Top Doctors 2010: Physicians, Healing Themselves

Power Flow Yoga
Power Flow Yoga
Gina Baffa
50; Pediatric Cardiologist, Du Pont

How she started: Two years ago, Baffa and her husband visited an eco-resort in Costa Rica: “It was vegetarian, so we could eat everything there.” Its specialty, it turned out, was yoga. “It was a better workout than we’d thought.”
Why: “It’s done in a hot room, about 90 degrees. Your muscles and joints can get deeper into the postures that way. You’re sweating and moving constantly, flowing from pose to pose.”
How often: Three days a week.
Also: YMCA for treadmill, stair machine, weight machines; power-walks with her two boxer dogs.
Diet: “We’ve been ‘pescatarians’ — vegetarians who eat fish — for nearly six years.”
Supplements: Fish oil, vitamin D, calcium, dark chocolate (!): “Two little Dove bars a day.”
Last trip to McDonald’s: Ten years ago.
Red wine: One glass with dinner.
Vice: “There’s a place near us, Woodside Farm, that makes its own ice cream. The cows are right there.”
Also: cannolis.
Prescription: “Quinoa” — say “Keen-wah” — “is very cool. It’s an ancient grain, one of the highest in protein, with no fat. It tastes like anything you make it with.”

Photography by Jonathan Pushnik


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