Interactive Map Shows You Where to Find Pennsylvania’s Scruffiest Gay Men

Unfortunately, the data doesn’t tell us where to find him. |

I know you’re busy watching the polls today, but here’s a fun bit of statistical data to take your mind off local politics for a bit: Gay dating app Scruff has released its latest SCRUFFtistics data, this time with an emphasis on finding the states and cities with the hairiest and smoothest gay men.

“Body Hair Nation” ranks each state according to body hair. The data shows that these are the states where you’ll find the scruffiest dudes who like dudes:

  1. Vermont
  2. Maine
  3. Oregon
  4. New Hampshire
  5. West Virginia

Pennsylvania’s not far away, at No. 13, according to this interactive map, which also ranks us No. 40 on its list of states with the smoothest men. Check it out:

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First Federal Bill to Anti-LGBT Conversion Therapy Introduced in Congress

California Congressman Ted W. Lieu | Photo via Facebook

California Congressman Ted W. Lieu | Photo via Facebook

Today, Democratic Congressman Ted. W. Lieu of California will introduce in Congress the first federal bill to ban LGBT conversion therapy.

The “Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act,” explains the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), “would amend the Federal Trade Commission Act to clarify that providing conversion therapy to any person in exchange for monetary compensation or advertising such services is an unfair or deceptive act or practice. This legislation would give the Federal Trade Commission the duty to enforce this provision in accordance with existing law.”

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Man Arrested in Stabbing Death of Transgender Woman London Chanel [UPDATED]

Photo via London Chanel's Facebook page.

Photo via London Chanel’s Facebook page.

UPDATE [5/20/2015, 4:12 am]: New York Daily News has an update in the murder of transgender woman London Chanel, who was stabbed to death early Monday morning in an abandoned rowhome in North Philadelphia:

Raheam Felton, 31 | Philadelphia Police Department.

Raheam Felton, 31 | Philadelphia Police Department.

A 31-year-old man has been arrested in the fatal stabbing of his roommate, a transgender woman who police found bleeding on a sidewalk outside the abandoned Philadelphia building they shared …

It’s believed Raheam Felton repeatedly stabbed Londyn Kiki Chanel, 21, in the neck and back during a fight over what authorities described as domestic matters – not because she was a transgender woman. …

Felton, who has prior felony convictions of aggravated assault, prostitution and burglary, shared the apartment in the 2200 block of Ingersoll Street with Chanel and another transgender woman.

ORIGINAL: A 21-year-old transgender woman was stabbed to death in a fight early Monday in North Philadelphia.

NBC10 reports that a man stabbed London Chanel in the back and neck inside an abandoned rowhome along the 2200 block of Ingersoll Street in North Philadelphia. More:

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LGBT Voting Guide for Philadelphia Primary Election Day 2015

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 19th, is primary election day in Philadelphia, and we have quite the exciting race on our hands. This year’s primary season finds us voting for lots of biggies: Mayor, City Council (which includes two openly gay candidates), Supreme Court Judge and more. To make it easy for you when you head to the polls, I’ve put together a quick voting guide based off endorsements of local and statewide LGBT and progressive-minded organizations, like Equality PA, Philadelphia Gay News and the Liberty City LGBT Democrats.

I’ve listed these in order of how they should appear on your ballot tomorrow.

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15 Gay Things to Do in Philly This Week

STUDY: Gay Men Spend More on First Dates Than Straight Men—But Not in Philly

I'm gonna pay so much for this salad. |

I’m gonna pay so much for this salad. |

From the hall of funny studies comes this one from date auction site, which shows that gay bachelors in the U.S. spend quite a bit more on a first date than their heterosexual counterparts

WhatsYourPrice, which boasts 87,000 gay users, pulled member data to determine how much single men are spending on a first date. Turns out gay men spend a none-too-shabby average of $184, while straight dudes pay about $120.

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PHOTOS: Mazzoni’s 2015 Elixr Gala at Water Works

It was a gorgeous night to celebrate Mazzoni Center‘s 5th annual Elixir: Cure for the Common Gala, which took place at the Mill House Deck of the Fairmount Water Works Restaurant. The event featured live dance music by EBE, food and dessert, an open bar, a silent auction and special live performances by Rainere Martin as Donna Summer and Philadelphia Voices of Pride.

