REVIEW: Divine/Intervention Is Just That

A scene from "Divine/Intervention"

A scene from “Divine/Intervention”

There’s drama on the stage of Voyeur Nightclub.

That isn’t anything new, until you realize it’s an actual drama, the Philadelphia premiere of Divine/Intervention, and that the play is actually really good. In short, even if the only thing you know about Divine is the utterly gross film Pink Flamingos, you should see this deliciously dark production that is superbly performed. Read more »

Rick Santorum Made Some Really Awkward Gay Remarks on The Rachel Maddow Show

“So if you can determine whether one of your children is gay, should we pass a law saying you can’t abort a child because you found out that child’s going to be gay? You can’t abort a child because you found out that child was going to be a woman? How would you feel about a law like that?”


This was Rick Santorum‘s answer when pressed by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on whether or not he believed people were born gay or transgender. Kind of strange, right? The Republican Presidential hopeful clashed with Maddow on a wide spectrum of LGBT rights on her show last evening, nicely captured by Politico‘s Nick Gass. Read more »

PHOTOS: A Bowtie Collection for the Ladies

Cherita Powell always had an eye for fashion, even when she was young. She realized at an early age that she was a lesbian and quickly built her own sense of style.

“I looked around and saw gay women and thought that it was time to go back to the classics,” she said. “There are groups of women who are stylish. During my travels to Indonesia and Thailand, the gay women looked sharp.”

One day, Powell, who offers her wares at Reading Terminal Market’s Amazulu Collections, went to a fabric shop and thought it was time to “play.” She crafted a series of colorful bowties designed for anyone, but with a special focus on the ladies. The result is already causing quite a bit of chatter: She posted a few pictures from the photo shoot we’re including below on her social media accounts, and within just a few hours, they got over 300 hits. She thinks it’s because the ties “tell a lot about you.”

“My intention is to put a smile on folks’ faces,” Powell said. “We seem so fragmented. It’s time for us to get together, dress up, and have some fun.”

Powell is presenting her collection in Michigan, and is planning on a full-scale Philly launch in November. In the interim, she encourages interested patrons to visit her shop at Reading Terminal. Check out some of the collection below, thanks to Freedom G Photography.

qFLIX Philadelphia 2015 Awards Announced

A scene from "Mala Mala."

A scene from “Mala Mala.”

The 2015 qFLIX awards, featuring both audience and juried favorites, were announced yesterday, with films Mala Mala and Fourth Man Out winning numerous categories.

It was also the first year that festival presented the Barbara Gittings International Human Rights Award to Ugandan filmmaker Kamoga Hassan for his documentary Outed: The Painful Reality. In his remarks, Hassan said, “We in Uganda are where you in America were 50 years ago in the granting of LGBTQ rights as citizens of your country. I hope to see the same freedom and acceptance in my homeland 50 years from now.” Read more »

Sister Mary Scullion Criticizes Firing of Gay Teacher at Waldron Mercy

Sister Mary Scullion | Facebook

Sister Mary Scullion | Facebook

One of Philadelphia’s most well-known Catholics has come out against the firing of a gay teacher at Waldron Mercy Academy.

Sister Mary Scullion and her Project HOME co-founder Joan McConnon were joined by James J. Maguire of the Maguire Foundation in authoring an op-ed in today’s Inquirer, calling the school’s firing of Margie Winters from the school “a moment rife with pain and struggle, but also hope.”

The trio acknowledged the firing was made by those acting in accord with the Catholic Church’s teachings on homosexuality, they said the “church’s truest integrity is at risk when it emphasizes orthodoxy and doctrine without meaningful engagement with human and historic realities.”

While it is painful for us to have to publicly dissent, we are convinced that this is a moment when insistence on doctrinal adherence is clashing with what we believe the Spirit is unfolding in our history – just as it has in the past, with issues like slavery, the rights of women, and the environment. Many Christian denominations have listened to the movement of the Spirit and moved toward both full inclusion and full embrace of the gifts of our gay and lesbian sisters and brothers.

The church is at its best when it listens to the Spirit speaking in our times and through human experiences. As we listen, we hear the Spirit speaking through the testimony of hundreds of parents and former students, who affirm that Margie has been a marvelous teacher and influence. She has been a gift to the church, nurturing the faith and morals of countless young people, fostering a spirit of mercy, compassion, and justice.

Winters taught at the school for seven years as the director of religious education — and has said she was married to her female partner from the start. Her termination this summer caused controversy in the school community, though it was backed by Archbishop Charles Chaput. 

Scullion is a member of the Religious Sisters of Mercy, which sponsors Waldron Mercy.

Our Super Awesome Gay Staycation at Borgata’s Water Club

The pool at Immersion Spa.

The pool at Immersion Spa.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of The Water Club at Borgata: I’ve been going there for a long time because, well, it’s just over an hour away from Philly and it’s a super easy escape from the drudge of city life, especially if I don’t have a ton of time to take a huge vacation. But, Borgata got all the more attractive when they started their LGBT initiative earlier this year, OUT at Borgata, that aims to not only bring more gay bucks to the entertainment establishment but create an inclusive, affordable, enhanced environment for their LGBT guests. There are a lot of places that are aiming to compete for our dollars, but I can say from experience that Borgata really does an extremely fine job. In short, they deserve our business. Read more »

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