Cher Kicks Off “Dressed to Kill” Tour With a Few Oops Moments

cher concert

On Saturday, Cher kicked off the U.S. leg of her “Dressed To Kill” tour at the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, Ariz., (she’ll hair-flip through Philly on April 28th) and, according to, there was a whole lot of wig drama going on. Apparently after three songs Cher burst into confessional mode, revealing to the sold-out crowd that some of her costumes underwent last-minute changes, she broke a nail on her right hand, and had flubbed the words to some of her songs. The 67-year-old pop goddess was also reduced to tears before the show, revealing on Twitter:

But Cher, being the seasoned pro she is, pulled through with more flying colors than a pride flag. Gigantic head dresses, sherbet-tinted wigs and campy costumes nicely punctuated her subsequent lineup of greatest hits. At the close of the show, she tweeted:

Here are some clips of her tour opener in Phoenix. Spot any oopsie-daisy moments?

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