6ABC’s Adam Joseph and Partner Karl Welcome Baby Boy

6ABC Meteorologist Adam Joseph—who I don’t think has ever officially come out of the closet—just posted an announcement on Facebook that he and his partner, Karl, welcomed a baby boy into their home this morning. His Facebook post:


Welcome to the world, baby Jacob, and welcome to the family, Adam Joseph!

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  • Brian Martenis

    Looks like a happy/healthy/lucky little guy! Congratulations gentlemen. You’ll make outstanding daddy’s! I’ve enjoyed August 5th as a Birthday for a very long time. Another cute little Leo. Look at those lion-like eyes!

  • ptranz

    its 2014…. wake up…. best wishes to the new family…. this little man will have the best of everything including lots of LOVE!!

  • pzh77

    Congrats! This is so awesome. I am so happy for you and your partner!!! Many blessings. Mazel-tov!

  • Bill

    This is great, so happy for Adam and his partner!

  • Lisa Lindsay

    Baby Jacob is adorable!!

  • Denise Szostek

    he doesnt need to come out of a closet. he is awesome any way he is.

    • Ok so first… yes he is and we all appreciate the support. We don’t use the term “of the closet” anymore. Just “come out.”

      But I figure if straight people can just casually talk about their marriages then we can, too.

  • Marlon Wallace

    We need more details. Who’s the mom? Was there a surrogate? Is the baby adopted? How long have Adam and Karl been a couple? Details, Josh!!! Details!!!

    • Rachelle

      Do you need details when a couple adopts?

    • the personal info of the mother isn’t necessary, really. Would be fun to know more about the couple..

      • Juline

        At least some acknowledgement of the mother would be nice… Adoption is sold as “the mother will move on and forget…” Can’t change biology. Can’t change how the mother will ALWAYS be a mother. Not saying that I’m not happy for the Gentlemen, they just coud have said the the mother is doing well or something like that. But adoption is JUST THAT, about the ADOPTERS.. They want to make it look like peaches and creme. But the BABY just LOST HIS MOTHER! HE’S NOT A BLANK SLATE!
        -an adoptee

    • None of your business.

  • Janice Rael

    The 6ABC Family just took a step towards looking like MY family. How very nice for us to have an OUT person in front of the camera! Congrats to the proud poppas. Hugs to the birthmother, too, and hugs for all she did to help these guys become a complete family.

  • r0ckmypants

    I’m sorry, but have you SEEN the suit you are wearing in your avatar photo? Gurl, please.

  • Kristy Blatter

    Perhaps the birth mother has chosen not to be identified. And what’s with the “Ewwwwww”? Are you 12? In case you haven’t noticed, it is the 21st century. And who cares if he is gay? Has he hit on you? Wishing he would? Unless his gayness directly impacts you (and I’m guessing you have no closer a relationship to him than I do), it is none of your business. This article isn’t about him being gay (or not). It is about the addition of a precious baby to his family. Either share in his joy, or crawl back under the neolithic rock from which you emerged.

  • czalews

    Awesome, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dawn d

    Congrats and God Bless.. Enjoy Him They grow up so Fast..

  • Lorraine

    Congratulations, Adam and Karl. What a beautiful little guy!

  • Betsy

    More news like this please. More good news about good people doing good things and loving. Love. We need more of it everywhere. Congrats, you guys!!

  • Phyllis

    So happy for the three of you!!! Enjoy every minute; those tiny ones grow so quickly!

  • Flo Q

    A great day…he shares my mother’s birthday! Congratulations guys!!!!


    Congratulations Adam, Karl and the beautiful Jacob!!!!!!!! Wishing your beautiful family all the best today and always!

  • Tony Cassidy

    Congratulations Karl and Adam! Wishing you all the best !

  • Crystal Salata Groblewsky

    Soo Handsome!!!!Welcome Jacob!!!

  • Joyce O’Shaughnessy

    Adam, First of all congratulations on your son Jacob. Love his name and he is too cute. Secondly congratulations on Karl. I am so happy that you have someone who loves you. God bless you and your family.

  • JeanAnn Pezzetti

    Wonderful news. Congratulations to your family and the new addition. He is so precious!!

  • Thom Tall

    Congratulations gentlemen! Your son Jacob is a luck little man. I wish both of you the best.

    • Juline

      I guess you are saying that he is lucky to have suffered the loss of his mother and being placed with strangers. The little guy has suffered trauma. Read “The Primal Wound” by Nancy Verrier.

  • Ricky Q

    Small-minded idiot! Keep your hate to yourself!

  • mar

    please don’t bully. This child will be completely loved and cherished. Please don’t be mean. a who cares if they are gay. They obviously love each other.

  • Joe Burkle

    Woo-hoo, congrats!

  • Baltimatt

    Are they married, since it’s now legal in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey?

  • Robert Godillot

    Congrats- many years of happiness to you.

  • Dragon

    There is really no reason to come out anymore. Just act like yourself and be happy. That’s all that matters!
    Congrats to Karl and Adam with their little boy Jacob!

    • Tigernan Quinn

      If there’s no reason for YOU to do it, then don’t. If other people choose to do so, kindly get out of their way.

      • Dragon

        Guess you didn’t take your nice pills today. Maybe you just enjoy putting everyone down. You really don’t understand my post. It’s probably all three.

