5 Unique LGBTQ Events This Weekend

Franky's Foxes is throwing an anniversary party Friday night.

Franky’s Foxes is throwing an anniversary party Friday night.


Roger Lee Dance Hollywood
8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Performance Garage, 1515 Brandywine Street; all ages.

The award-winning Roger Lee Dance Company is back with a phenomenal show that spotlights the highs and lows of Hollywood through modern contemporary choreography. Tickets can be purchased online and include other special registration offers and details. Read more »

OPINION: It’s Time to Ban “No Fats, No Fems”

Marek+Richard’s controversial tank.

Marek+Richard’s controversial tank.

I couldn’t help but find myself annoyed this week to find out that a term I thought was going to fade out eventually just went viral.

Thanks to the gay clothing brand Marek+Richard, members of our community can now rip the runway wearing “No Fats, No Fems” tanks in broad daylight. There has been plenty of backlash about the now-sold-out apparel, and the company tried to clean up after the debacle by saying it was all in the name of “satire,” but no one was buying it. Read more »

NATIONAL NEWS: GLADD Study Shows Major Drop in LGBT Diversity in Films

Transgender biopic The Danish Girl.

Transgender biopic “The Danish Girl.”

Only 25.5 percent of the LGBT characters portrayed in films from seven major studios this year are of color.

While Hollywood’s racial diversity issues have become a major topic of discussion, the problems appear to be even deeper when it comes to LGBTQ diversity. According to a new report released on Monday by GLADD, the racial diversity of LGBT characters has fallen noticeably. Overall, 17.5 percent of last year’s films from the seven major Hollywood studios contained characters who were lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. However, only 25.5 percent of those characters were of color; the previous year’s percentage was 32.1 percent. “Hollywood’s films lag far behind any other form of media when it comes to portrayals of LGBT characters,” GLADD president and CEO Sarah Ellis said in the report. “The film industry must embrace new and inclusive stories if it wants to remain competitive and relevant.” The organization says the industry “must do better to include LGBT characters in roles directly tied to plot and which reflect the wide diversity of our community, including people of color, those living with disabilities, and a variety of geographical and ideological backgrounds.” Read more »

Patrons Claim ICandy Nightclub’s Timberland Boots “Ban” Is Racially Motivated

Photograph by Ernest Owens

Photograph by Ernest Owens

A series of incidents at the door of popular Gayborhood nightclub ICandy in recent weeks has some black LGBT community members wondering whether the club’s apparent ban on patrons wearing Timberland boots — a brand long associated with black hip-hop fashion — is racially motivated.

The controversy began when Stro Kyle, a black queer-events promoter, posted a series of Facebook messages on the night of April 18th after a friend said he had been refused entrance: Read more »

TOP PICKS: 5 Unique LGBTQ Events This Weekend

Philly Black Pride is from April 28-May 2.

Philly Black Pride runs April 28th through May 2nd.


The 17th Annual Philly Black Pride Celebration
April 28th through May 2nd

Philly Black Pride is finally here and bigger than ever with a lineup of parties, expos, and socials that encourage all walks of life to come out to empower the city’s black LGBTQ community. Tickets can be purchased online and include other special registration offers and details. Read more »

Q&A: Kevin Simmons of YouTube’s The Skorpion Show

(L-R) Co-Hosts Makael Mclendon and Kevin Simmons of The Skorpion Show.

Co-hosts Makael Mclendon and Kevin Simmons of “The Skorpion Show.”

The Skorpion Show has been online since 2008. What inspired you produce it?
It wasn’t inspiration that started The Skorpion Show. I used Youtube as a creative platform while I was job-seeking. I think more inspiration came along the way once I noticed the show was catching was on via social media on Myspace, and blogs posting some of our videos. Read more »

LOCAL NEWS: Our LGBTQ Primary Election Guide

Via Shutterstock.

Via Shutterstock.

Resources for LGBTQ voters on Primary Day.

Voter Guides:

G Philly interviews with each of the Democratic candidates for the 182nd District state House seat:

Lists of Endorsements:

Read more »

NATIONAL NEWS: Former U.S. Senator Announces Same-Sex Engagement

Photo credit: Shutterstock/Songquan Deng

Photo credit: Shutterstock/Songquan Deng

Former U.S. Sen. Harris Wofford announces his engagement to a man 50 years his junior.

Former U.S. Sen. Harris Wofford, 90, opened up in a New York Times op-ed about his late wife, Clare, and his engagement to Matthew Charlton, 40. The Pennsylvania statesmen, who served as a Democrat in the Senate from 1991 to 1995, does not quite describe his announcement as a coming out: “Too often, our society seeks to label people by pinning them on the wall — straight, gay or in between,” he writes. “I don’t categorize myself based on the gender of those I love.” As far as finally revealing his long-time relationship with Charlton (they started dating five years after Clare’s 1996 death), Wofford writes that “same sex-marriage equality” seemed impossible at one time in America: “I was wrong, and should not have been so pessimistic.” He plans to marry Charlton on April 30th. Read more »

LOCAL NEWS: Faith Leaders Are Advocating for Pennsylvania Fairness Act


Faith leaders and congregations have joined Equality Pennsylvania in pushing state legislators to pass the Pennsylvania Fairness Act.

Last weekend, 18 Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Jewish and Episcopalian congregations joined forces with Equality Pennsylvania to push elected officials in Harrisburg to pass the Pennsylvania Fairness Act. The act, currently known as HB 1510 and SB 974, would add protections for gender identity/expression and sexual orientation to Pennsylvania’s existing Human Relations Act,, which was passed in 1955. Read more »

TOP PICKS: 5 Unique LGBTQ Events This Weekend



COLOURS’ 25th Anniversary Opening Reception
6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
William Way LGBT Community Center, 1315 Spruce Street; all ages.

To kick off its 25th anniversary, LGBTQ advocacy organization COLOURS is hosting a free reception at the William Way Center. Guests can visit a special exhibit spotlighting the stories, art, and culture behind the work the group has been doing in the community over the years. Read more »

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