is where he belongs and is the best case scenario for him.

      Eagles also cut Nick Murphy, Dennis Dixon, and Isaac Remington, all former Ducks, but no one is talking about that. Patrick Chung is our best safety.. also a former Duck but no one is talking about that. It’s a case of people looking for a story that isn’t there.

  • Will

    Lane Johnson was a solid 1st RD pick, TE? in 2nd?, QB in 4th…..just
    stupid when you have the 29th Defense to go 3rd and 5th pick for