In Defense of the Tea Party

There’s another word for all those “moderate” Republicans out there: hypocrites.

It never ceases to amaze how the media can get a story so wrong.

Just this week, ABC’s Good Morning America discussed how the Republican Party was now unified after “raucous” primaries, specifically when Tea Party candidates challenged the Establishment.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sure, some of the Party faithful have come together after the primary season, for they understand what’s at stake for the GOP this November. For them, the idea is to win a generation, not an election. America is at a crossroads, and whoever gains control of Congress will decide who knows best: government or the people.

But for many in the Establishment, it’s not, nor has it ever been, about issues. Instead, it’s much more self-serving: power for the sake of holding on to power.

And it’s about being part of the Club, where there are two sets of rules: one for themselves and one for everyone else.

Ironically, it’s the Tea Party that has been criticized for “hijacking” the Republican Party, and for not working within the parameters of the GOP. That movement, and its candidates, have received considerable flak, being labeled “extremist” and being blamed for jeopardizing Republican victories in the general election.

While there are scattered Tea Partiers running third-party candidates in the general election, by far the greatest threat to Republican success comes from Establishment Republicans who fared poorly in the primaries. [SIGNUP]

These losers love to characterize themselves as “moderate,” a label they want to connote common sense and pragmatism. The reality is that “moderate,” in the truest sense, applies to those with no convictions, or worse, to those who abandoned their principles long ago for the sake of holding on to elected office.

There is a far more apropos term: hypocrite.

In most election cycles, these people emerged victorious in primary elections, and in doing so, they expected the endorsement of their vanquished rivals. And usually received it.

But there’s a new sheriff in the Republican Party now, and the Establishment doesn’t like it, so much so that it is willing to sacrifice the growth of the Party for purely selfish reasons.

And this isn’t a localized irregularity, but a concerted effort nationwide to keep the Tea Partiers — READ: common sense Americans demanding accountability — from achieving success.

In this regard, perhaps the best known hypocrite is Congressman Mike Castle who has adamantly refused to endorse the Tea Party-backed Christine O’Donnell after she beat him in the primary. His reason? She was mean to him, hurt his feelings, and ran a dirty campaign.

Translation: O’Donnell exposed Castle’s ultra-liberal voting record.

But Castle isn’t alone in his contempt for O’Donnell and her supporters. Top strategist Karl Rove continues to openly criticize O’Donnell, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee issued a statement on election night that it would be sitting out the Delaware race. While the NRSC did an about-face, you can just imagine how passionately it will intervene on O’Donnell’s behalf.

Castle’s effort to derail O’Donnell not only seriously jeopardizes the GOP’s attempt to win the Senate, but is a direct affront to the Party that served him so well for his nearly half-a-century in political office. How’s that for loyalty?

But it doesn’t stop in Delaware.

In Alaska, defeated Senator Lisa Murkowski not only won’t endorse winner Joe Miller, but she is actively waging a write-in campaign against him. About the only thing Murkowski can accomplish by her selfish act is to hand the seat to the Democrats — helping them maintain control of the Senate.

In Utah, Senator Bob Bennett didn’t make it past his state Party’s nominating convention, but he also didn’t play ball, threatening his own write-in campaign after his loss.

The Florida Senate race, one of the most crucial in the nation for the GOP, should have been a relatively easy win, but Governor Charlie Crist has thrown a wrench in the mix. Crist, a former Republican, saw his poll numbers dropping and decided to run as an Independent against GOP rising star Marco Rubio.

Rubio, campaigning on the traditional Republican platform, stood a much better chance to win in November, but Crist, rather than do the right thing and back Rubio, has energized the Democrats by giving them an opening that shouldn’t be there. Because of Crist’s action, there exists the possibility that Florida Republicans may snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

And let’s not forget the GOP suicide tactics occurring in the biggest battleground state of all — Pennsylvania. No, we’re not talking about Arlen Specter. Give the senator credit. Rather than going Independent in the fall against Pat Toomey, Specter saw the writing on the wall, realized the Republican Party wasn’t for him, and switched.

Interestingly, the biggest potential derailer of the Republican effort is the so-called “conservative” Sam Rohrer. The 18-year state representative and unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate has refused to endorse Attorney General and GOP nominee Tom Corbett.

Worse still, Rohrer has tacitly endorsed an organized write-in campaign for his candidacy, which, in a close election, could well prove decisive.

Why would Rohrer do something that could only lead to a Democrat taking over the governorship? Good question. The answer seems rooted in either personal animosity or sour grapes, but it’s most certainly NOT because of Corbett’s Republican credentials.

Any way you slice it, Corbett is more conservative than Rohrer, whose entire campaign was based on he being a “constitutional conservative” with an undying loyalty to limited government and personal responsibility.

Which sounded great, of course, except that it wasn’t true. When push came to shove, and Rohrer was forced to take a stand on the important issues, he blew it.

In a nearly two-decade career, he spearheaded no significant legislation. Ironically, his most telltale vote was one in favor of a secretive, middle-of-the-night pay raise (in a deal with the now indicted former Speaker John Perzel).

Since the legislators took the increase immediately, as “unvouchered expense” money, it was blatantly unconstitutional.

So much for his “constitutional conservative” credentials.

Not to be outdone, the “conservative” Rohrer also voted for the huge pension grab, which, in addition to boosting his lucrative lifelong pension, is the biggest factor in Pennsylvania’s pending fiscal Armageddon.

