Monday Kickstarter: Go-Go Dancer Saves Gay Bar Patrons from Axe-Wielding Attacker

Plus: Michelle Obama dances with a dragged-out Jimmy Fallon, a young lady calls for more female players in football video games and more!

I trolled the web for gay headlines all weekend so you wouldn’t have to. Here are a few things to know as you head into a new week.

A Phoenix go-go dancer pulled out a box of whoop-ass on a man who tried to attack patrons at a gay bar. More below.


  • Phoenix gay bar staff fight off axe wielding attacker. —Gay Star News
  • Obama administration urges SCOTUS to strike down DOMA. —Instinct
  • Bobby Jindal reaffirms traditional marriage position. —Gay Star News
  • House Republicans draft Violence Against Women bill with no LGBT protections. —Gay Star News
  • Marriage-equality group replaces Laura Bush Ad after former First Lady complains. —Queerty
  • A gay dad’s open letter to Laura Bush on quitting the gay-marriage ad. —HuffPo Gay Voices
  • Young player launches petition calling on EA Sports to include women players in football video games. —Gay Games
  • Lesbian fighter, Liz Carmouche, to make sports history in UFC’s first female match. —Gay Star News
  • Gay Mormon student says he’ll live ‘horrible,’ celibate life. Somebody send him an “It Gets Better” video, pronto! —The Advocate


  • “Dirty” and “defected” trans individuals should be expelled from homes, encourages Muslim leader. —Gay Star News
  • Vatican responds to gay blackmail rumors, embroiled Cardinal skips Sunday mass. —Gawker
  • Uganda newspaper publishing names and photos of people alleged to be gay. —Gay Star News
  • LGBT rights group launches Groom Wanted, a service for gay men in India to find life partners. —Gay Star News
  • Twenty-three percent of London men into gay sex. —Queerty
  • Manchester gay pride fundraiser whips up music, food and the world’s fastest plane under one roof. —Gay Star News
  • Hate group assault Romania gay film screening shouting “death to gays.” —Gay Star News
  • Gay fashion designer wants to make an Indian Brokeback Mountain. —Gay Star News


  • Here’s the full list of last night’s Oscar winners. —The Huffington Post
  • The original super-gay cut of last night’s Best Picture winner, Argo. —Queerty
  • L.A.’s gay men’s chorus kicks off Oscars. —The Advocate
  • Jane Lynch to host competition show from NBC and Sean Hayes. —HuffPo Gay Voices
  • Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama in “Evolution of Mom Dancing.” I’m a little more in love with the First Lady. —YouTube
  • The Chelsea Clinton marriage-equality video NBC didn’t want you to see. —BuzzFeed


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