Hey Undecideds: Stop Being PC And Pick A Side

In this election, the choices have never been clearer

Let’s get something straight this campaign season. There are no “undecideds.” Or at least there shouldn’t be.

If there are, they should be banned from voting. As Dean Wormer said in Animal House, “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.”

And if you’re truly undecided, that’s exactly what you’re doing. [SIGNUP]

So for those wannabes who think it’s desirable and politically correct to seem overly “deliberative” during a poll, do us all a favor: pick a side.

The choices have never been clearer.


The role of a columnist is not to endorse candidates; that’s best left to the editorial pages.

However, it bears asking how people could actually vote for some of the candidates running this fall — assuming those voters acknowledge that the country is in an extremely perilous position.

That in mind, it defies common sense to support people who are, for the most part, the very ones responsible for the current economic calamity. It’s akin to rewarding the man who just burglarized your house.

While the Democrats are in power, and therefore will suffer the greatest losses next Tuesday, Republicans are by no means immune.


-Soon-to-be former Congressman Mike Castle lost his bid for U.S. Senate against the controversial Christine O’Donnell.

Was he better suited to win the general election? The universal answer is yes, but Delawarians were at their wits end with Castle, who had been a fixture in elected office for nearly half-a-century. The mentality was simple: despite O’Donnell’s baggage, she had fresh ideas and wasn’t part of the Establishment that gave us this severe recession. And while Chris Coons many not be the answer, voters may give him the benefit of the doubt that he too will be a fresh face in Washington.

-Philadelphia Republican State Representative John Perzel finds himself in the race of his life, despite the massive GOP wave sweeping America. Sure, the fact that he’s been indicted in Attorney General Tom Corbett’s Bonusgate legislative corruption probe doesn’t help matters, but Perzel’s problems are much more basic. He was Speaker of the House for years, and, despite the immense power of that position, Pennsylvania continued its downward trajectory. Perzel is the epitome of a career politician who amasses power for the sake of power — issues and good policy be damned. He typifies Business As Usual, and that just isn’t enough anymore.

-In California’s gubernatorial race, the candidates are day and night, which, in a normal state, would ensure a victory for Republican Meg Whitman, former CEO of e-Bay. But since the Golden State redefines “eccentric,” nothing is what it should be.
In what can only be described as mind-blowing, Democrat Jerry Brown holds a slight lead over Whitman. And yes, that Jerry Brown. The one who was California Secretary of State 40 years ago, and governor in 1974. Yes, 1974! And the one who later ran for U.S. Senate, President and Mayor of Oakland. And who is now state Attorney General.
How is it even remotely possible that someone who served four decades ago can be the Democratic nominee in 2010? Looking at it another way, in what is by far the most populous state in the nation, is Jerry Brown really the best the Democrats have to offer?
California is, for all intents and purposes, bankrupt. It has a $19 billion budget deficit, and owes an incomprehensible $535 billion to its public employees retirement plan. Anyone who thinks Brown, a career politician and then some, is better equipped to deal with California’s problems than an immensely successful businesswoman, needs to chat with Dean Wormer. Should Californians be that dense as to reject Whitman and her business acumen, they’ll get exactly what they deserve.

-Perhaps nowhere is there a more stark difference between candidates than Nevada, where Democratic U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying to outlast Sharron Angle.

If voters see this contest as a referendum on Reid, he loses. Period. And the reason is simple.

Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in America, with no solution in sight. Given that Reid has been steering the Obama ship in the Senate, and his state has hit the iceberg dead-on, he has nowhere to hide.

Outside of the President, there is no more powerful office than Senate Majority Leader. So if you can’t get the job done at that level, you never will. Reid’s attempt at offering solutions to the problems he helped create is simply falling on deaf ears. It’s like when George H. W. Bush infamously broke his “Read My Lips, No New Taxes” pledge, and then ran a campaign theme of “You Can’t Trust Bill Clinton.” It just doesn’t work.

America is in uncharted waters, with rising unemployment, a $14 trillion debt, a declining dollar and unaffordable pension obligations. It is safe to say that never before has an election been so important, with the consequences so severe if the wrong choices are made on November 2.

They say don’t take politics personally. They would be wrong.

It’s time Americans take this election to heart, pulling the lever in the most personal of ways — voting as if their very existence may be riding on the outcome.

Because more than ever before, it does. On November 2, the choice will be made. We either swim — or sink.

America, choose wisely.

Chris Freind is an independent columnist, television commentator, and investigative reporter who operates his own news bureau, www.FreindlyFireZone.com
Readers of his column, “Freindly Fire,” hail from six continents, thirty countries and all fifty states. His work has been referenced in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, National Review Online, foreign newspapers, and in Dick Morris’ recent bestseller “Catastrophe.” Freind, whose column appears nationally in Newsmax, also serves as a guest commentator on Philadelphia-area talk radio shows, and makes numerous other television and radio appearances, most notably on FOX. He can be reached at CF@FreindlyFireZone.com

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  • Perzel is a waste

    Perzel needs to spend time in jail. Way to go Tom Corbett!

  • Francis

    Are you ready for another $2.6 Trillion dollar tax bill (Heritage Foundation analysts), to add to the growing 13 Trillion dollar US treasury Deficit? Then you just vote for any Democrat, who is going to stick that bill on you, your grandchildren–with another illegal alien AMNESTY. Dump Senator Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and all the Pro-Amnesty, Anti-Sovereignty Democrats and Liberal fringe, including Governors, Mayors, Police Chiefs and elected officers. GOOGLE–Voter Fraud; Illegal alien costs; illegal aliens and Social Security. Search the facts for yourself, because Huffington Press, Washington, Post, Los Angeles Times and the New York Times and the left wing open border fringe media, will spit on the truth and tell you a bunch of lies and propaganda.