CBS3’s Jim Donovan was master of ceremonies, announcing this year’s honorees: Franny Price, executive director of Philly Pride Presents and longtime community activist and advocate, who was honored with the Gloria Casarez Activist Award; and Michael Tambón, aka drag queen “Cherry Pop,” was honored for his advocacy work for people living with HIV. Check out photos of the evening below:

Local Activists Hopping the Atlantic to Fight for Marriage Equality in Ireland

Powell, Lassiter and TK are heading to Ireland to volunteer for the country's groundbreaking marriage referendum.

Trevor Powell, Jay Lassiter and John Keating are heading to Ireland to volunteer for the country’s groundbreaking marriage referendum.

On Tuesday, three local LGBT activists are flying across the proverbial pond to volunteer for Ireland’s marriage referendumTrevor Powell, attorney John Keating, and civil rights activist and political blogger Jay Lassiter met while working for Garden State Equality during the New Jersey marriage equality campaign in 2009. They’ve worked on a number of campaigns together since, but now they’re ready to take their teamwork overseas.

The referendum makes Ireland the only nation in the world that’s asking its citizens to vote for marriage equality. If the vote passes this Friday, May 22nd, couples will have the right to marry in a country that currently only recognizes civil unions. I shot Powell, a recent graduate of Temple University, a few questions to see what they have planned for their trip.

Are you going with an organization?
We aren’t affiliated with any organization. This is literally a group of political friends with several years’ experience behind working on LGBT campaigns who decided that this opportunity was too important to turn down.

Why did you decide to do this?
Jay, John, and I decided that, after working several LGBT-related campaigns in the U.S., we should contribute our parts to the marriage equality campaign in Ireland. The three of us worked to turn out the vote in Maine and Maryland in 2012. Those were among the first states in the U.S. to pass marriage equality via the ballot box. We are hoping to take that same success over to Ireland.

Why Ireland?
Ireland is the first nation in the world to put marriage equality to a country-wide vote, and, if the referendum passes, it will be a watershed movement for the LGBT movement worldwide. Despite the promising poll numbers which indicate 70 percent of Irish voters favor marriage equality, there is still no room for complacency. The actual vote will be much tighter than indicated and turnout, which is key to the success of the campaign, will likely be low. We cannot take the outcome of the referendum for granted, nor can we leave it to other people to expect it to pass.

What will the job actually entail? 
The job will entail canvassing neighborhoods, phone-banking, and turning out the vote from students on campuses like the University of Dublin and Trinity College.

What kind of insight can a group of activists from Philly bring to this cause?
The rights of same-sex couples to marry is the civil rights issue of our generation. For the overwhelming majority of millennials, granting same-sex couples the right to marry is a no-brainer. The younger generations need to take their support to the ballot box and be reminded just how pivotal this vote is—not only for Ireland, but for the rest of the world, too. The goal of this campaign is to get equality-minded voters, who are clearly the majority, out to the polls.

Out in Theaters: Pitch Perfect 2 Graduates, But Without Honors

pitch perfect 2

The breakout hit of 2012, Pitch Perfect hit all the right notes and had all the right sass to become a run-away hit with the gay community. But even more than that, the film’s themes of comradery and perseverance have found universal appeal, resonating with everyone from the Green Bay Packers (more on that later) to my cousin’s 8-year-old son Nick who can recite the entire movie. Add in the fact that it’s perpetually playing on cable and available OnDemand to the point where you can accidentally watch it for a 49th or 50th time (it is impossible to turn off!), you’ve got a bona-fide universal hit for … Universal. So after crossing the $100 million-dollar mark, a sequel was naturally put in the works. I’m happy to report that while Pitch Perfect 2 isn’t as aca-awesome as the first film, but if you’re a fan of Pitch Perfect, they’ve tailor-made this sequel just for you.

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WATCH: Jim Kenney Sings “Pennies From Heaven” at Tavern on Camac

Democratic mayoral candidate Jim Kenney joined the Liberty City LGBT Democrats (LCLD) last night on a bar crawl through the Gayborhood. During the third stop, at piano bar Tavern on Camac, he stepped up to the stage to sing “Pennies From Heaven” with the pianist.

The song was first recorded by Bing Crosby in 1936, and later covered by everyone from Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington to Frank Sinatra. How do you think Kenney did? I’m told it took some convincing to get him up there, but he really picks it up during the chorus—encouraged, no doubt, by the crowd shouting things like, “You better work!”

Check out the video above, sent by LCLD’s Stephanie Haynes. And below, photos of other LCLD-endorsed candidates who joined the crawl, like openly gay City Council hopefuls Paul Steinke and Sherrie Cohen.

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