In contrast, Corbett has steadfastly promoted his: no-new-tax pledge, dedication to school choice, continued crackdown on corruption, the opening of Pennsylvania’s vast natural gas fields, and resolve to dramatically cut spending, regardless of the political consequences.

Rohrer’s actions are nothing but a pathetic attempt to stay relevant and posture himself with a significance he never had.

When conservative presidential nominee Ronald Reagan lost to Gerald Ford, did he run third party? No. But when “moderate” Congressman John Anderson wasn’t successful in the 1980 GOP primary, he challenged Reagan, and with his seven percent, almost erased the Reagan legacy before it began.

Likewise, were moderates George H.W. Bush and John McCain challenged by the conservative wing in the general election? No.

The most disconcerting aspect of today’s GOP is that many criticize Barack Obama and the Democrats at the drop of a hat, even when it’s unwarranted, but so few openly criticize the Establishment when it attempts to destroy candidates who earned their nomination fair and square — in accordance with the Party’s own rules!

Bottom line: the GOP is better off cleansing itself of individuals who care more about themselves, their pensions and their power grabs than adhering to the principles of the Republican Party.

Despite headlines that Tea Party candidates and their supporters are radical and extremist, the truth is that most rank-and-file Tea Partiers simply advocate adhering to the Republican platform: Cracking down on illegal immigration, reining in out-of-control government spending, finding free market solutions to the health care crisis, lowering citizens’ tax burden, and resurrecting America’s manufacturing base.

Agree with those ideas or not, the Tea Party is simply “towing the line” of the Republican Party platform. In most cases, when a Tea Party candidate loses a primary, he works within the framework of the Party to ensure a Republican victory.

But the same cannot be said of the Establishment types who believe more in coronations than elections.

Hopefully, true Republicans will send a message next month that they won’t be duped by the selfish tactics of sore losers who only care about one thing: themselves.

Chris Freind is an independent columnist, television commentator, and investigative reporter who operates his own news bureau, Readers of his column, “Freindly Fire,” hail from six continents, thirty countries and all fifty states. His work has been referenced in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, National Review Online, foreign newspapers, and in Dick Morris’ recent bestseller “Catastrophe.” Freind also serves as a weekly guest commentator on the Philadelphia-area talk radio show, Political Talk (WCHE 1520), and makes numerous other television and radio appearances, most notably on FOX 29. He can be reached at

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  • WOW! The article started great, and then turned into a sack of lies.

    I am a Tea Party Conservative, and I can tell you that Corbett is a shining example of the ESTABLISHMENT GOP:

    Campaign financed by the unions; unopposed to forced unionization; no plan to fix the pension crisis; supports “green jobs” and corporate subsidies; has sued cities saying “no inherent right to local self government.”

    Read Corbett’s record here:

    Rohrer has conservative credentials: authored PA’s school voucher program; authored the balanced budget alternatives; pushed for property tax elimination; etc, etc.

    The true story behind Rohrer’s vote for the pay raise: Republican Leadership promised him support for his property tax elimination bill if he voted for the raise. They stabbed him in the back, so he led the charge AGAINST party leadership to (successfully) repeal the pay raise. He never took the money.

    Did you know that Corbett took the money?

    Read about it here:

    It is because of RINOs like Corbett that we have no true choice for Governor this November. If the PA GOP had not endorsed Corbett before the primary – Rohrer would have won, and we would have a true conservative candidate.

  • This article tries to say that Rohrer is in bed with the indicted speaker of the House John Perzel. Did you know that Perzel organized a Corbett fundraiser while Corbett was investigating him?

    There is no better example of an establishment politician than Corbett. Look beneath the surface – this guy is out for his own power, and to be a part of the big boy’s club.

    I am truly conflicted over who to vote for this November.

  • John Galt MD

    There’s another word for Tea Party conservatism – Treason – and there’s another word for people like Chris Freind – Fascist

  • Fairplay

    When it comes to Sam Rohrer, you obviously have not done your homework. Corbett more conservative than Rohrer? You are clueless! Corbett is in the pocket of special interests and refuses to participate in any one-on-one dialog with the voters wherein he is not the controller of the dialog. He has even strong-armed a calm and collected desenter at a meet-the-candidate rally almost to the point of criminal assault. Corbett is dishonest at best and therefore untrustworthy. The pay raise! Rohrer refused to take any of the raise he was deceived into voting for, but Corbett took his as quickly as he was able to pocket it. The pension debacle was praised by the Republican leadership as a sound and solid piece of legislation and they rallied all the House Republican membership to support and vote for it. The leadership covered up the downside of the measure and the negative impact of the legislation was not revealed until the recession hit in 2008, three years after the vote occurred. Sam Rohrer has not endorsed the write-in campaign and has refused to participate in it even after being encouraged to do so by many of us who are involved in the write-in campaign. He refused my prodding do do so just two weeks ago. His endorsement of Corbett? No one with any sense of character can legimately endorse someone who is so diametrically different in philosophy from themselves. Also, why endorse Corbett who’s strings are being pulled by the party leadership that is totally disliked by conservative voters. Corbett cannot be trusted to do anything of his own accord and, therefore, cannot keep his promises to the voters. Do some valid research before you write another piece of trash like this one.

