Daryl Metcalfe Spearheads Resolution to Stop Marriage Equality in Pennsylvania

Daryl Metcalfe

Daryl Metcalfe, center, has issued a resolution asking Governor Corbett to appeal Pennsylvania’s marriage equality ruling.

You knew he’d rear his ugly head eventually: Penn Live reports that State Representative Daryl Metcalfe, along with Senator John Eichelberger, has drafted resolutions asking Governor Tom Corbett to rethink his decision to leave the May 20th marriage equality ruling as-is. Metcalfe announced the resolutions with this statement:

This federal court’s blatant and tyrannical usurpation of power is a direct assault on the sovereignty of every current and future law adopted by this Commonwealth. … The governor’s announcement that he does not intend to appeal this judicial activist decision establishes a harmful precedent against the sovereign powers reserved to the states, or we the people, by America’s founders through the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Ultimately, any changes to Pennsylvania’s definition of marriage should come as a result of the legislative process, allowing elected members of the General Assembly the opportunity to carry out the clearly expressed will of the citizens they represent. … Regardless of your position on the definition of marriage, it should greatly concern all Pennsylvania citizens when an unelected federal court judge rewrites a state law, which clearly expresses the will of the people as enacted by elected members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Recent polls show that his stance is completely unpopular, and out of touch with the rest of the state, but the resolution is finding support in the Pennsylvania Pastors Network (PPN.) Yesterday, the organization publicly announced it would back the bill. A statement from PPN President Sam Rohrer.

We have called for these resolutions because no laws passed by the Pennsylvania Legislature — past, present or future — are safe any longer if these egregious actions by unelected federal judges are not stopped.

Matters such as this plague every state and should unsettle every American. The question for Pennsylvanians today is, ‘Who do you want making Pennsylvania laws? One unelected judge? Or the Representatives you, the people, elect to the State House to represent your interests?'”

Governor Corbett has 30 days from the May 20th decision to appeal the ruling. Let’s hope he sticks to his guns.

Source: Pennlive.com

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  • buzzbye

    The judges have no right to put the will of themselves onto the people of the few who want these laws passed. Let the voters decide

    • Shane

      I don’t think you understand how our democracy works. The constitution is designed to protect the rights of all citizens, especially minorities, from the will of the majority. Courts overturned laws banning women from voting and interracial marriage, and those were very unpopular decisions at the time. In this country it doesn’t matter how many people you have voting in favor of banning same sex marriage. If the courts deem that to be unconstitutional, then it doesn’t matter what you think. That’s not activism, that is our how our country operates. What if people managed to scrap together enough votes to ban all guns in PA? That wouldn’t fly. There is a constitutional right to bear arms in this country. Same principle. And a judge would be right to overturn that law if passed.

  • Joe Jones

    So right, Buzzbye. Just like the judges in 1920 who passed the amendment giving women the right to vote, a right that had formerly been reserved for a particular segment of the population, had no right to do so if “the people” didn’t want it to happen. A democracy is not a government in which the majority controls the minority, it is a government in which all people are treated equally under the law. It is the duty of the judicial system to enforce that, even if the majority doesn’t agree.

    • Joseph

      Judges don’t pass amendments… States do! 36 state legislatures ratified the 19th Amendment, making it part of the US Constitution.

      • Joe Jones

        Right, I stand corrected, Joseph. I do, however, stand by the rest of my statement. Please refer to Shane’s response, that is what I was hoping to say.

  • Spring City PA Dem

    It seems that all Metcalfe is good at is wasting government time and money on opposing issues like Marriage Equality that most Pennsylvanians have already embraced and/or accepted. That’s why people in District 12 need to vote him out. Whether you’re for LGBT rights or even if you’re a conservative, the fact of the matter is a federal judge struck down the marriage equality ban AND the Governor stated he was not going to appeal the decision. MOVE ON! The more time and money he wastes on this, the less time that members of our General Assembly are spending on job creation, addressing transportation and education funding…and on and on. Whether you know anything about Lisa Zucco or not, she is a Democrat and what little that’s out there in way of info about her indicates that she is focused on solving REAL problems, not fake ones designed to discriminate against people.

  • Spring City PA Dem

    I wanted to respond to this part of Metcalfe’s ridiculousness:

    “Ultimately, any changes to Pennsylvania’s definition of marriage should come as a result of the legislative process, allowing elected members of the General Assembly the opportunity to carry out the clearly expressed will of the citizens they represent. …”

    There are in fact numerous elected officials that have supported Marriage Equality in PA…check out all the co-sponsors for HB 1686 (the Marriage Equality bill in the Legislature): SIMS,McCARTER, FRANKEL, SANTARSIERO, BRIGGS, KIM, MUNDY, KINSEY, BROWNLEE, K. BOYLE, COHEN, HAGGERTY, MOLCHANY, YOUNGBLOOD, V. BROWN, M. DALEY, PARKER, SCHLOSSBERG, ROSS, DEAN, PAINTER, ROEBUCK, ROZZI, B. BOYLE, SCHREIBER, STURLA, McGEEHAN, BRADFORD, J. HARRIS, GAINEY, McNEILL, O’BRIEN, SAMUELSON, THOMAS, CLAY, FREEMAN, D. MILLER, NEILSON and CRUZ.
    These Reps were all elected by the people in their districts to
    represent their interests! And evidently, the people in their districts support marriage equality!