New Documentary Will Chronicle Story of Defrocked Pa. Pastor Frank Schaefer

Schaefer stands in front of Zion United Methodist Church of Iona in South Lebanon Township.

Schaefer stands in front of Zion United Methodist Church of Iona in South Lebanon Township.

Producer Kate Logan (Kidnapped For Christ) recently started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary that would tell the story of Frank Schaefer, the Pennsylvania United Methodist minister who was defrocked late last year for officiating the same-sex marriage of his son. Here’s a clip from the Huffington Post in which the film’s director Scott Sheppard talks about what inspired the project, called An Act of Love, and how he hopes it will help:

Like Pastor Frank, my father was also a small-town United Methodist minister … I saw my own father go through struggles at our churches when he stood up for what he believed was right, even if it wasn’t popular with the congregation. So when I heard about Pastor Frank’s trial (before he was defrocked), I immediately understood where he was coming from. I reached out to him about making a documentary and he agreed that it was a good idea, because we don’t want the importance of his story to fade away with the upcoming news cycle.

It’s going to remain relevant for a long time as states continue to battle over gay marriage, and I believe that it’s important to keep discussing LGBT issues in both secular and religious settings. So my goal with the film is to keep the conversation going.

Logan and Sheppard are looking for $75,000 to completely fund the project. Their donations currently stand at $7,129, with 23 days left to go. Would be great to get some PA backers on board. If you’re interested in donating, go here. And check out the informational video below.

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  • JoAnn Forsberg

    JoAnn Forsberg
    As a born-again Christian Grandmother married to one man for 38 years. I have deeply studied the Bible and traditional marriage as America states it. For truly the one man and one women was not the Bibilcal standard in Old Testament.

    If you are willing to step outside of what is passed on and taught through the denomination you joined; a choice you made as to what you believe is truth.

    For obviously for as many Christians whom exist, for as many foundational teachings:

    NOT ONE person or church has the complete knowledge of interpretation of Biblical passages. God’s word is perfect; it is mankind’s interpretations that is not.

    So if your willing to learn I ask you look up the National Geographic video on the study done on genetics and gay individuals.

    We cannot deny creation in any form.
    For to do so denies our Creator.

    Yet, truly what confuses me the most about my Christian brothers and sisters is the whole abortion and adoption issue. As a women who defends the rights of gay individuals in church and America. I have gained many gay friends over a thirty year period.

    My observation is this: we stand for the right for life. Yet, children are born with mental and physical issues. Many, many gay families adopt these babies/children giving them a loving home. I have also witness time and time again gay couples helping a teenager so they will not abort the child!

    Who is the Good Samaritan here? Who would Jesus state were showing His message of love? I know many children in gay families who would not be here without a gay person helping them to be born.

    So until we solve the abortion issue we should be applauding any person- gay or straight who help these children to be born.

    Your not hurting gay people by deny equal rights in marriage and families. You are sentencing many unborn children to death. Many handicapped children to not belong to a loving person.

    Please open your hearts, open your mind, study genetic creation of gay people. Then, know Christ/God/Spirit did not condemn gay individuals. It is us, as Christians who have.

    Requires too many statements to explain all the misinterpretation that has occurred.

    But just know this is an undisputed truth: the word homosexual was never (1,500 years) in the Bible until 1946.

    One more truth to consider: study the seven deadly sins. Very enlightening as “Sloth/laziness” was the greatest sin over history. Reason being a tribe, clan and our own Pilgrims required all to work for survival.

    I often hear in Christian circles: that America needs to repent. Often blamed on gay individuals. I agree with: “We need to repent, humbly fall on our knees”. But not because of gay individuals. But because we are so spoilt in America that daily survival does not cross our mind.

    That the Christian Church today “band-wagon” is those gays who want to attend church! Wow, really? 1,500 plus years Christians worried about survival and we worry that a gay person adopts a child, wants to be a family, or wants to attend church just as they are, just as I am.

    Yes, America needs to repent; fall down in humility for our selfishness of not sharing Christ Love to ALL!

    Bless you all today… Consider the children yet unborn.

    Blessings, Jo