LGBTQ&A: Heath Fogg Davis

Heath Fogg Davis

Heath Fogg Davis is a transgender male activist who teaches at Temple University, serves on the Mayor’s Commission on LGBT Affairs, and is a member of the Trans Masculine Advocacy Network (TMAN). We chat with the advocate on being a trans man of color, exploring masculinity through activism, and his new book, which challenges the role gender plays in society. Read more »

LGBTQ Event of the Week: Dyke Ride 2017

The Dyke Ride is Sunday, June 4th, at Khan Park.

For its fitness creativity and dyke enthusiasm, this week’s LGBTQ event of the week is the Dyke Ride. Join fellow dykes, queers, and friends as they hit the streets in a fun group bicycle ride through the neighborhoods of Philadelphia. You can either bring your own bike or check one out at the Khan Park’s Indego station. The trek is roughly 10 miles and stretches through Center City, Fairmount, University City, and South Philly. If you’re not a biker and still want to hang out, meet the crew at Tattooed Mom, 530 South Street, for a happy hour with Philly Dyke March (PDM) organizers where you can purchase this year’s PDM shirt. The event kicks off at 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 4th, at Kahn Park, 1111 Pine Street. Free admission. Read more »

“It Was an Ambush”: Behind the Vote That Ousted Sharron Cooks as LGBT Commission Chair

Sharron Cooks | Photo taken by Kelly Burkhardt

The Mayor’s Commission on LGBT Affairs, a 23-member advisory board announced in October 2016 after several intense months of revelations about racial discrimination in the Gayborhood, convened its first meeting on March 16th at City Hall. This inaugural gathering served as the formal introduction of Amber Hikes, a black queer woman newly appointed as the executive director of the Office of LGBT Affairs, to the diverse body of volunteers who would help her advise Mayor Jim Kenney’s administration on the pressing needs of Philadelphia’s LGBT community.

It was during this meeting, which kicked off with commission members taking the floor for two minutes apiece to present overviews of their lives and work, that Sharron Cooks, a black transgender advocate and new member herself, noticed something potentially troubling. She felt that another member, a white cisgender woman, was “taking up too much space” — essentially framing discussion of diversity and inclusion around her own experience rather than that of people of color. Cooks said nothing, but noted that, unlike other members, the woman eventually spoke for five minutes longer than the allotted time. Read more »

Pa. Moves to Include LGBTQ Protections in Anti-Discrimination Laws

hate crime laws

As it stands right now, Pennsylvania is the only state in the Northeast that doesn’t address LGBTQ people in its hate crime laws – meaning crimes committed in the state based on someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity cannot be charged as hate crimes.

But the state’s Human Relations Commission – which enforces state laws that prohibit discrimination – wants to change that. The HRC has proposed a set of guidelines that would extend existing statewide education, employment and housing anti-discrimination protections to include LGBTQ individuals.  Read more »

LGBTQ&A: Clay Cane

Clay Cane

Clay Cane is a New York City–based award-winning journalist, author, television personality, documentary filmmaker, and contributor. Cane is the creator and director of the critically acclaimed original documentary Holler If You Hear Me: Black and Gay in the Church. We chatted with the Philadelphia native on his career, identity, and debut memoir.

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LGBTQ Event of the Week: Daddy & Friends

Daddy & Friends is Friday, May 19th.

For its “boylesque” flair and body-positivity, this week’s LGBTQ event of the week is Daddy & Friends. Get ready to see lion cubs, furry tigers, and hairy bears — male queer performers in all shapes, sizes, and talents. This popular monthly series, produced by Josh Schonewolf, feature musical acts, dance numbers, and other surprises we can’t describe here. The opening act is Moses Cyrus, and you can expert tristate-area performers such as Matt Knife, Vic Sin, Baron Atomy, and more. The event kicks off at 8 p.m. on Friday, May 19th, at L’Etage, 624 South 6th Street. Cover at the door. Read more »

Sharron Cooks Announces Resignation From LGBT Commission After Being Voted Out as Chair

Sharron Cooks | Photo taken by Kelly Burkhardt

After having made history as the first transgender person ever to chair a city commission, Sharron Cooks was removed as head of the Mayor’s Commission on LGBT Affairs on Tuesday night in a 13-3 (with 3 abstentions) vote during an emergency meeting. G Philly was sent documentation from the meeting that raised concerns surrounding Cooks’s social media interactions with members of one of the commission’s committees.

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LGBTQ&A: Feminista Jones

Feminista Jones

Feminista Jones

Feminista Jones is a mental health social worker, sex-positive feminist writer, public speaker, and community activist. We got to chat with the popular social-justice advocate on her current movement work, social-media madness, and being openly pansexual. Read more »

LGBTQ Event of the Week: IBA’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

IBA's 10th Anniversary Celebration is Wednesday, May 10th.

IBA’s 10th Anniversary Celebration is Wednesday, May 10th.

For its celebratory spirit and expansive networking, this week’s LGBTQ event of the week is IBA’s 10th Anniversary Celebration. Enjoy an evening that plans to “celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of the local LGBT business.” IBA will be presenting their seventh annual PNC Bank $10,000 LGBT Business Award and honoring Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jonathan Capehart. Guests can expect an endless dinner buffet and top-shelf open bar while mingling with members of the LGBT and business communities, local and state government officials, and leaders from the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. The event kicks off at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, May 10th at The Down Town Club, located at 600 Chestnut Street. Tickets are available online. Read more »

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