Another Gay Bathhouse Death In Philadelphia, at Sansom Street Gym


Last week, we told you about the death of a 60-year-old man inside gay bathhouse Club Philadelphia. Now, we have learned of another death inside of a different gay bathhouse in Philadelphia.

On Sunday afternoon, police responded to Sansom Street Gym, a gay bathhouse at 2020 Sansom Street, where they found a 41-year-old deceased male inside.

According to police, the man was due to check out at 1:30 p.m. and was found dead at approximately 4:30 p.m. The victim’s name has not been released, and a cause of death has not been determined. The police are simply calling this “sudden death.”

“We’re not interested,” a representative of the club told me when I called about the death. “We’re not going to comment on that.”

Sansom Street Gym advertises itself as “The Cleanest Club Around” and “The Largest Club In the City.”

UPDATE [3/24 12:30 p.m.]: In the comments for this article, Sansom Street Gym has declared that the death “wasn’t drug related” and that the man involved had a preexisting heart condition and “passed away due to a heart attack.” Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Medical Examiner says that the body hasn’t been examined yet.

UPDATE [6/26/2014, 3:34 p.m.]: Coroner confirms both bathhouse deaths were drug related. More here.

PHOTO: Amanda Laura


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  • JudeGeorge

    Why are bathhouse employees so nasty? This is a general statement, I know, but this really does seem to be the case. Do bathhouse employees feel a little guilty about the jobs they do? It seems that anything related to a sex industry breeds impoliteness and arrogrance.

    PANG had its monthly event there on Sunday, and the discovery of the body
    caused quite a scene. Patrons of the bathhouse were moved to the second floor when police were called.

    How does one die suddenly in a bathhouse? Was this a suicide?

    Will more information be forthcoming?

    • Jim

      They are human scum. Where else could they work?

      • zoe

        Typical idiot statement , who the fu k are you to judge anyone…

      • zoe

        I know several people that work there and several other places similar, that own there own home , have property, a car ,great family and are really decent people ….. there always has to be some idiot judging someone they know nothing about ….

      • douche bag

        And ur there leader…. what a stupid f__k…!! I don’t give a f__k what u hsve, or how fancy u think your life is … you are no better than anyone else talking like that!!


        Takes scum , to call someone else scum how fuckin stupid and ignorant!!!!

    • seriously

      Crazy right? How does one die sudenly ANYWERE?? Must be the bathouses fault…. come on people. …

  • Sansom St Gym

    We regret to inform everyone that we did have an unfortunate passing at our facility this past Sunday afternoon. Out of respect for this person & his family we are unable to release the deceased name.

    Nevertheless, we have learned that it wasn’t drug related and that the deceased had a Coronary Heart Disease and passed away due to a heart attack.

    We send our heart felt condolences to the deceased family and friends.

    Thank You,

  • richard

    they say heart attack, I guess he is also using the stong kind of poppers, because poppers makes your heart beating goes really fast , n if u have a heart problem it is fatal

    • Jamie Smartypants

      He likely was using Viagra in combination with poppers. It can very easily cause a heart attack and both substances are legal.

  • Carlos

    Let’s call a spade a spade. I’ve been to both bathhouses a number of times. Sansom St. has a “house dealer” meaning there is a guy that lives there that sells crystal meth. I wonder why “management” there doesn’t raise an eyebrow that someone literally lives at a gym.
    At any given time 24/7 you walk down the hallways and hear click click click click which is the sound of the butane torches being fired up to smoke meth. GHB is also very widespread as well. There are zombies waking around these places and “management” turns a blind eye to it, until someone dies and they give a vanilla statement like that. I’ve been outside on the smoke deck when “management” sits down and sparks a joint. At Bathhouses three things happen. Gay men have sex, people do crystal Meth/ghb and straight/married men slip off to during lunch to have sex. Anyway those places are trouble. You may be wondering I have frequented both so often, yet speaking poorly of them. Simple: I’m a drug addict that likes to have sex and these places are conducive to both

    • justthetruth

      At least you’re honest. I’m always amused at the whole concept of “G-Philly” which seems to propose that gay men, just because they deserve respect and equal rights, are necessarily these noble, precious creatures that should NEVER be criticized for anything. And in the general media as well – gay men can do no wrong. Just like everybody else, they do LOTS of wrong.

      • me

        Someone has issues , lol. Everyone !!!! Gay ,straight everyone has issues…. and demons and addictions in one form or another …

    • ActivistResearcher

      Yep. I have occasionally perused bathhouses to learn more about the culture and people who participate. This post resonates with most of them, and this information now empowers my personal and professional decisions. #SoMuchWorkToDo

  • Jim

    These places are filled with Drug Dealers and attract the criminl element. Should be closed down as a public health risk.

    • standards

      As should bars, clubs,( picking up someone you don’t know) anything online , and a thousand other things that involve drugs drinking and the criminal element you have a choice , don’t go …

  • zoe

    Come on people it is 100% sad and a horrible thing , what ever happened to this particular person wether a health situation or an addiction gone wrong it is not the bathouses fault , this could have happened in a club, at a party, at there home, anywere,!! And it does all the time.. and to automaticly assume its a bathouses fault is stupid … Bathouses have been around FOREVER literally..

  • for real

    EVERYONE! Makes choices some good, some bad doesn’t mean the person is bad , if this was not a health issue , and it was because of bad choices , this could have happened anywere, and Does!

  • nick

    The staff kept us all away from the first floor so they could go through his wallet and steal his money and credit cards before calling the police. They all had a good laugh about it later. Those guys working there are vermin.

    • blu

      Another idiot that doesn’t have the facts has spoken , NOTHING was stolen wallet ,cash , cards, keys. Check out the police report its all right there before you make such stupid comments…

    • facts

      I was there as well , it was a tense situation and they did there best keeping all the people away from being nosey and embarrassing themselves did u want them to have you all line up so you could stare and take pictures , you werent help prisoner, we were offered a compensation for the inconvenience, I’m sure if if you didn’t I can see why by just the way your acting….rude, insulting !! And uninformed.