Was There a Shooting at Woody’s? [UPDATED]

UPDATE 3/3/2014, 12: 11 p.m.: The answer is yes, there was a shooting at Woody’s, but it took place outside. I just got this from intrepid Philly Mag reporter Victor Fiorillo: “At 1:40 a.m. [Saturday morning], there was a fight outside Woody’s between two males. An unknown person fired a shot. Shooter described as unknown Hispanic male, approximately 25 years old. There were no arrests. Police do not have any reports of a shooting or other criminal activity inside the club.

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A typical late night at Woody’s turned dangerous early Saturday morning when a gun was allegedly pulled and possibly fired at the Philadelphia gay nightclub.

Eyewitnesses claim that at approximately 1:30 a.m., a gun was pulled in an upstairs bathroom at the popular bar, although it is unclear if shots were actually fired. Soon after, witnesses, including Woody’s customer Andrew Clark, claim that a group of five men, presumably involved with the gun incident, were “aggressively shoved down a flight of stairs” by Woody’s staff.

Clark, along with his friends, were surprised at the lack of information provided to them by Woody’s staff.

“No one would answer any questions I had,” he said.

We will continue to follow this story and provide any new information as it becomes available.

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  • BodizzlePA

    What else should we expect from a property”owned and operated” by the Weiss Brothers?

    • kris

      You obviously have a personal agenda against the Weiss brothers. I am sure they did and given more than back to the gay community more than your jealous ass. I can tell just by your tone you are an older person who doesn’t like change and a closed minded individual. Thank god the younger generation is not as prejudice as you. Let me guess you don’t like girls, lesbians or straight people either? Double standard prick.

      • Les

        You sound like a lap dog Kris… Maybe you should do some research then you understand why bodizzle would make such a comment!

        • Dan P.

          Jealousy. No one is forcing you to go that establishment or any for that matter.

      • BodizzlePA

        Dear misguided crackhead: You really are a special kind of stupid aren’t you? And you shouldn’t take part in rational discussions while you’re tweaked on meth. Put the crack pipe down, sober up and grab a dictionary.

        Actually, I’m speaking as a former employee who knows for a fact that they cannibalize their gay properties to supply their other clubs. Everything from liquor to light bulbs.

        They milk our community for every cent we’re worth because they own all but one of the after-hours liquor licenses offered by the city, which means we have little-to-no choice.

        • fact

          if you are a former employee, then you should be smart enough to know that the Weiss’s do not own any other properties but gay properties..as far as milking the community, they give a good product at a good price and they do not own any after hours licenses.. get your facts straight

          • BodizzlePA

            The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires a special “after-hours” license to sell liquor after 2am. The City offers four and the Weiss’ own three, which they used for The Palmer, Transit and Voyeur. Unless you’re claiming they’re selling without said license, in which case the PLCB would shut them down immediately and fine the owners into bankruptcy.

            They DO own straight clubs. They owned Transit (straight club) as well as a straight club on the West Coast (Seattle I think). The owners are also actively transitioning the tone and atmosphere of Woody’s into a more mainstream (not gay only) bar. Which is fine. But don’t claim they don’t own any straight clubs. They renovated the “gay” right out of the place with the latest re-model.

            And if you think they put out a “good product” then you’ve never been to any other gay bar in any other city ever. The ONLY redeemable aspect is the music, which has nothing to do with the owners and solely with the talented DJs, who would work elsewhere in a second (and many do in AC) if they had a choice.

            My facts are straight. Un-pucker your lips from the Weiss’ taint.

          • fact

            your facts ARE NOT straight. your Wrong about the license process, they DO NOT own a straight club on the west coast and I can assure you, I have been to more gay bars and clubs then you could count. if you think that the much needed renovation took the gay out of the club, why not state your reasons and examples?. If you think you know so much, go ahead and open your own bar/club and put them out of business with good old fashion hard work and talent instead of making silly, childish statements to anybody on here that doesn’t agree with you. If you did indeed work for them, then I am sure they are happy to know that you do not work with them anymore…grow up

          • Irish856

            The Weiss Bros have a sketchy history in how they run their business’
            Michael plead guilty to tax evasion… of $1.6 million from one of the businesses
            Rosewood was shut down for failure to have permits for the construction that was done… they had to tear a lot out… a fire in there could kill folks upstairs.
            Just recently one of their Thug doormen at Voyeur beat and robbed a customer that had been over served at the bar, as the guy walked down Camac street.
            The list goes on…

          • Irish856

            Actually They own the Palmer Social on Spring Garden St… indeed Michael plead guilty to tax evasion of $1.6 million…
            Google… Michael Weiss tax evasion

          • fact

            they do not own the palmer social club and michael did not plead guilty to tax evasion, those charges were dropped..

