Theresa Santai-Gaffney Denied Right to Appeal PA Marriage Equality Ruling—Again

Theresa Santai-Gaffney has taken steps to appeal Pennsylvania's recent marriage equality ruling. Photo by Republican & Herald.

Theresa Santai-Gaffney denied her final request to appeal Pennsylvania’s same-sex marriage ruling. Photo by Republican & Herald.

Third times a charm? I’d say three strikes and you’re out is more fitting in this case. Schuylkill County Register of Wills Theresa Santai-Gaffney—you know the name; it’s the woman who has stopped at nothing to appeal Pennsylvania’s recent marriage equality rulingrecently plead her case to the Supreme Court of the United States. And she was denied. Again. Without comment. More from SCOTUS Blog:

Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr., denied without comment a Pennsylvania county clerk’s plea to stop [same-sex] marriages in that state.  That appears to remove the last potential legal barrier to Pennsylvania becoming the nineteenth state in which same-sex marriages are permitted. A federal judge struck down the state ban, and state officials declined to appeal. The Schuylkill County clerk sought to appeal in their place, but that move has now been turned down at all three levels of the federal court system.  The Pennsylvania case had no direct link to the Utah case discussed in the post below.

What is it the kids are saying these days? Oh: Bye, Felicia.

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  • StevesWeb

    Apparently the courts are no longer concluding that ‘because Jesus’ is a legitimate reason to deny a minority a fundamental constitutional right.

    Did you know that on 14 previous occasions SCOTUS has found that marriage is a fundamental right guaranteed to all citizens?

    • Wria978

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    • Dan

      Marriage isn’t a constitutional right it’s nowhere addressed in the constitution. You can generalize any clause you want but the right to marry is not in there it’s not addressed at all.

  • Wria978

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  • Michael Senesac

    Does anyone else think this woman looks like Jennifer Roback
    Morse of ” the Ruth Institute” ?

  • D Lloyd

    If this appeal is granted, and same-sex marriage is overturned in Pennsylvania, I wonder what if any effect it would have on existing same-sex legal marriages in PA. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? (I actually hope it doesn’t come to this, but I am slightly concerned.)

  • Brent Worthington

    No matter how you feel there is no proof a person is born gay. It may be inherent, such as an attitude or behavior a person does not want to give up, but a person is not born gay. Don’t believe the rhetoric that has been passed around for forty years, and being accepted as truth.

    There are no genetic condition that predetermines gay behavior, there are only influences of choice. There are no biological conditions that predetermines gay behavior, there are only influences of choice. There are no hormonal conditions that predetermine gay behavior, there are only influences of choice. There are no psychological conditions that predetermine gay behavior, there are only influences of choice. There are no environment conditions that predetermine gay behavior, there are only influences of choice. The news media is bias about gay behavior don’t let them influence you!

    The sentence that started it all came from The American Psychiatric Association which said – “Gay behavior is a normal, natural, healthy sexual orientation.” There are no facts to back up that statement. Read it a couple of times and think about what you read. Does it sound like a statement of fact or a statement of opinion?

    All behaviors are influences of a choice, including gay behavior. It is a shame that the news media and Hollywood are bias about such behavior by reporting a one sided bigoted opinion. People of the news media, would you like some one you care deeply about chose to be gay based on hearsay, popular opinion or social acceptance? Such as children or grandchildren.

    I challenge everyone to find a condition that predetermines gay behavior. I have done 600 – 800 hours of research and study and about 15000 hours of contemplation, there is none. If you don’t believe me do some research yourself do not believe the rhetoric that has been passed around for decades.

    When you do the research beware of deceptive words like may, could, probably, possibly. Those words mean something very different from words like positively, absolutely, definitely. Also be aware of statements that are a misdirection of truth from professional organizations like the one above.

    If you want to be gay you are more than welcome to be what you want to be, but you are not born with it and it is not normal and natural. I am working on a book that declares the research I have done.

    What is gay behavior? It is behavior developed over time one bad decision at a time. Just like all bad behaviors. You also have to factor in peer and social pressure.

    I don’t want my grandchildren or the children of the world to grow up and here the same things that has been in the news media for a decades. I want them to here the truth. You are not born gay. Gay behavior is not normal and natural.

    If you find proof, not hearsay, that gay is normal and natural please send it to

    Brent L. Worthington