2010 Jersey Shore Preview

Belmar Beach
Belmar Beach
For years, the immaculate strip of sand here (why do the North beaches seem so much cleaner?) was best known for partying college kids and the adults who love to leer at them (we know, gross), but lately Belmar has done a great job of dialing down the frat-house vibe. The result is a beach with a little bit of everybody, from toddlers tumbling into the surf to hipsters strumming guitars to grandmas reading trashy novels. (Bonus: Great foot showers for washing off the sand when you exit. Hint, hint, Jersey Cape.) Every September, the town hosts an awesome beach party for kids with autism (last year’s drew more than 3,000 people); this year, it will also present “Sunday Night Movies” on the beach, a kid-friendly lineup screening at the 8th Street entrance that kicks off June 27th with Monsters vs. Aliens. BYOP (bring your own popcorn)—and a blanket.
732-681-3700, belmar.com


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