  • babina

    If you want to go back to the same failed policies of the previous administration – vote republican

    If you want record deficits – vote republican

    If you want to cut, repeal or privatize Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and veterans benefits – vote republican

    If you want health care insurance companies to have the ability to dump customers when they get sick, not insure An indivisual at all due to a pre-existing condition and the ability to raise premiums and deductibles unabated – vote republican

    If you want to keep sending good paying jobs overseas at the expense of Americans – vote republican

    If you want a party that votes against every job stimulus bill, tax cuts for small business, and any other legislation that will benefiot the middle class – vote republican

    If you want to create new social classes with different rights based on sexual orientation or religious beliefs – vote republican

    If you think that the unemployed (thorough no fault of their own) are hobos and lazy freeloaders – vote republican

    If you want fewer regulations on big business and Wall Street so more Americas will become poor in the name of greed due to another financial collapse – vote republican

    If you want this country to be run by the richest 2% of the people and the heck with the other 98% – vote republican

    If you want the wealthiest 2% to continue to prosper on the backs of the other 98% – vote republican

    If you want the continued erosion of our education system, vote republican

    If you want our infrastructure to continue to crumble and resulting in American lives in jeopardy – vote republican

    -A Concerned Citizen

  • Dave J

    I find it funny that many Conservatives want to string up Mike Castle and other GOP’s for not supporting O’Donnell. Perhaps Castle and others realize that she has too much baggage and cannot stop saying and doing things that make her unelectable. If ultra-conservatives were even close to a majority, then she would have a chance of winning, but they are not. Moderates and independents who are not chained to their vote by idealogy will not vote for someone who is so controversial. Take those votes away from O’Donnell and/or add those to the Democrats and you have a recipe for defeat. I have read several Tea Party articles that say a vote for a moderate GOP is better than a vote for any Democrat. Is a throw away vote for a crazy Tea Party candidate better than the sure thing Castle represented?
    The vast majority of Americans are not strongly conservative. Conservatives, liberals and the independent/moderates are all about equally split. You cannot win without the independent/moderate vote, which would have gone strongly with a moderate GOP this year.

  • Deborah

    Dear concerned citizen, perhaps you are not aware that wall street did not get us here! Did you forget Barny Frank and Chris Dodd? Banks were forced to give out mortgages to people that never should have gotten one. As for Corbett he was elected fair and square, he deserves the support of the party. Why do we want more union control in Harrisburg running our state!

  • JD

    I disagree with your assessment of Arlen Specter. I think he belongs in the hypocrite Hall of Fame. How long was he a member of the Republican party? He didn’t switch because he “realized the Republican Party wasn’t for him.” He switched to get REE-E-lected. As a Republican I am troubled about the direction of the party and I don’t mean about the Tea Party. But too many politicians from both parties are too beholden to special interests with their primary objective being to retain power rather than serve the people. I did enjoy babina’s Letterman top 10 list though. I’m sure anyone willing to waste the time could come up with one for the “vote democrat” list. Agree or disagree with the article, I think Concerned missed the essence of the article but didn’t miss the opportunity to post her own agenda.

  • Steve Russ

    Typical conservative nonsense. They would rather have a witch who doesn’t masturbate and doesn’t buy-in to the Evolution theory because monkey’s aren’t walking down the street all of a sudden turning into humans than someone with a brain.

    I think we should have a Palin/O’Donnell ticket in 2012. One could watch the skies for Putin and the other could keep an eye on those pesky chimpanzees in case they start turning into Democrats.

  • RepubinPA

    Mr. Freind,

    This is the most unAmerican, naive thing I’ve read in a long, long time.

    Are you really this naive or are you, as you accused Rohrer, seeking relevancy in what is otherwise an unexciting, uneventful election? Either way, you just steered your credibility into a nose dive young man.

    We’ve seen the type of obedient loyalty to which you allude we should all abide, and we’ve seen a party wild and intoxicated on the freewill and power it gave them. We’ve even met a few survivors of it.

    How ungrateful and brattish that you should criticize the independent thinking that spurred the heals of the freedom you exercised with this garbage today. Shame on you.

  • Really John Galt MD? Tea Party conservatism is Treason? And Chris Freind is a Fascist? It’s always easy to pull out ridiculous labels like that when someone disagrees with you, isn’t it? Kind of like being back in grade school, John?

  • Rohrer is indefensible

    And so we have the Sam Rohrer Defense Club jumping to defend him (all 3 of you), and yet not one rant refuted Chris’s argument.

    And not one discussed why and how Tom Corbett is so “bad” for the Repeublicans.

    The fact is that he, or at least his campaign, is as much if not more conservative than Sam. And Corbett didn’t go back on his word or principles.

    So why not the endorsement of Tom?

    The silence is deafening, folks.

  • Rohrer is indefensible

    Hey “One More Irony” (first comment):

    “Did you know that Perzel organized a Corbett fundraiser while Corbett was investigating him?”

    Just one question. How’s that fundraiser work out for Perzel? He’ll have plenty of time to think about it as he rots in jail. Yeah, Corbett was so Establishment that he just took the whole place down.

    Get in touch, pal.

  • Josh Billman

    Rohrer is indefensible:

    What silence? Did you read the response from Fairplay that addresses the issues and refutes Freind’s statements?

    To call Rohrer a non-conservative on the basis of two votes while ignoring his overall record is not just absurd but slanderous. And, despite Freind’s statement, Rohrer HAS NOT endorsed nor assisted the write-in campaign in ANY way. It is a totally grassroots effort and Freind is either misinformed or a liar.

    The bigger question is who paid off Chris Freind to write this trash. Did Gleason, Asher, and the rest of the corrupt GOP state leadership threaten or simply bribe him? He should be ashamed to tarnish the reputation of a good and decent public servant in the name of dirty politics.

    Further, Indefensible, check this if you want the real truth on the anointed, “conservative” Corbett: All of the stated information is fact that is supported by public sources.