          • Irish856

            @fact… LOL… time to change your name from fact to fiction…

            Google… Michael Weiss Guilty
            if this does not help… Please note that it says that they own the PSC also… His Dad is president (or was at press date)

            Perhaps you have info that shows something different.

  • JudeGeorge

    The Weiss brothers? Jewish mafia? Ugh. Total creeps. Disgusting low life.

    Boycott Woody’s, a trash bar~!

    • damin

      What are you a German nazi? Get your facts straight before spreading your hate and stereotyping on people.

      • JudeGeorge

        Oh please, shut up–nobody likes the Weiss brothers!

        • fact

          why not share with everybody your real name and what you do for a living and how well liked you are

  • Steve

    Woody’s is owned by a couple of straight guys I think… there’s a long way between an actual gay-owned bar and a place that’s designed to suck our money. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

    • damon

      Actually by one straight and one gay and I can tell you that they have donated money and time for non profit organizations such as mazzoni center, aids walk plus the staff and owners volunteer their time once a month at Manna food for sick and poor. . So they cater to all walks of life. Please don’t judge when completely until one knows the whole truth.

  • facts

    in case anybody wants to know, which is public information, there is one openly gay owner of woodys and one straight owner who are brothers..

  • facts

    if anybody out there can think of a way that any business owner can stop somebody on the street from having a gun, please let the city know..there was never a time that night that the customers were in danger because there was never a time that there was a gun in the bar. the person was ejected from the inside to protect the patrons and then threaten to go and get his gun while he was outside. as far as calling the weiss brothers trash, why not take a moment to see what they give back and do for phillys lgbt community. if you think they should do more, then the owners a letter with your suggestion…but be an adult and check your facts instead of making raciest and childish remarks ie:jewish mafia, creeps,disgusting low life??? and a trash bar?? isnt there enough haters in the world without adding one more?

  • personal

    Never liked this place, zero customer service from bartenders/staff, over crowded, and the people that regular that place have no class what so ever……….icandy and or tabu are the places to go along with knock…….. No one at woody’s would appreciate an African American, Indian, or an Asian customer, racism at its finest from the staff, woody’s and voyeur are a no no, maybe its time for new owners/managers.

    • George k.

      Eh… One of the owner has an asian boyfriend for 7-8 years now.

  • local

    Anyone else concerned that the original article is based off second hand info from a drunk patron that over heard some gossip about a shooting and G Philly posts an inflammatory headline about “shooting at woody’s” with NO facts to back up their claims?? When checking sources that actually DID their homework, we find that there was no gun in Woody’s, and the shooting happened down the street from Woody’s. This is horrendous journalism in a desperate attempt to get web traffic. Shame on G Philly!!

    You want to have a discussion about safety on 13th street…fine….it’s a good discussion to have – but don’t post inaccurate gossip for the sake of web traffic

    • JudeGeorge

      Shut up, You are hysterical. Stop criticizing GPhilly.

  • mike

    the bouncers there are just about the biggest asshole s I’ve ever encountered in my life.

    • JudeGeorge

      So true. Real thugs from the street!

      • Michael

        Gee, thugs. Wonder what that could be a code word for? That’s a real head-scratcher.

  • Allan

    Who Cares who owns Woody’s? Jews, Catholic’s, Straights, Gay’s? Oviously a few here on this chat. You could say the same thing about the trendy restaurants or Macy’s there owned by gigantic corporations that are basically straight in the upper management levels, but we still go there. The best way for anyone to prove their point is to stop going to Woody’s. Every dollar lost is a dollar they do not make. If you don’t like the bartenders and their all so grand attitude – DO NOT TIP THEM FOR BAD SERVICE. They still have to serve you your drinks. A Gratuity is for gratuitude and good service not attitude and bad service.

    As a gay community we must stay united with our selves and continue to fight the issues that confront us on a daily basis. United We Stand. Please rethink when writing negatives comments. This was sent to my by my 75 year old aunt asking what is join ton with these nasty comments.

    Thank you.

    • JudeGeorge

      Owners of a place often set the pace and the tempo. It is important to know who the owners are.

      • fact

        and I suppose you know both of the Weiss brothers personally?