Hit the Slopes in Style

Your head, believe it or not, is pretty precious cargo. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, a nasty spill could lead to a concussion or worse. Helmets aren’t only protective but are also extremely warm. Bonus: They actually stay on your head, unlike a hat.

Gotta Get: With an ABS shell—a super-hard plastic that’ll break in a hard fall so your skull doesn’t have to—this helmet has all the protection you need. It also has a removable goggle clip, and, best of all, headphones—which means you can listen to your iPod while cruising. Just be sure to stay alert and mind the rules of the mountain.

Buy It: R.E.D. Trace Audio Black Helmet, $79.95 at Zumiez in the Plaza of King of Prussia, 160 North King of Prussia Road, 610-337-2379, zumies.com


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