    Have you recovered your hearing yet?

  • Rohrer is indefensible


    Two irrefutable points:

    1) Did Sam vote for the unconstitutional payraise?
    2) Did Sam vote for the pension grab?

    yes Or no? Answer: Yes. How is that s;anderous or trash?

    Sam may be a nice guy, but just admit that they were MASSIVE votes against his claims to be a constitutional conservative.

    End of story.

  • Josh Billman


    Sorry, it’s not the end of the story just because you say it is so. Who made you the ultimate authority?

    Yes, Sam did vote for those bills. However, the pay raise vote was NOT unconstitutional as you claim – it’s the only way the GA can get a raise – it was taking the raise as an unvouchered expense that was unconstitutional, something that Sam didn’t do. The upshot is that he made the deal with Perzel to get his property tax elimination bill to the floor for a vote, a bill that would have made a huge difference in the lives of Pennsylvania homeowners. It was a deal with the devil for a good cause but it went wrong and Sam paid for it and apologized for his mistake.

    The pension vote was taken with the assurances of the actuaries and the House leadership that this was a fiscally responsible thing to do. It, too, went wrong but was done without malicious intent.

    I will just add that anyone, Chris Freind or you or anyone else, who judges a man’s otherwise unblemished 18 year record on the basis of two votes is either a partisan bigot or a fool. I challenge you to find ANYTHING else with which to smear Sam; I guarantee that you will find nothing.

    We would be fortunate to have more lawmakers with a record like Sam’s to guide the future of our state and country.

  • Pete

    This message has been brought to you by Tom Corbett for Governor…

    Seriously, though, the whole reason for the Tea Party movement in the first place is the very thing Freind is decrying in the actions of Castle and Rohrer……that reason?

    Republicans are the sorest losers on the planet.

  • Phillyboy

    I thought Sarah Palin was a nutbag until
    Chris O’Donnell walked around the corner.

  • RepubinPA

    Indefensible & Friend:

    Who told you that you were supposed to be loyal and obedient to party? Where did you get the idea?

    Are so loyal to party that if Sam had won the primary you’d be attacking Corbett like this today? Makes you sound like dogs trained to fight. Are you no more than trained pitt bulls that attack on command? Whose thoughts and ideas are you utilizing?

    As for us, no we don’t subscribe to party loyalty–and we don’t attack on command.

    It was, it is and it will always be about principle, truth, and respect–silly little things compared to worshiping an affiliation–I know.

    The party you worship has become an engorged cockroach, fat and drunk on your submission, amused by your loyalty–its sole intent to survive you.

    What you don’t understand about that, no one can loan to you.

    We have different values is all. For you the criteria for endorsement is based on party affiliation and an endorsement is not earned, but expected–and you have given yours as expected.

    But don’t expect the same from us, or from a man like Sam Rohrer. You may not understand it, but you have benefitted from the forward, independent thinking of folks like him. We wouldn’t be free today if we’d subscribed to “party loyalty” and we won’t be free tomorrow if we forget that.

  • ConcernPatriot

    Dear Mr. Friend,

    I am extremely disappointed in you after reading your article “In Defense Of The Tea Party”. While your article started out fine, I found your attack on Sam Rohrer was unjust and simply sir – you don’t get it!

    Sam is not behind a “write-in”! He is a man of great principle! Concerned citizens who realize that PA sovereignty is at stack are behind the write-in campaign. We don’t have another two years! PA is at the edge of the cliff now, sir! We are entering into the worst depression of all times. It is not a matter of if – it’s coming and many Americans are not awake. Yes, I said it since journalist don’t have the backbone to tell the American people the truth about how bad the debt is and how corrupt our system has become because we have strayed away from our Constitution. We need men and women with true love of country serving the people, not those with their own special interest. How can someone with such principle turn around and endorse another without such principle? That sir is playing into the establishment! That’s hypocritical! I refuse to vote for the worst of two evils anymore! I’m not playing the GOP’s game and it’s about time We the People send them a clear message that WE don’t want them endorsing THEIR RINOs for us. WE will choose! It’s the perfect time to send a clear message. There is no difference between the D or R running for governor in PA. One’s on the fast track and the other is on the slow track of deception. Neither one would protect the citizens of PA from a tyrannical government. My vote will be based on principle from here on out.

    On another note, I have heard Tom Corbett speak several times as recently as two weeks ago. His recent claim to be a “Constitutional Conservative” is a joke! This is a term he has picked up by the Tea Party but he doesn’t understand what it is, he’s just told by his campaign staff to say that. In fact Tom believes our Constitution it is a “Living Constitution”! A true RINO which we plan to replace.

    Mr. Friend, you have showed us your true colors in this article. You speak as if your in support of the Tea Party when in fact you are playing both sides.

