Philadelphia’s Best Burgers 2016

Our guide to Philadelphia’s best burgers, from the thin patties to juicy behemoths. These burgers have won Best of Philly awards, been featured on TV and just craved for by the Foobooz staff.

Last Updated: March 1, 2016

MO-BOP-burger-courtney-apple-400Blue Duck Sandwich Company

Best of Philly 2015: Best Burger

A ground pork roll and beef patty, served with Cooper American Cheese, Sriracha mayo and topped with a sunny-side-up egg. Definitely worth the trip to the Northeast. 2859 Holme Avenue, Northeast Philly

Price: $10

Photo by Courtney Apple

spot-burger-brian-lim-400SpOT Gourmet Burgers

Josh Kim made a name for himself cooking gourmet burgers in his cart since he hit the streets back in 2012. Now you can find his juicy, fresh ground burgers with the custom-made buns in Brewerytown. 2821 West Girard Avenue, Brewerytown.

Price: Burgers start at $8 for SpOt Burger

Photo by Bridges, Burgers and Beers

fountain-porter-400Fountain Porter

Best of Philly 2014: Bargain Burger

Salt, pepper, a juicy beef patty for $5. It’s a fast-food price for a legit burger. Wash it down with a beer from one of the smartest lists in the city. 1601 South 10th Street, East Passyunk.

Price: $5

pub-kitchen-imagic-digital-400Pub and Kitchen

Best of Philly 2014: Best Burger

When P&K first opened, its Churchill burger introduced us to custom-blended meats and burgers with titles. Seven years later, the restaurant has gone back to (high-quality) basics: two thin patties, lettuce, onions, excellent cheese and vibrant pickles. Sometimes a burger should just be a burger. 1946 Lombard Street, Grad Hospital.

Price: $15, bacon +$1

Photo by ImagicDigital


Reviewed: October, 2015

This bulgogi burger was a surprise. It could have been a fusion-y mess but instead it was a perfectly cooked patty marinated in Korean flavors. Slicked in a spicy orange ssamjang mayo and then topped with green leaf lettuce and sweet house-made pickles. Perfect on a Tuesday or any other day of the week.  1801 Lombard Street, Grad Hospital

Price: $15

rex-1516-burger-400Rex 1516

Won Philadelphia magazine’s 2014 Battle of the burger

Eight ounces of house grind, bacon, pimento cheese, crispy red onions and bibb lettuce. 1518 South Street, Grad Hospital.

Price: $13, +2 for fried egg

shake-shack-burger-400Shake Shack

Yes, it’s a chain, no, it’s not local, but man is it good. The first bite of a Shake Shack burger somehow transports us back to a simpler time of roadside burger joints but the burgers didn’t taste nearly this good. Multiple locations.

Price: $5.19 for single, $7.99 for double

sketch-burger-travel-channel-400Sketch Burger

Sketch Burger featured on Food Paradise

Fishtown’s Sketch Burger has been pumping out excellent burgers for years now and the burger joint was recently spotlighted on the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise413 East Girard Avenue, Fishtown.

Price: Starts at $6.95

Photo via the Travel Channel

Best of Philly 2013: Gastropub Burger We’re not sure what’s the best part—the aged beef blend, Vermont cheddar, smoked bacon, pickles from Brooklyn Brine, or mysterious Churchill Sauce with its dozen-odd ingredients. Price: $16.50

The Dandelion

Best of Philly 2013: Gastropub Burger

We’re not sure what’s the best part—the aged beef blend, Vermont cheddar, smoked bacon, pickles from Brooklyn Brine, or mysterious Churchill Sauce with its dozen-odd ingredients. 124 South 18th Street, Rittenhouse.

Price: $16.50

South Philadelphia Tap Room

Best of Philly 2013: Bar Burger

The best classic bacon cheeseburger you’re going to find anywhere—mostly because it’s made by a kitchen that cares deeply about making a great burger. 1509 Mifflin Street, Point Breeze.

Price: $13

good-dog-burger-400Good Dog Bar

Good Dog’s signature burger – stuffed, yes, stuffed, with Roquefort cheese and topped with caramelized onions – once (way back in ’06) prompted Craig LaBan to pen a haiku about its deliciousness and call it the city’s best burger. OK, so since then the burger field has expanded some, but this old dog is still one of our favorites. 224 South 15th Street, Center City.

Price: $12.50

Photo via Good Dog Bar

royal-tavern-burger-brian-lim-400Royal Tavern

Loaded with bacon, caramelized onions, smoked Gouda, pickled long hots, and spicy chile mayo, Royal’s burger makes an appearance on their lunch, dinner, and brunch menus. 937 East Passyunk Avenue, Bella Vista.

Price: $13

Photo via Bridges, Burgers and Beer

village-whiskey-burger-400Village Whiskey

Both burgers here are served on a soft sesame-seed roll. The Village Burger is 8 ounces of Angus beef, topped with a house-made Thousand Island dressing, bibb lettuce, and tomato. The Whiskey King started out at 10 ounces, but has since slimmed down to 8. No matter – it’s still decadent, topped with sweet cipollini onions, melted blue cheese, bacon, and foie gras. 118 East 18th Street, Rittenhouse.

Price: Village $13, Whiskey King $26


There isn’t much to say about this famous burger that hasn’t been said before. Juicy, enormous, and served on a Challah roll with caramelized onions and gruyere. 205 South 18th Street, Rittenhouse.

Price: $16

standard-tap-burger-400Standard Tap

It’s your standard burger, done really really well. The Tap tops its version with Monterey Jack cheese, grilled onions, sautèed mushrooms, and lettuce and tomato. 901 North 2nd Street, Northern Liberties.

Price: $10

grace-tavern-burger-400-Nicholas-ChenGrace Tavern

There’s something so magical about the interaction of a Le Bus sweet/buttery brioche bun and the crisp char on all burgers that come off of Grace’s grill. Add melt-y Swiss cheese, raw red onion, lettuce, and tomato into the mix and you’ve got one the most satisfying burgers we’ve ever tasted. 2229 Grays Ferry Avenue, Grad Hospital.

Price: $8

Photograph by Nicholas Chen

butcher-singer-burger-400Butcher and Singer

Best of Philly 2009: Best Gourmet Burger

We tried, with every bite, to determine exactly what it was that made this burger so superior. The mix of full-flavored meats? The careful dab of secret sauce? The melt-y English cheddar? The house-baked brioche bun? Oh, who cares? Order. Chew slowly. Enjoy. 1500 Walnut Street, Center City.

Price: $13.50

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