Man Found Dead in Gayborhood Bathhouse


G Philly has learned that a 60-year-old man was found dead in his room at Club Philadelphia on Friday night. Police confirm that they responded to a call at 1:59 a.m. on Friday, March 15th. The man was pronounced dead at Jefferson Hospital.

My source — who wants to remain anonymous — told me that, “around 1 or 2 in the morning, [employees] went around kicking out everybody on the top two floors. Then an ambulance showed up and carried someone out in a body bag.”

There is no word on the cause of death. I talked to owner Chris Srnicek, who insinuates the man died of old age. “We don’t think it’s drugs. There were no needles in the room. … Plus, as far as I know the gentleman was older, well put together, and was courteous and polite to the staff — not the stereotypical drug profile.”

He did tell me that there have been at least two other deaths at the bathhouse in the past 10 years, though the cause of those passings remains unclear. Srnicek took over ownership of Club Philly in 2012. “We work closely with the police as The Club had a bad reputation in the past which we don’t tolerate anymore as it is bad for business and our clients.”

The police say there is an investigation open, but Srnicek says officials haven’t reached out for follow-ups, “because as far as we know there was nothing strange or exceptional about his passing.”

UPDATE [6/26/2014, 3:34 p.m.]: Coroner confirms both bathhouse deaths were drug related. More here.

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  • Dan Mangini

    Its sad that to this day people still stereotype addicts. I found the owner’s comments on how the man didn’t look like an addict offensive

    • JudeGeorge

      I don’t think addicts are senitive about this sort of “stereotype.” Their mind is on drugs. Addicts are not PC ideologues. The age comment I found totally weird. Yes, one can die at age 80 of old age, but not 60. Give me a break.

      • Chris Srnicek

        My comments were taken COMPLETELY out of context…sorry Gents…!!!

        We got baited into this article and it has been spun to our detriment.

        Chris Srnicek

  • NicholasPeters


  • Happy Joy Joy

    Well At least they died happy…

    • JudeGeorge

      Some of the unhappiest people I have ever met have been insatiable bath house customers.

  • yezzir

    this article is full of microagreesions. #done

  • JudeGeorge

    THe man died of old age? What! What! He was IONLY 60 years old. 60 is the new 40, but I guess not in the ageist gay world!

    What a screwed up comment. How old is the bath house manager? 24?

    He sounds very immature.

    • Chris Srnicek

      That was the goal of the article…

    • Ellie

      It says the owner “insinuates the man died of old age” – it was not verbatim. Owner prob told this rag the guy wa older in his 60s, and no outward cause of death. i mean really, 60 year old dying is really not a shocker like a 35-40 year old would be.

      • JudeGeorge

        60 is not old. 40 is not old. 80 is old. Is this a gay thing?

  • JudeGeorge

    Chris Srnicek needs some consciousness raising sessions. Sixty years old is not old age. It may be ripe and “old” in gay twink terminilogy, but there are sixty year olds with better bodies than 25 year olds.

    What a horrible news article. I had to say it again.

    • Chris Srnicek


      It was spun negatively for us.
      Of course I don’t think 60 is old; I’m not a young twink myself.

      Anyway; we got baited into this article; my bad…I now know better when contacted by the media.


      • JudeGeorge

        Ok, thanks, Chris. I hate “journalists” who bait. Thank God most do not do this.

  • Its sad ………..

    People die in the bar,, they die in the street , they die on the dance floor,,they die on the bus,, they die at work or at home……….They die when their 90 they die less at 50 they die when they are 60 . None of this is news ,,, but die in at the bathes and stories are fabricated and taken out of context . To be written as Capilaized shame iresponded with selfish comments . There is respect for the diseased or his family.
    People die when and where they die, Peple die so they can rest in peace.

  • roxanne

    Everyone will die somewhere

  • Dave

    My source has the Brooklyn bridge for sale perhaps Josh Middleton would like to buy it


    He died of OLD AGE at 60? Look out Philly, the Mayor, 90% of City Council & every Democrat running for Governor is on the verge of SUDDEN DEATH.
    This article is so superlatively offensive, it’s hard to know what is worse–the stereotyping of gay men as addicts, the stereotyping of addicts as hidden psychopaths, the ageism or just the horrible tone of the comments after someone’s sudden death.

    • Jakethesnake

      He prolly chocked to death on a big cock…thats how he passed

  • countypa

    Okay why is this not making the major news media only PGN? We all know these bath houses are all about SEX MONEY AND DRUGS and the police do nothing about it. Is it a way for them to do population and minority control? WHY do we allow this? WHY (dirtandmoredirt com)

  • countypa

    In my opinion I believe the owner and staff remove the incriminating evidence before calling the police, after all we all know what these business is all about making MONEY from sex acts
    ………(dirtandmoredirt com)