10 Philadelphia Pilates Instructors You Should Know

Margie Foley
Margie Foley
Why she’s great: “Margie is creative, thoughtful and very aware of her client's individual development. She moves me forward gently and kindly, but purposefully.” — Ruth Wessel, 59, Philadelphia

Her street cred: Foley opened Centerpoint Pilates in 2009, after teaching for several years at various studios in the Philadelphia area. She has received two Pilates certifications through Physicalmind Institute and the Ron Flether Program of Study. Foley now operates the only Fletcher Pilates teacher training-prep school in Philadelphia. She is also a certified practitioner of Yamuna Body Rolling, as well as Reiki.

Why you’ll love her: Foley will challenge you in a way that tests your body’s limits. However, she is mindful in encouraging her students to respect their bodies and not overdo it, and creates an environment that allows you to feel comfortable no matter your skill level.

Where to find her: Centerpoint Pilates, 1719 Chestnut Street, 215-568-0550 cpointpilates.com.


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