Mitt Romney Turns Down Invite From Nickelodeon

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney recently turned down an invitation to participate in Nickelodeon’s “Kids Pick the President” event. A Nickelodeon press release indicates that Romney’s camp said he was too busy to fit the taping into his schedule. President Obama was able to squeeze the show into his schedule and sat down to answer questions on gun control, bullying and his most embarrassing moments. [Hollywood Reporter]

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  • Think ESPN will even mention Vick’s comments, and the theme of forgiveness we need in this country (his words)?? Or will they just let LZ Granderson et. al feed the pirahnas?

  • NickS1

    Sheridan’s an idiot. Initially i wouldn’t have been shocked if he were cut but the more I think about it it would be wrong. All the chances other guys get in any pro sports league, Hibbert’s homophobic comments for example, and Sheridan wants him gone? That was never going to happen. Suspension from team activities for a few days was the harshest he would have gotten.

    • Heck, Josh Brent killed a teammate and Jerrah didn’t bat an eye

      • NickS1

        Ray Lewis “obstructed justice” (read: killed a man) and what’d the NFL do? Made him the poster boy and even handed him a ring as a send off.

        • remember all the fans the day after Peters’ arrest calling for his head over a speeding ticket?
          Cooper will be taking a few more hits after the whistle. Plus, the worst punishment for this behavior is exposure. Racism hides in dark corners behind closed doors; he can never escape it again. The only reason the team will get rid of him is if the clubhouse could not support him. If the Eagles’ players can still “go to war” with the guy, who are we to throw stones?

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    John Smallwoods take on this situation is pretty good. I agree with his take on it. as an African American reporter I value his take on this. Rileys mistake and misjudgement shouldn’t lead to other poor judgements by other folks as payback. it has to stop.

    • Warhound

      Smallwood nailed it!

  • JamesDDl

    If it becomes too much of a distraction, they will let him go. If they think they can manage the situation, don’t be surprised to see the next steps include anger management class, substance abuse counseling and other actions to repair his damaged image.

  • Weapon Y

    What Cooper said was ignorant and hateful. He should be ashamed, particularly because many players and coaches he works with every day are black. With that being said, this talk of releasing him is overblown. Ray Lewis went on trial for murder, but didn’t even get released (which is an interesting difference from the Hernandez case). It sounds like Chip and many veteran players have intervened and reprimanded Cooper. It sounds like the team can handle this on their own. If Cooper shows a pattern of dumb behavior where the team can’t control him, then maybe I’d consider releasing him. Until then, I’d prefer to let Chip and the team leaders handle it.

    • Brent E. Sulecki

      the daily backlash and embarrassment he will take everyday will be punishment enough. to have to look into a friend or teammates eyes and know they are judging you and may not trust you the same is painful enough im sure. he will have to earn their trust back. forgiveness from them was the first step. the kid needs to take criticism better. hes always getting slammed on twitter by guys…before any of this happened. then the video of his argument with some kid. who im sure was heckling coop..he needs to stop being sensitive and let it go….and now I will get looks when I wear my cooper jersey. im grown and can handle it…but he needs to think of the young fans he may or may not have that experience that same problem…think before you talk coop..this effects more than just you…you play for a city..a team..a community..and fans who follow you.. wheres tebow??

  • EagleFan-in DC

    IMO as long as NFL allows a team to have ‘Redskins’ as the name, it would be hypocritical for them to fine Riley. I realize that the ‘N-word’ is far more hurtful but it is not plastered everywhere and Riley isn’t making any money of that word.

  • jabostick

    I don’t think you can cut him because it sets a pretty rough precedent in the (totally implausible!!) event that someone else on the team gets caught saying something stupid or McCoy gets Twitter happy again.

    Hopefully it is a very significant fine and Cooper is genuine in owning up to being a moron and maybe re-evaluating his relationship with alcohol (I’m assuming he was drunk).

    If the locker room is wants to forgive him and allow him to make it up to them, that says a lot about the power of ‘team’. If they think it was a hollow apology, Chip needs to weigh that relationship with the on-field production. That is Cooper’s real punishment, in my mind – having to face your teammates and adding a ‘con’ to your argument for making the team.

  • knighn

    The NFL should suspend Riley Cooper for at least 4 games.

    Then again, both Roger Goodell and Dan Snyder should be suspended for continuing to allow a racial slur (directed towards another race) as a team name. There couldn’t be a team called the “Washington N-Words”. Heck, there couldn’t be a team named:
    The Washington Whiteskins
    The Washington Brownskins
    The Washington Blackskins
    The Washington Yellowskins

    There shouldn’t still be a team called the “Washington Redskins”. If there is going to be racial sensitivity in the NFL, and if there is going to be a “no tolerance” policy towards racial slurs, it needs to be across the board and the Washington team needs to get a new name.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    why did this person have to record this…they are definitely not Eagles fans. I mean if they were why would they do that to their team…its a different day and age..and Riley def needs better judgement. I mean shady said somethings on his twitter first off I couldn’t understand but he was very abusive verbally and offensive to a young lady…name calling and saying many inappropriate things. now we don’t allow people to talk to our women in society this way but it happened..and its over..i just fear coopers thing wont go away because of the topic..even donte stallworth had an incident where he was drunk and ran over and killed a guy..and he still plays…for the skins…but we don’t hear about that…the race issue is very sensitive..understandably

  • Yahaya

    Not sure it was racism…you guys tend to get too carried away. One bad driven moment…for goodness sake take a chill pill

  • Yahaya

    Drunken moment I meant

  • Uncle Carm

    Who among us has not said something shameful in the heat of the moment, especially after a few beers? One incident should not define a person. His teammates certainly know if there is a pattern here, and they will treat him accordingly, I would imagine. Cutting a guy for this incident is so overblown it would be ridiculous.