Who Can Sing the Eagles Anthem of 2012?

For this football season’s carbonated-NFL-cross-branding move, Pepsi and the NFL are teaming up with musicians to create anthems for their hometown football teams. Kelly Clarkson released a song called “Get Up (A Cowboys Anthem)” to pump up Dallas fans. A remixed version of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” will be released for Steeler Country. Kid Rock will create an anthem for the Lions that, we can assume, the NFL hopes isn’t a metaphor for oral sex. The Eagles aren’t getting a 2012 soda-induced anthem, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream. Here, five artists right for the assignment.

Meek Mill: Clearly, Meek Mill is the frontrunner to be the guy for a new Eagles anthem. On a national scale, he’s only marginally relevant. But, locally, he’s kind of a bigger deal. He’s got a new album—and single—out and would be the perfect guy to make a “Black and Yellow” type record that will follow you for eternity and put him on the map.

Will Smith: Frankly, Will Smith would probably crush a concept like this. He’d have a clever, family-friendly hip-hop song that never left your head, ever. He’s big into sports and is part owner of the Sixers, so, if he leaves the lyrics generic enough, the song could double as the theme for the rest of Philly’s pro teams.

Pink: Think about what the Sunday Night Football song would be like if Faith Hill used it to focus on mocking female pop artists and telling guys she’s not interested. Plus, Pink has some experience with this sort of thing because she actually sang the opening intro for Football Night in America back in ’06 before she was replaced by Hill.

Jill Scott: Think of what Kate Smith was to the Flyers. Jill Scott is a female vocalist with a strong voice and could probably take a simple song and, with a little luck, become a good luck charm for the Birds. God knows they need one.

Chiddy Bang: Like Meek Mill, Chiddy Bang has some chops in the music industry, but not enough national exposure to be a household name or be in everyone’s iTunes library. Plus, their stuff is catchy as hell, so it would totally make sense for them to blow up with a song that played everywhere as the Eagles make a playoff run.