    • Ok but he didn’t really “come out.” He made a birth announcement and said that he and Karl were happy to be fathers. There was no “I’m gay” attached to it.

  • love Jacobs’ name

    Beautiful baby I know he will be very much loved.

  • jim

    congratulations guys on your really cute new son, wishing you the best

  • Harper

    Sending warm wishes and
    kind blessing to Adam, Karl and Jacob.

  • Jimmy Gillen

    Congrats what a cuite he is. And good you coming out. We all can make a difference.

  • Joseph

    I feel sorry for the kid. EVERY child deserves a mother… not 2 dads! Yes, it’s nature’s way to have two distinctly different parents.

    • JPeron

      I feel sorry for your kids. Every child deserves parents who aren’t jerks. Some just aren’t so lucky.

      • Joseph

        Sorry if I offended your gayness! But I am right. Every kid does need a mother.

        • well no, every child needs to be raised by loving and supportive parents. I agree with JP. I feel very sorry for your kids. And your wife.

    • Buck

      Channel 6 jammed the gay agenda down the viewers throats. Shame on them, I’m done with them. God bless the little boy.

      • Steven Leahy

        They didn’t jam any agenda down anyone’s throat but as a bigot I am not surprised you would read that into it. I didn’t even see any “coming out” spectacle; the news anchors merely reported on their colleague and his partner having a baby – just like they’d do if their heterosexual employee had a new baby and they would wish the happy husband/wife “couple” success. The reactions of some here like you show we have a long way to go – you really just wish LGBT people would disappear entirely and not be visible in any way, shape or form – isn’t gonna happen so get over it.

        • Buck

          Sure they did, Brian Taft was fawning all this story. Sorry, It’s just wrong. Putting this innocent little baby into such an unnatural situation is just plain selfish on Adam Joseph’s part. We’re going to “have” a baby……. just because we can. In today’s society I guess anything goes “just because we want it and can afford it”. Don’t concern yourself with the outcome of the child, since we the parents are now “happy”. Instant gratification. There’s a reason why you cannot have a baby with 2 men or with 2 women together. God did not make people that way. This child will be confused, harassed and scarred all its life. What happens the first time his classmates ask, How come you have two daddy’s? What a mess!

          • Steven Leahy

            The child will only be confused and scarred if he has to deal with significant numbers of people like you, but fortunately you’re a dying breed and really most reasonable people just don’t give a rat’s behind as to what makes two people happy and what family they choose to create. I will not even bother with that fact that every major socio-psychological and medical organization out there contradicts your prejudices but then that type of logic and fact is likely wasted on you. The reality is that your god and your god’s rules do not apply to the rest of us and until/unless we live in a middle-eastern style theocracy, your church does not get to formulate public policy or law. You should learn to move on and worry about your own life.

          • actually, there have been countless studies done on parenting and the one constant found by everyone is that sex of the parents is irrelevant, it’s how much love and support a child gets that matters. No reputable study has ever once found that gay parents are any different than straight parents.

          • 60 % of children are born out of wedlock so you better look to your own church. If you have had sex out of wedlock you are a hypocrite.

        • Juline

          They didn’t have a baby, they BOUGHT a baby. Adoption has become all about parents that can’t have children but want them. (except foster care)

          • Steven Leahy

            Your point? Does it matter? Would you even comment had this been a heterosexual couple who “adopted”? I think not. If they’re providing a loving home to a child who needs one, who cares?

      • sounds more like you’re trying to jam YOUR agenda down our throats… I don’t see him saying you have to have any opinion either way, but YOU are saying “if you don’t cater to me and only me, I’m out of here.”

        Very much like a crybaby who doesn’t get his way.

    • Scott Brummundt

      So I guess all the single parents out there are going against nature too. Moron.

      • Joseph

        Yes Scott, the unwed mothers ARE going against nature. BTW… That’s an interesting way that you signed your comment. (“Moron”). However, I’ll just sign mine… Joe. Have a nice weekend!

  • Dana

    Congratulations Adam and Karl! We miss you in Charley West! Come back and visit, and show off the little man!

  • jawillie

    I actually thought that AJ was already out (or perhaps that was just my wishful thinking ;-)). Nonetheless, congratulations to both he and his partner on the blessing of welcoming a new life into the world. I’m sure this child will receive all of the love and affection he’ll ever need from two loving parents.

    BTW. Is there a wedding in the foreseeable future, or has it already happened. It’ll make a wonderful FYI story.

  • Hot mickey2010

    Congratulations to Adam and Karl. Welcome to the world little man.

  • Steven Bell. Dad and real man.

    I have a son, who has an active mother….my wife. THAT is natural. These two “partners” are doing this for self justification. The baby is just a means to that end..a tool. If they wish to live the “alternative” lifestyle that is fine, but they should do so without ruining the life of another (who has no choice) to make themselves feel like they are normal. They are NOT normal. Sorry gentlemen but the truth hurts sometimes. The rest of the channel 6 news “family” cast turns my stomach, esp. when I watch how hard they try to show how “progressive” and “non-judgemental” they are. Most TV/new personalities have no integrity to begin with. If they did they’d soon be unemployed so no surprise there I guess.