  • Ed Martino

    Subject: Government Corruption in Pennsylvania

    Reference: U.S. District Court Case # CV-08-1496 and CV-09-0470

    I have prepared this memo as a press release to summarize my investigation and findings as they relate to what I consider gross mismanagement and fraud that has taken place in the office of Tom Corbett, the State Attorney General of Pennsylvania.
    Numerous emails, declarations, exhibits, and depositions have come before me regarding Mr. Corbett’s tenure as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I have spent hundreds of hours looking at thousands of pages that detail how the attorney general collects or attempts to collect funds that are owed to the taxpayers.
    Furthermore; I have interviewed various people that either are presently working for Mr. Corbett, or have previously worked in his office. Based upon my investigation, I am convinced that Tom Corbett knew about these problems and did nothing about them. I am aware of an ongoing FBI investigation into this matter, and a grand jury subpoena for materials relating to this investigation.
    Now, with all of this said, the following can be stated:
    1) Thousands of records relating to payments made to private collection agencies have been destroyed.
    2) States like Maryland are paying 5% to collection agencies while Pennsylvania has been paying up to 40% – much of this unearned – perhaps as much as hundreds of millions of dollars.
    3) Contracts to private collection agencies are no-bid contracts that are controlled by a few well placed cronies in the government.
    4) As one employee, who is an accountant and a lawyer; stated, “the amount of money leaving the AG’s office would erase Pennsylvania’s deficit.”
    5) Payments as much as $300,000 have been paid to collection agencies who have done no work at all.
    6) It was reported to me that a commercial account owed the PA Department of Revenue 4 million dollars. The account was settled for $40,000.
    7) Individuals who worked for private collection agencies, were given unlawful access to taxpayer accounts in the AG’s Office.

    The employees with whom I spoke, and at length, are not as stated in a lawsuit, disgruntled or mistaken. There is ample evidence to corroborate their story. They are genuine whistleblowers. They are not seeking financial gain.
    In conclusion, allow me to say that the major political parties in Pennsylvania are allowing politicians to stay in office too long. Too many of these politicians have become corrupt, because of their greed and familiarity with the legislative and judicial systems. Some of these corrupt elected officials end up as judges, thus they further the corruption in the system. They must be replaced. Furthermore; the FBI investigation into the office of the State Attorney General, must be carried through to the prosecution of the guilty. This is the responsibility of U.S. Attorney General Peter J. Smith. If the U.S. attorney doesn’t do his job, the legislature must demand a federal grand jury investigation; to do otherwise, will in my judgment, allow Pennsylvania to go broke by the end of the next fiscal year.

  • Rod Miller

    Outside of the plaintiffs, defendants and counsel, I am probably as familiar with the corruption between the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and Office of the Attorney General as any “investigative” reporter. That article, with respect to the race for PA Governor, is so full of half truths, omissions and statements the writer should have the “investigative” stricken from his bio. I agreed, in the interest of not influencing the election, to hold any further court testimony and exhibits from public view until after the election. However, in due time, as more information is made public it is my expectation that Mr. Friend will regret getting involved in an issue that his knows little about. His reporting is an embarrassment to the field of investigative journalism.

  • Sailor

    If you want to continue the failed policies of the current administration, and of the previous Congress – vote democrat

    If you want record deficits, exceeding every president since George Washington – vote democrat

    If you really believe that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and veterans benefits will continue to exist without fiscal responsibility and accountability – vote democrat

    If you want to decide whether you are worth the money to save when you get sick, not your family or your doctor, raise taxes and costs unabated until they can’t afford to help anyone except the political elite, as in other countries – vote democrat

    If you want to force good paying jobs overseas at the expense of Americans because of excessive taxes and regulation – vote democrat

    If you want a party that thinks jobs are created by taking money from the producers and giving it to their political allies, increase taxes for small business, and any other legislation that will kill jobs for the middle class – vote democrat

    If you want to create new social classes and divide America based on age, race, gender, income, legal status or any other thing that they can think of to pit us against each other, with different rights based on their personal beliefs – vote democrat

    If you think that the unemployed are going to get jobs by the government taking our money – vote democrat
    If you want continue forcing banks to loan money to people who cannot afford to repay so that more of them fail and cause another financial collapse, increasing the governments power – vote democrat

    If you want this country to be run by wealthy elitists while most 98% of the people work for the government or not at all, like Cuba – vote democrat

    If you want to live on the backs of the others who actually contribute – vote democrat

    If you want the continued erosion of our education system, where more time is spent on indoctrination than education – vote democrat

    If you want our infrastructure to continue to crumble and resulting in American lives in jeopardy through the mismanagement of funds – vote democrat

  • Sam Feed

    All I can say is ” Sarcasim is the last resort for the imaginitively bankrupt. come on people , Wake up! Our so called leaders are self serving. We have more imports than exports, our nation has over spent. Period!. What are you going to do when the next wall street correction happens?> when it’s too late…..We need to clean house, and clean house now! vote them all out!!! But before we do, we need to change to term limits…and then maybe we can get back on the right track

  • PATaxpayerALert

    Corbett is a RINO – but due to Rohrers massive popularity on the issues- has over the past few months changed his talking points on many key issues to make it appear he is conservative. Talk is cheap. Rohrer has lived and preached his postions for years and does NOT change his tune to win an election.

    CORBETT being the insider here is simply attracting the big special interest money that GLEASON wants. He will kiss their butt for that moeny, and since money is power Gleason as the head of the Republican party Gestapo made sure SAM ROHRER , the real Conservative was hidden from the public. Gleason and Corbett (prior to ANY party endorsement) made sure to hide the fact from the public that SAM was even a Republcan candidate for Governor.

    GLeason, with Corbetts support, made sure the party never mentioned Sam Rohrer in any Party NEWS releases; never mentioned his name on TV ( Corbett just said “my opponent” ); had thousands of postive comments about SAM Rohrer removed from the PA GOP Facebook page within minutes of posting; they refused to allow SAms campaign to hand out literature at GOP functions; had goons out removing SAM Rohrer signs by the hundreds along highways.

