RANKED: Madonna’s Top 55 Songs

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Gay Star News (GSN) has come up with what it’s calling the “Definitive Ranking of Madonna’s Top 55 Songs.” It’s quite an ambitious—and risky—undertaking, ciphering through and judging the catalog of one of the most gay-loved icons ever. It’s bound to ruffle a few feathers.

Not surprisingly, the top 10—which was voted on by readers—mostly comprises songs from the ’80s and early-’90s. “Hung Up” is the one exception; it comes in at No. 5. The top slot goes to “Vogue,” which made headlines this week after the passing of Lauren Bacall.

The list was compiled in honor of Madonna’s 56th birthday, which happens tomorrow, the 16th of August. Here, I’ve listed GSN’s top 15 below. To see the rest, click on over to its site here.

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Gold Medals for Anna Aagenes, Honeybadgers, Mudhillun MuQaribu at the Gay Games in Ohio

Reports from Gay Games in Cleveland and Akron are pouring in, and Team Philadelphia continues to haul in the medals—golds, silvers, bronzes, you name it. Here’s a recap of today’s winners, reported to me from Team Philadelphia Chair Bob Szwajkos  and GO! Athletes Executive Director Anna Aagenes.


Team Philadelphia is now a triple winner in softball. City of Brotherly Love Softball League (CBLSL)’s Honeybadgers (pictured) took gold this afternoon at Firestone Park in Akron. I told you yesterday that CBLSL’s men’s team, and the Fairmount Fillies also took gold in their respective tournaments.

Anna Aagenes continues to kick ass in track and field. She won first place in today’s 800m—in her age group (18-29) and overall. She also won gold in yesterday’s 5K.

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Opinion: Hey, Gayborhood Drag Queens, It’s Time To Up Your Game


Three years ago, if you’d told me that I would spend every weekend being called “Fat Butt” by the local drag queens, I would have said, “Uh, no way. I’m afraid of drag queens.”

It wasn’t the “guy in a dress” thing. It was the clown thing. I’m terrified of them. The bright makeup, the colorful costumes, being able to fit seven or eight of them in a single cab—you know, the typical clown fear. And I had a hard time disassociating the two.

However, in the nearly two years I’ve been hanging out in the Gayborhood, I’ve lost my clown-based fear of queens, only to have it replaced by an appreciation for the art. Lately, though, there’s a boredom creeping in. I’m tired of seeing essentially the same show week after week. Similar costumes. The same songs. Between Top 40 radio and weekly drag shows, I’m getting a double dose of the already-repetitive songs the music industry pushes on us.

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WATCH: Mandeep Jangi On the Haircut That Gave Him Courage to Come Out

I’m From Driftwood just released its latest video—this time featuring William Way board member Mandeep Jangi. The video offers a fascinating peek into being Sikh, and being forced to adhere to traditions that can sometimes be suffocating. Jangi makes an interesting connection between making the decision to cut his long hair—something that’s frowned upon in the Sikh culture—and how that lead him to gaining the courage he needed to come out of the closet:

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Scruffy Adam Joseph Shares First Selfie With Baby Jacob

The Internet collectively squealed last week when 6ABC weatherman Adam Joseph announced on his Facebook page that he and his partner, Karl, welcomed their new son, Jacob. Well, the preciousness is far from over. Today, Joseph shared a selfie of him and baby Jacob—the first shots to show the two of them together since last week’s big announcement.

The little man’s already growing like a weed, sporting a cute onesie that reads “I just did nine months on the inside.”

Woman Crush Wednesday: Phillesbian Founder Lauren Zumpano

Every hump day, a Philly woman shares her local picks for Woman Crush Wednesday. Today, founder of local lesbian-centric news and entertainment blog Phillesbian, Lauren Zumpano.

Our Last Five Woman Crush Wednesdays:

Anna Aagenes Wins 5K Gold at Gay Games

Anna Aagenes with her gold medal that she won in the women's 18-29 5K.

Anna Aagenes with her gold medal that she won in the women’s age 18-29 5K.

Philly Track and Fielder Anna Aagenes took gold in her age group in today’s 5K at the Gay Games in Cleveland, Ohio.

She tells me she finished in 19:04, which is the fastest time in her age group and overall women’s 5K on the track. “I went out pretty fast the first mile, and just held it until the end,” she says.

Aagenes, an alum of Penn, is executive director of GO! Athletes, an organization that aims to end LGBT discrimination in sports. She is also the recent winner of Best of Philly’s Best LGBT Champion. She’s running again tomorrow and Friday, so stay tuned for updates.

Aagenes isn’t the only local athlete to take home medals this week. Here’s a recap of what I know so far:

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