Madonna’s Confessions


Before we into the personal, strobe-lit music daydream that was (and still most certainly is) Madonna’s whirling tenth studio album, Confessions on a Dance Floor, it’s absolutely necessary to understand that before the conception of Madge’s Grammy award-winning dance music opus, her music career was in pure best of times, yet (somewhat)worst of times mode. Read more »

OUT in Theaters: Keaton, McAdams, and Ruffalo Put a Spotlight on Catholic Coverups

The cast of "Spotlight."

The cast of “Spotlight.”

When that winter chill first hits the air, movie lovers and fashion gurus alike start to get a little wet because they know one thing is true: Oscar season has begun! While the Academy Awards themselves won’t be handed out until February of 2016, tis the season for the films and stars that we will see gracing the red carpet and taking the stage in a few short months to start hitting theaters and building that awards buzz. While some spectacular films have already hit theaters that you NEED to run out and see (*cough* Room *cough*), everyone knows November and December are when the big guns are brought out. Hitting theaters is a film that is all but a lock for a Best Picture nomination: Spotlight. Read more »

Commentary: Matt Lauer Gets a Failing Grade on Charlie Sheen’s HIV Interview


Let’s get this out of the way: Charlie Sheen is no angel.

But the 50-year-old actor, who has become directly associated with a mental meltdown from several years ago that brought “winning” into our lexicon, certainly deserved better than his toxic interview with Today‘s Matt Lauer this morning about his HIV diagnosis. In short, Lauer played into a good number of the stereotypes associated with those living with the virus, and his overall tone did not help with public stigma that suggests that those who contract HIV have done some sort of morally corrupt or unethical action to get the virus. Read more »

Thank God for Alan Cumming. Seriously. Thank God.

It’s so refreshing to see a performer who is 100% in control of their talents and appeal and able to deploy them effortlessly and uniquely in a variety of scenarios. Alan Cumming is one such performer and his stunning cabaret, “Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs”, was a virtuosic delight. Read more »

PHOTOS: G Philly Comes OUT at Borgata Mixer at 28 West

Our first ever co-branded event with Atlantic City’s Borgata was a huge success this past Saturday afternoon as guests from Philly, New York, and South Jersey mingled at the resort’s 28 West. The fabulous Liz DuFour, a staple at many local piano bars, provided her talents throughout the early evening, and bartenders whipped up special cocktails to celebrate the OUT at Borgata program. Afterwards, guests explored the property, had dinner at one of the many restaurants, and partied with the one and only Alan Cumming at Borgata’s Music Box.

We couldn’t have been more pleased with our Saturday mixer, and we can’t wait for future events at Borgata!

Mayor Nutter and Philadelphia Police Welcome New LGBT Law Enforcement Organization

Philadelphia Police

A new LGBT policing organization is shaping up in Philadelphia that will provide out officers the opportunity to create change within the force.

The Greater Philadelphia Gay Officer Action League, or GOAL, has been a project long in the making, but after a Monday organizational meeting, the new law enforcement organization is ready to launch, and it will be a historic moment for both the city and the nation. Read more »

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