    Corbett also refused to ever debate Sam Rohrer as he would have been handed his head on a platter. A Republican party sponsored forum saw Corbett reading from notes as if he had been prewarned about the questions…all TWO of them.
    THE party made sure the Televised forum coinsided with the Opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. Rohrer received a rousing applause and cheers…Corbett supporters was almost absent at this Republican event.

    Corbett has consisently flipped-flop on many issues after starting the race with highly liberal views. This was noted by TEA PARTIES, taxpayer groups, and the media. Corbett eventually began selling SAM ROHRERS postions as his own.

    Corbett first REFUSED to rule out a TAX INCREASE ..then 2 weeks later he followed SAM ROHRERS example ( who recommitted to his 18 year record of never voting for a TAX increase). However Corbett made sure he stated it was “HIS INTENTION” NOT to raise taxes “in the next term”..he was very clear on the timeline. It seems however that he is NOT opposed to changing the name of the word tax to “FEE” or something else and raising that however. Corbetts definition of what he is committing to has changed at least four times..getting loser and losser witht eh definition and commitment each time. Corbett is NO Chris Christy. Those inside the HOUSE note Corbett has been encouraging Repuiblicans to find a way to support Rendells tax increases so Corbett does not have to.

    WHen is comes to OBAMACARE SAM Rohrer was on the Radio blasting efforts by the FEDS to even involve themselves in Healthcare…specifically noting the fact the US Constitution does NOT give them THAT right. Rohrer, would simply STAND on the law and say NO WAY you are involving Pennsylvania. No need to get the law involved at all as the Constitution is quite clear on the subject.

    Corbett on the other hand…after checking with his campaign leadership decided it would be best for him politically, as a late comer, to grab onto the coattails of a dozen other Attorney Generals who started an effort to fight this in court. Instead of standing on the current Constitutional LAW Corbett is willing to open the door and allow some liberal judge to decide…or to interpret the Constitution. After all according to Corbett it IS a Living Document! Corbett was many months behind SAM Rohrer on even considering any action on this issue.

    Corbett has twice claimed the Constitution is a “LIVING DOCUMENT” and subject to interpretation by those in power. SAM ROHRER has been blasting that liberal approach for 18 years in his speeches to TEA Parties and the House. Rohrer has always stood with the founding Fathers claiming the Constitution is what protects the individual rights of man FROM those who are in power and who would want to interpretate in differently.

    Corbett when questioned “would have to see” if he would disarm Pennsylvanians in a Katrina like situation if ordered to do so by Obama, despite PA’s constitution in which gun ownesship cannot be questioned. Apparently he was advised to come across stronger on this Constitutional issue so he has now changed his tune on that.

    Corbett stands behind the Educational Improvement Tax Credit and has given everyone credit for it except for SAM ROHRER WHO WROTE THE BILL his first year in the House. Michelle Bachman has stated that SAMs work on this educational issue, and a speech he made where she attended is what got her interested in Politics. Sam has been credited Nationwide for this bill which is being used in many states today. The Charter School Movement, and Home schooling movement know Sam Rohrer well.

    FYI the General Assembly DOES NOT vote for raises for themselves…they vote it in FOR THEIR SUCCESSORs in the next session. The Unvouchered Expenses clause which House leadership snuck in the bill during that midnight session WAS unconstitutional IF ACTED UPON. Rohrer had pre committed to voting for a payraise for the next session ( he felt obligated having given his word). However oince passed he immedialtely advised others NOT to exercise the option for Unvouchered Expenses as it was Unconstitutional AND the next morning HE was BLASTING House leaders tactics on this issue in the media.

    Now CORBET had no problem with this bill and ACCEPTING HIS pay raise of $30,000 plus. When SAM ROHRER led efforts to have the bill recinded, once passed CORBETT NEVER PAID the money back as required. As Attorney General its FUNNY how CORBETT never complained about this bill’s Constitutionality back when he was being paid. In fact CORBETT as Attorney General actually FOUGHT against SAM ROHRERs efforts to OVERTURN the Unvouchered Expenses. Corbett fought and stated the UNVOUCHERED EXPENSES was “CONSTITUTIONAL” ???
    I guess Corbett determined that NOW, during an election, The Unvouchered Expenses was more Unconstitutional than it was then. Unfortunately the average citizen will not do the research to determine that Corbett and Gleason were bending the facts to hide the gtruth about Corbett.

    FYI – RUSS DIAMOND, who started Operation PA Clean Sweep because of this unconstitional clause in the bill ENDORSED SAM ROHRER for Governor. He actually DEFENDED ROHRER on this issue.

    In regards to the “Pension Grab”. The pension pool in early 2001 was overflowing and Actuaries and financial experts hired as advisors by the Harrisburg leadership advised members to vote FOR this bill.
    These same leaders were high on the donation list of the powerful Teachers Union.

    No one knew two planes would be crashing into the World Trade Center a few months later; that Enron would fail; that New Orleans and the midwest would flood; about massive Tornado Damage in Florida; that the Housing Market would Collapse; or that the DotCom bubble would cut the market by 60% within a year.

    Corbett has been adamant he will back the powerful Teachers UNION on maintaining these bloated pensions as passed despite the fact it will NOW result in a 20-30% tax increase to all property owners.
    So while everyone else NOW is seeing their savings cut by 50%, and taxes increaed by 20-30%, Teachers who work for 45 years now get a pension equal to 112% of their salary.

    ROHRER on the other hand stated HE would push to revert all these unpaid pensions back to PRE 2001 rates. ROIHRER also has the only PLAN to truly ELIMINATE the School Property Taxes and Fully fund schools…a plan that has ever been approved by major financial institutions, business experts, school boards, and Taxpayer groups statewide. SAM ROHRER has NEVER taken a dime from Special interests like the PSEA or Casinos who want to maintain the statis-quo.

