10 Philadelphia Pilates Instructors You Should Know

Jeff Prall
Jeff Prall
Why he’s great: “Jeff is outstanding because, while he is incredibly knowledgeable and well trained in the Pilates method, he is not rigid. He will incorporate many different types of exercises into the session, such as plyometrics, weight lifting and even some aerobic exercise. Each session with Jeff is so different from the next.” — Jessica Simon, 37, Philadelphia

His street cred: Two years after graduating from Temple University in 2001 with a Masters of Fine Arts in Dance, Prall enrolled in a Pilates training program, and received Pilates and mat instructor certifications from PhysicalMind Institute.

Why you’ll love him: Prall makes sure to hit every part of the body during his sessions, giving you a full body tune-up. In his group Mat Pilates classes, Prall likes to switch things up and adds unique elements of modern dance to the routines. In private sessions, Prall will let you set the intensity level, giving you as much of a challenge as you desire. Either way, you’ll leave feeling a whole lot more refreshed than when you walked in.

Where to find him: Pinnacle Training, 633 Montgomery Avenue, Narberth, 610-664-1003, pinnaclenarberth.com; Upbeat Enterprises/Karen Carlson Pilates, 1305 Locust Street, 215-545-2212.


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