Eight Philadelphia Trainers We Love

YOU WANT TO … Bust through a plateau
YOU WANT TO … Bust through a plateau
THE TRAINER … Kevin Schultz, NASM, The Aquatic and Fitness Center, Bala Cynwyd, Philadelphia, Cherry Hill and Jenkintown

WHAT TO EXPECT … A new routine every time. “If you always do the same thing, your body goes into maintenance mode and stops changing or even regresses,” says Schultz. From standing on the Bosu while doing back rows to lying on a stability ball for chest presses, Schultz will keep your body guessing throughout each 60-minute session.

FAVORITE EQUIPMENT … Your own body weight, Bosu and instability balls

FREE ADVICE … Challenge yourself. “To really burn calories, each time you come into the gym you should try a new piece of cardio equipment or use a different program setting on your favorite machine so that you always get that kicked-in-the-butt feeling by the time you’re done,” says Schultz.

DETAILS: $70 for 60-minute session, kschultz@aquahab.com


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