    Corbett and both partys Leaders accept special intersted money freely which comes with strings attached..

    Corbett doesn’t even include a Property tax solution issue in his platform ( he just mentions he will check into it.) According to reports today 20% of Homeowers are headed for forclosure. With layoffs increasing; with Schools Taxes Statewide scheduled to rise by 20-30%, and with the current PA State Budget of $28 billion expected to be hit with about $14 billion of added obligations in 2011-12 ( Thanks ED) wlll the number of Forclosures increase? Higher State, local and School taxes are ahead unless some serious cuts and policy changes occur quickly; higher Fees are being considered by Corbett; Businesses are abandoning Pennsylvania along with jobs. Corbett is Cluless on this issue.

    SAm ROHRER recognized this Property Tax threat was coming back in 2004 and HAS the solution.
    Corbett will flolow Rendells example using Gambling money…and we all know how well that has woprked.

    The FBI is investigating allegations brought forth by an Asst Attorney General Kimmett and an assistant who eventually blew the whistle after uncovering some real questionable practices within the Attorney Generals office involving hundreds of millions of dollars. They discovered high commission contracts were being awarded to specific collection companies ( bypassing a required BID process)…and these same companies alledgedly received commissions as high as 40% even when no work was done. There are claims these same companies also seemed to donate to the Rendell and TOM CORBETT campaigns..go figure. Will they find PA taxpayers money is being laundered here and gooing to the candidates..who knows? It does seem taxpayers are being cheated., bigtime.

    These two after bringing this issue to the attention of Corbetts office in 2008, found that instead of investigating further ( just before an election) Corbett had them fired…hence their whistleblowing lawsuit. Kimmet apparently was being considered for a promotion prior to this.

    When Corbett was asked about this lawsuit at a political question and answer event over a year later he Claimed it was all made up by Sam Rohrers campaign ( another lie)

    Corbett is hack and has not had an original idea he has not regreted.

    For Governor I will be Writing in SAMUEL E ROHRER in November and I encourage others to do the same.
    I will be voting for the most Conservative candidates for PA House and Senate as well.
    Winning both Houses will do more to shape this state then Governor.

  • Nice Try

    PA TaxPayer ALert”
    “who recommitted to his 18 year record of never voting for a TAX increase”

    Nice try. He voted for the unconstitutional payraise. Stop spinning it. You people want it both ways!

    And the pension? Again, spin, spin, spin. You just can’t admit the fact that he acted contrary to your taxpayer philosophy. But Sam did. That’s NOT NOT NOT fiscal responsibility.

    Wake up, Onorato lover!

  • PATaxpayerALert

    “Nice Try”
    As Tom Corbett was pocketing his $30,000 pay raise he fought against Sam ROHRERs bill to recind the Unvouchered Expenses pay raise bill. Corbett back then said it was it was CONSTITUTIONAL. Funny how Corbetts flip flops once again when he is running for office and now claims he would have voted against it.

    In regard to the Pension vote, isn’t it interesting how Republican ( insiders) Gestpo leadership can advise Corbett to use the pension issue against fellow REpublican Rohrer when they and their experts joined the DEMs and advised House members to vote for it. It was the events listed above that occured after the vote that (in hind sight) emphasised the fact that it was bad decision. The deeper question is WHAT did anyone attempt to do about it once it was an obviously going to be a problem?

    Rohrer in 2003 began major efforts to Change how public schools are funded, Eliminating School Property taxes, and eventually ALL property taxes.
    Moodys, the world renowned financial risk analysis agreed with his plan and ONLY his plan. This would eliminate the 20-30% increase we are all going to see in 2012. But when Corbett is approached about the bill he remains clueless and instead sides with the teachers union against the property owners. Corbett has no plan at all.

    Onorato also has nothing to offer except claiming never to have raised County property taxes ( big whoop!). Allegheny county has the bulk of the districts with the highest school taxes in PA, with some distrcits over 4 times the rate as other schools in PA.

    And no I will not be voting for Onorato either .

    The Republican party leadership has abandoned its members and has hijacked the party for their own special interests. I vote for Conservatives, not Republicans who put on that mask for elections only.

    Sam Rohrer has been called the most Conservative man in Harrisburg by his peers based on his 18 year record. Despite the 2 votes you like to refer while not giving any consideration to other evidence the overall facts and circumstances point to a different conclusion. The true conservatives in the House, agree that SAM Rohrer is an honorable and learned man who is highly respected for his Conservative views.

  • Josh Billman

    Nice Try:

    Pretty simple, no spin.

    As I said in my post above, “Anyone who judges a man’s otherwise unblemished 18 year record on the basis of two votes is either a partisan bigot or a fool. I challenge you to find ANYTHING else with which to smear Sam; I guarantee that you will find nothing.”

    A partisan bigot or a fool. Which are you?

  • Question to Chris Freind – I’m confused. I’ve visited all the Samuel E. Rohrer Write-In websites and they ALL have LARGE disclaimers that read the following…

    Samuel E. Rohrer is in NO way affiliated or involved with this “Write-In” Campaign. “We The People” of Pennsylvania have taken this to task because we believe that government should work for us and NOT for the government elites and special interest groups. We ask you NOT to hold Mr. Rohrer responsible for what “We The People” are doing.

    They also state very clearly “Not endorsed by Samuel E. Rohrer or affiliated with”

    Where on earth did you get YOUR information? Just wondering.

