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The Healthy Chef
The Healthy Chef
ROCCO CIMA, 25, Q102 DJ and chef/owner of Fuel, fuelphilly.com
His regimen: Night sessions at South Philly’s Planet Fitness (“It’s open all night”) four times a week, starting with a quick two miles on the treadmill before hitting the weights. Mondays, chest; Tuesdays, arms; Wednesdays, legs; Thursdays, back and shoulders. “Every minute counts. I get in and get out.”

Why he loves working out: “It feels good. I’m in a routine, and if I miss it, I get upset with myself. It’s definitely a stress reliever.”

His diet: At 9 a.m., a protein shake and egg-white frittata, which holds him over until Fuel’s midday rush slows and he reaches for a wrap (usually grilled chicken and spinach) with mixed greens and balsamic. (“I eat what’s at the restaurant because it’s easiest. I’m always there!”) A 5 p.m. protein shake keeps him going until a late low-carb dinner (“Usually I’ll sauté chicken and vegetables, with an occasional side of brown rice”), followed by one more protein shake a few hours later if it’s gym night: “It’s protein-packed all day.”

Secret indulgence: “If I have a craving, I’ll go for Mexican, like chips and salsa, or Mr. Wings. I love ’em hot!”

The body part he loves: “My back. It gives the rest of my frame a powerful foundation. When you have a strong back, it makes you feel mentally strong, too.”


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