  • Larry Deiterle

    Endorsements are “best left for the editorial page”? Have you seen the Inky and Daily News endorsements? Give me a break.

  • F.K Supple

    I don’t get a choice this year. I live in Bob Brady’s district and the Republican dopes in Philly couldn’t get a candidate on the ballot. I’ll be voting for Ronald Reagan, then leaving Philly after 46 years in the same house. Sad, but enough is enough.

  • Mr. Saetoro

    You’re right, Chris. Its time for all those who say “there’s no difference between the parties” or “all politicians are alike” to put up or shut up. Its been decades since we’ve had a choice of so many non-establishment candidates. The question is, when you’re in the voting booth, who will you actually choose? Will it be a corrupt, smooth-talking establishment type like Reid, or a less polished, untried candidate that may actually bring some middle-American common sense to Washington?

  • jrfrn

    I will be happy to help those undecided in the PA senate race. Just look at Joe Sestak’s latest ad with his dog, Belle. It is repulsive as he holds up a bag which appears to be dog excrement. How low in the gutter can you go Joe? He also denied in an interview this week on Fox 29 news that he even listens to or is aware of negative ads by his opponent but in the ad with Belle he complains out loud about negative ads against him.Guess he has gone so low in the gutter he cannot remember what he says. He also made his first career in the military and even though he is against career politicians if he wins this election by the time his term ends he will have been in the US Congress for 10 years. Do you think he won’t run again? Stay home and take care of Belle, Joe.

  • Sam Feed

    Which lever is the right one? If it was that simple……Which candidate will keep his or her word ? Which one won’t role over to bribes, payouts, greed, power, and the almighty dollor? With the candidate TV commercials out there mud slinging one another, one has to wonder why we should pull any lever at all. This election is the closest thing we’ve seen since the last town circus!What a JOKE> What a disgrace. Where is the truth! No wonder why the Great U S of A is in the hole that it’s in…..again., “What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive”. Good luck out there. From what I see, We all could use some about now…..

  • http://paul@singerfinancial.com Paul Singer

    Once Sam Rohrer lost the primary Pa’s only glimmer of hope was Pat Toomey,,, I will hold my nose and vote for Corbett.. GOD PLEASE forgive me.. if 20 years in the pa house being one of the lone stalwarts o conservatism gets you less than $500,000 in campaign funds ,,, there is no hope… better than sh@t is not not a compelling argument to me.. Then Again I guess i’m picky..

  • angellight

    The Pretenders, the GOP/Tea Party’s, “mission” is to sell to the American people the “bill of goods” that we Need less government, after all, government will only get in the way of their fraudulent schemes and try to hold them accountable to people and not to corporations!

    Then, they pretend that they want to lower taxes for the American people knowing full well that the loopholes they created for the wealthy means that Corporations and wealthy Americans pay very little taxes or No taxes at all, so that every-day Average Americans have to carry and Shoulder all the tax burden.

    Then they pretend they want to Create Jobs in America, but to Create Jobs, you must Invest in America. Yet the Party of No always vote Nay to any any spending for America’s crumbling and decaying roads, streets, sewer system, infra-structure, high-speed rails, and public education (to further “dumb-down” Americans)! They vote No to any Investment in America’s water, air, clean energy and her people. They know that Investing in America means TO CREATE JOBS!

    On the otherhand, they don’t mind rewarding companies who create jobs overseas or to spend and invest millions of dollars on Wall Street stocks and bonds, phony ponzi schemes and real-estate deals.
    They do this while watching America continue to further decline and decay into a third-world country, because the Simple and Awful truth, is that Republicans do not want, and they Fear, a government for the people and by the people. Their desire is for America to go back to the times when the rich get richer and the poor get poorer! That’s what they are fighting for, not for average Americans, but for their greedy way of life and for power.

    How long before Americans wake up and realize that the Republican Party is a party for the wealthy, and that they will do anything and say anything to keep their power over the people. They pretend to be Christains but everything they say and do is un-Christ like. On the otherhand, the Democratic Party has always been inclusive and a party for the people. When the Democrats try to Invest in America to heal America, they always come up against filibusters, lies, swiftboating, pretense and dishonesty. Now, the Pretenders are trying to “convince” Americans that this depression and loss of jobs began when President Obama took office and that he is to blame for all of America’s problems.

    For America to turn to her former ways of prosperity and generosity, we must say No to the Pretenders, professional liars without a conscience. We must finally get off this “yellow-brick” road to nowhere but down! We must stop being fooled by the Wizards behind a curtain of deceit! We can vote No the Pretenders on November 2nd and begin to take our country back from greed, dishonesty and deceit.

  • d.j jamm

    It’s true. Fat, drunk and democrat is no way to go through life. Although lots of them are giving it a try.

  • JD

    I agree with angellight. These darn Republicans, I am revolted to even type the party name, every last one of them are evil. They want nothing but bad things for our country. They ALL have no conscience. Put them all in jail as traitors. The ones that are not evil and greedy are just stupid. We are a rich nation who can afford whatever Congress deems important without accountability. If we can’t spend our way back to prosperity we should be ashamed of ourselves. I for one would have no problem having a 50% tax rate so I can have the privilege of paying my share. I love it when people generalize! And, don’t get me started on the Easter Bunny…

  • James Gerber

    I really don’t like Philly Mag trying to outdo National Review, Newsmax and FOX to try to be even more right wing! Not all your readers like Chris telling them they are unpatriotic idiots for not being hard right Republicans. This isn’t, after all, a political magazine.

    If you have to shill for the ultra right wing, how about creating a separate newsletter we can opt in or out?

  • http://www.detoxfootpatch.info detox foot patch

    This definitely takes the weight off our shoulders. It has been a great pleasure reading your work. Thank you, this made me beam.