  • Whoever wrote this article is CLUELESS Sam Rohrer in no way shape or form has endorsed the write in effort. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT before you write something that now discredits everything else that has been written. If you need answers go to the website and and educate yourself…

  • NICE TRY !

    You’re the clueless one the day after the pay raise vote Sam denounced the vote because the vote for the pay raise was wrapped into legislation that would not have been passed otherwise. Wake up NICE TRY, the parties are stripping away our freedoms because we keep allowing it to happen…End party affiliation NOW

  • blatant bribes

    We all remember the TV show “Roots” could this have been the real inspiration for AmeriChoice Health. The 101 Dumbest Moments In Business 2003 EDITION Whiffed pitch No. 6: blatant stereotyping. By Mark Athitakis April 1, 2003 (Business 2.0)– GRAND PRIZE WINNER, DUMBEST MOMENT OF 2002
    In September, insurance company AmeriChoice brings trucks to blighted neighborhoods in New York City and gives away coupons for free chickens as an incentive for the underprivileged to switch their Medicare coverage. New York state senator Carl Kruger files a complaint with the state attorney general. The 101 Dumbest Moments In Business 2003 EDITION – April 1, 2003 Apr 1, 2003 … Just don’t tell him about the “Chinese health balls.” ….. In September, insurance company AmeriChoice brings trucks to blighted … New York state senator Carl Kruger files a complaint with the state attorney general….. Falling on his sword, Welch announces he’ll give up most of the perks,…

    2009 and 2010 $120,000 from your tax dollars at work
    Philadelphia PA Mayor Nutter received two years in a row $60,000 checks to help keep open and operate the city swimming pools. These checks came from AmeriChoice Health and on the surface seems like fine gifts. Yet, they are Bribes non the less, these checks come from a company who receives all its money from the Federal State Governments as a vendor for Medicare Medicaid services is not allowed to offer bribes kickbacks and money gifts of any kind in order to promote its share of the market place. This is also not allowed as a use of your taxpayers dollars yet it happens.What does it really cost the City of Philadelphia to receive this money? Americhoice Health has a long history of corruption over the years yet seems to be protected by those who are responsible to over see their actions why is that? Sorry must apologize just received a notice that AmeriChoice Health was under the impression they thought they were suppose to have started their very own stimulus and economic program package and the one they implemented, they had no idea it violated all the Stark ,Health and Kickbacks laws. Some one will have to notify the following departments it was all a mistake or error in judgement, the Department of Justice, CMS, Dept of health and Human resourses,the FBI,and IRS, and any other agency effected by this tragedy or unfortunate misunderstanding. No harm, no fowl, forgive and forget, OK, then how about some coupons for a free whole fried chicken…..

    Among its provisions, the anti-kickback statute penalizes anyone who knowingly and willfully solicits, receives, offers or pays remuneration in cash or in kind to induce, or in return for: A. Referring an individual to a person for the furnishing, or arranging for the furnishing, of any item or service payable under the Medicare or Medicaid program; or B. Purchasing, leasing or ordering , or arranging for or recommending purchasing, leasing or ordering, any goods, facility, service or item payable under the Medicare or Medicaid program. Violators are subject to criminal penalties, or exclusion from participation in the Medicare and Medicaid rograms, or both. A violation of the anti-kickback law is a felony offense that carries criminal fines of up to $25,000 per violation, imprisonment for up to five years and exclusion from government health care programs.The federal anti-kickback statute, 42 U.S.C.§ 1320a-7b(b), prohibits individuals or entities from knowingly and willfully offering, paying, soliciting or receiving remuneration to induce referrals of items or services covered by Medicare, Medicaid or any other federally funded program.

    If this were any one person not a corporation they would be in jail now, if the FBI were called in on this matter they would be in jail now, if the IRS were notified they would be in jail now. Since all Ameri-Choice checks come from the United Health’s home office they should be held equally responsible for any bribes, kickbacks, Stark, Fraud and inducements violations that have occured. Federal and State Governments have developed such a depended position with this company that laws and rules no longer apply for them.This role is nothing new for the AmeriChoice people and its been going on for years, look at some of the prior news articles that date back for years only now they can afford to hire the best of Law firms and give the most for Political contributations all on the back of the taxpayer. Sure the Laws have become tighter but you can still dance away their problems.

    Three years ago they were reported to these Federal agency’s and as of todays date not only were they allowed to continue doing business but were never charged once. Protected vendor status sure, politics sure,limited government budgets sure, Federal and State officals looking the other way sure, and rather then stop these activities a strong desire not to rock the boat existed. Even with the vast changes in the laws and budgets,a hands off policy remains, you tell me what’s wrong with this picture? The Government created this monster and now they don’t know what to do about it, like shooting yourself in your own foot etc. Tons of money to advance their national growth, its market positions, tons of money for political donations, tons of money to send 75 millon back to its home office from New York state alone, tons of money to suppot National TV shows, tons of money to pay hugh State fines, tons of money to hire the very best law firms, tons of money to pay for bribes and kickbacks, tons of money for hugh salarys and bonuses, all done on the back of the American taxpayor, you see this company receives all its money from the Federal government. Should your tax dollars be held to a higher standard? Should the government agencys responsible for there review be held to that same standard?Should the IRS audit their corruption? Why has this company not been charged? How long can the buck be passed here in more ways then one? Hey, it’s your tax dollars don’t complain now then don’t complain dollars for bribes // Oct 6, 2010 at 8:57 am

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