Gold Medal Workouts

The Event: Figure Skating
The Event: Figure Skating
Body Benefit: Poise, grace, and strength. Plus, it looks awesome, what yoga class lets you dance to Michael Jackson and wear sequins while breaking a sweat? None.

Where to Try It: Philadelphia Skating Club & Humane Society. Tucked away in Ardmore this hidden gem was America’s first figure-skating club. Its doors open every Monday night for its Icebreakers program, where the professional coaching staff offers free group lessons. Adult beginners can pick up tips and decide if they want to pay for a membership. The atmosphere is fun and supportive. They have a large champion staff (quite literally) of coaches ready to teach in all different styles of skating, from basic to choreography and freestyle.

Details: Give it a shot on Monday nights for free. 220 Holland Avenue, Ardmore PA 19003-1292, 610.642.8700,


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